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What is HD-SDI?
Who is using HD-SDI Today?
The demand for high-resolution video is growing in the video surveillance equipment market and
No matter what your business or industry is, HD-SDI technology will deliver many benefits.
beyond. Nothing compares to the video quality of true high definition (HD) video. HD-SDI technology
HD-SDI technology helps you get a better glimpse into your business operations and
not only delivers incredible resolution and image quality that is far superior to analog CCTV, an
activities, with greater detail, clarity and resolution in live video mode (than analog and IP),
HD-SDI video system provides a cost-effective video surveillance solution that’s easy to integrate,
and provides a powerful tool to make better business decisions based on the ability to
implement and install.
see your video footage more clearly. Take a look below at several areas of business where
When To Consider HD-SDI
HD-SDI is making a real difference:
type of industry can benefit from implementing HD-SDI technology.
• Clearer and more detailed live video of
employees, customers and activities
• Monitor facilities and safety
If You Want Better Resolution
• Enhanced view provides detail image for
identification and submission of evidence
If you need higher quality images than analog CCTV, HD-SDI will
Law Enforcement
The benefits of HD-SDI are far-reaching, and almost everyone in every
be a big benefit to you when it comes to image quality. HD-SDI
delivers high-quality, detailed HD resolution to support your
• Clearer and more detailed image of
suspects on live video
business needs. You have the ability to zoom in during live video
• License plate recognition
and playback modes to focus in on area of interest with exceptional
clarity and crisp detail.
If You Want To Cut Costs
If you have budget constraints, HD-SDI hybrid systems provide a cost-effective solution.
A hybrid HD-SDI system allows you to utilize existing analog CCTV equipment, yet provides
• Assist with remote diagnosis
of conditions and illnesses
• Monitor operating room
surgeries and procedures
• Monitor and analyze
player activity
• Assist with coaching players
• Observe employees and currency handling
• Monitor the building and premises
• Capture detailed imaging of a suspect
the ability to utilize HD cameras and features as you need them.
Airport and Train Stations
Compare the Quality
• Capture people, events and suspicious activities
in real-time on video with greater detail and
clarity (than analog and IP) in live video mode
• Monitor facilities, safety and security
• Record a detailed image for suspect identification
• Watch who is coming and going with
a greater level of resolution
and clarity in live video
• Monitor employees and customers
• Capture illegal activities such as card
counting and more
The Six Benefits of HD-SDI
1 Unparalleled
HD-SDI is the only highresolution video surveillance
camera connection technology
that delivers uncompressed,
HDTV-compliant, TV broadcast
quality signals in live video
viewing. HD-SDI’s exceptional
megapixel quality resolution is
especially beneficial for video
surveillance; it helps you to
make analyses and decisions
to improve all areas of your
business—from loss prevention
and safety to operations.
You have the ability to zoom in
during live video and playback
modes to focus in on area of
interest with exceptional clarity
and crisp detail. Crisp, detailed
video can make a big difference
in providing valuable information
and solutions for your business.
For example, with a higher-quality
resolution, you have the ability to
see faces and license plates more
clearly, which can help to more
easily identify someone during a
questionable event or transaction.
The amount of viewable detail in
your recorded video can make
a difference when it comes to
being able to identify the suspect
and link them to the crime, with
evidence to prosecute. An
analog camera does not have
enough pixel resolution to provide
that kind of detail and awareness.
What to look for when
Considering HD-SDI
• H.264 video compression
As with any technology, there are various needs and requirements. With
• Remote viewing of live and
recorded video (PC, iOS,
HD-SDI, not all equipment is mix-and-match. There are certain capabilities
• 1TB security-grade hard drive
and limitations depending on your choice of system (HD-SDI or HD-SDI
• Multiple recording modes:
continuous, event, and motion
Hybrid), as well as your needs and compatibility with existing equipment.
• IP66 weather rated for indoor
and outdoor use
Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing an HD-SDI solution.
HD-SDI Systems
• HD-SDI HD-SDI only DVRs are only compatible with HD-SDI cameras and will not
work with analog CCTV cameras. Most HD-SDI DVRs are compatible with a variety
of brands, but be sure to look for brand compatibility before making your selection.
• HD-SDI Hybrid An HD-SDI Hybrid system provides hybrid flexibility and allows for
the connection of both HD-SDI cameras and analog CCTV cameras. The number of
HD-SDI and analog channels supported are predefined, so check to see if the DVR
is a hybrid model the appropriate number of HD and analog inputs for your needs.
2.0 Megapixel 40 Ft IR 2-10mm Varifocal
WDR Indoor Dome Security Camera
• Produces high resolution images day or night
• 2.0 megapixel 1/3 in Panasonic CMOS imager
• 3-axis adjustment
HD-SDI Cameras
• With an HD-SDI system and cameras, you can send HD video on existing coaxial
cable (RG/59, RG/6 and RG/11) without an adapter.
• 40 ft IR range
• On-screen display (OSD) with 3D-DNR, WDR, DSS, BLC, AGC
• HD-SDI cameras require no camera boot-up time: they are point-to-point and
plug-and-play. You can install them just like a standard analog CCTV system.
2.1 Megapixel Outdoor 40 Ft IR 2-10mm
Varifocal WDR Dome Security Camera
• HD-SDI systems allow you to utilize existing analog CCTV coax cabling as long as the
cable distance is sufficient for HD-SDI video signals (RG/59/RG6 and RG/11 or fiber optics).
• IP67 weather rating protects against the harshest weather
conditions and smart IR Function
• HD-SDI video cameras are point-to-point, and you can use existing coax cables to
send the video feed directly from the camera to the recording device or DVR without
the need for encoders or an existing network.
• Provides 1944 x 1092 resolution (1080p @ 30 fps, 720p @ 60 fps)
If you have questions when purchasing an HD-SDI security system, DVR or cameras,
you can call a knowledgeable sales person who can best answer your questions. The
sales team at Supercircuits is happy to help.
2.1 Megapixel 65 Ft IR HD-SDI
Outdoor Turret Dome Camera
• 3-axis adjustment
• On-screen display (OSD) with 3D-DNR, wide dynamic range
(WDR), DSS, BLC, and AGC
BLACK 2.1 Megapixel HD-SDI Box Indoor
Security Camera with HDMI Output
• Digital day/night improves the camera’s low
light sensitivity
• True HD resolution: 1920 x 1080 (1080p) @ 30 fps, 1280
x 720 (720p) @ 60 fps
• Enhanced imaging with 2D + 3D DNR
• HD over coax for easy installation
• True day/night (ICR) to capture sharp, detailed images day and night
4-Camera 2.1 Megapixel 30 Ft IR HDcctv HD-SDI
Security System with 1TB HDD
The Six Benefits of HD-SDI
2 Use Existing
In most cases, you can install
an HD-SDI system using your
existing coax (RG/59, RG/6
and RG/11) cables without
an adapter. The ability to use
existing cabling is a huge
benefit of HD-SDI. An analog
CCTV system upgrade to
digital IP can be costly, since
it requires changes to the
existing cabling infrastructure.
An HD-SDI system with both
HD and analog ports provides
an easy, cost-effective solution
for utilizing existing analog
cameras, while allowing the
capability to also utilize HD-SDI
cameras as needed. Unlike IP
video cameras, HD-SDI video
cameras are point-to-point,
using coax cables to send
the video feed directly from
the camera to the recording
device or DVR without the need
for encoders or an existing
network. An HD-SDI camera can
be plugged into any compatible
receiving device without having
to be configured and will display
uncompressed, high-quality
video without latency. Being
able to use existing cabling
(versus having to install the
network infrastructure needed
for an IP megapixel video
system), helps reduce your
overall implementation costs.
• HDMI, CVBS and HD-SDI outputs
• Defog feature reduces distortion from fog or
The Six Benefits of HD-SDI
3 Zero Latency
The HD-SDI video feed travels on
its own line with no compression
and produces no latency (time
delay). In live video mode, HD-SDI
is smoother than analog and IP,
it doesn’t skip and there is no
image distortion.
The Six Benefits of HD-SDI
4 Ease of
With an HD-SDI DVR, you
don’t need a networking or IT
background in order to install
the system, because it features
plug-and-play connectivity
that’s as easy to implement as
standard analog CCTV systems.
And, unlike an IP-based video
system, there’s no need to
configure or program each
device, you just plug it in.
How HD-SDI, IP and
Analog CCTV Video
Interfaces Compare
HD-SDI Hybrid Scaling
and Flexibility
HD-SDI has emerged as an alternative to IP video. It delivers superior image
quality, is less complicated to operate and is more convenient to integrate with
existing analog CCTV installations. With an HD-SDI system, you can send HD
video on existing coaxial cable (RG/59, RG/6 and RG/11) without an adapter.
A networking or IT background is not needed to install the system, because
its plug-and-play connectivity is as easy to implement as standard analog
CCTV cameras.
Is HD-SDI technology is right for you? Here’s a quick look at
how analog CCTV, MP IP and HD-SDI interfaces compare:
Analog CCTV
MP IP Camera
Works With Existing
Coax Cabling
Needs adapter
Recording Immune
To IP LAN Failure
Usually No
Live-View Immune
to IP LAN Failure
100% Plug-And-Play
Hybrid HD-SDI DVRs include inputs for HD-SDI cameras as well as inputs for
analog cameras. This provides true flexibility since analog cameras can be
added to the hybrid system to utilize your existing cameras, and you can also
add HD-SDI cameras to experience the benefits of HD-SDI in the most-needed
areas of your business.
Near Zero Latency
10 Channel HD Hybrid Security DVR
Live Video
Delivers Full HDTV
Frame Rate
Edge Analytics Support
Video, Audio, Power,
Data Over Single Cable
• Continuous, schedule, motion,
sensor, manual recording
• DVD/USB network offload
• Single Client, Multi Client CMS
and Smart Phone Apps
2.1 Megapixel 75' IR HDcctv HD-SDI
Outdoor Bullet Camera
• 3.7mm megapixel lens with external lens adjustment
• True day/night (ICR)
HD-SDI 4, 8, and 16 Channel H.264 DVR with DVD Burner
An HD-SDI system is incredibly
easy to use. With an HD-SDI
system, the user interface is the
same for the operator or installer
as a CCTV interface, so no
additional training is necessary
to operate the system. HD-SDI
DVRs provide both HD and SD
resolution options.
6 Upgrade
For Less
• D1 real-time & 2 HD cameras, 720p @ 60 fps & 1080p @ 30 fps recording
• VGA/BNC/HDMI monitor outputs
Delivers 720p or
1080p Video
5 Ease of Use
The Six Benefits of HD-SDI
• Supports 2 channels of HD resolutions and 8 channels of D1 resolution
100% Digital
The Six Benefits of HD-SDI
• Built-in DNR to eliminate noise from your video
HD-SDI systems allow you to
utilize existing cabling, don’t
require a network infrastructure
to upgrade, and require less
bandwidth, so you will save
on cabling, installation and
operational costs. Also, with
a hybrid HD-SDI system, you
get both analog and HD inputs
so you can use your utilize
your existing analog cameras
and upgrade to HD as you
need, which saves on your
upgrade costs.
• IP66 weather rated
• High-Resolution Recording @ 720/1080p
• Real-time Live Display and still image capture
• Digital zoom, live and playback
• HDMI/VGA Monitor Outputs
• Remote management & configuration
• Single Client, Multi Client CMS and Smart Phone Apps
2.0 Megapixel 12x Zoom Mini WDR PTZ Security Camera
• 720p @ 60 fps /1080p @ 30 fps video
• 12x optical zoom & 10x digital zoom
• 360 degree endless rotation & 180 degree tilt
• 210 preset positions & privacy masking
trusted video surveillance solutions.
unparalleled customer experience.
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