OS 2.5.1 System Quick Start Guide
System Quick Start Guide
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Control4 Quick Start Guide.
June 27, 2013
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
Account Setup
Start Using Your New System
Set Up 4Sight and Anywhere Access
Set Up Music
Set Up TuneIn
Set Up 4Store
Customize Your System
Navigate Your System
Navigators and Interfaces
List Navigator
Multiple-Button Keypads
Navigator on the Web
MyHome for Mobile Devices, Smartphones, or PCs/Tablets
Navigator on Touch Screens and On-Screen Devices
Navigator Interface
Control4 Home Page
Secondary Pages
Change Rooms
Device Controls
Control4 Home Page Buttons
Lock the Navigator
14 Composer HE
14 Composer ME
15 Additional Information
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
Welcome to the Control4® world of home
automation! This System Quick Start Guide gives you
quick information about how to start enjoying your
Control4 system using OS 2.5 right away.
Your Control4 Dealer or installer may have given
you this guide after he or she installed your system.
If so, is the system working the way you expected it
to? After you read this guide, refer to the Control4
System User Guide (available on the Control4
website, www.control4.com under Customers >
Resources) to learn about how your system works.
If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact
your dealer who may have some great suggestions
to make your system perform even better and give
you more options.
In this guide, you’ll learn some basics about how to:
• Set up your account and register your system.
• Customize your system your way.
• Control heating, air conditioning, the alarm
system, sprinklers, garage door opener, fireplace,
swimming pool, spa, and much more from a
keypad or your Navigators.
• Use the intercom to send and receive audio and
video (requires at least two touch screens that
support audio or audio and video intercom).
• Monitor and automate your home remotely. Use
this guide along with the Control4 System User
Guide to learn about managing your Control4
system when you're away.
• Control equipment and devices in specific
rooms. The Navigators let you control devices in
one room or the whole house. If your Navigator
isn’t controlling the room you want, just change
rooms (see “Change Rooms” later in this guide).
• Manage up to eight devices per room. For
example, you can manage your TV, receiver,
tuner, DVD player, movie projector and screen,
and more in the same room.
Account Setup
• Use the Navigators (touch screens, remotes,
MyHome app, TV screen, and so on) to manage
Your Control4 Dealer may have already set up
lights, music, videos, the intercom, security,
your personal MyControl4 account, registered your
heating and cooling, and more.
controller, and set up access to 4Store so you can
• Use 4Store to purchase and use apps on your
• Learn about Composer Home Edition (HE, sold
separately) or Composer Media Edition (ME,
purchase apps for your touch screens. If so, you can
skip the next section. If not, you’ll need to do the
following things right away; otherwise, your system
will not be fully functional.
free download) for even more control over your
NOTE: (1) Control4 requires that you or your
dealer create a MyControl4 account and
Your Control4 system lets you automate many of
register your controller before using your new
the compatible electrical, electronic, and motorized
system. (2) If your dealer has already set up
devices in your home, helping to make your lifestye
an account for you, make sure you get your
more satisfying for you and your family.
login (your email address) and password from
your dealer to access your account. The first
• Control your lights from one or more keypad
time you access your account, you'll need to
buttons. Edit lighting scenes on your touch
accept the Terms of Use agreement. Control4
screens or MyHomePC app.
recommends that you also accept email and
• Control your video, movies, music, lights, and
window shades in the home theater using your
other offerings from Control4.
System Remote Control SR-150 or SR-250,
Start Using Your New System
touch screens, MyHome devices, and more.
Go to My Account (see below) to log in to your
• Play music in every room or on the patio with
personal account so your system software can
music zones or using a smartphone, Android,
access and download information about movies,
PC, Mac, or touch screens.
music, TV channels, updates, 4Store, and more.
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
(See Account Quick Setup for Consumers on the
Control4 website under Customers > Resources).
Your personal account also gives your dealer access
down this number.
or fix system problems. You can update your own
account information too.
Now go to a touch screen and tap More >
to your account so they can perform maintenance,
update your system when needed, manage licenses,
A 10-digit number displays. Copy or write
Tap the blank box in Step 2, Enter Code on
the touch screen.
Use the on-screen keyboard to tap your
10-digit code and then tap Done.
To start using your new system:
Tap Activate (Step 3 on the touch screen).
You're done! Now if you go back to the
You should have received an email from Control4
confirming your account creation. If you have
Controller Registration page in your account
not, check with your dealer. They should have
(Step 6b) your controller should appear
given you your account name, the email address
as activated. You're now ready to use your
you'll use to log in, and a temporary password.
Write down your Account Name, Email Address,
and Password (below) and refer to it whenever
Set Up 4Sight and Anywhere Access
you log into your MyControl4 account. You'll
4Sight™ lets you access your Control4 system
also need this information if you use MyHome on
remotely from any Internet connection in the world
your mobile devices, smartphones, or PCs/Macs.
via the Control4 website using Anywhere Access:
Mobile or Anywhere Access: Web. Anywhere Access
NOTE: Keep your personal account
is a feature of 4Sight that lets you connect to your
information in a safe place.
Control4 system from a remote location worldwide
using your smartphone or tablet (OS 2.4.0 and later)
Account Name: __________________________
or the web (OS 2.5.0 and later). Receive customized
Email Address: ___________________________
email notifications related to system events as
Password: _______________________________
they occur. Set up a 4Sight account (requires a
small annual membership fee) while you're in your
Go to www.control4.com and log in to your
MyControl4 account. For details, talk to your dealer.
MyControl4 account (Sign In > Customer) or at
At the login box, enter your account name (email
Set Up Music
address), password and then click Login.
Set up access to music from your network-attached
Accept the Terms of Use agreement to
storage (NAS) device, CDs, smartphone, tablet, or
activate your account. Accept all boxes under
a music service, for example, Rhapsody® (requires
Permissions to take full advantage of the many
a subscription), TuneIn, iTunes, MediaMonkey,
resources available to you, including remote
Windows Media Player, and more. Use the Wireless
access for your dealer.
Music Bridge to play music from your smartphone
Now you'll need to register your controller to
to a single room. See “Rhapsody” or “Digital Music”
activate your system. Check with your dealer to
later in this guide, or talk to your dealer for details.
see if they have registered your controller. If they
haven't, you can register your controller:
From My Account, click the My Account box
Set Up TuneIn
on the left to return to the main MyControl4
Create a free TuneIn account and use then the
TuneIn app to listen to stations, shows, and more
In My Devices, click Controller Registration.
through your smartphone, tablet, PC, or touch
In Controller Registration, click Register
screens. This product is available on new or legacy
Controller. If the button says "Unregister
systems as a primary controller with HC-250,
Controller," you're already registered! You
HC-800, or HC-1000 Controllers and OS 2.4.0 or
don't need to complete these steps.
later. See the TuneIn Setup Guide or TuneIn User
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
Guide on the Control4 Customers > Resources page
at www.control4.com for details.
• On-screen Navigator (the Control4 menu that
appears on your TV screen - use your remote to
navigate the on-screen display)
• MyHome app (optional, displays as an app on
Set Up 4Store
Set up a 4Store account at 4Store.com and
download free or purchased apps for your touch
screens, MyHomePC, or on-screen Navigators and
your iPhone, iPad, Android, or PC/Mac devices)
• 4Sight with Anywhere Access (for remote
mobile (OS 2.40) or web access (OS 2.5.0))
• Door Station (for audio and video intercom)
enhance your home network experience. See “Apps”
later in this guide.
Customize Your System
You can customize your system many ways. Your
installer can help you with complicated tasks or fine
tune your system for a satisfying lifestyle experience.
• Your Navigators let you perform all or most
automated tasks (see “Navigate Your System”
next). Ask your installer to show you how to use
your system and Navigators.
• If you're a 'do-it-yourselfer,' Composer HE
(sold separately) or Composer ME (free
download) are apps that run on your PC; you
can change some system configurations in these
applications. See "Composer HE" or "Composer
ME" later in this guide for details, and then ask
your dealer how to get these apps.
• Custom Home templates let you create your
own Custom Home page on your touch screens
and on-screen Navigators. See "Add a Custom
Home Page" later in this guide (not available for
the MyHome apps).
Navigate Your System
List Navigator
Control4 System Remote Control
The Control4 System Remote Control SR-250 (or
'remote') is a great way to manage your Control4
system through the on-screen Navigator. This
universal remote can replace all other remotes in
your home, combined! The red 4 button on the
remote turns on your TV and displays the on-screen
Navigator (see "Control4 Home Page" later in this
guide). From there, you can control all the devices
in your system. The System Remote Control SR-150
is a remote you can use too, but it doesn't have a
window that displays the options in LED format.
TIP: No matter where you are in the interface,
press the red 4 button to return to the main
To learn how to use the remote, see the System
Remote Control User Guide on the Control4 website
under Resources for your model (see "Additional
Information"). The remote shown is an SR-250.
Ask your dealer about the Remote Recharging
Station, available for Control4 remotes (OS 2.4.0 or
later) to keep your remote's battery charged.
Basic Remote Buttons
A variety of Control4-supported Navigators (some
4: On-screen Navigator.
require additional purchase) let you control your
Watch: Watch TV.
Listen: Listen to music.
Navigators and Interfaces
Select: Make a selection.
Remote Programmable Buttons
• List Navigator (System Remote Control SR-250 used with the on-screen Navigator)
• Multiple-button keypads
Ask your dealer or installer to program
the four colored buttons or other buttons
on your remote to automate devices, or
• 5" or 7" touch screens (in-wall, portable,
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
you can program them yourself (see the Composer
HE User Guide in Resources).
Navigator on the Web
Use the Anywhere Access: Web to control your
system remotely. Your installer can set this up for
Write down the action that each colored button
you. Anywhere Access: Web requires that you have a
performs below (for example, the red button turns
valid MyControl4 account and a 4Sight subscription.
on the TV to Channel 940).
See "Account Setup" for details. Also see MyHome
Setup Guide for Homeowners under Customers >
Red: ___________________________________
Green: _________________________________
Yellow: _________________________________
Blue: ___________________________________
Remote Navigation
Your remote starts the on-screen Navigator on
your TV. Navigating the system is easy; after you
power on the TV (Watch, Listen, and more), use the
arrow keys and Select button to scroll through and
MyHome for Mobile Devices,
Smartphones, or PCs/Tablets
MyHome® on your iPhone®, iPod® touch, iPad®,
Android®, PC, Mac, and tablet devices is a great
way to control your system as you move around the
select the device you want to manage (for example,
To use MyHome, first you'll need a MyHome license
Satellite) or press a colored button programmed for
and the correct OS on your device (check with your
a specific action.
dealer), and then download the MyHome app from
the Apple iTunes Store (iPad, iPod, and so on for
TIP: The on-screen Navigator shows basically
Apple products), Google Play (Android), or your
the same graphical elements as those
personal account for the PC or Mac (see “4Store” for
displayed on your touch screens.
If your remote has an LCD screen (SR-250), use the
Ensure that you have a valid My Control4 account,
List window to manage the devices in your system.
a 4Sight subscription, a 4Store account, and a
MyHome license. See also Control4 MyHome Setup
Room Control
Guide, MyHome App Quick Setup, or the MyHome
At the top of the on-screen Navigator’s page, select
video on the Control4 website under Customers >
a room. When the room name displays, you can
Resources to learn how to use the MyHome app. Not
manage the devices in that room. You can do this on
all features are supported on these devices, however
all Navigators.
(for example, access to 4Store.com).
EXAMPLE: On a touch screen located in the kitchen,
Navigator on Touch Screens and
On-Screen Devices
select Family Room. Now you can control all of the
devices in the family room that are in the system.
Multiple-Button Keypads
Customize Control4 lighting and keypads for
Touch screens and on-screen Navigators (Control4
Navigator on your TV) display the same icons, but
with slight variations.
countless scenarios and navigation. Lighting scenes,
for example, are a popular way to use keypads. Your
dealer can help you create lighting scenes, you can
create them yourself using Composer HE, or if you
have OS 2.3.0 or later, you can create your own
on a touch screen or the on-screen Navigator. For
details, see "Lock the Navigator,“ "Composer HE,”
Navigator Interface
Use touch screens, MyHome apps, or on-screen
Navigators to control your system. If you use a touch
screen or MyHome app, tap the screen to select an
the System User Guide, or Lighting Scenes on the
Control4 website under Customers > Resources.
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
Control4 Home Page
(3) Room—The top center of the screen displays the
The Navigators show the following elements on the
current room. Select to change rooms. See “Change
Control4 Home page (see the next figure). Options
Rooms” for details.
display either as button icons, drop-down menus, or
(4) Time and Temperature—Displays automatically.
listed items (on the remote).
The interior and exterior temperatures appear (if
configured; also available in 24-hour format). To
NOTE: Only devices installed and added to
change the interior temperature, select the Comfort
your system display and become available in
button and reset your Wireless Thermostat.
the Navigators.
(4) WiFi strength—If a touch screen uses WiFi,
it displays how strong your WiFi signal is. This
TIP: Customize your own page! See “Add
appears next to the time and temperature icons (not
Custom Home Pages" for details.
applicable on devices that support MyHome).
(5) Media dashboard—Displays the device’s buttons
when on. (Use the remote's arrow buttons for on-
screen navigation). Buttons vary by device type, and
can include audio, video, and more.
Navigator Buttons
(1) Watch—Select to watch videos and movies from
connected media devices on your TV.
(1) Listen—Select to listen to radio stations, Internet
or subscription music, iPods, CDs, and stored music.
(1) Lighting—Select to turn one or several lights
on or off at the same time, dim lights, use or edit
lighting scenes.
(1) More—Select to view or change settings, motors
or sensors, Wakeups, Intercom, general info, and
(1) Apps—Select to run apps purchased on 4Store
(not available on MyHome).
(1) Comfort—Select to change your thermostat(s)
(1) Security—Select to access your security system,
security gate, Door Station, IP cameras, and more.
(2) Intercom—The top left of the screen shows an
Intercom icon if Intercom-supported touch screens
and Door Stations are in the system.
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
Secondary Pages
The secondary pages show the menu selections, 4,
Back, Intercom buttons, view options, breadcrumb
links, device controls, and so on. Use the sort and list
buttons to change how you view items (shown
Common Button icons
4: Return to the Control4 or Custom Home
Back: Return to the previous page.
TIP: The ‘breadcrumbs’ links (in the previous
example, Watch > Movies > All Movies) let you
navigate back or forward.
Sort/List Buttons: Select the number, alpha,
grid, or list views.
Media Zones: View and change your zones.
See “Media Zones.”
Favorites: View your favorites. See “Favorites.”
Control4 Home Page Buttons
The music options below depend on what’s
configured in your Control4 system. On your
Navigator's Control4 Home page, select Listen, view
your options, and then select or manage:
• My Music (Digital Music)—Lists My Artists, My
Albums, My Genres, My Queue, and more. You
can also create and manage playlists here. My
Music playlists come from your digital music
Change Rooms
The current room name displays in the top part of
the screen. Select to change the room. In Change
Rooms, select the floor and room.
NOTE: In Change Rooms, a star next to the
room indicates the current room.
Device Controls
The device controls page appears in the Navigator
for most audio or video devices, for example, DVDs,
media players, and VCRs (see “Control4 Home Page
collection via your network-attached storage
device (NAS).
• Rhapsody (or other music services, for example,
Pandora, TuneIn)—Displays when you subscribe
to the service.
• iPod or iPort—Play music from your iPod.
• Media Zones—Use on the media dashboard
to manage music zones by room (the media
dashboard is not available for on-screen (TV)
Navigators; use the remote).
• Satellite Radio—Select a music channel to listen
• TuneIn—Listen to your favorite stations and
shows worldwide, and save Favorites.
• Internet Radio—Have your installer set this up to
listen to your favorite Internet stations.
• Tuner—When active, displays in the Media
Dashboard. The Tuner icon on your on-screen
Navigator lets you access AM, FM, and XM radio.
• Now Playing—View what's currently playing.
• Receiver/CD Changer/Disc Changer—Displays
the device controls and other options such as
Browse CDs.
• Network drive (NAS)—Stores your music and
Each device control is a virtual representation of the
controls on your device’s remote. Select these
buttons, or choose from the list of channels or
stations; for example, select the Watch icon to watch
your favorite channels.
These controls do not display on the on-screen
videos. Music and movie cover art is seen if
scanned in.
• Wireless Music Bridge—In OS 2.5.0 or later, when
connected to a Control4 amplifier or powered
speakers, this Control4 audio device lets you
stream music, Internet radio, and podcasts
from your smartphones or tablets through iOS
(AirPlay), Bluetooth, Android, or Windows (using
DLNA). Check with your dealer for details.
Use your remote, the media dashboard, or a
media page to control your music volume, change
channels, play, stop, pause, fast forward, and more.
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
NOTE: The Sony STR-DA2800ES/DA5800ES
Create a New Playlist
Receivers display their own set of icons under
Use Listen to add your favorite songs or playlists in
My Playlists to My Queue.
From your Control4 Home page, select Listen >
Use Listen to play the radio (AM, FM, XM, satellite,
Select the song or album.
and more).
Select My Queue. In My Queue, select Save
My Music.
From your Control4 Home page, select Listen >
All Stations, Genres, Sources, or Listen > TuneIn
When prompted, name the Playlist.
(OS 2.4.0 or later and a supported controller) to
Edit the Playlist, change the order of the songs,
select your favorite stations.
and add or delete songs from this menu.
Select the station to listen to or select your
NOTE: Digital music playlists are not the same
Press the Stop button on the media dashboard
as Rhapsody or other subscription playlists.
or media page, or select Room Off on the
Refer to your subscription service's website.
remote to stop playing the radio or music
Media Zones
Use Media Zones to play music in one or more zones
For details about how to use TuneIn, see the TuneIn
(rooms). Add or remove zones, adjust the volume,
Setup Guide or the TuneIn User Guide on the
skip forward/back, and use Room Off or mute.
Control4 website under Customers > Resources.
On the media dashboard, select the Media
Zones icon (see “Secondary Pages”), or select
My Music
Listen > Zones from a touch screen, MyHome, or
Use Listen to play your digital music.
From your Control4 Home page, select Listen >
My Music.
NOTE: You can change zones only when
From the list, select the My Artists, My Albums,
music is playing.
My Genres, My Genre/Artist, My Playlists, or My
Queue (touch screens and on-screen) or albums
and tracks (MyHome). The remote displays a
or de-select the rooms where you want to play
or not play music, and then select OK.
slightly different list.
To view a list of music that's currently playing
Add a zone. Select Add Rooms, and then select
with cover art (if applicable), select Now Playing.
Remove a zone. Select the room to stop playing
music, and select Stop, and then select OK.
The song currently playing appears in the media
dashboard. You can select Shuffle, Clear, Repeat,
or Edit.
Use iPod to listen to your iPod. Select My Playlists,
To add songs to your digital music collection
My Artists, My Albums, My Genres, and so on
(My Music), scan the music using Composer HE
(composers, audio books, podcasts).
or Composer ME, and select the + button in your
Composer HE User Guide under Customers >
Resources for details.
From your Control4 Home page, select Listen >
music list. See the Composer ME User Guide or
Select the name to listen to, and select the
Play > arrow.
To play a song or a playlist, locate the song or
album, and select > (play). The song or playlist
Wireless Music Bridge
shows up in My Queue, where you can use Save
Use the Wireless Music Bridge icon in Listen to listen
As Playlist.
to music or podcasts from your smartphone. See
the Using the Wireless Music Bridge on the Control4
website under Customers > Resources for details.
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
Edit DVDs or Videos
The Watch icon lets you access your TV, cable,
See the Control4 System User Guide for details.
or satellite stations (depending on the devices in
your system). Various icons display for access to
Add Movies to Your Library
your digital video collections (DVD), VCR, network
Use Composer ME or Composer HE to scan and
storage, Disc Changer, Wii, and so on. Use your
add movies or videos from a media player, network
remote or the media dashboard to control the
storage, and more. See the Composer ME User Guide
volume, change channels, and so on.
or Composer HE User Guide for details.
From your Control4 Home page, select Watch. The
next page shows icons in a grid format (if you select
Use Security to view or change security or IP
Movies, for example).
cameras where you can add up to 10 cameras per
page for the 5” or 7” In-Wall Touch Screen,
NOTE: The Sony STR-DA2800ES/DA5800ES
7" Portable Touch Screen, or MyHome apps. TV
Receivers display their own set of icons under
screens allow up to 18 cameras per screen.
If you have a security camera, use IP Camera to
Use Television to watch TV.
view its images. For example, an IP Camera can be
From the Control4 Home page, select Watch >
installed near your front door so you can see who’s
Television (by type or manufacturer), Satellite,
Channels, Cable, and more.
On the sub-menu, select All Channels, Genres,
and so on. Select All Channels to view a list of
From your Control4 Home page, select Security
> IP Camera.
Select the camera to view the live feeds which
available channels.
can be any IP cameras, traffic cameras, or
(Optional) If the device controls appear, you can
weather information connected to your system
use those buttons to change the channel.
or over the Internet.
Door Station
Use Movies to watch movies or videos. Watch
Use Intercom to manage your Door Station and
your favorite movies from a VCR, DVD player, disc
touch screens (if they support audio and video
changer, Sony STR Receiver, or media player.
intercom). See "Intercom" later in this guide.
NOTE: Your or your installer must scan your
Security System
movies first. See the Control4 System User
Use Security System to manage your security
Guide under Customers > Resources for
system. View and use the device controls or
presets for your security system. Refer to your
manufacturer’s instructions for settings.
From your Control4 Home page, select Watch >
Select All Movies, Genres, Ratings, Directors, or
Manage Temperature
Use Comfort to adjust the Control4 Wireless
Select the movie or video to view from the list.
Thermostat settings.
Use your remote or the media dashboard to play,
stop, pause, rewind, change volume, and more.
TIP: On a Navigator, you can adjust all
Wireless Thermostats in the home from one
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
From your Control4 Home page, select Comfort
• Learn—In Edit mode (see below), select Learn to
> Wireless Thermostat. If you have more than
learn the current light levels of selected lights.
one thermostat in the system, select the one to
Lighting Scenes (Scenes)
Select Cool, Heat, Auto, Off, or Fan from the
sub-menu to control the temperature, heating/
NOTE: Make sure your dealer adds the
cooling, and fan power for your thermostats.
Advanced Lighting Scenes agent to your
project so you can create and edit scenes
Manage Thermostat Scheduling
yourself on a Navigator.
Use Comfort > Wireless Thermostat and the
Program button to set the thermostat’s schedule.
See the Control4 System User Guide for details.
Use Lighting to adjust your lights. You can view
the lights in all rooms and on all floors without
changing the room displayed on your Navigator. In
OS 2.5.0, Control4 introduces two new advanced
lighting systems for your pleasure and convenience:
Panelized Lighting and New-Generation Lighting.
Check with your dealer for details.
From the Control4 Home Page, select Lighting.
• View or activate house lights—Select All Lights
on the top left to view all controllable lights in
the house.
• View and activate room lights—Select a room
and light to turn a light on or off or adjust the
light levels. Adjust the light level by tapping on
the % button.
Create a lighting scene:
In Lighting, select Scenes or All.
Select the pencil icon in the upper-right
Select Create New.
Select the rooms to add to the scene and select
Select the lights to add to the scene and select
Change the light level and select Next or select
Add Lights to add more lights or select Learn to
learn the current light levels.
Select Next.
Use the keyboard to name the new scene, and
then select Done.
Select Save.
Edit a lighting scene:
From the home page, select Lighting.
Select Scenes or All.
In Lighting, select the pencil icon in the
upper-right corner.
• Turn lights on or off—Select On or Off on the
Select the scene to edit, and then select Edit.
light (switch only).
• Ramp light levels—Select the % to change the
light level (dimmers only).
• Room lights—Select a room and light to turn a
light on or off or adjust the light levels.
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
Change the light levels as needed.
You can go to each light and change the light
levels, and then select Learn for the system to
learn the current light levels.
Select All at the top of the page to view all lights
and lighting scenes.
Select Next or Add Lights to add or remove
other rooms.
Select Next or Save.
Rename a lighting scene:
From the home page, select Lighting.
Select Scenes or All.
Select the pencil icon in the upper-right corner.
Select the scene to edit, and then select
Use the keyboard to change the scene's name.
Select Done, and then Done again.
Use More to view, use, or change Settings, Wakeups,
Motors/Sensors, Blinds, Intercom, and more
Activate a lighting scene:
(whatever is installed in your system).
From the home page, select Lighting.
Select Scenes or All.
Select the scene to activate.
See “Using Settings” in this document for
information about viewing or changing settings.
Ramp a lighting scene up or down:
From the home page, select Lighting.
Select Scenes or All.
Use Wakeups to execute a Wakeup event.
Select the up or down arrows to ramp or fade
NOTE: A Wakeup event must be programmed
the scene.
in Composer. Talk to your dealer for details.
From your Control4 Home page, select More >
Select the Wakeup to execute. Use the scroll
wheel to adjust the time (does not apply to List
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
Add and Edit Favorites
Use Blinds to view and use your motorized blinds
Use Edit Favorites to edit the properties of your
and drapes.
favorite applications.
Add a Favorite:
Use Motor/Sensor to view, sort, or change the
Favorites folder.
motors and sensors in your home. For example,
someone is outside your house late at night, and
Go to the page you want to add to your
Select the Star button (top of page) or in the
upper-left corner of the on-screen Navigator.
you quickly want to make sure all of your doors and
windows are locked.
Select Add to add your favorite link.
From your Control4 Home page, select More >
Type a name using the on-screen keyboard.
When you are finished, select Done.
From the list, view or change the status of
Select Save, and then Close.
devices that use motors or sensors; for example,
To use the favorite, select Star, and then select
the favorite by its assigned name.
your motion sensors.
Select the icon to the left of the motor or sensor
to change its status.
Edit a Favorite:
From More > Settings, select Edit Favorites.
Select the folder that contains the Favorite.
If you have two (2) or more supported touch screens
To the right of the Favorite, select Edit.
or Door Stations in your home or office, you can
Change the name, icon type, and so on, and then
select Done.
send broadcast messages, communicate through
the touch screens using audio (and/or video if
Select Close.
supported on that touch screen), monitor activities
TIP: You can create Custom Home pages from
in another room, and more.
your Favorites selections.
Use More > Settings to view information about
Change Screen Saver
your system, view or change your Director or
You or your dealer must add screen saver photos
network, add a new Custom Home page, change
and media to Composer to use this feature
your screen saver, add or change wallpaper, allow
(unless you choose just to display the time and
Remote Access, register the controller, use Service
temperature). Check with your dealer if you need
Connection, manage battery power, or adjust the
help adding photos.
backlight (not all of these options are available in
From your Control4 Home page, select Settings
> Screen Saver.
Select the type (None, Blank, Current Media,
From your Control4 Home page, select More >
and so on), Screen Saver time out in minutes,
Settings. The following icons appear:
Change Photos every x seconds, and the
settings (Media, Time, Date, Temp, Photo,
NOTE: The MyHome apps do not display
some of these features.
Select Preview to check your changes.
Change Wallpaper
Presents information about your Control4 system:
Use Wallpaper to change your background.
Director version, battery level, Navigator version,
From your Control4 Home page, select More >
Settings > Wallpaper.
dealer information, IP address, and more.
Decide whether to change or set the default
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
To change the wallpaper, select from the
available images. The wallpaper changes
Use Director to view your current Director (the
immediately on all pages in the touch screens,
software that controls your system), connect to it, or
MyHome apps, or on-screen Navigators.
add/remove a Director.
If you don't want any wallpaper, select Black.
NOTE: You cannot delete the wallpaper
From your Control4 Home page, select More >
Settings > Director.
View the Director page, and select what you
want to do (connect or cancel).
To connect to a Director, select the Director or
Themes let you use purchased theme apps from
name, and then select Done.
4Store if you want a different look and feel for your
Navigators (not including the remote).
From your Control4 Home page, select Apps >
Browse, search for, or purchase your theme app
Select the IP Address box. Type the
Director’s IP address.
If Other, select the name, type the Director
Select Done.
To remove a Director, select Remove Director,
and then select Yes.
to download (see the Control4 System User
Guide for details).
Select Theme. Your new theme appears.
Select the theme you want. Select Default to
Use Network to view or change general network
return to the original Control4 theme.
information: DHCP, IP, DNS, Wireless, WiFi status
signal strength, and refresh settings.
Add a Custom Home Page
Custom Home pages let you add favorites with up to
IP Settings
10 icons to create your own Custom Home page.
Use Settings to view or change your network
Custom Page Template
Use Custom Home to create a new Custom Home
Select Static or DHCP. If you use Dynamic IP
From your Control4 Home page, select More >
(DHCP), which is recommended, you don’t
Settings > Custom Home to create any Favorites
need to do anything. If you select Assigned IP
to which you want to link from your Custom
(static), type the address. You can also set up
Home page.
your wireless settings if any of your devices are
Under Default Room, select the default room to
Settings > Network.
From your Control4 Home page, select More >
Select Done > OK.
Under Automatically Return to Defaults, select
the time to return to that view.
Remote Access
Under Default View, select Custom Home or
Lets you enable or disable remote access so your
dealer can log into your system for maintenance or
• If you selected Favorite, select the Favorite
to fix problems.
you want, edit the items, and then press
If you selected Custom Home, select
Edit Menu Items.
Select the items to use, and select Add Button.
Select Save > Close when finished.
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
Use More > Settings > Registration to view your
registration status or register your controller.
Follow the instructions on the page, and then
select Activate.
Service Connection
From your Control4 Home page, use More > Settings
> Service Connection to ‘check in’ with your dealer
so your dealer can view and change your system if
From your Control4 Home page, select Apps >
Browse, search for, or purchase the apps to
View and use the list of apps you purchased
from 4Store in Apps.
NOTE: Ensure that Remote Access is enabled.
Check with your dealer for details.
Lock the Navigator
If your system is installed in a home or building
Power Management (Batteries)
where you don't want others to access certain areas
For battery-powered touch screens only.
of your touch screens or MyHomePC (for example,
From your Control4 Home page, use More >
anything in Settings), you can lock them out. The
Settings > Power Management to change your
only way they can access these areas is with a PIN
battery settings and conserve energy.
Change the backlight and suspend settings as
Adjust the Backlight
From your Control4 Home page, use More >
Settings > Backlight to adjust the brightness
(backlight) on the touch screens or on-screen
Move the scrollbar up or down to adjust the
backlight intensity. The change is immediate.
NOTE: A slightly different format appears
on the on-screen Navigator than on touch
The following areas can be limited from viewing or
accessibility. The user must enter the PIN code to
access these areas:
• Access Agent (Enabled or Disabled)—Enable
to use the Access Agent; otherwise, it can be
Use Apps to view top stories, weather, news, sports,
or any apps you’ve purchased from 4Store (account
NOTE: The News and Weather apps are
installed by default.
From your Control4 Home page, select Apps.
View the news and weather and any other apps.
The 4Store icon also appears here.
Use 4Store to buy apps, browse app categories,
search for apps, or check your 4Store account.
Choose from many categories and apps to use with
your Control4 devices (not applicable to MyHome
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
• Hide Digits (Enabled or Disabled)—Shows or
hides the PIN code when entered.
• C4 Home (Unlocked or Locked)—Lock someone
from the C4 home page until a PIN code is
• Back Button (Unlocked or Locked)—Lock
someone from using the Back button until a PIN
code is entered.
• Favorites (Unlocked, Locked, or Hidden)—Lock
someone from using the Favorites page until a
pin code is entered.
• Room Selector (Unlocked, Locked, or Hidden)—
Lock someone from changing rooms until a PIN
code is entered.
• Intercom (Unlocked or Locked)—Lock someone
from using Intercom until a PIN code is entered.
• Settings (Unlocked or Locked)—Lock someone
from using the Settings pages until a PIN code is
activities on your 5" or 7" touch screens, and
much more.
• More (Unlocked or Locked)—Lock someone
• Create your own Wakeup scenes. Program
from using the More pages until a PIN code is
your system to behave as you want it to, tying
together all the capabilities of the Control4
environment into a single, controllable, and
Check with your dealer to set up access. You can
change your own areas in the Composer HE Agents
programmable system.
• Manage variables in the Programming view.
Composer HE
Composer ME
To set up your media and playlists and perform other
Your Control4 Dealer or installer will set up and
tasks related to music, movies, and videos, download
customize your basic system, but if you want to
and use Composer ME for free! Check with your
customize your system further, you can use the
Control4 Dealer for details.
Composer HE application (sold separately) and
install it on your PC. You can purchase this product
from your dealer.
Here are some ideas about customizing your system
music, listen to the radio, and control my lights?
using Composer HE.
No. Your TV interface (on-screen Navigator) is
• Customize your Control4 system from a
just one of many interfaces you can use with
Windows PC on your home’s local network,
your Control4 system. You can use the list
or from any Internet-connected Windows PC
Navigator on your Control4 remote to control
(requires Control4 4Sight subscription).
all of the automated functions in your home, or
• Monitor and change some settings to control
you can purchase Control4 7" Portable Touch
your lights, thermostat, security system, or other
Screens to sit on your nightstand, countertops,
devices from your PC.
or coffee table or the 5" or 7" In-Wall Touch
• Configure the Control4 devices on your system
Screens. For mobility, use the MyHome app on
to set LED colors on dimmers, switches, and
your smartphones, PCs, tablets, or use the 7"
keypads; set the ramp rates and the default
levels of your dimmers; set your Wireless
Thermostat schedule; program the four device-
Portable Touch Screen.
No. Your remote uses a wireless communication
• Scan and manage your digital music and DVD
standard to give you ultimate flexibility, and
media collections.
lets you use the remote up to 50 feet from your
• Add new agent types to your system. Use
selection, volume control, and on/off state of
multiple rooms so that they work as one zone.
• Use the Email Notification agent in Programming
to notify you when events occur on your system.
• Create and modify Lighting Scenes customized
to your needs.
• Use the Scheduler agent to program events
based on date, time of day, and sunrise/sunset.
• Use the Intercom agent to customize intercom
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
Do I need to point the Control4 System Remote
Control at the TV?
specific buttons on your remote and more.
Media Scenes to tie together the audio-source
Do I have to use my TV as the interface to select
Control4 system while standing in any direction.
Can I listen to the music on my MP3 player, iPod,
or a USB drive with my Control4 system?
You sure can! If you have music in digital format
on your MP3 player or USB drive, you can plug
it into the USB port on your controller, scan your
music, and stream it to any room in your house.
You can use Control4 Composer HE to autoscan your music and import album cover art and
information for your music collection. Control4
supports the AAC format, too. You can also use
MyHome, Wireless Music Bridge, or services such
A PDF of the following documents is available on the
as TuneIn to listen to music on your iPod, iPad,
Control4 website for our customers:
PC, Android, or touch screens (support varies
per service and device).
How do I add lamps and other appliances to my
Control4 System?
Show you how to use the SR-150 or SR-250 with
your Control4 system.
certain times of the day automatically, or add
your stand-alone lamps to your existing lighting
pointers to get started in Composer HE. Help is
available in the Composer HE application.
• Composer HE User Guide—A comprehensive
guide to use Composer HE with your Control4
Why are some of the icons on the display grayed
system. Online help is available also on the web.
• Composer ME User Guide—A comprehensive
Features that are grayed out on your Navigators
guide to use Composer ME with your Control4
are not currently set up on your Control4 system
system. Help is available in the Composer HE
or are not available in the room you're on.
Contact your Control4 Dealer to add cool new
• MyHome Setup Guide for Homeowners—Teaches
devices and features to your Control4 system!
you how to install and set up MyHome apps for
How can I make my lighting more energy
efficient? In OS 2.5 or later, we provide two (2)
mobile devices, smartphones, and PCs/tablets.
• MyHome App Quick Setup—Shows you how to
new lighting systems that will help you save
get your MyHome app up and running on your
energy by supporting a wide variety of devices,
supported devices.
such as LEDs, compact fluorescents, and so on.
• Lighting Scenes—Shows you how to create a
Check with your dealer for details.
lighting scene from your Navigator, and then edit
How do I use the intercom with my system?
a scene you want to change. It also shows you
First, you have to own at least two (2) Control4
how to ramp and fade lighting scenes.
devices (intercom-supported touch screens or
Door Stations) that support intercom. Earlier
versions of the 5" and 7" In-Wall Touch Screens
support audio Intercom only. The 7" In-Wall
• Account Quick Setup for Consumers—Shows
you how to get a MyControl4 account set up
and how to register your controller.
• Access Agent—Shows you how to use the
Touch Screen with Camera, the 7" Portable
Access agent to control who sees what and
Touch Screen with Camera, and the Door Station
what they can access on your touch screens.
all support audio and video intercom.
• Composer HE Getting Started—Gives you some
available also on the web.
• Control4 System Remote Control User Guides—
Dimmer, you can add stand-alone lamps and
devices let you turn your appliances on or off at
guide for the Control4 system. Online help is
By using the Control4 Outlet Switch or Outlet
appliances to your Control4 system. These
• Control4 System User Guide—A comprehensive
• Remote Recharging Station Setup Guide—
Who should I call if I have a problem?
Shows you how to set up a Remote Recharging
Support for Control4 products is provided by
Station for your new or existing System Remote
your Control4 dealer.
Control (SR-150 or SR-250).
• Remote Recharging Station Quick Setup—Shows
Additional Information
For more information about Control4 products
and services, please visit www.control4.com or
contact your Control4 Dealer. For more information
about how to use the Control4 system, refer to the
following documents on the Control4 website under
Customers > Resources or Customers > Products.
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
yo how to set up your remote to work with the
Remote Recharging Station.
• TuneIn Setup Guide—Shows you how to pair
your devices with TuneIn. It also shows you how
to sync favorites on your tunein.com account
with your system.
• Using TuneIn—Shows you how to browse and
select stations or shows to listen to and how to
search for them. It also includes some tips.
• Using the Wireless Music Bridge—Shows you
what you can play, what is required, how to play
from supported devices, and how to disconnect.
Control4 System Quick Start Guide
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