Napoleon HMF200 Hybrid Furnace Specifications

Napoleon HMF200 Hybrid Furnace Specifications
Hybrid Series
High Efficiency Multi-Fuel Furnace
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Hybrid Series
High Efficiency Multi-Fuel Furnace
Shown with optional
add on modules
High efficiency, high quality and state-of-the-art engineering are
the key elements behind our Napoleon® Hybrid Series furnaces. The
HMF200 is designed as a wood burning ‘stand alone’ furnace but with
an optional electric heating module, oil module or can be configured
with Napoleon’s 9600 Series gas furnace for ultimate efficiency.
Convenience is maximized with an automatic control damper in
conjunction with a thermostat, providing a long burn time up to
18 hours. The high temperature refractory lined firebox creates kiln
like temperatures for maximum efficiency and lower emissions. Five
stainless steel secondary air tubes mix the precise amount of air, super
heating and burning off the flue gasses completing the combustion
process and optimizing efficiency. This allows for an extraordinary clean
burn and less trips to the wood pile.
Hybrid Series Specifications
HMF200 shown with 9600 Series
Gas Furnace
Hybrid 200
Maximum input capacity (wood)
200,000 BTU’s
Maximum output capacity (wood)
170,000 BTU’s*
Average output capacity (wood)
95,000 - 110,000 BTU’s*
220V Electric furnace module (optional)
51,000 - 102,000 BTU’s (18 kW - 25 kW)
Efficiency (wood)
Emissions (wood)
4.5 grams per hour
4 speed - 1400 CFM
Flue Diameter
Type of chimney
High Temperature
Maximum log length
Loading capacity
5 cu.ft.
Furnace dimensions (complete with
48” w x 39” d x 52” h
14” sides x 24” back x 48” front
Firebox dimensions
20” w x 32” d x 13 ½” h
Firebox front opening
16 ½” w x 9 ½” h
Hot air plenum dimensions
22” x 31”
Cold air plenum dimensions
14” x 23”
• Enlarged firebox capable of handling 30” long wood
• 5 cubic foot firebox capacity can accept an 100 pound fuel charge
• Average output of 110,000 BTU/hr
• Optional Oil Furnace Module (91,000 BTU/hr input) using either Riello or Beckett
oil burners
• Optional Electrical Furnace Modules ranging from 18 kW to 25 kW
• Switches automatically from primary wood burn to either of the two secondary
fuel sources
• Available with glass or solid firebox door
• Direct intake connection for drawing combustion air from outdoor source
• Bypass damper heats exhaust venting for a quicker/cleaner start-up
• Cleaner combustion promoted by 5 separate stainless steel secondary air tubes
• Modular design allows for easier/more flexible installations (lighter/
smaller components & two return air positions)
• Side mounted blower means shorter depth of furnace and less room intrusion
• Can be configured as “add on” to existing furnace, wood/gas furnace, wood
only furnace, wood/oil furnace, wood/electric furnace or combined wood/oil/
electric furnace
• President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
† Certified under U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). * Depending on burn conditions
Certification Standards: CSA B366.1-M91, B140.4-04, B212-00, UL 1995/CSA C22.2 No.236, UL 391, UL 727,CSA B415.1-10
All specifications and designs can change without notice to allow for on-going product improvement. Images may not be exactly as shown. Consult your owners manual for current information.
Check all local and national building codes and gas regulations. Napoleon® is a registered trademark of Wolf Steel Ltd.
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