Coil Transmitter

Coil Transmitter
Coil Transmitter
Model: RFC4300-CL
This transmitter utilizes conductivity technology
to immediately notify when condensate is
backing up in the coil thus protecting it from
corrosion of freeze conditions. The transmitter
can be installed on any manufacturer’s coil.
Physical Dimensions
W - 5.25” (134 mm)
H – 4.5” (115 mm)
D - 2.75” (70 mm)
Monitoring type
Conductivity & Temperature
Thermoset Resin; EL Cast Black
Power supply
Duracell 123A
3 Volt Lithium Battery
Typical Battery Life
3-5 years*
902 to 928 MHz
60 mW
Transmission Bandwidth
200 KHz
Proprietary spread
spectrum format
Temperature Range
-40°F to 115°F
(-40°C to 46°C)
Max Operating Pressure
600 psi (42 bar)
*Operating at the upper or lower end of the temperature range may decrease battery life
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