DB2 Product Info

DB2 Product Info
DB 2 DAB Adaptor
Lovers of DAB/DAB+ digital broadcast will appreciate the enhanced audio quality offered by the DB 2. Simply connect
the DB 2 to your compatible NAD product and you’ll have DAB/DAB+ radio! The wide choice of programming and
quiet reception is making DAB/DAB+ digital broadcasts increasingly popular and the DB 2 lets you enjoy it all on your
existing NAD product.
Compatible with the following NAD Models:
> DAB (MPEG1) and DAB+ (AAC+) decoding
T 785 AV Receiver
> DAB/DAB+/DMB-Radio sensitivity to -100 dBm
T 775 AV Receiver
> Audio bandwidth (referenced to 1 kHz level)
20 - 20000 Hz
T 755 AV Receiver
T 765 AV Receiver
> Ultra low-power baseband reception
T 747 AV Receiver
> Decodes multiple audio services up to 384 kbps
T 737 AV Receiver
> EUREKA compliant
T 175 AV Tuner Preamplifier
> RoHS compliant
C 725BEE Stereo Receiver
VISO FIVE DVD/CD Surround Sound Receiver
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