User Flyer - Widex DREAM

User Flyer - Widex DREAM
I didn’t think sound
this natural was
More words
More personal
How do
you want
to hear?
Many hearing aids can improve your hearing. An
exceptional one gives you true to life sound.
The new WIDEX DREAM™ hearing aid from Widex
does exactly that.
If you’re an experienced hearing aid wearer, you will
hear the difference right away. Sounds will seem richer, more detailed and more well-rounded. You’ll derive
more pleasure from the world of sound around you.
If WIDEX DREAM™ is your first hearing aid, get ready
to start hearing many of the sounds you’ve been missing, the way you remember them.
you deserve
true to life
“The movies used to be the last place I’d pick for a
night out. What’s the point in seeing something on
the big screen when you can’t hear it the way it’s
supposed to be heard? It’s completely different with
WIDEX DREAM, the sound comes through crystal
clear with no distortion and I can even enjoy the loud
parts! A trip to the movies is a memorable experience
WIDEX DREAM™ allows more sound in than any other
hearing aid. That means you’ll hear more details of the
world around you, and in a way that’s as true to life as
technology allows.
I’ve always dreamed of
going to A movie and
not just seeing it, but
hearing it, too
because speech
should never
be compromised
“Taking my granddaughter out used to be a little embarrassing – she’d get tired of repeating herself and
I’d often end up avoiding conversations. Now nobody
can shut us up!”
Thanks to unique technology that preserves the
human voice, WIDEX DREAM™ provides the most
natural, true to life sound possible. So you can enjoy
conversations once more, even in the noisiest of social
More words
I’ve always dreamed of
going to the game and
actually hearing the
roar of the crowd
because It’s your
hearing solution
“The MY.WIDEX.COM smart site gives me access to
the information I need about my hearing aids. It’s
like having my own website – there are details on
my hearing aid settings, maintenance videos and
tips and advice about my hearing loss.”
By providing only personalized and relevant information, MY.WIDEX.COM makes sure you’re getting the
most out of your hearing solution at all times.
More personal
everything I need to
know – on my own
personal website
Your hearing care professional can help you choose
the perfect hearing aid model for your specific hearing
loss. All Behind-The-Ear models are available in six
standard colors.
Our smallest Behind-the-Ear models, including the
stylish new Fashion, Passion, and Fusion are available in eight additional vibrant colors.
Additional colors
The WIDEX DREAM™ series is available in five
Behind-The-Ear models and two In-The-Ear models.
Standard colors
Warm beige
Midnight black
Tan silk
Titan grey
Winter silver
Summer gold
Shocking pink
Copper brown
Lime green
Pearl white
Sporty red
Metallic blue
By choosing Widex hearing aids,
you are choosing products from a
company that has been WindMade
certified. WindMade is the first
global consumer label identifying
companies that use wind power.
Widex and DREAM are trademarks of Widex A/S.
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