A3 Colour Laser Printer
Fast and efficient colour laser printers
The SP C830DN/SP C831DN are fast, user-friendly, colour A3 laser printers that are ideal in a busy office
environment. They are easy to operate via a large 4.3-inch colour touch panel. Heavyweight paper up to
300 g/m² is handled in a particularly smooth and reliable way. Powered by Ricoh’s next-generation
controller (GWNX), they give you outstanding security, a low Total Electricity Consumption, and
comprehensive device management capabilities.
45/55 A4 pages per minute.
4.3-inch colour touch panel.
IC card authentication for increased security.
Attractively designed.
ECO Night Sensor reduces electricity consumption.
Center machine for multiple users
All-round usability for all-round productivity
Easy operation
Operating the SP C830DN/SP C831DN is extremely straightforward,
thanks to a 4.3-inch colour touch panel with a large, 4-line display and
animated menus. Touching the home button quickly returns you to the
home screen. Further time-saving functions include auto job reset,
cancel, and an option for high-volume printing.
Office convenience
Create great-looking documents quickly and with minimal effort by using
value-added finishing options such as a 2,000-sheet booklet finisher,
3,000-sheet finisher, punch unit and output jogger unit. Organise
multiple jobs efficiently and enable users to effortlessly retrieve their
documents by printing to the 4-bin mailbox.
Extensive paper handling capabilities
The Aficio™SP C830DN/SP C831DN handle paper between 52 and
300 g/m² (from the bypass tray). The two standard trays each take 550
sheets, the bypass tray 100 sheets, and the two optional trays a further
3,200 sheets, making a huge total capacity of 4,400 sheets. Paper sizes
include A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, foolscap, government, folio, quarto, legal
and executive, ensuring that these devices meet all your printing needs.
Innovative technologies
ECO Night Sensor
The innovative ECO Night Sensor further reduces the already low
electricity consumption of these devices. The SP C830DN/SP C831DN
can be set so that the main power shuts down when the light levels in
the room dip below a certain level. The sensor detects both the decline
of natural and artificial light. You can set the sensor to activate between
1 and 120 minutes after darkness falls.
Enhanced controller
Ease of use, time savings and increased productivity are ensured by the
high-performance Ricoh GWNX controller, which allows you to configure
device settings, monitor status, and create reports of usage.
New fusing system
Enjoy ecological benefits and print quality improvements thanks to
Ricohs Quick Start Up Direct Heating (QSU-DH) fusing system. The
device has a thin fusing belt around the heater, which reduces electricity
consumption and shortens recovery time. Furthermore, fusing is done on
a plane surface, reducing damage or wrinkles to papers. This leads to
particularly high-quality envelope printing.
A complete print solution
Confidentiality ensured
Prevent potential information leaks, should a printout be forgotten to be
picked up or picked up by mistake by restricting the use of the SP
C830DN/SP C831DN to holders of a card with an Integrated Chip (IC).
IC card authentication also reduces paper output by enabling you to
choose the jobs you want to print.
Save colour print costs
Printing colour documents with ECOnomy Color significantly reduces the
cost compared to full colour printing. This feature divides the print data
into four parts: text, images, paints and lines. Text is printed at normal
thickness; the thickness of images is reduced by half; and the thickness
of paints and lines is reduced by 30%. Unlike the Draft mode available
with similar technologies, ECOnomy Color produces prints with clear and
impeccable text quality at all times.
Reduce your eco footprint
At Ricoh we help you lower your environmental footprint. The SP
C830DN/SP C831DN have eco-friendly features such as sleep mode,
duplex printing, ECO Night Sensor, and an on/off timer. Total Electricity
Consumption (TEC) values are very low. In addition, these
environmentally responsible printers are Energy Star compliant. This
means less CO2 is produced in providing the energy needed to run them.
Keeping your workflow fluent
Innovative design
The SP C830DN/SP C831DN are attractively styled. Dark grey is used
for the operational parts that are frequently used. These include the
operation panel, top board and inner tray. A simple cube design enables
these devices to fit flexibly into tight office spaces.
High productivity
The SP C830DN has a warm-up time of less than 29 seconds and prints
45 A4 pages per minute. Its first print is available after 3.7 seconds (B/
W) or 5.7 seconds (colour). The SP C831DN’s warm-up time is less than
25 seconds and it prints 55 A4 pages per minute. Its first print is
produced after 3.4 seconds (B/W) or 5.1 seconds (colour).
Flexible printing
A USB/SD slot enables casual users to print easily from flash drives and
memory cards. Enhancements to this capability increase the media print
function, enabling a preview screen before printing; a greater number of
available print settings; and multiple selection of PDF or TIFF files.
Critical capabilities for business
1 Easy access & intuitive operation via 4.3-inch
colour touch panel.
2 USB/SD slot to enable easy printing from flash
drives and memory cards.
3 4-bin mailbox for easy separation and
collection of prints.
4 Standard 2x 550-sheet paper trays to stay
productive at all times.
5 Standard 100-sheet bypass tray to take
advantage of a wide range of paper sizes and
6 Optional 2 x 550-sheet paper trays or 2x 1,000sheet large capacity tray for a choice of
multiple paper sources.
7 1,200-sheet side large capacity tray to increase
your productivity.
8 2,000-sheet booklet finisher, 3,000-sheet
finisher & several punch kits for an entire range
of finishing possibilities.
Warm-up time:
29/25 seconds
First output speed:
Full colour: 5.7/5.1 seconds
B/W: 3.7/3.4 seconds
Print speed:
45/55 pages per minute
Intel Celeron-M: 600 MHz (SP
C830DN), 1 GHz (SP C831DN)
Standard: 512 MB
Maximum: 1.5 GB
Standard (SP C831DN): 250 GB
Option (SP C830DN): 250 GB
Dimensions (W x D x H):
670 x 684 x 640 mm
97 kg
Power source:
220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Duty cycle:
200,000 prints per month
1 x 550-sheet paper tray, 2 x 550-sheet paper tray, 2,000-sheet large
capacity tray, 1,200-sheet side large capacity tray, Bridge unit, 3,000-sheet
finisher, 2,000-sheet booklet finisher, Punch kits, 4-bin mailbox, Jogger
unit, Hard Disk Drive, RAM (512/1,024 MB), Bi-directional IEEE 1284,
Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11a/b/g), Gigabit Ethernet, VM Card, Netware,
Pictbridge, IPDS unit
Toner capacity:
Printer language:
Standard: PCL5c, PCL6, Adobe®
PostScript® 3™, PDF
Option: IPDS, PictBridge
Print resolution:
300 dpi, 600 dpi, 1,200 dpi
PCL: TrueType: 45 fonts, International
fonts: 13 Intellifonts
PS3: 136 fonts
Option: IPDS (108 fonts)
Standard: USB 2.0, USB Host I/F,
Ethernet 10 base-T/100 base-TX
Option: Bi-directional IEEE 1284,
Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11a/b/g),
Gigabit Ethernet
Network protocol:
TCP/IP (IP v6), Bonjour, IPX/SPX
Windows® environments:
Windows® XP, Windows® Vista,
Windows® 7, Windows® Server 2003,
Windows® Server 2008, Windows®
Server 2008R2
Mac OS environments:
Macintosh OS X Native v10.4 or later
Web Image Monitor
Smart Device Monitor for Client/Admin,
Web Smart Device Monitor, Desktop
Binder V2 Lite can be downloaded
from website for free
Black: 23,500 prints
Cyan: 27,000 prints
Magenta: 27,000 prints
Yellow: 27,000 prints
Declared yield value in accordance
with ISO/IEC 19798
For availability of models, options and software, please consult your
local Ricoh supplier.
Recommended paper size:
A3, A4, A5, A6, B4, B5
Paper input capacity:
Maximum: 4,400 sheets
Paper output capacity:
Maximum: 4,000 sheets
Paper weight:
Standard paper trays: 52 - 256 g/m²
Optional paper trays: 52 - 256 g/m²
Side LCT: 60 - 256 g/m²
Bypass tray: 52 - 300 g/m²
Duplex tray: 52 - 169 g/m²
Media capability:
Plain paper, Recycled paper, Colour
paper, Letterhead, Pre-printed paper,
Special paper, Envelopes, Bond,
Cardstock, Coated paper, Label paper
Windows® authentication, LDAP
authentication, Basic authentication,
User code authentication, 802.1.x
wired authentication
Power consumption:
Maximum: 1,700 W
Ready mode: 81 W
Sleep mode: 1.6 W
TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption):
2.09/2.79 kW/h
ISO9001 certified, ISO14001
certified, ISO27001 certified
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