1208 Manual
Damocles 1208 – Manual
HW group
Damocles 1208
Damocles 1208 – MANUAL
Input status LED indicators
Inputs 5–12
Not connected
DIP settings
Inputs 1–4
Output activation
LED indicators
Outputs 1–8 (open collectors)
12–30VDC / 1.7W
jack and terminals connected in parallel
Link & Activity
Damocles 1208 – Manual
HW group
1) Connecting the cables
Turn the unit upside down and write down its MAC address that
is printed on the label.
Set the switches: DIP1: SETUP=Off, DIP2:SAFE=Off
Connect the unit to the Ethernet (with a patch cable to a switch,
cross-over cable to a PC) via the RJ-45 port.
Plug the power adapter into an electricity outlet and connect it
to the Damocles power connector.
The green POWER LED lights up.
If the Ethernet connection works properly, the LINK (yellow) LED lights up after a short while,
and then flashes whenever data transfer takes place (activity indication).
2) Configuring the IP address – UDP Config
UDP Config utility – root directory of the
supplied CD (Windows and Linux versions).
Available for download at www.HW-group.com
Software > UDP Config.
Click the icon to launch UDP Config.
The program automatically looks for
connected devices.
To search for devices, click the Find Devices icon.
The program searches for devices in your local network. To identify a particular Damocles unit, look
at the MAC address on the label at the bottom of the unit. Double-click a MAC address to open a
basic device configuration dialog.
Configure network parameters
IP address / HTTP port (80 by default)
Network mask
Gateway IP address for your network
Device name (optional)
Click the Apply Changes button to save the settings.
To reset the device to factory defaults, toggle DIP1
several times within 5 seconds after power-up.
No configuration changes can be stored while
DIP2=On. To change the IP address, set DIP2=Off.
Damocles 1208 – Manual
HW group
3) WWW interface of the device
To open the WWW interface of the device:
Enter the IP address into a web browser
Click the underlined IP address in UDP
Use the right-click menu in UDP Config
The WWW page displays current states of inputs and outputs.
Click the “Flash Setup” link to open the graphical configuration interface (Flash Setup).
Device IP address
Overview of dry
contact inputs
Output names
and states
Device name
Detailed configuration
in “Flash Setup”
Description of the
values.XML file
Description of SNMP
structures in the MIB
/ OID list
Damocles 1208 – Manual
HW group
4) Flash SETUP
To open the FLASH interface, FLASH support needs to be installed on your PC. If the computer is
connected to the Internet, the needed plug-in is downloaded automatically.
Flash Setup allows you to:
Control outputs
Display states of counters at individual inputs
Assign names to inputs and outputs and their states
Watch current sensor values (refreshed automatically at predefined intervals)
Set SNMP parameters (Community names & rights), define target IPs for SNMP traps that are
sent upon alarm
Set device name, password, and secure IP address range
• For a detailed description of the Flash Setup interface and more information in
general, see the detailed Damocles family manual.
Damocles 1208 – Manual
HW group
Sending e-mail
Alarms and e-mail alerting
Damocles supports alerts to changes at a particular input – “Single Alarm”, as well as alerts to a
certain input combination – “Group Alarm”.
Alarm state (On or Off) to be signaled by sending an e-mail or SNMP Trap can be configured
for each individual input. >> Inputs tab, green Single Alarm column.
Damocles 1208 – Manual
HW group
Each individual Alarm needs to be activated >> Inputs tab, Enable column.
For each Alarm, a target destination needs to be set. Four SNMP Trap targets (named A, B,
C, D) and two e-mail targets (named E, F) are available >> Alarms tab, SNMP Trap Target
or E-mail Recipient column.
Configuration of destinations A through D (for SNMP) and E, F (for e-mail) needs to be
confirmed by clicking Apply Changes.
Testing the e-mail
To send an e-mail directly from the device, check the following settings.
Setup > Network Setting > Gateway
Setup > Network Setting > DNS Primary/Secondary
SMTP server
Email & SNMP > Email Settings > SMTP server
To verify the settings, send a test e-mail by clicking the Send Test Email button located at the Email
& SNMP Setup tab.
Custom e-mail text
The e-mail text can be customized using macros. The
macro length is limited to127 characters.
Macros are available at the Email Info tab.
Damocles 1208 – Manual
HW group
6) Controlling inputs / outputs with custom SW
M2M protocols
Your custom software can use SNMP, XML or Modbus/TCP protocols to control outputs.
For simple output control using the
command line, the HWg PosDamIO
utility can be used.
PosDamIO uploads a XML file with
the requested output states to the
specified IP address.
The utility is available for Windows
and Linux, including source code, as
a part of our HWg-SDK (available for
download at our website).
HWg-PDMS (Poseidon & Damocles monitoring software)
Windows application for logging data from sensors and inputs over a LAN (Poseidon,
Damocles, HWg-STE).
The application periodically reads the values of inputs and sensors from units connected to a
LAN. Stored data are periodically saved as MS Excel reports.
Note: PDMS supports converting pulses coming from energy meters to kWh or liters.
Typical applications: IT department, auditing, outsourcing, operations logs
Damocles 1208 – Manual
HW group
Software for collecting and analyzing sensed data in food processing and other industries.
CapTemp and MonTemp is a pair of utilities to monitor production processes. The programs
can supervise all sensors by HW group (temperature and humidity sensors, contacts, etc) as
well as sensors by other manufacturers.
CapTemp logs the values into an internal database, displays several most recent ones, and
processes conditions and alarms. Alerts to values within an alarm range are sent by e-mail, or
by SMS via a GSM modem connected to the PC.
MonTemp subsequently processes stored data and generates graphic reports, histograms, as
well as ISO or HACCP protocols.
o CapTemp supports Poseidon, Damocles and I/O Controller products
o Alarm alerts are sent by e-mail or SMS (GSM modem)
o Concise graphical environment
o Supports conditions and rules for simple control tasks
o Evaluation version functions for 21 days without restrictions
Damocles 1208 – Manual
HW group
Technical specifications
Ethernet: RJ45 – 10BASE-T/10 Mbit/s
12 digital inputs: Shared GND terminal for every two inputs
8 digital outputs: Open collector
Configuration DIP switches
Restores factory defaults if 5x toggled within 5 seconds after power-up
When set to On, prevents changes in the configuration.
Useful e.g. for connecting the Damocles to the public Internet. No settings can be changed.
Device features
Email & SNMP Trap Alarm upon detecting a specified value at an input, or a combination of
values at inputs
Remote monitoring of the states of inputs and outputs
Pulse counter for every input
Remote output control
Local output control with Alarm conditions (Group 1 and Group 2)
Supply voltage: 12–30VDC / 1.7W
Dimensions: 145 x 90 x 40 [mm]
LED indicators: Power, LINK, STATUS, ALARM
Damocles 1208 – Manual
HW group
OUTn – Digital outputs – open collector, every pair of outputs shares a common (COM)
COM – Common terminal for a pair of outputs
+U – Power supply, +12 to +30 VDC / 1.7W
-U – Power supply ground, connected to common grounds (COM)
INn – Digital inputs, to be connected against common GND's
GND – Common ground, one terminal for one pair of inputs
Damocles 1208 – Manual
HW group
Ethernet port
+ Interface
RJ45 (10BASE-T) – 10 Mbps or 10/100 Mbps network compatible
+ Supported protocols
IP: ARP, TCP/IP (HTTP, Modbus over TCP), UDP/IP (SNMP)
+ SNMP compatibility
Ver:1.00 compatible, partial ver. 2.0 implementation
12 Digital Inputs
+ Input type
12 Dry Contact Input (Dry contact or Wet contact)
+ Isolation
Optoisolated (1kV) to Ethernet
+ Wet contact
Logic 0: 0-3V / Logic 1: 5-30V
+ Input current
Min current 4mA, max current 50 mA
+ Pulse counter
32 bits for each Digital Input, min pulse width 100 ms
+ Max. distance
Up to 100m
4 Digital Outputs
+ Output type
Open collector
+ Max. load
50 V max. 500 mA / 1 output and max. 1500 mA / all 8 outputs
LED status indicators
Green - power OK
+ LINK & Activity
Yellow - Ethernet connectivity
Green for each INPUT/OUTPUT
+ Alarm
Red - blinking
DIP SWITCH configuration
OFF = Run mode
+ DIP1
+ DIP2 - Security
Load defaults:
Toggle 3 times during first 5 seconds after
device power-up to load default settings.
ON = Security mode - remote configuration disabled
OFF = Non-Security mode - remote configuration enabled
Physical parameters
+ Supply voltage
12-30 V/ 1,7W DC
+ Power connection
- coaxial power connector (barrel, inner 2.5 mm outer 6.3 mm)
- connect power directly to the terminal board
+ Dimensions / Weight
145 x 90 x 40 [mm] / 500 g
+ Temperature range
Operating: -10 to 65 °C / Storage: -25 to 85 °C
Damocles 1208 – Manual
Mechanical dimensions
HW group
Damocles 1208 – Manual
HW group
Digital Inputs (DI)
Digital input terminals can be connected to dry contacts or to external voltage.
Inputs are optocoupled.
Dry contact
Driving an input against the
supply voltage
Unconnected inputs read as “0 (Off)”
Disconnected sensor detection: None, disconnected sensor reads as “O (Off)”.
Activated inputs read as “1 (On)”, ohmic resistance depends on the supply voltage.
For a 12V supply, the resistance must be less than 3kΩ.
For a 24V supply, the resistance must be less than 7kΩ.
Pulse counter: Yes, 32-bit
o Memory: Damocles 1208 resets counter values when powered off.
Maximum wiring length: 100 m
Supported sensors: Any contact without external voltage (dry contact)
Polling period: 800 ms
Range of input IDs: Inputs use IDs from 1 to 12
Input names: Each input can be named using up to 12 characters
o State names: Input state (On and Off) can be named with up to 6 characters (e.g. “Fuel
Tank 14” “Full” / “Empty”)
Damocles 1208 – Manual
HW group
Digital Outputs (DO)
Open collector outputs with common overvoltage diode protection.
Outputs are protected with internal diodes against voltage spikes (e.g. from a relay coil).
Maximum load: 50V, 500 mA per output, max. total 1500 mA over all outputs
Output names: Each output can be named using up to 12 characters
o State names: Output state (On and Off) can be named with up to 6 characters (e.g.
“Fuel Tank 14” “Full” / “Empty”)
Output devices can be powered from the same power supply as Damocles, or from another source.
It is necessary to connect the power for external devices accordingly:
A) Connecting the outputs – internal power supply
When powering the outputs
(relays or bulbs) from the
Damocles unit, you MUST
connect the positive (+) terminal
to COM pins.
Damocles 1208 – Manual
HW group
B) Connection of outputs – Internal power supply
The outputs voltage spikes
Recommended if relay or locks
are connects.
Damocles 1208 – Manual
HW group
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