Plantronics Recall notice
Electrical Safety Recall
Plug Adapter
Two digit
Detachable Australian Plug Adaptor for
Plantronics Power Supplies
Product: All detachable plug adaptors supplied with Plantronics office and
Bluetooth headset products which are marked with only a two digit number on the
face of the plug adaptor near the pins.
Note - Those adaptors marked with an additional four digit number along with the
two digit number are not part of this recall.
Hazard: Risk of electric shock
Defect: In some rare circumstances, the faceplate of the plug adaptor (from which
the pins protrude) may separate from the plug body when pulling the unit out of
the socket outlet, exposing live parts and presenting an electric shock hazard.
What to do: Switch off the power to the adaptor before removing the adaptor
from any socket outlets. If you are not certain that the power has been switched
off seek qualified help to confirm the power is off and to remove the adaptor
safely. Contact Plantronics at or on
1800 089 681 between 9am to 5pm, Monday-Friday, for instructions on how to
obtain a free replacement adaptor.
Australian Product Recall Information
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