P/N: C3195
Formed Rear Strut Kit – Chrome-Moly
Allows Roll Bar installation without permanently removing the rear seat.
This Chrome-Moly Kit must be installed using the TIG welding process. Have a professional welder
complete the installation. Follow all safety guidelines that are provided with the equipment you are using.
Always wear eye protection.
1. Begin the installation process by removing the interior from the vehicle. This includes, front and rear
seats, carpet and sound deadening.
2. Install the protective cardboard over all exposed interior glass. Don’t forget to cover-up your gauges
and radio if they are installed. Grinder and welding sparks go everywhere.
3. Jack-up the vehicle and support it in four places with approved jackstands. You want to take extra
time to make sure the vehicle is level from front to back and side to side. Steel shims can be used
between the jackstands and the chassis to achieve proper level.
NOTE: Do not let the chassis droop on the jackstands. If this is allowed to happen during the
Formed Rear Strut installation this droop will become permanent.
4. The Formed Rear Struts pass through the package tray. This can be accomplished by cutting holes
through the steel panel in front of the rear window using a metal cutting Hole Saw. Then pass the
Rear Struts through the panel.
5. Fitting the Formed Rear Struts will require gradual trimming of either end until the desired fit and
location are achieved. Take a measurement from the point on the main hoop where you will weld
the Rear Struts to the desired end points for the Rear Struts. They should be installed parallel to
each other and directly over the rear frame rails.
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Installation Instructions Cont. Formed Rear Strut Kit – Chrome-Moly
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6. Cut the struts to this dimension. Remember to take into account the angle needed, if any, on the
end of the tubes.
7. Once the first Strut is trimmed to fit, lay it over the second strut and mark the locations to be cut.
After both Formed Rear Struts are trimmed to fit, tackweld them in place.
8. Determine where the bottom of the Formed Rear Struts will attach. If the trunk floor has been
removed and you choose to mount the Rear Struts directly to the frame rails, make sure the Rear
Struts are centered over the frame rails, before tackwelding.
9. If you choose to mount the Formed Rear Struts to the frame but the trunk floor sheet metal is in
place, an access hole will have to be cut into the floor pan to expose the mounting point. Cut a hole
large enough to allow access for grinding, cleaning and welding. After welding is completed, the
sheetmetal removed will have to be replaced.
10. Another option for Formed Rear Strut installation, is to mount the Formed Rear Struts to Two 6”x 6”
Steel Plates, welded to the trunk floor. Start out by forming these plates (If forming is necessary) to
conform to the trunk floor at the point the Rear Struts will be welded. Tackweld the plates in place.
Measure and re-check positioning. Then finishweld 6“x 6” steel plates to trunk floor.
(Insure that the Rear Struts are positioned as close to the center of the 6” x 6” plates as
11. Tackweld Formed Rear Struts in place and check all measurements. After you have confirmed
correct Rear Strut positioning finishweld and re-install Interior.
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