MCS v2.2.2 Release Notes

MCS v2.2.2 Release Notes
MiSeq Control Software 2.2.2 Release Notes
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This document describes the new features and updates included in the Illumina MiSeq Control Software
(MCS) 2.2.2 Optional HotFix. Please refer to the MCS 2.2.2 Optional HotFix Install Notes for instructions on
installing this software. This document is available on the Illumina Website.
Software versions included in this Update:
MiSeq Control Software 2.2.2 Optional HotFix
Who needs to install this hotfix: The MCS 2.2.2 hotfix is optional and only needs to be installed on MiSeq
systems which are consistently displaying a chiller temperature greater than 6.00 C. This would generally
occur on systems running in a laboratory setting with a higher than average ambient temperature.
If the MCS application on your MiSeq indicates that your MiSeq chiller temperature is greater than 6.00 C,
install the MCS 2.2.2 Optional Hotfix. The chiller temperature should equilibrate to a value lower than 6.00 C
within 24 hours. If a chiller temperature greater than 6.00 C persists 24 hours after installing the MCS 2.2.2
Optional HotFix, please contact Illumina Technical Support.
The chiller temperature is displayed on the MCS application welcome page as shown.
Installation Requirements: Please note your MiSeq system must be running MCS 2.2.0. If you need to
update your MiSeq system to MCS 2.2.0, you can download software updates from the link below.
MiSeq Control Software 2.2.2 Release Notes
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1. MiSeq Control Software 2.2.2
In order to ensure that the MiSeq chiller maintains proper temperature at higher than average
ambient conditions, the voltage power applied to the MiSeq chiller has been increased from 1.2
to 1.8 volts. Please note the MiSeq system must be operated in an environment with an ambient
temperature of 19-25 C in order to meet performance specifications. Please consult the MiSeq
System Site Preparation Guide for more details. This document is available on the Illumina
Updated firmware and position logging functions; this change has no impact on valve or
instrument performance.
Improved reporting of system diagnostic tests. These system tests and results are used only by
Illumina Staff and this change will have no impact on instrument performance.
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