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TimeLine 100
Quick Start Guide
Terminal Overview
1 Setting the Date and Time
LCD Screen
L.E.D Display
Quick Start Guide
The Quick Start Guide is intended to
provide the user with simple instructions on how to setup the terminal
date/time and communication as well
as to perform card enrollment and
verification. For more details on other
topics of terminal management, refer
to the terminal’s hardware user manual available in the package or online at
1. Press Menu, go to Options and select
System Options.
2. Select Date/Time, insert the correct value and press OK to save the settings.
2 Enrolling Card Users
1. Press Menu, go to User Manage and
select Enroll User. Select Reg RFID and
press OK when you see “New Enroll”.
2. Key in a User ID, and wave the card at
the induction area until the card ID is
displayed on-screen. Press OK to save.
3 Communication Settings
Press Menu > Option > COM opt> Set value
for IP / Subnet mask / Gateway / Dev ID >
OK to save > Restart to apply changes.
Default set value:
IP address -
Subnet mask -
Gateway -
Dev ID - 1
Password - 0
4 Activating the Terminal on the
TCMS V2 Software
1. Double click the TCMS V2 software icon.
2. Click on Devices and double click Setup
FingerTec Terminals.
3. Click Add and enter your TCMS V2 Product Key : Refer to the reverse side of the
4. Select the terminal under Model.
5. Insert the Device ID and IP Address into
the columns.
6. Uncheck the Disabled checkbox column.
7. Wait for the software to link to the
8. Enter your Activation Key and click OK.
5 Download User and Data
from Terminal
1. Click Devices and double click Employee Management.
2. Click Download Employee.
3. At the User ID column, select All.
4. At Selected Data please tick on the following check boxes: Card ID, Username
+ Privilege + Password.
5. Click Apply and Save Employee.
6. Click Devices and double click Download Data From Terminal.
7. Click Apply to start the download.
6 Generating Report
1. Click on the Report Icon.
2. Select report type Employee Time Card.
3. Select the report’s Date range.
4. Click Preview and Print.
TCMS V2 Roadmap
Software Initial Setup
The TCMS V2 software
installer is available in
the FingerTec DVD which
comes with all FingerTec
FingerTec Terminal
Connect your FingerTec
terminals to TCMS V2 via
online terminal activation
using the Product Key
printed on the license
sticker. Please contact
your local reseller or
[email protected]
if an Internet connection
is not available.
Certificate of Authenticity
Product Key
Product Key:
S/N: 8203602
Serial Number
3 System Overview
User’s Management
Add, delete, edit and manage user
information and transaction logs.
Attendance Calculation Setup
Attendance rules and calculation formulas
must be figured out to obtain correct
attendance reports.
Download attendance records
from terminals
Retrieve the transaction logs stored
in the terminals into the server.
Check and edit attendance records
Review the records edit / insert / check
for missing records.
Generating attendance reports
Generate professional and presentable
reports for analysis.
Export attendance records for payroll or
3rd party software
Integrate the attendance records retrieved
from FingerTec terminals to a relevant
3rd party software/payroll.
All complete hardware and software user guides are available in the FingerTec DVD and
downloadable online at
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