Montageanleitung Fußrastenanlage Honda CBR 900 RR Bj. 1998-1999

Montageanleitung Fußrastenanlage Honda CBR 900 RR Bj. 1998-1999
Fitting Instruction
110H082 & 110H082SW
Rear Set
CBR 900RR ’98 - ’99
Read this instruction manual carefully and mind all warnings and tips. You should do this work
only if you‘re qualified; otherwise we recommend this mounting to be done by a qualified
workshop. Improperly mounting of this kit can reduce the driveability of the motorcycle and may
be a risk to your health and life.
Special works are marked with the following signs. Please take special care on these works.
Warning! Important mounting instruction. It shows risks to your life and health.
Tips for mounting and maintenance or to avoid damage.
Remove stock rear sets. The following parts will be used for your new rear set: brake-pedal retain
spring, left heel-protector, brake-light switch with spring and the bolts to fix the stay.
Rear sets are premount but all screws are not tightened! Always use locknuts or proper
amount of medium thread-locking adhesive (i.e. Loctite 243). The details of assembling are shown
on the backside drawing. All parts are welded into their bags as they belong together. You should
use the attached grease to mount lever bearing on peg adapter.
The tightening torques for connections to the frame refers to the manufacturers’ instructions. Use
the following torques for all the other screwing:
5 - 6Nm
9 - 10Nm
18 - 22Nm
M10 =
30 - 35Nm
After installing your new rear set test brake and gear shifting at low speed. If anything is not
operating properly or braking efficiency is poor, testing at high speeds may result in death
or serious injury!
Periodically proof all functions during service intervals. Use particle free (no MoS2) Lithium- or
Barium-grease on soap base to maintain lever bushings.
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