LogiComm Pattern Control Verification System Product Literature

LogiComm Pattern Control Verification System Product Literature
Integrated Pattern Control and Verification System
Modular, touch-screen system
delivers precise pattern control,
quality verification or both.
Nordson’s integrated LogiComm system offers a
comprehensive, easily-installed adhesive pattern control and
verification system. Multiple, remote touch-screens can be
positioned virtually anywhere on the parent machine or
folder gluer for easy operation. This modular system offers
a building block approach allowing installation of either
pattern control or verification initially, with the capability to
easily integrate the other function as needed.
The programmable pattern control provides quick pattern
development and changeovers to accommodate even short
runs of complex patterns. Control features include:
LogiComm system inspects product features for presence
and integrity. A wide range of sensors and code readers work
with the LogiComm system as part of an online, real-time
inspection process.
The easy-to-program system can simultaneously detect and
verify numerous parameters including:
v olume and accuracy of adhesive deposition
overlapped and skewed substrates
bar codes, recognized in diverse formats and codes
ultiple gun control and trigger inputs
security tags
s election of bead choices
faulty folds, flaps and inserts
ressure control across full machine speed range
cellophane windows
ultiple program memory
Verification capabilities enhance on-line quality assurance
by monitoring adhesive pattern and placement accuracy
without the need for adhesive additives. Additionally, the
This combination pattern control and verification system
includes production reporting and closed-loop
compensation features.
Integrated Pattern Control and Verification System
Maximum Line Speed 1200 m/min (3937 ft/min)
Pattern Accuracy ±0.25 mm (0.01 in.)
Encoder Resolution up to 30 pulses per mm
Encoder Frequency 100 KHz maximum
Electrical Service Universal 80-256 VAC, 1 Ph.
Program Memories Virtually unlimited (via Flash Memory Card)
Encoders 1 or 2 per system
Pattern Channels 4 or 8 per control module (up to 64 per system)
Gun Outputs 4 or 8 gun output connectors per module
(one gun connector per pattern channel)
Gun Drivers
80 watts maximum per 4 guns (160 watts per module)
Auto-configuring of driver parameters
Verification Channels 6 or 12 per control module (up to 96 sensors per system)
Pressure Outputs 2 or 4 per control module (up to 32 per system),
each with multipoint curves
Independent Triggers 4 or 8 per control module (up to 64 per system)
Adaptable to PNP or NPN type
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LogiComm system’s modularity allows
installation of pattern control or
verification independently or combined,
along with the ability to add capabilities
as needed to the channel maximums.
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