Write a press release Primary 2015 (PDF 334KB)

Write a press release Primary 2015 (PDF 334KB)
Writing a press release
The first paragraph of your press release telling people about your campaign should answer the 5
Who (is involved)?
What (is happening)?
Where (is it happening)?
Why (are you running a campaign)?
When (day, date, time)?
It should also answer the three questions readers always ask when looking at a news story:
What’s new?
What’s different?
Why do I care?
By the end of the paragraph, your reader should know the basics of the story and want to read
The editor in a newspaper or magazine is the person who decides what goes into the paper
so be sure to
o Try to use an attention grabbing head line - one that attracts attention to your story and
invites the editor to keep reading.
o Don’t hold back an interesting or important piece of information until the end! A press
release isn’t a murder mystery - the editor doesn’t want to wait until the end to find out
the whole story.
o All the main points should be in the first paragraph, the following paragraphs should give
more detail and answer questions.
You should write your release so that, even if it were to be cut after the first paragraph (or
the second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth) it would make complete sense as a story. After all, if
a bigger story breaks and your release has to be edited at the last minute, it could very well
end up having the last few paragraphs chopped off!
There may be people who will ask questions about your campaign and your one good idea,
so make sure to include your teachers contact details at the end of the press release to
answer any questions that may arise.
Remember the 5 W’s! Find out who to send your press release to by calling your local paper
or radio station.
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