SUB10 02 05

SUB10  02 05
ww w. a r g on au d i o. c om
Owner ’s manual
Dear Customer,
Quality has always been our driving force and founding
Argon Audio is a natural extension of this philosophy.
We have 20 years’ experience in creating and specifying
high quality products, manufacturing them and selling them
on to end users with Value-for-Money as the primary aim.
And Argon Audio is a brand fully compliant with these
Design, features and quality standards are all specified in
Denmark and manufacturing takes place in the Far East,
where quality vendors are highly competitive - and as a
result supply outstanding Value-for-Money products
– to the delight of both ourselves and our customers!
Thank you for choosing Argon Audio Subwoofer, we hope it
will bring you many years of enjoyment.
Please read this manual fully before unpacking and
installing the product.
Argon SUB10 is manufactured with a no-nonsense
approach. SUB10 is without any unnecessary gimmicks,
bling bling or fancy features. The money is spent on quality
components, efficient woofer driver and extremely solid
cabinet. Quality features you only see on products twice the
price of an Argon SUB10.
We have during production and packing carefully checked
and inspected this Subwoofer.
After unpacking please check for any damage from
We recommend that you keep the original carton box and
packing material for any future shipping.
Subwoofer installation
The Subwoofer requires connection to the mains power
supply, so for your safety it is important that you read both
this manual and the amplifier manual before connecting.
Subwoofer positioning
Variations in placement of loudspeakers can produce
dramatic differences in the way music sounds. No listening
room is the same and therefore we encourage you to spend
some time experimenting with which placements work best
in your listening room. Positioning of Subwoofers is
however less critical compared with full-range loudspeakers
because the low frequencies reproduced by a subwoofer
can be difficult to locate in the room. You can start with our
basic recommendations.
To begin with, if you use the Subwoofer in a surround setup, the Subwoofer should ideally be positioned between the
TV and one of your front loudspeakers, as fig. 2 to 4 on
page 6. If you are using the Subwoofer in a stereo set-up
the Subwoofer should ideally be positioned between the two
front stereo speakers, as fig.1on page 6.
You should know that, if the Subwoofer is placed close to a
wall or in a corner, the bass sound will be enhanced.
It’s your choice what you like the most.
Trust your ears and be willing to experiment freely.
(Almost) everything is possible 
ww w. a r g on au d i o. c om
Running-in period
We recommend a running-in time of your new SUB10
Subwoofer of approximately 15-20 hours at normal listening
level before you decide on the final positioning and control
settings of the Subwoofer. During the running-in time the
drive units will settle in and perform as intended.
Connecting your Subwoofer
We recommend that you read the manual of your Amplifier
or AV-receiver carefully before connecting your Subwoofer.
First switch off the Amplifier and all equipment before you
connect the Subwoofer.
If your Amplifier/av-reciever has a SUB-OUT or PRE-OUT
function: Connect the Subwoofer input IN (10) as shown on
page 5 and your Amplifiers/av-recievers SUB-OUT or PREOUT with a RCA/phono cable.
If your Amplifier does NOT have a SUB-OUT or PRE-OUT
Connect the speaker cables from the Amplifier to the
Subwoofer (9) left/right, +/- as shown on page 5. Then
connect the satellite speakers to the Subwoofer using (8)
left/right, +/- as shown on page 5.
When finished connect the subwoofer net cable (6) as
shown on page 5 to the mains voltage, and push the
POWER ON/OFF button (5) as shown on page 5 to ON
position, the indicator lamp POWER LED will now glow blue
and the Subwoofer is active and ready to be used.
The Argon SUB10 Subwoofer has a built-in AUTO
STANDBY function and after approximately 10 minutes
without any input signal the subwoofer will automatically
switch off, and the indicator lamp POWER LED will change
color. When an input signal is detected the subwoofer will
become active and the indicator lamp POWER LED will
glow blue.
Setting volume, frequency and phase
The volume, crossover and phase (controls 1, 2 and 3 on
page 4-5 ) can be adjusted on the rear panel, and we
recommend that you adjust the setting of these controls to
your liking – try with different music and films. If you want
more detailed information on these control functions, we
invite you to visit our homepage
Care and cleaning
We don’t recommend use of any solvents or cleaners on
Argon SUB10 cabinet, the cabinet surface usually only
requires dusting or cleaning with a damp soft cloth
(only use cold clean water).
The grille fabric may be cleaned with a normal clothes brush
or vacuumed carefully with the grille detached from the
cabinet. Avoid touching the drive unit, and do not use the
Subwoofer as a coffee or drinks table (risk of water being
spilled into the subwoofer).
Disconnect the Subwoofer from the mains supply if taken
out of use for a longer period.
ww w. a r g on au d i o. c om
Environmental information
Argon SUB10 Subwoofer complies with international
directives on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances
(RoHS) and Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment
(WEEE) - the crossed bin symbol indicates compliance and
that the products must be appropriately recycled or
processed in accordance with these directives.
Safety instructions
Please store this instruction manual for future reference.
Do not use this product near water or moisture. Clean only
with a dry cloth. Unplug this product from the wall outlet
before cleaning. Place the unit on a solid surface. Do not
block any ventilation openings. Do not put it in a closed
bookcase or a cabinet that may keep air from flowing
through its ventilation openings. Do not install near any heat
sources, such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other
appliances that produce heat. Protect the power cord from
being walked on or pinched, particularly at plugs and the
point where they exit from the product. Servicing is required
when the product has been damaged. Do not attempt to
service this product yourself. Opening or removing covers
may expose you to dangerous voltages or other hazards.
Please contact the manufacturer to be referred to an
authorized service center near you. To prevent risk of fire or
electric shock, avoid over loading wall outlets, extension
cords, or integral convenience receptacles. Do not let
sources. Plug the product into a proper power source, as
described in the operation instructions or as marked on the
Rear panel and connections
01 Volume adjustment
02 Cross-over / Frequency adjustment
03 Phase adjustment
04 Auto on/off. If in “AUTO” position the Subwoofer will go
into stand-by after not playing for 10 min. If you leave it
in “ON” position the Subwoofer will remain powered on.
If it stays in "OFF" position, the subwoofer will remain in
05 Power switch
06 Power cable, the power cable should be pulled from
socket if not used for a longer period
07 Fuse holder, if fuse needs to be replaced only use same
type and value.
IMPORTANT; remember to unplug the power cable from
mains socket before opening the fuse holder.
08 Right/Left and +/- speaker cable from Subwoofer to
stereo satellite speakers
09 Right/Left and +/- speaker cable from Amplifier/Receiver
to Subwoofer
10 Sound input from source or amplifier
See illustration on page 5 for explanation
objects or liquids enter the product. Use proper power
ww w. a r g on au d i o. c om
Rear panel and connections
ww w. a r g on au d i o. c om
Subwoofer positioning
As explained on page two under “Subwoofer positioning” you have various choices. The above illustrations are the optimal
placements of both loudspeakers and the Subwoofer.
However, in “real life” it can be difficult to set up at sound system optimally.
As mentioned, the Subwoofer is the loudspeaker that is least affected by the positioning. So once again, feel free to experiment.
ww w. a r g on au d i o. c om
Type: Closed pressure cabinet
Speaker: 1X10” woofer Driver
Inputs: L/R RCA stereo input, Speaker terminal inputs
Output: Speaker terminal output for sat. speakers
Main voltage: 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Amplifier type: Class A/B Amplifier
Woofer: 10” Long stroke Woofer Speaker
Phase regulation: yes 0 or 180 degrees
Volume regulations: yes
Auto stand-by: yes after 10 min.
Frequency Response: (-3db @45Hz): 20-150Hz
Cross over Frequency: 40-120Hz adjustable
Output Power: 1x103W (RMS) 1x150W
Weight: 12 kg
Basic troubleshooting
If the LED indicator lamp does not light up, check...
that the power cord (6) is firmly plugged into the wall outlet
that the POWER switch (5) on the rear panel is ON
that the mains voltage is correct and matching the
the fuse, if fuse (7) need to be replaced only use same type
and value
If no sound, check...
that the subwoofer is turned on (indicator LED lamp
glows blue)
that the VOLUME control (1) on the rear panel is not all the
way down
that the input cable (10) or (8, 9) is firmly plugged in both
subwoofer and amplifier (and sat. speaker if using 8, 9 if
you are using that configuration)
that the subwoofer gets a signal from the amplifier
– check tone on most av-receivers
ww w. a r g on au d i o. c om
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