USA 2010 DocuFold Data Sheet

USA 2010 DocuFold Data Sheet
Morgana Systems Ltd
3909 Upland Way, Marietta
GA 30066 Georgia
Tel: 866 463 5060
Fax: 770 565 6163
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Setting the standards in paper folding
For over two decades Morgana have designed and built market leading
folding products including UFO and Morgana Major folding machines.
The latest generation folder from Morgana is the DocuFold. A radical, easy
to use and innovative folding machine suited for todays rapidly changing
market place.
Key product features
• Powerful suction feeder handles a wide range of paper weights &
• Side lay alignment of the sheets, prior to folding
• Low pressure suction chamber to control curled paper before it
enters the fold rollers
• Fully enclosed fold plates. Fitted with anti-static brushes, skew
and Micro adjustments
• Plug in perforating and scoring attachment
• Variable speed
• Tray to catch work when perforating or scoring
• Long delivery belt stacker
• Counting & batching
• Double sheet, anti jam detector
Key to the Morgana DocuFold's design criteria was a machine with a high
degree of automation. Operation is therefore simplicity itself, because the
DocuFold recognises the sheet size and automatically adjusts the fold
plates and delivery rollers electronically.
The fold rollers will also compensate for most types of fold or paper weight
without the need for adjustment, further enhancing the ease of use. Builtin anti-static brushes assist in the discharge of statically charged print
material, one of the most troublesome problems faced by document
finishers today.
To control curled paper, another potential difficulty, the pressure suction
chamber which is built into the feed table, gently pulls down each sheet
as it is being fed into the feed rollers. For fuss-free, no jam operation the
Morgana DocuFold is unrivalled.
A simple by-pass facility enables heavier cover stocks to be folded and
delivered without passing through all the fold rollers. This by-pass facility
stacks the cover stock flat without curl into the catch tray or an optional
belt stacker.
For perforating and scoring, patented plug-in technology enables the
operator to quickly and easily set the perforation/scoring unit on the
bench prior to use.
A user friendly control panel enables adjustments to 0.003" if the fold
plates or delivery roller needs to be moved. Within this control panel are
a counter and batching facility which are standard features. A further
feature of the sophisticated control system is the ability to memorise and
store often repeated jobs which can then be retrieved within seconds.
The DocuFold has been designed to handle work both from Litho and digital
print engines. A powerful compressor will feed a wide range of stocks
including coated stock. The pulsed feed action combined with the register
system ensures a high degree of folding accuracy and the 'overlap' detector
ensures fold integrity.
Completed work is delivered back to the loading position via a long
delivery belt stacker ensuring the DocuFold’s footprint is as small as
possible. Automation even extends to the delivery roller which moves
electronically to the optimum position for the sheet size or fold. An
operator can easily load or off-load the machine from the same standing
The fold rollers are extremely durable and have the ability to handle a
wide variety of stock without adjustment. Not affected by paper dust,
their unique composite material will positively grip high gloss papers or
work from digital print engines. The patented, single pull-out cassette
roller system allows rapid access for easy removal and replacement by
non-skilled operators in less than 5 minutes keeping maintenance costs to
a minimum.
As you would expect from such advanced electronic technology, a total
counter with variable batching facility is standard equipment.
Setting the standards in paper folding
technical specifications
Maximum sheet size
17.7" x 14.3"
Minimum sheet size
5.8" x 5.5" (3.7" with optional narrow sheet attachment)
Maximum paper weight
90lb cover (varies according to material and grain direction)
Minimum paper weight
16lb bond
Load capacity
500 sheets 22lb bond
Maximum number programmed applications
Speed per hour (A4)
12,000 to 17,000
L 47.6" x W 20.4" x H 50.3"
260 lb
Power requirement
240v 50/60hz
Electric rear delivery, Cross-fold, Narrow sheet guide
Note: the production speed varies according to material size
As part of our continued product improvement plan, specifications and information published here are subject to change without notice.
All specifications are dependent on application, type of stock, temperature, RH and print engine used.
Specifications quoted were measured on uncoated and unprinted stock.
E & OE.
USA DocuFold data sheet ver 1 - 07/10
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