Honeywell Security HVS516-PeCo5 Digital video recorders (DVRs) datasheet

Honeywell Security HVS516-PeCo5 Digital video recorders (DVRs) datasheet
& PeCo-Graph
Digital video recorders and transmitters with people counters
December 2004
The HVS-PeCo units are digital recording
and transmission units with people counters
designed to provide high resolution images
and counting data to one or several users
via TCP/IP (LAN or ADSL).
Assembling the video recording and people
counting functions, the HVS-PeCo’s goal is
to provide you with an information tool to
detect business opportunities in all kind of
public premises.
Images and counting data using
the same system
As a digital video unit, the HVS-PeCo transmits
live or recorded video via TCP/IP to several users
simultaneously without stopping the recording.
The recording can be configured for schedule
(time-lapse), event or motion detection and set
with independent recording rates for each camera.
As a people counter, the HVS-PeCo generates
count data – with directional and simultaneous
crossing of people differentiation and displays
them graphically (daily or weekly trends).
The information can be exported in a text format
to be analysed by any spreadsheet application.
A unique unit in the market to carry out the remote
surveillance, monitoring and analysis of your
Units with image quality
Live or recorded video images that can be
displayed on a 640x480 viewer with three different
image quality levels.
Designed to transmit images or data at any moment
and to any PC with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
It can be used to provide the user with live or
recorded video or configured to obtain and display
counting data.
With a WEB interface in which you will find all the
tools needed for configuring the unit.
Centralise the security, the monitoring and
the management of your business in a
single system with HVS-PeCo
COUNT. It collects the information obtained from
your CCTV to provide you, at any moment and at
any place, with live or recorded images. Thanks
to its intelligent sensors it also analyses the images
acquired to provide you with flow data with no
need to install special cameras or physical barriers.
Since it is based on WEB technology and works via
TCP/IP (LAN or ADSL) access to the images
and/or data can be remotely and safely made from
any PC with Microsoft Internet Explorer thanks to
its access level password-protected system.
Easy installation
Compact and “fully equipped” box, compatible
with fixed cameras and domes from multiple
manufactures, automatic tool for units-in-network
searching and connection management for dynamic
IP addresses.
Easy configuring
Factory configuration “Internet ready”, with default
parameters to allow immediate set-up of the unit
and complete menu for the camera, recording
parameters, digital inputs and outputs and counters
Easy to use
User orientated interface with an intuitive menu to
easily access its functionality.
Image transmission without interfering with the
ongoing recording process.
Simultaneous recording and reproduction of
recorded sequences.
Simultaneous recording from all the cameras even
if they are not synchronised.
Automatic signal detection (PAL) and calibration
of the installed cameras.
Video motion detection recording with different
movement areas definition and 3 levels of
Image adjustment independent for each camera.
Remote visualisation of the cameras and alarm
inputs states.
Remote visualisation and possibility of manual
activation of the relay outputs.
Independent recording frequencies and conditions
for each camera, based on the schedule (timelapse) or events activation (alarm input or motion
Configurable pre-alarm recording, up to 30
Automatic deletion of old sequences with userdefined time limit.
Never stops recording. Hard disk occupation
indication with user-defined maximum limit, and
automatic deletion of the oldest sequence when
more space is needed.
2 analog video outputs, one sequentially switched
and one for the viewing of alarm images
Online remote updating and configuration.
Secure and reliable
Robust units with a multilevel password protection,
auto-diagnosis of the communications and self-boot
after power loss, that all ensure the integrity of the
information stored on the unit.
Multiple simultaneous connections to the server
and up to 4 simultaneous users to live video
E-mail alarm notification.
And also…
Able to count simultaneous persons and flow
direction discrimination.
The counting does not affect live or recorded
video processes.
HVS-PeCo & PeCo-Graph
PeCo-Graph is the perfect complement for
graphically representing and backing up
the count data acquired by the HVS-PeCo
An application with which you will be able
to obtain the counting data of your
premises and turn them quickly and easily
into charts.
Monitoring and operation control
With HVS-PeCo you will be able to see what is
happening in any of your installations
independently of the time and distance.
With HVS-PeCo you will be able to virtually visit
your installations whenever and wherever and to
know how many people have come in your
premise, which are the peak hours of the day, how
you must adjust your staff according to the people
You will be able to oversee your business running,
interact with the security devices (alarm panels,
detectors, etc.), receive alarms, record and process
events, export the images to document any incident
and all what you need to guarantee your premises
A HVS-PeCo unit transmits, records and plays
recorded video simultaneously without process
Live video
The unit can provide live video to several users
simultaneously. It has a main viewer of 640x480
pixels, three different quality image levels, on-line
image adjustments per camera and other tools to
ease the supervision tasks such as camera status
icons and miniaturised viewers with reference
images, connected unit data information panel, full
screen visualisation, 4, 9, or 16 camera quads,
video touring, remote dome control, image export
(bmp/jpg), report creation (pdf) and tool for
sequence local recording.
You will know better your business and will be able
to make decisions to increase your profitability.
A HVS-PeCo unit is able to obtain data of the
people flow in your establishment with more than a
90% accuracy daily average.
Graphical representation of the
counting data
At any moment you will be able to enquire the in or
out count data from one or several counters in a
determined period of time and they will be
displayed as daily or weekly trends.
Enquiry and export
You will be able to interrogate the data within any
period of time so they can be saved on the PC in
CSV format to be analysed by using either a
spreadsheet or the PeCo-Graph application,
available for free in
Recorded video
A HVS-PeCo can record by schedule (time-lapse)
or by event-triggered (by means of an alarm or
motion detection). It can record from several
cameras simultaneously and with independent
recording rates for each one.
Easy and useful
Each recording type has a colour code associated in
order to ease the image retrieval. These can be
played back in the main viewer, which has
sequence and event controls to help the operator, or
locally recorded to be visualised from any other PC
with a media player.
Declare your premises and define the counters of
each unit. Once their data is downloaded you will
be able to compare, consult the progress and
analyse the flow charts in your different places.
Add to the application database the data of your
premises, the connection data of the count units
they have and the variants of each one of the active
counters: PeCo1= outs, PeCo2=ins....
In installing the application PeCo-Graph on your
PC you will be able to consult and represent the
count data collected by any of your HVS-PeCo
Whenever you want you can consult this
information, modify the data and add or delete the
premises. You can also gather your premises in
groups in order to download the count data of each
unit with just a click of the mouse.
Customise the data download
With PeCo-Graph you can make programmed or
manual downloads of the count data; referred to a
premise or to a group of them; and to download all
the available data or only the new data since the
last time you made a download.
All the count data downloads are logged on screen
so you can follow up any incidence by looking to
the events, which are chronologically listed.
Turn your data into charts
Once the data has been downloaded, you can query
the data charts, print, export or copy them into
another application and, for instance, make your
own reports or presentations.
And if you also want to see what is happening in
your premise, you can connect and watch live video
without having to exit the application.
Charts of the count data
With PeCo-Graph you can make charts of:
Daily count in a week
One count in several weeks
Count of one day of several weeks
The HVS-PeCo displays information related to the
status of the cameras, installation and its own
system in order for the operator to verify that all is
working properly.
Comparison of one count between two days
Comparison of one count between two weeks
Comparison of one count between several weeks
Comparison of two counts in the same day
Declare your premises and define their
Comparison of two counts in the same week
Comparison of total counts between several units
And also a tendency chart to analyse your count
data and see your flow distribution at a glance.
HVS-PeCo & PeCo-Graph
Technical specifications
HVS304-PeCo1: 4 channel digital video recorder and transmitter with 1 people counter
HVS408-PeCo3: 8 channel digital video recorder and transmitter with 3 people counters
HVS516-PeCo5: 16 channel digital video recorder and transmitter with 5 people counters
Operator workstation
WEB Interface. Remote access from any PC with MS Internet Explorer
Different user levels password-protected
Multiple user login
Web server over TCP/IP with Ethernet 10/100 base T internal adapter and RJ45 connector
Automatic management of Internet connections with dynamic IP address
Video inputs
4/8/16 PAL video signals with BNC connectors and selectable 75 Ohms loads for each signal
Automatic detection of the signal type of the installed cameras: B&W or color, synchronised or not synchronised
Automatic gain control for each camera (Signal level: 0,5-2V pp)
Online image setting controls and customisable camera titles from the configuration interface
Alarm inputs
8 non-isolated inputs for dry contacts. 1 switchable screw terminal female connector
Customisable alarm input titles and polarity inversion from the configuration interface
Relay outputs
4 relay outputs with NO/NC contacts. 24V 1A switch power. 1 switchable screw terminal female connector
Activation manual by the operator or configurable to signal equipment states
Customisable relay output titles from the configuration interface
People counters
1/3/5 independent people counters based on the video images analysis
In and out counts for each counter
Differentiation of simultaneous people flow
Video out
2 analog video outputs for cyclic visualisation of the active cameras and alarm monitoring
Capture and compression:
Resolution: PAL 640 x 480
3 configurable and independent quality levels for live and recorded video
MPEG standard compression. Compression size: 7KB for high quality and 5 KB for medium quality per image
Transmission of up to 25 ips depending on the bandwidth available and the recording configuration
Simultaneous transmission and recording
Video and data export
Video export to MPEG format
Count data export to CSV format for its import from any data base or spreadsheet
PeCo-Graph application for the automatic or manual data collection and graphical representation of the counting data
Hard disk recording. Different capacities
System performance of 25/50/75 ips according to the model
Simultaneous recording from different cameras and simultaneous recording and playback
Automatic deletion of the images because of antiquity or hard disk occupation (maximum time for the preservation
of the images = 1 year)
Time-lapse or/and event recording (by means of an alarm input or a motion sensor)
Configurable calendar and possibility of synchronisation with external devices through an alarm input
Recording activated by means of the alarm inputs or motion sensors
Configurable recording of up to 30 minutes of pre-alarm and 10 minutes of post-alarm
E-mail alarm notification
Motion detection
Motion sensors per camera with selectable activation (always/in working hours)
Definition of different motion/no motion areas and 3 levels of sensitivity
Recording activation on one, several or all cameras
Pan tilt zoom
Control of domes and matrixes from multiple manufacturers (refer to our dome list in
Menu for the remote configuration with user level password-protected
Remote software updating
Power supply
Internal power supply UL, CSA, FCC and CE marked
Voltage: 110/230 Vac. 4A, 50/60Hz
Nominal consumption: 100VA
Physcical data
Weight: 6700g
Width x Height x Depth: 366 mm x 134 mm x 318 mm
Software for graphically representing and backing up the count data, PeCo-Graph
The PeCo-Graph tool is free and is available at
Hardware minimum requirements
PC with Pentium III 500 MHz (or equivalent) and 128 Mb RAM
TSVGA Graphics card with minimum resolution 1024x768. 15" Monitor
32Mb of free disk space for program files
Software minimum requirements
Windows 98, Windows 2000 or Windows XP
Previous installation of Microsoft .NET framework v1.1 (available in
Program for the automatic or manual data collection from the HVS-PeCo unit
Possible full or differential update depending on the last upgrade
The manufacturer reserves the right to alter the specification of products without prior notice.
How to order:
HVS304-PeCo3-HDD = 4 channel recorder with 1 people counter and a system performance of 25 ips.
HVS408-PeCo3-HDD = 8 channel recorder with 3 people counters and a system performance of 50 ips.
HVS516-PeCo5-HDD = 16 channel recorder with 5 people counters and a system performance of 75 ips.
HDD: XL= (120GB), XXL= (240GB) y 3XL= (500GB)
Further information about all the products available at:
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