Athena RMA Datasheet

Athena RMA Datasheet
9408 Ath HotRunner:Layout 1
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Series RMA
The Athena Series RMA is a microprocessor-based,
single-zone temperature controller specifically
designed for runnerless molding applications.
It features an easy-to-use operator keypad, two LED
displays, and discrete indicators for heat output, alarm,
degree F/C indication, manual, and closed loop mode.
▲ Compatible with industry standards control
modules and mainframes
▲ Accepts Type J thermocouple
▲ Bumpless auto/manual transfer
▲ CompuStep® bake out feature prevents moisture
at startup
▲ Built-in loop break for open heater, shorted triac,
reversed or shorted thermocouple
▲ Open thermocouple break protection with jumperselectable shutdown or average power output
based on operation
▲ Preset alarms at 30°F (17°C)
▲ SafeChange™ “hot swap” feature allows safe
removal and replacement of module
▲ CE compliant
Ordering Information
1 5
D = Domestic
X = Export
E = CE
Current Rating
15 = 15 A
Special Options
000 = None
Consult Factory
9408 Ath HotRunner:Layout 1
12:05 PM
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Series RMA
Technical Specifications
Performance Specifications
Auto Control Mode
Control Accuracy
Ambient Temperature
Temperature Stability
Calibration Accuracy
Power Response Time
Process Sampling
CompuStep® System
Control Mode
System Duration
CompuStep System
Output Voltage
CompuStep System
Override Temp
Operational Mode Priority
CompuCycle system
±0.1°F (±0.1°C) dependent on the
total thermal system
100°F to 650°F (37°C to 343°C)
±0.5% of full scale over the ambient
range of 32°F to 131°F (0°C to 55°C)
Better than 0.2% of full scale
Better than 300 ms
100 ms (nominal)
Variable stepping voltage,
phase angle fired
Approximately 5 min
Steps approximately from
25 VRMS with 240 Vac line output,
200°F (93°C)
a. T/C open, T/C reverse,
shutdown and open heater
override CompuStep system
b. Manual mode overrides T/C
open, T/C reverse
Input Specifications
(T/C) Sensor
External T/C Resistance
T/C Isolation
Cold Junction
Input Type
Input Impedance
Input Protection
Input Amplifier Stability
Input Dynamic Range
Common Mode
Rejection Ratio
Power Supply
Rejection Ratio
Type “J” grounded or ungrounded
Maximum 100 ohms for
rated accuracy
Isolated from ground and
supply voltages
Automatic, better than 0.02°F/°F
10 megohms
Diode clamp, RC filter
Better than 0.05°F/°F (0.03°C/°C)
Greater than 999°F (537°C)
Output Specifications
Power Capability
Overload Protection
Power Line Isolation
Output Drive
240 Vac nominal, single phase
120 Vac available
15 amperes, 3600 watts @ 240 Vac
Triac and load use high speed
fuses. Both sides are fused (GBB)
Optically and transformer isolated
from ac lines. Isolation voltage is
greater than 2500 volts.
Internal solid state triac, triggered
by ac zero crossing pulses
Controls and Indicators
Setpoint Control
% Power Control
Mode Control
Display Top
Display Bottom
Status Indicators
Power On/Off
Two buttons up or down
1°F (1°C)
Two buttons up or down
Push button switch with LED
indicator for manual and closed
loop mode
3-digit filtered LED
3-digit filtered LED
Heat Output
% Output
Closed Loop
Rocker Switch, UL, CSA, and
VDE approved
Electrical Power Specifications
Input Voltage
DC Power Supplies
Module Power Usage
95-265 Vac
50 Hz ± 3 Hz, 60 Hz ± 3 Hz
Internal generated, regulated,
and temperature compensated
Less than 3 watts, excluding load
Greater than 100 dB
Greater than 70 dB
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