Migrating your data from Drobo to Drobo S

Migrating your data from Drobo to Drobo S
Migrating Your Data from Drobo to Drobo S
IMPORTANT! Disk packs created or updated on Drobo Gen 2 running firmware version 1.4.0 to Drobo S firmware
version 2.1.1 and earlier is not currently supported.
Please check to ensure you have the latest Drobo Dashboard and firmware on both Drobo and Drobo S before moving
disk packs. Migrating drives to a Drobo S is a one-way operation, that is, once you move drives from a Drobo to a
Drobo S, you will no longer be able to use them in the Drobo.
2nd Generation Drobo (FireWire 800)
Moving your data from a 2nd Generation (FireWire 800) Drobo to a Drobo S is simple¹:
1. Put both your Drobo and Drobo S into standby using Drobo Dashboard or your operating system and then power
off each array.
2. Remove ALL disks from Drobo and insert ALL disks into Drobo S.
3. Power Drobo S back on.
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1st Generation Drobo (USB-only)
Moving your data from a 1st Generation (USB-only) Drobo to a Drobo S:
1. Connect Drobo S to your computer and ensure it has sufficient free capacity to accommodate the additional data
from Drobo.
2. Copy ALL files from Drobo to Drobo S.
3. Verify ALL files are in place and fully accessibly on Drobo S
4. If you would then like to add the drives from the Drobo to the Drobo S, remove the drives from Drobo and place
them one at a time in the free data bays in Drobo S.
Note that this will ERASE ALL DATA on these drives. This step cannot be undone. If you aren't sure that
you've successfully copied all data onto Drobo S, do not complete this step.
NOTE: If your Drobo was formatted using Drobo firmware v1.03 or earlier, you will be unable to directly swap your
drives from Drobo into Drobo S. This applies to most but not all 1st Generation (USB-only) Drobos. When you insert
the disks into Drobo S a warning dialog will inform you of this, pointing you to this webpage. This process is
necessary to upgrade you to the latest software that ensures maximum expandability in the future.
¹ 1st Generation (USB-only) Drobos formatted using Drobo firmware v1.10 or later may also follow these instructions.
You can determine which upgrade path is necessary by inserting your whole Drobo disk pack in Drobo S. If you
receive an error message, please follow the steps for a 1st Generation (USB-only) Drobo.
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