Drobo-Veeam Solution Presentation
Veeam Backup & Replication™ v5 with vPower™
and Drobo SAN Storage for Business
What Are the Challenges?
§  Managing Vmware-centric environments requires a new
way of thinking
§  Attempting to manage virtual environments with
traditional backups
§  Reducing backup storage utilization
§  Lowering the cost and complexity of storage
§  Finding a cohesive data protection and storage strategy
for virtual environments
The Ideal Solution
§  Restarts a VM within minutes using existing backups
and storage
§  Obtains reliable backups every time
§  Recovers virtualized application items/objects without
added complexities or cost
§  Tests VMs before pushing them live (patches,
troubleshooting, etc.)
§  Reduces backup storage requirements
§  Stores backup images on a lower-cost tier of storage
§  Grows at the lowest possible cost with backup data
§  Automates backup storage infrastructure (no config)
Veeam Backup & Replication
Existing tools aren’t doing the job
§  Traditional backup
●  Agent in each VM
●  Full VM recovery is complex
●  Expensive
●  Does not guarantee recoverability
§  Typical VMware backup
●  Backup code runs on ESX/i hosts
●  Significant storage requirements
●  Limited recovery options
●  Does not guarantee recoverability
“A major reason that
organizations still hit these
bumps on the backup and
recovery road: They use the
same products for both physical
and virtual server backup, when
we all know that virtualization
requires a fundamentally
different approach.”
– SearchServerVirtualization.com
§  Drobo BeyondRAIDTM innovative storage
technology provides:
●  Thin Provisioning – up to 255 x 16TB Smart Volumes use a
common pool of storage
●  Virtual Hot Spare – the free space in the storage pool is the
hot spare for recovery
●  Instant Expansion – add a drive, it automatically adds to the
storage pool
●  Infinite Expansion – replace a smaller drive with a larger
drive without touching the GUI
●  Mixed Drive Utilization – use all of the storage vs. being
limited to the lowest common size
●  Dual Disk Redundancy – change on the fly with a checkbox
in the GUI
●  Data Aware – proportional rebuilds for faster recovery,
enables intelligent tiering of data
●  Drive Re-ordering – move disk packs to another Drobo in
any order
Veeam and Drobo
§  Veeam + Drobo provide and optimized, end-to-end
storage & data protection solution for virtual environments
●  Instantly Scale Backup Environment - Drobo’s BeyondRAID
technology allows you to add or upsize drives on-the-fly, automatically
expanding the common storage pool
●  Advanced Thin Provisioning - Veeam can leverage thinly provisioned
volumes, and Drobo Smart Volume technology automatically allocates
physical storage as required to ensure individual volumes never run out
●  Affordable Protection Onsite & Offsite - Veeam offers backup and
replication in a single solution, at one price. Combined with cost-effective
iSCSI SAN solutions from Drobo, you now have the flexibility to replicate
VMs onsite for high availability, offsite for DR, or both.
●  Built-in Deduplication - Leverage Veeam’s built-in deduplication
capabilities to shrink your backups, increase efficiency of your Drobo
storage, and further reduce your overall costs.
§  Veeam “firsts” to market
Q1 08
Q3 08
Q1 09
Q4 09
2-in1 backup
and replication
Instant file level
Direct to target
Synthetic full
Replica rollback
ESXi support
with VCB
Fastest VCB
Advanced VSS
IFLR for Linux
ESXi support
without VCB
vStorage APIs
Change Block
Replication to
Q4 10
Q4 11
Instant VM
Instant indexing
Coming Soon
1-Click file
Reinventing Data Protection
§  Innovation with
●  Run a VM directly from a compressed and deduplicated backup file
●  Eliminates need to provision storage, extract and copy the backup
§  Taking data protection to the next level
1.  Instant VM Recovery - recover an entire VM in less than 2 minutes
2.  U-AIR - recover individual emails, database records, etc. from a
regular image-level backup—without agents, special indexes or extra backups
3.  Sure Backup - verify the recoverability of every backup
4.  On-Demand Sandbox - create VMs on the fly for testing or troubleshooting
5.  Instant File-Level Recovery for any guest OS and file system
Production VMs
Isolated virtual lab
Admin console
Veeam Backup
vPower NFS
Instant VM Recovery
§  Fast - start VM directly
from backup file
§  Readily available uses existing backups
and backup storage
§  Buys you time users keep working
while you troubleshoot
the problem
§  Easy - backups online
and ready for recovery,
just click and go
How Instant VM Recovery Works
Veeam Backup Job
Virtual Machine A
Backup file for
Virtual Machine A
on Drobo SAN
Virtual Machine A
running from the
backup file
§  Performs item-level recovery from any virtualized
application without:
application-specific agents to license
additional products to buy
special backups to create
§  Supports administrator- and user-directed recovery
●  Wizards for administrator-directed item recovery from Microsoft
Exchange, Active Directory and SQL Server
●  User-directed item recovery from ANY application or database
§  Easy and efficient Backup Appliance solution by
centralizing all backup onto an affordable, high-capacity
storage system
§  Verify the recoverability of every backup
§  Does not affect backup windows or
require additional hardware and staff
Check all
Check some
§  Reduce storage requirements without sacrificing tape
support or creating a single point of failure
§  Additional level of assurance provided by Drobo
BeyondRAID with Data Scrubbing
§  If a bad block is found it is immediately marked bad and the
data is moved and protected
§  Data scrubbing helps avoid soft sector errors in data sets that
are rarely accessed
How SureBackup Works
1 Publish 2 Start Isolated virtual lab
Backup Repository
3 Verify Verification job
4 Protect Data Scrubbing
On-demand Sandbox
§  Instantly start a group of production VMs in sandbox
§  Restore from any point (full or incremental backup)
§  Run directly from the backup file, with backup file
remaining untouched
§  Lower the cost of storage in test and development
environments with iSCSI SAN that is a different tier than
Tier 1 primary
How On-demand Sandbox Works
Veeam Backup
Veeam-provided proxy
appliance to communicate
with VMs in isolated network
Backup files
Multiple VMs
staged in
virtual lab
Value of a Joint Solution
Veeam Backup & Replication Drobo
§  2-in-1: backup and replication
§  No extra charge for
●  Deduplication
●  Enterprise Manager
●  Multi-hypervisor support
§  Licensing by CPU socket
●  No per-server, per-agent or per-mailbox fees
§  Quick ROI and low TCO
§  Compelling Economics
●  Simplicity & automation of drives down operating expense
●  BeyondRAID provides big storage with a small capital expense
§  Instant VM Recovery - Run a virtual machine (VM) directly from the backup file
stored on Drobo without having to first restore the backup to primary storage
●  Drobo’s data-aware tiering technology recognizes “hot” data on the now live VM and
automatically promote to the transactional tier to ensure optimal performance until
primary storage can be brought back online
§  Instant File & Object Recovery - Unlike tape, using Drobo’s disk-based
solutions in conjunction with Veeam enables recovery of individual files or
objects for any virtualized application directly from your backups in seconds
●  Veeam’s patent-pending U-AIR technology does this without agents on any
application using native permissions
§  Affordable Protection Onsite & Offsite - Veeam offers backup and replication
in a single solution, at one price
●  Combined with cost-effective iSCSI SAN solutions Drobo, replicate VMs onsite for
high availability, offsite for disaster recovery purposes, or both
§  Built-in Deduplication - built-in deduplication capabilities in Veeam shrink your
backups, increase efficiency of your Drobo storage for better overall cost
●  Source-side dedupe allows publishing deduped backups as regular VMDK files
Technical Details
§  Configuration
●  Drobo SAN Storage for Business
§  Supported Versions
●  Drobo B800i for backup price/capacity
●  Drobo B1200i for backup and Tier 2 primary
●  Veeam Backup and Replication v5
●  B800i firmware version 2.0.2 or higher
●  B1200i firmware version 1.0.1 or higher
●  Drobo Dashboard management software (most recent version)
●  Enterprise-grade 7200RPM SAS or SATA disk drives (recommended)
●  Windows Server 2008 R2 (dedicated server recommended)
Best Practices
§  Direct SAN Access mode is recommended
●  While Virtual Appliance or Network modes for Veeam Backup work with
Drobo, Direct SAN Access is the most efficient method, leverages
VMware storage APIs
§  A physical host for Veeam is recommended
●  While a VM host can be the backup server, having dedicated resources
serves better for compression and deduplication
§  A minimum of 6 x 7200 RPM disks is recommended
●  While a Drobo can provide a great deal of storage with few very large
drives, 6 drives will offer a better level of service
§  More information on best practices for the combined solution
documented @http://info.drobo.com/veeam/how_to_guide
Additional Considerations
§  Great fit - sizing
●  1 Veeam server = model B800i, multiple Veeam servers = model B1200i
§  Not as great a fit
●  Drobo as primary storage for applications with > 250 users
●  Running high IOPS VMs from instant restore on Drobo for a long duration
●  Primary storage with HyperV clustering
●  SCSI-3 persistent reservations not currently supported
§  Considerations
●  Drobo delivers improved performance when storing on NTFS vs. a
VMFS datastore
●  When using the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator to connect to datastores on which
the VMs reside or to where VMs are backed up, DO NOT mount them
●  Potential risk that VMFS volumes are re-signatured by Windows
●  Veeam recommends that the diskpart automount be disabled
●  Version 5 automatically disables automount
More Information
§  Go to http://www.drobo.com/veeam for valuable assets
•  Expert Webcast replay featuring Rick Vanover
•  Risk-free trial offer for this Veeam + Drobo solution
•  Detailed How-To Guide
•  Solution Brief document
and more…
§  Contact Drobo sales to get connected with a reseller who
can assist you with this joint Veeam + Drobo solution
•  1.888.97DROBO (1.888.973.7626)
•  Email [email protected]
Product Pictures: Front & Back
•  Drobo SAN Storage for Business
Drobo model B800i
Drobo model B1200i
V6: Coming Soon
§  Enterprise scalability - Scales for larger deployments
§  Advanced replication - Provides 10x faster replication
§  Multi-Hypervisor support - Supports Microsoft Hyper-V
Additional enhancements including
§  1-click file restore
§  VM migration for VMware
… and many more
Useful Links
•  Veeam Backup and Replication v5
•  Veeam Monitor
•  Veeam Reporter
•  Veeam Business View
•  nworks Management Pack for VMware for MS System Center
•  nworks Smart Plug-in for VMware for HP Operations Mgr
Thank You
§  Questions?
§  Additional resources
Veeam on Twitter: @Veeam
Veeam Blog: http://www.veeam.com/blog/
Veeam Community Podcast (iTunes, RSS) - www.veeam.com/podcast
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