Re-wiring PR motor cables for a control box upgrade

Re-wiring PR motor cables for a control box upgrade
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Re-wiring your PR motor cables for a
control board upgrade
WARNING: Do not plug in your new control board until you have carried out the
following instructions. Failure to make these modifications will permanently
damage your new control board!
These instructions are relevant only if you are upgrading an old PR (not PRT) control board
to a newer version. If you are using your old motor cables, they must be modified on both
ends before you can connect them to the control box. Follow all of the instructions below.
If you are using new cables (purchased with the control board upgrade), you only need to
complete step 1.
Step 1: Modifying the motor cable connection
Use the Wago tool to remove the white and yellow wires from the 6-pin connector, and
arrange them according to the chart below. If you do not have the Wago tool, you can use
a small screwdriver. If this is difficult you can just cut these two wires back, but it’s
imperative to cut them at different lengths to prevent them from shorting together.
Step 2: Modifying the long cable
On the end connecting to the short motor cable: Remove the white wire from the 6-pin
connector and cut it back. If necessary, move the other wires so that they match the chart
On the end connecting to the control board:
Upgrading to a V4G board: Remove all wires and replace the old plug with the new
4-pin Wago plug. The wire order on this end should match the other end.
Upgrading to an RBK box: reference the RBK installation document for wiring
NOTE: All cables should be wired the same way, except for the X2 cable. Reverse
the green and black wires on the control box end of the cable only (not both ends). This is
very important to proper movement of the X axis!
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