Tower Fertilizer System for Commander II Quick Start Card

Tower Fertilizer System for Commander II Quick Start Card
Commander II for Tower
Electric Pumps
Quick Start Card
In Field Operating Instructions
VOLUME: Displays total
gallons (liters) of liquid applied.
Can be reset to 0 by holding the
reset button.
application ON or OFF for each section.
If not dividing implement into sections,
use Section 1 switch only.
gallons (liters) of liquid applied
per minute. Use this to read
instant flow in GPM.
AREA: Displays the area of coverage
by the equipment in acres (hectares).
May be reset.
DISTANCE: Displays the distance
traveled in feet (meters). May be
PRESSURE: Displays the liquid
pressure at the location of the optional
pressure sensor. In addition to
displaying Pressure the console will
warn the operator with HiPSI (High
Pressure) message when the input
pressure exceeds the limit pressure
(set in Special Cal)
TANK: Displays gallons (liters)
of liquid remaining
SPEED: Displays ground speed in
miles per hour (Kilometers per hour).
RATE: Displays application rate
ON/OFF: Commander II
power switch. When the console is turned on (except when
starting in “SPECIAL” CALIBRATE) the data display will
show the Number of Hours it has
CAL: This key is
operated for one second, followed by
the Software Part Number (45124)
used to enter &
and the Software Revision (rP X) for
exit calibration
1.5 seconds each. Then it will display
the Control Mode (P-FLO or SFLO) for 1.5 seconds.
RESET/ - : When not in
AUTO/MAN: Key which
CAL, clears the selected
changes operation from
counter when held for two
automatic control to manual.
RUN/HOLD: Turns liquid
application on (RUN) or
off (HOLD)
+ & - : Plus & Minus keys are
used to increase and decrease
Five Steps for Commander II Setup for
Tower Electric Pump Systems
1. Commander II Special Cal Quick Setup
(Factory defaults are for Tower
Electric Pump Systems so skip this step with brand new Commander II)
2. Standard Calibration
3. Initial Operation in Manual Mode
4. Test Speed Operation in Automatic Mode
5. Speed Signal Verification & Field Operation
396-001510 Tower & Commander II Quick Start Card
Page QS1
Revised 05/05/2015
Commander II Special Cal
Quick Setup
The Commander II is shipped from the factory set up for PWM driven Tower Electric
Pumps. If installing a new Tower system you can skip this procedure. The defaults
for EP-E (see below) are already loaded.
The Commander II has a quick setup feature to load the necessary defaults for a SureFire Tower or
PumpRight system. Follow the steps below BEFORE performing standard calibration on next page.
To change defaults:
1. Power off Commander II.
2. Enter Special Cal by holding both the AUTO/MAN and the CAL button down while turning on the
power switch.
3. You should see “SPEC” on the screen, if not, repeat steps one and two.
4. Ensure “1” displays to indicate Page 1 in Special Cal. Press CAL to change if necessary.
5. Turn dial to point at AREA
6. Select desired defaults from chart below (Press the UP or DOWN arrow to change selection.)
Select “EP-E” for Tower Electric Pumps
Select “HP-E” for PumpRight or other Hydraulic Pumps
7. Save changes by holding CAL until red light goes out (about 3 seconds)
NOTE: The above procedure will load all default values in the Commander II. It must be done before
standard calibration. For example, if you entered your implement width, then did the quick setup above,
the Commander II would default back to 240 inches.
This number tells you
which special CAL screen
you are on. Pressing the
CAL button will change this
number. Quick Setup is on
Page 1, with dial turned to
Select “EP-E” for Tower
Electric Pumps
396-001510 Tower & Commander II Quick Start Card
Page QS2
Revised 05/05/2015
Standard Calibration
Press CAL key for one (1) second to enter calibration mode.
Red light will be on steady and CAL will be displayed in CAL mode.
Turn the dial to the items listed below and set as instructed.
When complete, press CAL for one (1) second to exit CAL mode. Red light should go out
and CAL will not be displayed. You MUST exit Calibration mode to save your settings.
FLOW CAL: Enter the calibration number for your flowmeter here. On electromagnetic flowmeters the calibration number is from the chart below. (These numbers
are for flowmeters sold after 10/15/2012. These meters have a blue label with
white text. Earlier flowmeters (white label with black text) use different FLOW
CAL numbers.) On turbine flowmeters, the calibration number is on a metal tag
attached to the flowmeter.
Quick Tip: To quickly change the flow cal, press the AUTO/MAN button to allow you
to directly change the 2 left digits (thousands). Then press the UP or DOWN arrow
to change the number. Press AUTO/MAN again to change the right 3 digits.
Flow Range Pulses/ Commander II
Flow CAL
0.13 - 2.6
0.3 - 5
0.6 - 13
1.3 - 26
2.6 - 53
NOTE: This
indicates you are in
CAL mode.
P/F Ratio: Not used at this time.
ADJUST RATE: Sets amount of rate change by
pressing "+" or "-" button once. Usually set to 1.0.
This allows you to change from 8 GPA to 9 GPA
to 10 GPA etc.
WIDTH CAL: Enter the width of each
fertilizer or chemical section of your
implement. For a single section system,
set Section One to the full implement
width in inches. For example, for an 8
row 30” implement, set Section One to
240 inches. To set the section widths
the Run/Hold Switch has to be in Run
and the Section Switch must be ON. If
using a single section implement, set
Section 2 and 3 to ZERO.
SPEED CAL: Used in calibration
mode to enter the speed calibration
number in inches (cm) per pulse.
Default is 0.189 for SureFire Astro GPS
speed sensor.
When using the shaft speed sensor on
grain drills, this will need calibrated.
SureFire recommends you enter a
value of 1.0 as a starting point. See
section G for that calibration procedure
under “Ground Speed Displayed is not
CONTROL SPEED: Typically –2 for
Tower Electric Pumps & for PumpRight
Hydraulic Pumps.
Allows adjustment of response to
“tune” the system for use with fast or
slow valves. For example, if response
is too slow, use the “+” button to adjust
the valve response number to 1, 2 or 3.
The range of adjustment is -4 to +3.
TARGET RATE: Set to your intended target rate
in Gallons per Acre.
Standard CAL Factory Defaults: (for Software Revision rP F)
TEST SPEED: Use this mode to verify
controller automatic operation only AFTER
initial operation in MANUAL mode.
Software Revision identification displays briefly
when Commander II is started.
Electric Pumps: 6000
Hydraulic Pumps: 4000
1.0 GPA
10.0 GPA
396-001510 Tower & Commander II Quick Start Card
Page QS3
Boom 1: 240 Inches
Boom 2: 0 Inches
Boom 3: 0 Inches
PWM Electric: -2
PWM Hydraulic: -2
Servo Electric: -1
Servo Hydraulic: -2
Revised 05/05/2015
Initial Operation Instructions
SureFire highly recommends you perform these exact
steps with water to verify system is correctly installed
and ready for field use.
Test the system in MANUAL mode.
1. Push the AUTO/MAN button until MAN is displayed on the Commander II. You are now in Manual mode.
2. Put the system in RUN. Turn the console switch to RUN or lower the implement if using a mercury Run/
Hold Switch. When HOLD Is not displayed on the screen the system is in RUN.
3. Turn Section 1 switch ON.
4. Open the Air Bleed valve on the Tower. Be prepared to close the valve when water comes out.
5. Turn dial to VOLUME/MINUTE position. Is a number displayed? If so push the "+" button. Does the flow
increase? Push the "-" button. Does the flow decrease?
6. If no reading in VOLUME/MINUTE, is the pump turning and is there water present at the pump inlet?
NOTE: Feel if pump is vibrating to tell if it is running.
7. If water is being pumped, but no reading on the Commander VOLUME/MINUTE, check the flowmeter
connections and the Flow Cal value.
Proceed to STEP 4, ONLY when you can increase and decrease the VOLUME/MINUTE reading using
the "+" and "-" keys on the Commander II.
Now, we will operate the Commander II in
Test Speed mode.
1. Enter calibration by pushing and holding the CAL button until CAL is displayed on the Commander II and
the red light is on.
2. Push the AUTO/MAN button until AUTO is displayed, indicating you are in automatic mode.
3. Turn the dial to Test Speed in the bottom right corner. Use the + key to adjust to your field operating
4. Turn Run/Hold switch on Commander II to RUN.
5. Turn Run/Hold mercury switch to run by lowering the implement, unplugging it, or manually tilting the
6. Turn at least Section 1 switch on.
7. You should now be dispensing liquid as if you were traveling through the field at the test speed you
8. Note: System operating pressure will be much lower with water than with fertilizer.
Proceed to the next step when liquid application is verified in AUTO mode with Test Speed operation.
Finally, we will verify the Commander II Speed is correct.
Turn the dial to SPEED. Drive the tractor. Does the speed reading seem
reasonable and correct? The ASTRO II will be a more accurate speed than
an un-calibrated tractor speedometer.
Proceed to the next step when your Commander II Ground Speed is correct.
You are now ready to verify regular field application.
For more information about the operation of your Commander II system, see the full manual—
available at
396-001510 Tower & Commander II Quick Start Card
Page QS4
Revised 05/05/2015
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