Octoplus 20lb Brochure
20 lbs Laundry Pair
Versatile programs. Unmatched quality.
Miele's Octoplus soft mount, high spin speed laundry system is the perfect solution for a business
that requires energy efficient commercial laundry. The 20 pound capacity Octoplus can hold 16
bath towels, 4 king sheets or 6 spa robes. Offering
short wash programs, high temperature disinfection and high extraction, the Octoplus provides a
superior hygienic clean. In addition, Miele's Honeycomb™ Drum cradles garments and fabrics while
washing, ensuring a gentle and thorough clean.
German engineered with high performance
heater elements, intelligent water intake control and
short cycle times, the Octoplus is the ultimate tool
for facilities with high throughput laundry demands.
Octoplus at a Glance
72 customizable programs
20 lbs capacity
High temperature disinfection programs
Ability to reach 200°F
High spin speed - G Force up to 520g
Patented Miele Honeycomb™ Drum
Dryer residual moisture controlled
Bearing designed for 30,000 operating hours
Available with drain pump or drain valve to
prevent clogs.
Trust the Experts.
Miele Professional leads the way in the development of
innovative technology and meets the highest demands
in washing, dishwashing, cleaning and disinfection in
commercial applications. Providing true commercial
cleaning systems with outstanding speed, capacity,
and performance. Miele is the definitive source for
precision commercial cleaning equipment trusted by
hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and educational
facilities around the world.
Our product line includes: laboratory glassware
washers, industrial parts cleaning systems, dental
disinfectors and commercial wet cleaning systems.
100% end-of-line testing in our German factory
Load Capacity (lbs)
Machine Exterior
Machine Dimensions
Drum Volume
Washer PW 6080
Dryer PT 7186 *
20 lbs
20 lbs
40.2"H x 27.6"W x 29"L
40.2"H x 27.6"W x 30" D
21 gallon / 80 liter
48 gallon / 180 liter
Drum Type
Miele Honeycomb™ Drum
Miele Honeycomb™ Drum
Spin Speed
1300 rpm
Control Type
520 g
Profitronic L Vario
Profitronic L Vario
24 h delay start
310 lbs
181 lbs
2 AC 208V-240V 60Hz
STD: 2 AC 208V 60Hz /OP: 2 AC 240V 60Hz
Electrical Connection
Fuse Rating
Plug Type
Total Rated Load
High Temperature Disinfection Programs
2 X 30 A
2 X 30 A
4.0 kW at 208V / 5.2 kW at 240V
4.4 kW at 208V - 5.2 kW at 240V
Cold Water Connection
1 x cold water, 1/2” w 3/4” threaded union
Hot Water Connection
1 x hot water, 1/2” hose w 3/4” threaded union
Drain Pump or Drain Valve
2” connection
Vent Diameter
Dispensing Adapter for 6 liquid chemicals
“Container empty” sensors for 6 pumps
* The PT 7186 Dryer is available: 208V or 240 V
Miele Professional
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Princeton, NJ 08540
& 800.991. 9380
* [email protected]
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