Технический паспорт DECTCOM II-eng

Технический паспорт DECTCOM II-eng
3M™ Peltor™ DECT-Com II System
Technical Datasheet
Peltor™ DECT-Com II
Product desription
3M Peltor DECT-Com II is a wireless duplex intercom system,
operating on the 1.8 GHz DECT-frequencies, which are license free
in most countries.
The products in the Peltor DECT-Com II family offer simple and
efficient wireless duplex communication with up to 9 active users
talking in full conference and additionally up to 40 listeners with
possibility to quick “break in” to the conference. In a system with
more than 9 users any listening participant can change from
listening to speaking. The earliest active speaker will then be
degraded to a listener in the conference and any other listener can
follow, replacing active speakers in the order “first in – first out”.
There are basically two versions of the DECT-Com II main unit;
base/portable units and portable units.
A base/portable unit can be either used as base or portable
Due to low power output and high frequency it is a short
range communication system. The nominal working range is
approximately 250 metres outdoors in line of sight. The working
range may be shorter due to actual conditions.
Standards and Approvals:
The units DC2811, DC2812 and DC2815 conforms with the
provisions set out in the R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC and are subject
of Declaration of Conformity Issued by 3M Svenska AB. Thereby
they are approved for CE marking.
The testing of DC2811, DC2812 has been done in accordance to the
test standards:
Key Features:
• Full duplex communication system
• Working range typ. 250 m outdoors / typ. 50 m indoors
(line of sight)
• Ghost voice guided menu system
• Up to three simultaneous talk groups
• Volume boost
• Noise gate (voice operated)
• All-call, between the channels (and synchronised systems)
• Wireless PTT button for external radio etc. available
• Extended battery pack for longer usage time
EN 301 489-1 V1.6.1, EN301 489-6 V1.3.1 and EN 301 406 V1.5.1.
The unit DC2815 has been tested in accordance with the standards:
EN 301 489-1:V1.6.1, EN301 489-6 V1.3.1, EN62311:2008 and EN
301 406 V1.5.1.
The products has been examined by Eurofins, Storkower Str. 38c,
15526, Reichenwalde, Germany
Typical Applications
• Industry
• Construction
• Military
• Sports
Dimensions and weight:
Model H (mm) W (mm)
DC2812 18
DC2811 Portable unit
DC2812 Base/Portable unit
DC2815 Ext. Base/Portable unit
D (mm)
Weight, excl batteries (g)
3M™ Peltor™
Technical Datasheet
DC2064 IP42 Charger/holder
DC2068 IP67 Power supply/holder
BiBlend with ABS/PC and double moulded with TPE/TPU.
Rechargeable battery pack NiMh 3,6 V / 2100mAh.
Battery carrier for 6 AA batteries.
DC2046 External antenna, omnidirectional with magnetic foot
DC2048 Antenna ring kit, one of each colour; red green and black.
DC2072 Cable for ground mechanic
DC2-5001 Cable for external radio, “dynamic standard”
DC2-5005A Cable for telephone, 2.2 kohms
DC2-5010 Cable for Icom, straight connector
DC2-5030 Cable for Motorola GP340
DC2-5063 Cable for Motorola Mototrbo
Wireless PTT transmitter unit, 1 channel
Main colour is black, NCS 8500 or 426C in pantone.
Use limitation
Never modify or alter this product
Important Notice
3M does not accept liability of any kind, be it direct or consequential
(including, but not limited to, loss of profits, business and/or
goodwill) arising from reliance upon any information herein provided
by 3M. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of the
products for their intended use. Nothing in this statement will be
deemed to exclude or restrict 3M’s liability for death or personal
injury arising from its negligence.
Technical data:
Frequency range:
1880 – 1900 MHz
Operation mode:
Output power:
Max. 250 mW,
average 10 mW (portable) / 120 mW (base)
Current consumption:
Base/Portable unit
DC2812, DC2815
as base typ. 320 mA (4 portables system)
as portable; typ. 160 mA in talk mode
Portable unit DC2811
40 mA (listen only) / 60 mA (talk mode)
Working range:
typ. 250 m (line of sight)
typ. 50 m
With rechargeable battery Peltor DC2033
approx. 6 h (base unit)
approx. 40 h (portable unit)
With 6xAA additional 2100 mAh NiMH
batteries in DC2032
approx. 18 h (base unit)
approx. 18 h (base unit)
Battery life cycle:
Usage temperature:
-26°C to +55°C
Storage temperature:
-55°C to +70°C without batteries
(Store batteries according to battery manufacturer´s instructions)
Weight excl. batteries:
Incl. battery pack DC2033
310 g (DC2812, DC2912)
Microphone types:
300 mV typ. Medium power feed enabled; 20mA
20 mV typ. Low power feed enabled; 1mA
4 mV typ.
Low impedance
0,4 mV typ.
Headset connector:
Peltor J11, type M9177/4-1 (NEXUS TJT-102)
Группа компаний Неоком
Официальный дистрибьютор 3М Россия
Tel: +74997030730
email: [email protected]
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