TB: Replacement of XP Clamps

TB: Replacement of XP Clamps
January 2, 2013 • TB0113-01
Replacement of XP Clam Shell Fittings
In the case of any leakage around XP clam shell fitting,
use this procedure to replace the fittings.
1. Follow all safety procedures for lock out / tag out
requirements for this product.
2. Relieve pressure in the line.
3. Remove the (2) existing 7/16-14 bolts from the
fitting (clamp).
4. Remove the (2) existing clamps. Examine the
pipe for any irregularities. These include cuts or
cracks in any of the layers or an uneven pipe
end cut.
7. Place the drilled and tapped compression clamp
halves onto the fitting, making sure that the
locking groove on the clamp is in the mating
roove on the fitting.
8. Insert two hex head bolts with washers through
the drilled clamp and thread them into the
tapped clamp half.
9. Using a ½" socket, tighten the bolts in an
alternating pattern until the clamps are metal to
5. Apply Vaseline to the area on the pipe that will
be covered by the new clamps.
6. Reinstall the new clamps so that they are 90
degrees off from the original installation location.
Original Orientation
Note: Do not use any type of electric or battery operated
device to fasten down the clamp.
10. Allow the line to be energized and then check
for leaks.
Orientation of
New Fitting
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