Transformer Manual

Transformer Manual
Users Manual
Congratulations on your purchase of the Transformer.
Enhanced Vision products are designed to give you the
highest quality and convenience available.
Transformer is the most flexible and portable solution for
reading, writing and viewing magnified images at any
distance. Compatible with popular magnification software
and the latest windows operating systems, Transformer’s
unique compact design is perfect for school, work, or home.
The Transformer product can enable people with low vision
to read, write and to see objects at any distance. The unique
design of this product provides the ultimate in flexibility and
offers a large range of magnification with multiple viewing
options that make reading easier than ever. Simply connect
the Transformer to any laptop or computer.
Prior to using this system, please carefully read and follow
the instructions provided within this booklet. A thorough
understanding of the functionality will allow you to fully
benefit from the flexibility and great features of this device.
If you have any questions, please contact the eye care
professional or the supplier from whom you have acquired
the unit.
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is
subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not
cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any
interference received, including interference that may cause
undesired operation.
This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the
limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC
Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable
protection against harmful interference in a residential
installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate
radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in
accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference
to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that
interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this
equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television
reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off
and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference
by one or more of the following measures:
– Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
– Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
– Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from
that to which the receiver is connected.
– Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for
Unauthorized changes or modification to this system can void
the user’s authority to operate this equipment. If your Low Vision
device has an option to connect to a TV, it must be used with
shielded interface cables in order to meet FCC emissions limits
for Class B digital devices. It is the responsibility of the user to
use the shielded interface cables supplied with the equipment.
FCC Compliance Notice
Chapter 1: Safety Precautions
General guidelines…...……………………………….……6
Transportation …………………..……………………..……7
Care & Maintenance ……………………………….….…...8
Chapter 2: System Requirements
System Requirements…………...…………………………9
Chapter 3: Getting Started
Setting up your Transformer ………………....………….10-11
Software installation ……..………………...…………….12-13
Charging ……………………….…………………………..14
Keyboard Controls….……………………….……………..15
Chapter 4: Package Contents & Controls
Package Contents & Controls…….…..………………... 16-17
Chapter 5: Using the Transformer
Viewing Modes ………..………………………………….18-21
Adjusting magnification…………………………….…….21
Adjusting window divider……………………………..… 22-23
Capturing a still image …...………………………………24
Viewing a stored image…..……………………………... 25
Using 3rd party software …...…………………………….25
Using the Find …………………………………………….26
Table of Contents
Using the Freeze ………………………….………….….27
Using the Rotate ………………………….………..……27
Color select mode……………..…………………………28
Upgrading your software ……….………………………28
Chapter 6: Using the menu
Accessing the menu ……………….………...…………29
Enable/Disable Window markers …….………….….…30
Adjusting the Size/Position of Selected marker.......….31
Adjusting the Color Balance ……………………..…….32
Changing Favorite color modes …………….…………33
Changing View Modes …………………….….………..34
Changing Languages ………………….……………….35
Chapter 7: Troubleshooting
Chapter 8: Specifications
Specifications ……………………………….…………..38-39
Chapter 9: Warranty information
Warranty information ………………………..………….40-41
Chapter 10: Other Enhanced Vision Products
Other Enhanced Vision Products ……………….……….42-45
Table of Contents
For your safety and to obtain the most benefit and life from the
Transformer, please read these important safety precautions
General guidelines for use:
▶ Use the Transformer on a stable, level surface such as a
solid desk or table, according to its intended design
▶ Always use the power supply provided with your package. Do
not attempt to use any other power supply; doing so will harm
the unit and void the warranty
▶ Use care when using the Transformer outdoors it should NOT
be exposed to extreme or rapid changes in temperature or
▶ Do not place the Transformer near a radiator, heater or areas
exposed to long hours of direct sunlight.
▶ Prevent the risk of electrical shock by NOT attempting to
disassemble the unit. Please refer all service to an authorized
repair facility.
▶ Do not use the Transformer in, near or around water. The
Transformer is not designed to offer protection against contact
with liquids of any kind.
▶ Do not use the Transformer during an electrical storm,
lightning, or other severe weather.
Chapter 1 Safety Precautions
▶ Do not use the Transformer near open flames, flammable
materials or liquids.
▶ Transformer comes with a convenient carrying case for
transport. To prevent the unit from being accidentally dropped
and damaged, always return the Transformer to the carrying
case while not in use.
▶ This product is intended to be used as a portable device.
Please use care when connecting/disconnecting cables and
Care & Maintenance:
▶ Always turn the power OFF on the Transformer when the
system is not in use.
▶ To prolong battery life, remove the battery from the
Transformer if the system is not being used for one week or
▶ If needed, clean the surface of the Transformer with a soft
damp cloth or an electrostatic dusting wipe. DO NOT use liquid
cleaners on the plastic surfaces. No additional methods of
sterilization or cleaning are recommended or required.
Chapter 1 Safety Precautions
Susceptibility to Interference:
There may be temporary performance degradation of
the Transformer when subjected to a strong magnetic
and/or radio-frequency field, electrostatic discharge or
transient electrical noise. An electrostatic discharge
(caused by static electricity) may cause image distortion.
If this happens, switch the unit off and try moving the
unit to a different location.
▶ This product contains moving parts. Please
use caution when moving the adjustable arm
or when transporting the Transformer to
avoid possible injury to hands and fingers.
▶ To avoid personal injury or damage to the
Transformer, do not make any other type of
connections to the camera input jacks other
than those indicated in the photo below.
Chapter 1 Safety Precautions
Laptop or Desktop PC Minimum Requirements:
Operating Systems:
Supported platforms for our Viewer application:
*Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or higher)
*Windows Vista (32-bit & 64-bit)
* Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Minimum requirements:
OS: *Windows XP, *Windows Vista, or *Windows 7
Processor: Intel Pentium M 1.5 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
USB 2.0 (high-speed): 1 available port required
Graphics card: Must support DirectX 8.1
Hard disk: 100 MB of free space available
In the interest of continuous improvement, product specifications
and/or minimum system requirements are subject to change
without prior notice.
Recommended system:
OS: *Windows Vista, or *Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core2Duo
Memory: 2GB
USB 2.0 (high-speed): 1 available port required
Graphics: NVidia or ATI graphics card
Hard Disk: 100MB of free space available
*Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. All
other brand names are trademarks of their respective owners.
Chapter 2 System Requirements
1. Setup the Transformer
Remove the Transformer from the
case. Place the unit on a flat, level
surface such as a table or desk.
2. Connect the AC power
Figure 1
Connect the attached power cord to an available wall outlet.
(See Figure 1) To offer additional protection during an
electrical storm, a surge protector may also be used and is
3a. Connecting USB to Computer
Connect USB cable that was provided to the back of your
Transformer. Plug in the opposite end to your desktop or
laptop computer. If this is your first time using this product,
refer to page 8 for software installation.
3b. Connecting VGA to Monitor
Connect VGA cable that was
provided to the back of your
Transformer. Plug in the
opposite end to your monitor.
See pictures on right.
Chapter 3 Getting Started
4. Unfolding the Transformer
▶ Keep the base of the unit on
the flat surface. From the folded
position, while holding the legs down,
gently pull the arm of the Transformer
to a vertical position. (See Figure 2)
▶ Pull the arm that is connected to the
camera head slowly to a horizontal
position. (See Figure 3) Upon unfolding
the Transformer the LED light and unit
should automatically turn on.
▶ Once the unit is open, grasp the feet
and move them away from each other.
Next rotate the camera head toward the
object you wish to magnify.
(See Figure 4)
Figure 1
Figure 2
▶ To fold back to starting position
repeat steps in reverse.
5. Turning the power on and off
The Transformer will always be off in
the closed position. Upon unfolding the
Transformer the LED light and unit
should automatically turn on in reading
mode. If you wish to turn off the unit
while it is still open, hold down the
Green power button for 3 seconds until
LED light and unit turn off.
(See Figure 1)
Chapter 3 Getting Started
Figure 3
Figure 4
Software Installation for Transformer USB
If this is your first time using the Transformer, use the
following instructions to install the viewer software.
1. Start up your PC as normal. Plug in the USB into your PC and the
opposite end into your transformer.
2. If a pop-up window appears:
a) If you are operating on Windows XP or Vista click on EVViewer
option on the pop-up menu (See figure 1), go to step 4.
b) If you are operating on Windows 7, select open files from the
pop-up menu (See figure 2), go to step 3c.
Figure 1
Figure 2
3. If a pop-up doesn’t appear:
a) Navigate to your start menu and go to “My Computer”(See figure 3).
b) Once the “My Computer” is open, double click on the EV icon
c) Double click the setup.exe to start the installer (See figure 4).
Chapter 3 Getting Started
Figure 3
Figure 4
4. Once the setup wizard appears on screen, click to highlight
“EVVAutoLauncher.exe” then click “Next”. (See figure 5)
*If already installed EV Viewer will automatically launch.
5. Choose the destination folder to install the software and click on
the “Next” button to continue the installation process
(See figure 6).
Figure 5
Figure 6
6. A ready to install screen will appear, click “Install” to continue
the installation.
7. The software will start installing, this should take aprox.1 min.
8. Once the installation has fully completed, the viewer application
will automatically open.
Chapter 3 Getting Started
The Transformer Magnifier comes preinstalled with the battery
inside the unit. To charge the battery off the Transformer
Magnifier, simply plug the included AC Adaptor to an available
electrical outlet and then into the dongle labeled “PWR”.
(See Page 8, 14, 16, 17)
Note: The included USB Cable DOES NOT charge the
The battery will take approximately 4 hours to fully charge. The
Transformer Magnifier will provide up to 4 hours of usage when
fully charged.
When plugged in, powered on, and charging, the charge
indicator light (page 17) of the Transformer will flash RED and
will stay solid RED when fully charged.
Note: When the Transformer is in the folded position and is
plugged into an electrical outlet the unit will still charge. The
charge indicator light will NOT light up while in this position.
Chapter 3 Getting Started
Keyboard Controls
Switch Keyboard
Up Arrow
Zooms in and navigates menu.
Zoom- Down Arrow Zooms out and navigates menu.
Markers (Horizontal)
Markers (Vertical)
Enter menu
Next color Mode
Select menu item
Light On/Off
Space bar
Save image
View saved image
Full screen / hide
Change window position.
Shift+Arrow Window size
Lists all available shortcuts
Marker Size
Go to EV Viewer
Chapter 3 Getting Started
Please note the locations of the following controls on your
A. Camera: Rotates 330˚
B. Find Button
C. Camera Lens: Open lens for distance viewing
D. LED Light
E. Battery Compartment (Integrated Charger)
F. Rotate Button: Rotates current image.
G. Green power button: Turns unit on/off
H. Mode Button: Changes current favorite color mode
I. Zoom Wheel: Magnifies image, and navigates menu
J. Freeze Button: Freezes image on-screen
K. USB Input
L. Power Supply Input Port (DC IN)
M. Battery Charge Indicator Light
N. AC Adaptor Indicator Light
O. VGA Input (Model TRVEA Only)
Please refer to the illustrations on the next page to identify the
package contents and controls of your Transformer. In addition to
this users guide, you’ll find the following items inside the box:
1. Sleeve
2. AC Adaptor
3. Battery (included inside Transformer)
4. USB cable
5. VGA Cable
Chapter 4 Package Contents & Controls
Chapter 4 Package Contents & Controls
Now that your Transformer is installed and ready to operate we
can focus on the ease of use, and functionality available to you.
Viewing Mode
The Transformer can be used to view objects at a distance, up
close, or anywhere in between. To change viewing mode, simply
turn the position of the camera by rotating it on the
arm. Your Transformer has a memory feature that allows each
viewing mode to be remembered by the 3 different viewing
angles. The three viewing angles are:
▶ Distance Viewing
▶ Reading and Writing
▶ Self Viewing
Distance Viewing
Reading and Writing
Self Viewing
Camera pointed
away from Self w/
lens open
Camera pointed down
at reading material w/
lens closed
Camera pointed
towards Self w/
lens open
Chapter 5 Using the Transformer
Adjusting the Viewing Mode
The Transformer Camera rotates
330 degrees, providing
unsurpassed flexibility for the
visually impaired. Do NOT force
the camera beyond its 330-degree
angular range as this may damage
the unit.
Distance Viewing Mode
The camera can rotate forward to capture people, objects and
scenery. Be sure to open the Reading Lens for Distance
Viewing (See Figure 1).
The LED light should automatically turn off in this position.
However, if you prefer for it to be on, simply press the Green
power button.
NOTE: For the Transformer to be able to focus at all levels of
magnification in distance mode, the object or target should be
at least 3 or more feet away.
Figure 1
Figure 2
Chapter 5 Using the Transformer
Reading and Writing Mode
The Camera can be adjusted downward for reading, writing
and enjoying crafts or other hobbies (See Figure 1). This
makes it ideal for classroom use. When the camera is rotated
downward it is best to close the zoom lens for optimal viewing
Figure 2
Figure 1
Viewing Position
While in Reading and Writing mode the Transformer has the
flexibility to be used in three different positions, Right, Forward, and Left. For each different position simply press the
rotate button (See Figure 2) until the image is displayed
correctly on screen.
NOTE: The default viewing position is Right. The rotation
cycle is as follows: Right, Forward, Left, Right.
Chapter 5 Using the Transformer
Self Viewing Mode
The Camera can be rotated backwards to provide you with
the equivalent of a full-length mirror. In this position, you can
use the Transformer to help you put on make-up, shave or
perform other personal hygiene. Be sure to open the
Reading Lens for Self Viewing.
(See Figure 1)
The LED light should automatically turn off in this position.
However, if you prefer for it to be on, simply press the Green
power button.
Figure 1
Figure 2
Adjusting Magnification
The Transformer offers a large range of magnification
capabilities. The following directions can be used with the
Zoom wheel (See Figure 2).
▶ To adjust the magnification scroll the Zoom wheel + or - until
you reach your desired magnification.
NOTE: The extent of the magnification is dependent upon
the distance of the Camera to the object.
Chapter 5 Using the Transformer
Adjusting the Video Window Divider (Computer
Connection Only):
Press the [F8] function key on your PC keyboard to toggle the
position of the on-screen camera window. Each press of the
[F8] key will rotate the camera window position clockwise (left,
top, right or bottom, or full screen). After cycling through all
five camera window positions, pressing the [F8] key a sixth
time will exit the camera viewing window, returning you to your
full screen PC desktop. Pressing [F8] again will repeat all six
screen rotation cycles in sequence (See Figure 1).
Figure 1
Chapter 5 Using the Transformer
Once you’ve chosen the position of the on-screen camera
image, use the following procedure to adjust the width/
height of the video window divider, relative to your PC
• If the on-screen camera image is positioned to the
left or right of your display, hold down the [SHIFT]
button while
pressing either the
left or right arrow
keys on your PC
keyboard to
increase or
decrease the width of the video divider window. This
adjustment is useful when viewing magnified documents
side-by-side with your PC display.
• If the on-screen camera image is positioned to the top or
bottom of your display, hold down the [SHIFT] button while
pressing either the up or down arrow keys on your PC
keyboard to increase or
decrease the height of the
video divider window.
This adjustment is useful
when viewing magnified
documents above and
below your PC display.
Chapter 5 Using the Transformer
Capturing a Still Image
(Computer Connection Only):
The Viewer application allows you to capture a still photo
(or “snapshot”) of the camera image. This is especially useful in
school or work settings, where it may be desirable to magnify
and store text that is located on an distant object
(i.e. chalkboard or dry erase board) and later recall the image
(homework assignments, etc.). Use the following procedure to
use the Image Capture feature:
1) Focus on either a near or distant object. The object viewed
on the display will be captured as shown.
2) Press the [F5] function key on your PC keyboard to
capture the still image. A standard “Save As” dialog box will
appear on screen.
3) Select the directory in which you wish to store the file. If
desired give the snapshot a descriptive file name. If no
filename is entered, the default timestamp filename will be
used. The image will be saved as a standard. JPEG file
(Windows* JPEG).
Chapter 5 Using the Transformer
Viewing a Stored Image (Computer Connection
1) Press the [F6] function key on your PC keyboard. to open a
previously stored image. The standard “Open” dialog box will
2) Choose the directory in which the stored file is located and
select “Open” to view the image.
NOTE: The image will open in the Windows program you
have currently set as your default picture viewer
Using Third-party Screen Magnification Software
(Computer Connection Only):
The Transformer viewer application can be used in conjunction with the following magnification software products:
Dolphin SuperNova Version 11.5 to 12
AISquared ZoomText Version 9.xx
Issist iZoom Version 3.X
While the Transformer Viewer application is running you may
open up your third-party magnification software at any time to
simultaneously run the software and the viewer application.
Refer to the manual of your magnification software for
detailed instructions on its usage.
In the interest of continuous product improvement,
third-party software compatibility is subject to change
without prior notice.
Chapter 5 Using the Transformer
Using the Find
The Transformer Find feature can help you quickly identify
where you are currently magnified on a page, or can easily
locate a specific part of an object you want to view more
NOTE: You cannot use object Find if you are magnified at
While magnified, press and hold down the Find button
on the camera head (See Figure 1)
Figure 1
1. The Transformer will automatically
zoom out to the widest field of view,
and a "target" (as shown in Figure 2)
will appear in the center of the monitor
2. Move your work or reading material
until you have located the desired item within the "target"
area. (See figure 2)
3. Release the Find button, and it will magnify the item
you located within the targeted area. (See Figure 3)
Figure 2
Figure 3
Chapter 5 Using the Transformer
Using the Freeze Function
Freeze allows you to take a snap shot of what the
Transformer is magnifying in order for you to have extended
time to view the image. This is particularly helpful when
taking notes in a classroom.
The following directions can be used to apply the Freeze
mode using the Transformer only:
1. Press the Freeze button to activate Freeze mode
(See Figure 1).
2. To release the Freeze mode, press any key or change
the viewing angle.
Figure 1
Figure 2
Using the Rotate Function
The Rotate function allows you to rotate an image
on-screen (180˚ or 90˚). You can use this function at any
time. Simply flip the image by pressing the Rotate button
located on the underside of the arm. (See Figure
2) To rotate the image back to original position press the
Rotate button again or change the viewing angle.
Chapter 5 Using the Transformer
Color Select Mode
The Transformer was designed to provide optimum viewing
for people with certain visual conditions by offering a range
of choices in both text and background colors. Use the Mode
key (See Figure 1) to toggle between full color viewing,
enhanced positive, enhanced negative, and your 6 favorite
color select modes. The 6 favorite color select modes can be
modified to any of the 28 color select options by following
the instructions provided on page 33.
NOTE: You are only allowed up to 6 favorites at any one
time. However, you have the flexibility to change them at any
Figure 1
Upgrading Your Software
In the interest of continuous product improvement, updates
to the Viewer software will be made available on the
Enhanced Vision website at: For
assistance in locating and downloading updates, call the
toll free support number, 1-800-440-9476.
Chapter 5 Using the Transformer
Accessing the Menu
▶ You can access the menu by pressing and holding the
Freeze button on arm of the Transformer for 3 seconds.
▶ Once the setup menu shows on-screen, use the Zoom
wheel + or - to scroll through the functions. To activate
one of the functions press Mode while it is highlighted.
▶ To exit at any time press Freeze button while setup
menu is on-screen
Line Marker
Window Marker
Marker Position
Marker Size
Color: Normal
Color: Warm
Color: Cold
Color Mode Selection
Display: Normal
Display Mode: Wide
Product Information
Chapter 6 Using the Menu
Enabling/Disabling Line & Window Markers
Line & Window Markers are used to frame an image between
two horizontal lines. These lines may be used as a reading
guide for long passages of text, as a guide to help keep your
place as you move from one side of the page to the other, or
just to make writing easier.
The following directions can be used to Enable/Disable Line
& Window Markers
1. Press and hold the Freeze button for at least 3 seconds or
until setup menu shows on-screen.
2. Scroll with the Zoom wheel + or - to Line Marker
(See Figure 1) or Window marker (See Figure 2) and press
Mode to Enable.
3. See page 31 for instructions on how to adjust the size and
position or your Markers.
4. To Disable Line or Window marker, scroll with the Zoom
wheel + or - to the Marker currently Enabled and press the
Mode button or press Freeze at any time.
Figure 1
Chapter 6 Using the Menu
Figure 2
Adjusting the Size/Position of the Selected Marker
The following directions can be used to adjust the Size/
Position of the Line or Window Marker:
1. Make sure the Line/Window marker is currently
Enabled. (Refer back to page 30 if you are not sure how to
do this)
2. To increase or decrease Line/Window marker size
scroll with the Zoom wheel + or - to Marker size on the
setup menu (See Figure 1) and press the Mode button.
3. Use the Zoom wheel + or - to increase or decrease the
size of the Line/Window marker. To exit back to menu press
the Mode button.
4. To move your Line/Window marker up and down, scroll
with the Zoom wheel + or - to the Marker position (See
Figure 2) and press the Mode button.
5. You can now scroll with the Zoom wheel + or - to move
the Line/Window marker up and down. Press Mode button
to exit out of scroll mode.
6. To exit Marker mode, go to the Line/Window Marker that
is currently enabled and the press Mode button or press
Freeze at any time.
Figure 1
Chapter 6 Using the Menu
Figure 2
Adjusting the Color Balance
Color is often affected by the lighting used in a room. The
Transformer Color Balance control allows you to achieve
optimum clarity.
The following directions can be used to adjust the Color
1. Press and hold the Freeze button for 3 seconds until
setup menu shows on-screen
2. Scroll with the Zoom wheel + or - and press Mode on the
desired Color button. (See Figure 1)
▶ Color: Normal automatically adjusts to the lighting in the
▶ Color: Warm casts a brighter yellow tone
▶ Color: Cold casts a blue tone
3. To exit press Freeze button
Figure 1
Chapter 6 Using the Menu
Changing Favorite Color Modes
The Transformer provides 28 selectable color modes, and
allows selecting up to 6 favorites for use, as described on
page 28. The following directions can be used to change
the favorite color modes on your Transformer:
1. Press and hold the Freeze button
for 3 seconds until the on- screen menu
shows up.
2. Scroll with the Zoom wheel + or
to the color mode selection and press
the Mode button. (See Figure 1)
Figure 1
3. You will see a sub menu showing the
current color modes with a check box. (See
Figure 2)
4. To change your color modes highlight
one with a current check box, and deselect
it by pressing Mode. (See Figure 3) Choose
an alternative color mode. (You are only
allowed up to 6)
Figure 2
5. Use the Next and Previous menu items
to view more available color modes.
(See Figure 3)
6. To exit use the Zoom wheel + or -, go to
exit on the menu (See Figure 4) and press
Mode. Or just press Freeze button to exit at
any time.
Figure 3
Figure 4
Chapter 6 Using the Menu
Changing Viewing Modes
VGA to USB (Model TRVEA Only)
1.) Plug in the included USB cable to the Transformer
dongle labeled “USB” and to an available USB port on the
2.) Run the EV Viewer software on your computer. The
Transformer will not power on unless the EV Viewer
software is running.
USB to VGA (Model TRVEA Only)
1.) Unplug the USB from the computer and from the dongle
of the Transformer. The Transformer will be in standby mode
2.) Plug in the included VGA cable to the dongle labeled
“VGA” and to the VGA monitor.
3.) Press the “Power Button” on the Transformer (see page
* The Transformer will not power off when the VGA monitor
is powered off or when the VGA Cable is unplugged. Press
and Hold the “Green power button” on the Transformer for
about 3 seconds, or until the “Battery Charge Indicator Light”
turns off.
* The USB port on the Transformer will take precedence
over the VGA port. When the USB cable is plugged into the
computer and to the Transformer, while the VGA cable is
connected, the Transformer will automatically switch to USB
Changing Languages
VGA Mode (Model TRVEA Only)
1. Press and hold the Freeze button to enter the Menu
2. Using the Scroll Wheel, Highlight “Product Information”
3. Press the Mode Button once to select the Product
Information Sub Menu
4. Using the Scroll Wheel, select “Language” and press
the Mode button once.
5. Using the Scroll Wheel, select the desired language
and press the Mode button once.
USB Mode
The Transformer, while in USB mode, will automatically
detect the language that is set on your Microsoft
Windows PC. These settings can be changed in the
Language settings located in the Control Panel.
No power to the unit
Can you power the unit using the included AC adaptor?
(Page 16)
Is the power supply properly connected to a surge protector or
an AC outlet? (page 10)
NOTE: A Viewer software reset may be necessary in the
event of a power surge.
Video image on Computer screen is blurry not clear or slow
Clean the LCD display and/or camera lens using a cleaning cloth.
Adjust the distance of the Transformer from your reading material
or adjust the handle angle as needed to improve image quality
Try selecting different color modes to improve image quality (See
Page 28)
NOTE: Having programs running in the background of your
computer may affect the quality of the image and response time.
Video image on LCD display is too bright/dark
The Transformer is designed to be used in moderate lighting
conditions, preferably indoors. Bright lighting (or direct sunlight)
may produce shadows and/or reduce visibility. Try moving to a
more shaded area to improve image quality.
Adjust the distance of the Transformer from your reading material
or adjust the angle of the handle as needed to improve image
quality (focus)
Try selecting different color modes to improve image quality
(See Page 28)
Chapter 7 Troubleshooting
Batteries will not charge
▶ Can you power the unit using the included AC adaptor?
(Page 16)
▶ Is the power supply properly connected to a surge protector
or AC mains? (Page 10)
▶ Is the correct battery being used and does it need to be
charged or replaced? (Page16)
A Warning message is displayed on-screen
If you see a warning message appear on screen with a low
battery icon, simply plug the Transformer into an available outlet
with the AC power supply provided.
The message should go away and the unit should charge.
▶ If you see a warning message saying “Connect Enhanced
Vision Device” ( See figure 2). The power to your unit has either
been manually shut off, the unit is not connected to the PC, or
the battery has been drained.
Make sure your Transformer is plugged
into an outlet with the included
AC power supply. If you still do not
have power press and hold the
Green power button (refer to page
Figure 2
16 and 17) until the image shows on
Chapter 7 Troubleshooting
Lightweight, portable design
330˚ adjustable camera head
6 user favorite color modes (with 28 to choose from)
28 available color modes
Magnification 2.45X up to 30X (Based on a 17” monitor)
Image “Freeze” mode
Integrated battery charger
D-Li1, Li-ion 2 Cell, 7.4V, 2,600mAh Rechargeable
(included in package)
Camera: Digital CCD, Autofocus
Physical Dimensions:
~ 10”L x 3.65”W x 3.25”H (closed)
~ 13”L x 10.5”W x 9.25”H (fully extended in reading view)
Weight: ~ 2.5 lbs. (with batteries installed)
Magnification Ranges: 2.45X up to 30X
17” LCD: 2.4 (minimum) – 30.0 (maximum)
19” LCD: 2.7 (minimum) – 33.5 (maximum)
17”/19” Field of View (Near Mode): 13.7 cm (min) : 1.12 (max)
17”/19” Working Distance (Near Mode): 17.5 cm
Warranty: 2 years
Indicator lights:
Green solid = plugged in
Green off = not plugged
Red solid = full battery
Red blinking = charging (if plugged in) or running from
battery (if not plugged in)
Red off = no battery
Chapter 8 Specifications
Operating Temperature : 32˚ – 104˚F (0˚ – 40˚C)
Humidity 10-90% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature : -4˚ – 140˚F (-20˚ – 60˚C)
Estimated Charge times (using rechargeable battery):
~4 hours maximum
* Note: Only with use of Enhanced Vision Battery
Wall adapter:
UL/CE rated
Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz (0.8A Max)
Output: 9V DC, 2.5A
Operation Temperature: 0 C – 40 C
Relative Humidity: 10%-95%
28 Enhanced Contrast Modes
Black and White
Page Locator
To prevent condensation, do not use the unit for 1 hour after
transporting the unit from extreme cold to room temperature.
**All times listed are approximate. Actual Charging and Usage
times may vary depending on the life cycle remaining on
the batteries, type and current rating of batteries used, LCD
brightness setting, LED Mode and other variable factors.
In the interest of continuous product improvement,
specifications and/or minimum system requirements are
subject to change without prior notice.
Chapter 8 Specifications
Enhanced Vision Transformer Warranty Policy
Enhanced Vision products are designed to give you the
highest quality image, convenient features, ease of use and
reliable service. The Transformer has been inspected and
tested prior to shipping. Enhanced Vision warrants the
Transformer against defects in material and workmanship
under normal use for two years from the date of original
purchase. Enhanced Vision, at its option, will at no charge
either repair the product or replace it during the warranty
period. There are no other expressed or implied warranties
accompanying this product.
This warranty policy does not cover:
a) Defects or damage from misuse, use in other than normal
and customary manner, accident or neglect;
b) Defects or damage from improper operation,
maintenance, installation, adjustment, alterations or
c) Defects or damage from spills of food or liquid;
d) All plastic surfaces and all other externally exposed parts
that are scratched or damaged due to normal use;
e) Damage due to operation of the Transformer with
equipment not supplied or designed by Enhanced Vision
Chapter 9 Warranty Information
▶ You must provide proof of purchase, bearing the date of
purchase, in order to receive warranty service.
▶ Anyone using this product does so knowingly as
summing certain risks, due to the need to utilize vision
enhancement devices.
Service Process
In the event that technical support or repair service is
needed, please contact your local Enhanced Vision
representative or the Enhanced Vision warranty service
center. If warranty service is required, please contact
Enhanced Vision at (800) 440-9476 Monday through Friday,
between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST) to
request a return authorization number.
Warranty repairs will not be accepted without a valid
return authorization number.
You may wish to keep the original product packaging in
case warranty service is required. The manufacturer
cannot provide packaging for war- ranty repairs.
NOTE: Please completely fill out and send in the
enclosed warranty registration card.
Chapter 9 Warranty Information
Merlin elite
See and hear the difference!
Merlin elite is a high performance
desktop video magnifier (CCTV),
featuring HD and text-to-speech (OCR).
High definition color and contrast
provides a beautiful, crystal clear picture
and vibrant colors. Merlin elite’s unique
design allows for a wide field of view,
displaying more text on the screen.
Magnification: 2.4x - 70x
DaVinci is a high performance
desktop video magnifier (CCTV),
featuring HD, text-to-speech (OCR)
and a 3-in-1 camera. With HD you will
experience high definition color and
contrast giving you a beautiful, crystal
clear picture and vibrant colors.
Experience the joy of reading with our
new text-to speech feature. DaVinci
will read any printed text aloud with
the push of a button.
Magnification: 24” LCD: 2x (minimum)
- to 80x (maximum)
Chapter 10 Other Enhanced Vision Products
Merlin HD
Merlin HD’s camera technology produces an
even truer, more natural image. Easily read
books and magazines, read and write letters,
manage your financial records, view color
photos, do crossword puzzles, and even
pursue a favorite hobby.
Magnification: 22” LCD: 3.2x (minimum) to
64.7x (maximum) 24” LCD: 3.4x (minimum)
to 57.8x (maximum)
Acrobat HD
ACROBAT HD LCD is a complete system
featuring a 3-in-1 Sony HD camera witha
22”, 24”, or 27” high resolution HD LCD
producing maximum picture detail for
clear, vivid color display. The adjustable
arm, tilting screen, and rotating capability
allows the camera to be positioned at any
angle for optimal viewing. A built in handle
allows for easy transport.
Magnification 1.7x to 95x
Chapter 10 Other Enhanced Vision Products
Merlin LCD
– Easy to use!
Merlin LCD is a video magnifier that pivots
and swivels to the most comfortable viewing
position. This product includes all the same
features as the Merlin but with a sleek
ergonomic design.
Available in 19” , 22” or 24” LCD versions.
Magnification: 2.4X – 85X
Acrobat LCD
With your choice of a built-in 19”, 22” or 24”
LCD, the Acrobat is a 3-in-1 video magnifier
ideal for near, distance and self viewing. By
rotating the camera, you can read, write,
groom, and magnify images at any
distance. The Acrobat LCD offers a
complete system for those at work, school
or home
Magnification: 2X – 65X (19” LCD)
Magnification: 2X – 75X (22” LCD)
Magnification: 2X – 82X (24” LCD)
Amigo – Your Portable Friend! Amigo is
a truly portable desktop magnifier and is
the lightest weight it its class. Optimal
viewing is achieved with a tilting 6.5 inch
viewing screen. Amigo is battery
operated and can be taken anywhere.
Magnification: 3.5X – 14X (digital)
Chapter 10 Other Enhanced Vision Products
Pebble HD
Pebble HD boasts a new HD camera
providing a crisp, clear, colorful, high
definition picture. A new ergonomic
lightweight compact design makes it the
perfect companion whether at home or on
the go. Carry Pebble HD in your purse,
pocket, or clip it on your belt with the
included carrying case.
Magnification 1.25x to 13.5x
Pebble-mini’s ultra-compact design makes
it the ideal hand-held magnifier whether
you’re home or on the go. Easily read
prescriptions, mail, labels, price tags,
menus and so much more. 3.0”LCD
screen. Freeze frame and image capture.
28 available viewing modes.
Magnification 2X to 10X
Additional Battery Additional batteries are available for
your Transformer. Power Supplies Optional external
charger is available for your Transformer. X-Y Mini table
Place underneath your Transformer and make reading even easier!
Contact Information:
(US Office) Phone: (714) 465-3400
Fax: (714) 374-1821
(UK Office) Phone: +44 (0)115 9442317 Fax: +44 (0)115 9440720
(DE Office) Phone: +49 (0) 6078 969827-0 Fax: +49 (0) 6078 969827-33
Technical Support:
Main Toll Free (800) 440-9476 ext. 3
Local Phone: (714) 465-3400 ext. 3
E-mail: [email protected]
Chapter 10 Other Enhanced Vision Products
The Transformer video magnifier is designed to enlarge and
enhance images to improve the lives of people who have low
vision. The extent to which Transformer can improve the
ability to see images and text depends on a person’s
individual condition and level of visual impairment. The
Transformer is not designed to restore vision, correct eye
conditions or have degenerative vision loss. An eye care
professional can best determine the suitability of the
Transformer for a patient’s specific condition. For more
information, please visit
(800) 440-9476 (US Office, toll free)
(714)465-3400 (US Office)
+44 (0) 9442317 (UK Office)
Tel. +49 (0) 6078 969827-0 (DE Office)
Fax +49 (0) 6078 969827-33 (DE Office)
B급 기기
(가정용 방송통신기자재)
Class B
(Broadcasting Communication
Equipment for Home Use)
이 기기는 가정용(B급) 전자파적합기기로서 주로 가정에서 사용하는 것을
목적으로 하며, 모든 지역에서 사용할 수 있습니다.
As an electromagnetic wave equipment for home use (Class
B),this equipment is intended to use mainly for home use and
may be used in all areas.
Part # MAN-1203-00 Rev. X1
Oct, 2013
Copyright © 2009 by Enhanced Vision. All rights reserved.
Product specifications subject to change without prior notice.
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