LX 1600 User's manual

LX 1600 User's manual
LX Navigation d.o.o.
LX 1606
August 23, 2010
LX 1606
Vario navigation system
1 General
LX 1606 is a logical replacement of well known LX 1600. The functions meet all important features of LX 1600.
The system philosophy has been slightly changed and the unit consists now of two units, one black box and a
Vario unit. This configuration makes connection of interfaces much easier than before. The black box unit isn’t
part of the panel, so the benefit of LX 1600, only one 57 mm cut out remained. For direct control of vario unit
one rotary switch with integrated push button is used. This makes also possible to operate LX 1606 as stand
alone unit without PDA connected.
1.1 HW description
Power is applied via two wires; the unit doesn’t have on/off switch and therefore needs an external
Vario unit is connected via LX 485 system bus, there are two connectors situated on the back side of
the unit. The not occupied connector can be used for secondary vario display or for LX Remote
connection, as the unit can also be controlled by LX Remote control stick.
The rotary switch is connected via telephone type cable and 6P connectors; the plug is situated on the
front side of LX 1606. The rotary switch is also equipped with a push button and this makes inputs very
easy. The switch can be installed wherever in the cockpit. Using of rotary switch solution makes
possible to operate LX 1606 also as stand alone. In that case Audio volume, MC, Ballast, Bugs and
Vario filter can be adjusted by the knob.
PDA output makes possible to connect PDA or PNA units, 5V power is also available. PDA port is
bidirectional, so the commands can be also sent from PDA into LX 1606.
GPS input is capable to receive NMEA data and is plug and play compatible to flight recorders which
corresponds to IGC standard. There is also power for the recorder. An automatic baud rate adaptation
function makes using of different GPS sources very eassy.
LX Navigation d.o.o.
LX 1606
23 August 2010
1.2 Compatible programs
1.2.1 SeeYou Mobile
SeeYou Mobilen is capable to communicate with LX 1606 bidirectional, this makes possible that LX 1606 also
receives commands from PDA/PNA. The commands related to vario unit are forwarded via LX 485 bus to the
vario unit.
1.2.2 ConnectMe
ConnectMe is a program which is capable to exchange data with majority of flight recorders. LX 1606 will
directly connect flight recorder connected to its GPS input with PDA. This is done automatically, as soon as the
LX 1606 electronics detects communication request from PDA side.
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