Data Policy

Data Policy
PacMARS Data Policy (December 2012) The Pacific Marine Arctic Regional Synthesis research team and collaborators will identify and synthesize existing data sets that are critical for evaluating the current state of knowledge of the north Pacific ecosystem, including human dimensions. The PacMARS Data Archive will provide a central gateway to multiple data sets brought together for the data inventory and synthesis effort. The overall goal of the data synthesis is to document where relevant data resides and make these data available to the investigators. As data sets are identified and/or reformatted for the synthesis effort they will be submitted to the data archive ( ). Instructions for doing so are linked off the main page of the archive. Datasets, or information on them when residing at another repository, must be submitted to the archive with sufficient documentation to allow easy exchange and understanding by others. The information on the datasets, or "metadata", is a key element when bringing together a diverse collection of data from multiple sources. It is important that users understand the attributes of the data as well as details about format. EOL will make available online forms and templates to assist in the collection of the metadata for the datasets. Geographical information on the datasets will be plotted to the PacMARS Mapserver for discovery and visualization purposes. Researchers will submit shapefiles to the archive for display of the GIS data on the Mapserver, along with the metadata for the dataset. Datasets from previous projects and those at other institutions will be linked from the PacMARS archive web site. Access to those data will be open, unless restricted by the host institution. If access to those data is especially difficult or time consuming, a decision will be made on a case-­‐by-­‐case basis whether to archive the data within the PacMARS Data Archive and provide access directly. Any new datasets, such as those from recent cruises or the oil industry, will be password protected for the first year of the project and access limited to the PacMARS researchers. Human dimension datasets, and others of a sensitive nature, may remain password protected for a longer period. Individual PacMARS members may release their proprietary data to whomever they wish. PacMARS team members should be contacted before use of their data sets. PacMARS investigators and others are responsible for providing appropriate recognition to data providers in publications. This can include article co-­‐authorship and/or reference to data publications. Citations, and DOIs when available, will be provided for datasets within the EOL data archive. 
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