HOT FEED Guard for Toggle Switches

HOT FEED Guard for Toggle Switches
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Guard for
Toggle Switches
Safety cover prevents accidental
actuation, or damage to switch handle.
The Switch Guard is a manual ‘lock-out’ for a toggle switch. It covers
the switch and secures it in the Off (or On) position until the operator
deliberately raises the Switch Guard cover. This protects against accidental actuation of the switch.
This handy Switch Guard is easily added to an installed switch by simply unscrewing
then replacing the switch face nut.
Spring-loaded snap action holds the Switch Guard positively in the Up or Down position.
On returning to the Down position, the Switch Guard cover automatically moves the handle
of the switch to the Down position (usually Off), and secures it in that position. The switch
cannot be operated with the cover down.
The switch guard cannot rotate relative to the switch because it engages with the keyway of
the switch stem.
No. 82468
Rugged melamine cover material is color-fast at temperature extremes and resistant to exposure
to most contaminants, like fuel oil.
Recommended for use with standard bat handle two-position Off-On and On-On toggle switches.
• Face plate is steel, with black glossy finish, to blend
with panel. Spring-loaded switch cover is red melamine.
Other colors are available by special order. Contact
Cole Hersee.
• For situations where accidental switch actuation may
cause an undesired or hazardous condition, such as
the ‘hose rewind’ function on an oil delivery truck.
• Dimensions: Height closed 1.08" (27.39mm), height
open 1.71" (43.48mm), 1.80" (45.82mm) long, 0.67"
(17.00mm) wide. Accepts standard 11/16" (17.46mm)
switch handles.
• Applications where an important switch is rarely
used, such as in an emergency cut-off, or to actuate
an alarm or distress signal.
• Mounting hole diameter: 0.47" (11.90mm). Accepts
switches with standard 15/32" diameter mounting stems.
• Part No. 82468 is the Guard only: it does not include
a switch.
• Use with a keyed or indexed panel, and toggle
switches with an indexed bushing.
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Other Associated
for Toggle
No. 5543 Toggle switch in recessed plate
An alternative solution to the Switch Guard. Necessitates cutting of a 2" (50.80mm)
diameter hole to sink the plate into. Recessed plate is available alone as No. 5543-15.
Heavy Duty Switches
Nickel-plated brass, silver contacts. 25A at 12V DC.
On-Off SPST: 5582 screw terminals.
55014 blade terminals.
5520 screw terminals, O-ring seal.
55014-05 blade terminals, short mounting stem 11/32" (8.73mm).
5582-10 plasticized, 8" leads.
On-Off DPST: 5588 screw terminals.
55017 blade terminals.
55017-02 blade terminals, O-ring seal.
On-On SPDT: 5584 screw terminals.
55015 blade terminals.
Medium Duty SPST On-Off Switches
Silver contacts, 10A at 12V DC, 6A at 125V AC, 3A at 250V AC.
Chrome-plated brass: M-484, screw terminals.
M-586, blade terminals.
M-584, 6" leads.
Nickel-plated brass: 5558, screw terminals.
55013, blade terminals.
5570, 6" leads.
No. 82465 Switch Guard
Easily added to installed toggle switches. Two side flanges provide protection
but to a lesser degree than No. 82468.
Cole Hersee Co.
20 Old Colony Avenue, Boston, MA USA 02127-2467 • (617) 268-2100 • Fax (617) 268-9490
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Cole Hersee Co.
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