Because all biodiesel
is not the same...
Our quality standards exceed
national ASTM specifications.
You benefit from our experience. Since
1994, the FS System has been supplying and
conducting field trials with biodiesel. Today,
we are a national leader in the marketing
and distribution of biodiesel blends. We have
developed and adopted the best biodiesel
handling, storage, and filtration practices in
the industry. Our dedication to quality means
you’ll be using the very best biodiesel products
available today.
We believe diesel engine operators and drivers
have enough on their minds without having
to worry about the quality of their fuel. That’s
why we’ve implemented a quality assurance
program for our suppliers that not only meets,
but exceeds American Society for Testing and
Materials (ASTM) standards. To ensure consistent
product quality, we only market biodiesel
from BQ9000 certified or soon-to-be certified
manufacturers. You can rely on the superior
quality of biodiesel blends from FS.
For an even better performing fuel, we
recommend blending biodiesel with our
FS Dieselex® Gold premium diesel fuel.
You’ll experience enhanced operability with
improved cold starting characteristics, better
fuel stability for longer storage, and cleaner
injectors for improved fuel economy and power.
Also, our cold flow improver, SURE-FLO™ helps
combat cold temperature issues so you can
avoid gelled fuel and plugged filters.
We applaud our customers who already use
home grown fuels such as biodiesel. You can
count on FS to set the standard as a leading
fuel supplier, dedicated to quality and satisfying
our customers’ needs.
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Quality Assurance
Test Description
ASTM D6751
Calcium and Magnesium, combined
Flash Point ˚C, min
Alcohol Control (1. or 2. must be met):
1. Methanol content, % volume
2. Flash Point, ˚C
Water & Sed., % vol, max
Take a closer look...
equires no engine modifications and is an
3 reasy
transition from conventional diesel fuel.
3 has excellent lubricity qualities.
3promotes cleaner air.
significantly reduces particulate matter
emissions by up to 47%.
3 reduces carbon monoxide by up to 48%.
reduces unburned hydrocarbon emissions
3by up to 67%.
overall carbon dioxide emissions
3 reduces
by 78% over petroleum diesel.
3 reduces sulfur dioxide exhaust by up to
100%, since biodiesel contains
essentially no sulfur.
is the safest fuel to transport, handle
and store, with a minimum flash point
of 200˚F.
Our commitment to biodiesel education,
promotion and marketing has been
recognized by the National Biodiesel Board
with their Eye on Biodiesel-Impact Award.
Cetane number, min
Carbon Residue, % mass, max
Acid Number, mg KOH/gm, max
Free Glycerin, % mass, max
D 93
D 270
0.2 max
130 min
0.050 max (500 ppm) 0.2 max
130 min
D 613
0.025 max (250 ppm)
1.9 min
6.0 max
0.02 max
0.0015 max
15 ppm
3 max
1.9 min
6.0 max
0.02 max
0.0015 max
15 ppm
47 min
47 min
No. 1 max
D 4530
D 664
D 6584
0.05 max
0.50 max
0.02 max
0.05 max
0.50 max
0.02 max
0.15 max
0.45 max
Total Glycerin, % mass, max
D 6584
0.24 max
Monoglyceride Content
Phosphorus Content, % mass, max
Distillation Temperature, Atmospheric Equivalent Temperature
90% Recovered, ˚C, max
Sodium/Potassium, combined ppm
D 4951
D 1160
0.001 max
360 max
0.001 max
360 max
5 ppm max
5 ppm max
Oxidation Stability, hours
3 min
5 hrs
Annex to D6751
Annex to D6751
200 max
360 max
200 max
0.030 max (300 ppm)
3 reduces dependence on foreign oil.
Karl Fischer Water, % vol, max
Our experience, quality and performance
make FS the right choice for biodiesel!
5 ppm max
93 min
Cloud Point ˚C
per matrix below
Jan FebMarAprMayJune July AugSeptOctNovDec
max CP ˚F
36 36 3636/5656 56 56 56 5656/3636 36
max CP ˚C
2 2/13 13
13 13/2 2
Cold Soak Filtration Test, seconds
5 ppm max
93 min
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40˚C, mm2/s
D 445
Sulfated Ash, % mass, max
D 874
Sulfur, ppm, max
D 5453
Copper strip corrosion, max, 3hr @ 50˚C
D 130No. is biodegradable and non-toxic; can
break down four times faster than
conventional diesel fuel.
D 93
200 max
BQ 9000 producer or in qualification process
Subject to change without notice - Updated 8/2011
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