The HLT100C module is used to interface all high level output transducers to the MP System. The HLT100C
module provides 16 input and 2 output channels. The HLT100C is similar in function to the UIM100C Universal
Interface Module, but it also provides power to the transducer when making a connection.
High level output transducers and adapters connect to the HLT100C via standard 6 pin RJ11 type connectors.
Transducers and adapters that presently require the HLT100C module are:
TSD109 C/F: Tri-axial Accelerometers
TSD111A Heel/Toe Strike Transducer
TSD115 Variable Assessment Transducer
TSD116 A/B/C: Switches and Markers
TSD150 A/B: Active Electrodes
Input Signal Isolator
OUTISO Output Signal Isolator
DTU100 Digital Trigger Unit (MRI Synchronization)
NIBP-MRI Noninvasive Blood Pressure for MR
Alternatively, the HLT100C module can be used to connect mains powered external equipment to the MP System
when the system also connects to electrodes attached to humans.
To pr ovide the maximum in subject safety and isolation, use electrically isolated signal adapters to
connect mains powered external equipment (i.e., chart recorders, oscilloscopes, etc.) to the MP System.
Use the INISO adapter to connect to MP analog system inputs and the OUTISO adapter to connect to
analog system outputs.
• See also: setup notes for external devices and channel contention issues.
Connect the Digital and Analog cables from the MP150 directly to the HLT100C, then connect the UIM100C to
the HLT100C. The HLT100C module must be connected on the left side of the UIM100C module. This allows
the use of other amplifier modules with the UIM100C while the HLT100C is connected.
High level output transducers (e.g., TSD109 Tri-Axial Accelerometer) or active electrodes (e.g., TSD150A Active
Electrode) connect via the 16 analog RJ11 jacks on the front of the HLT100C. Up to 16 analog channels can be
used at the same time, as long as there are no other analog channels in use by the UIM100C module or by other
BIOPAC modules.
NOTE: If active electrodes are used, it may be necessary to attach a single ground lead to the UIM100C via the
GND A terminal on the back of the module.
If contention exists, the channel data will be corrupted. For example, if four channels [Ch.1-4] were in use by the
UIM100C, then only 12 channels [Ch. 5-16] could be used by the HLT100C.
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Updated: 6.27.2014
Transducer Inputs:
System D/A Outputs:
Isolated Power Access:
16 channels (front panel) – RJ11 jacks
2 channels (front panel) – RJ11 jacks
±12 V, +5 V @ 100 ma (via all RJ11 jacks)
540 grams
7 cm (wide) x 11 cm (deep) x 19 cm (high)
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When connecting the analog output sourcing from external devices to the MP100 or MP150, channel contention
must be considered. To connect external device outputs to the MP100 or MP150:
• Non-human subjects or only collecting data from external devices—If the MP System is only
collecting signals from non-human subjects (via MP system amplifier modules) or if the MP System is
only collecting data from external devices:
o Connect external device output signal to an unused UIM100C input channel (1-16)
• Human subjects—If the MP System is collecting signals from human subjects (via MP system amplifier
modules), it's important to isolate the external device output signal from the MP System input.
o Connect external device output signal to an unused HLT100C input channel (1-16) via INISO.
Channel contention issues
1. If an analog channel is used on the UIM100C or HLT100C, make certain that two external devices do not
use the same analog channel.
2. If amplifier modules are connected to the MP System then those amplifier modules must be set to a
channel which is not used by external devices plugged into the UIM100C or HLT100C.
For example:
Two external device outputs are connected to the MP150 system. Device one is a Noninvasive Blood
Pressure (NIBP) monitor and device two is an Electronic Scale. In addition, an ECG100C module is
attached to the MP150 System and is being used to measure the electrocardiogram. All devices are
connected to a human subject.
In this case, to fully isolate the human subject:
• Both the NIBP monitor and the Electronic scale outputs should be connected to the MP150 inputs
via the HLT100C, using one INISO for each input channel.
• The ECG100C should be snapped directly to the MP150 System and connected directly to the
subject with the appropriate leads and electrodes.
• Assuming the NIBP is connected via INISO to HLT100C channel 1 and the Electronic Scale is
connected via INISO to HLT100C channel 2, then the ECG100C amplifier must be set to a
channel between 3-16.
o The ECG100C can’t use Channels 1 and 2 because both of these channels are being used
by other devices.
If additional instruction or a special cable is required to connect the MP System to the device, please contact a
BIOPAC Systems, Inc. applications engineer at
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Updated: 6.27.2014
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