mydlink Home Product Guide
■ Automate and
schedule appliances
to behave your way
■ Check how much ■ Wirelessly stream
music from tablets
power all your
appliances are using and smartphones
■ Monitor your
entire home 24/7,
even when abroad
■ Keep an eye on
your little ones from
wherever you are
Make your Home Smart
Home is where the SMART is
Home is where the SMART is
Why D-Link?
D-Link has been the digital lifestyle
brand of choice for millions of
customers since way back in 1986.
Since then, we have grown, led the
trends and continuously developed
leading-edge consumer products
that are reflective of the needs and
demands of real people. Smart Home
technology is the latest in that
development, and D-Link is at the
very forefront of smart technology,
leading the way, designing and
producing hardware and software to
help you automate, control, monitor
and enjoy your home more.
As a billion-dollar company, D-Link has both
the resources and expertise needed to pioneer
technological trends through ongoing research
and development programmes. All this
translates into affordable, market-leading
products that make your life easier, and that fit
seamlessly into your modern, busy lifestyle.
D-Link’s range of mydlink™ Home products
work seamlessly with the free mydlink™ Home
app for smartphones and tablets, enabling you
to automate and control electrical appliances,
detect motion and implement a range of
actions based on that movement, protect and
monitor your home and even stream music
wirelessly to your old hi-fi speakers whose day
you thought had perhaps passed...
The smart home was once the stuff of dreams.
Today, D-Link makes it a reality.
4 Home is where the SMART is
Home is where the SMART is
Smart Plugs and
Motion Sensing,
Music Everywhere
and Monitoring...
Once upon a time, the very thought of
automating your home was so far in the
very distant future that it seemed an
impossible dream.
However, technology has moved on, and that’s good
news for you, because it means that the future is now
the present, those long-dreamt possibilities are now
realities. We call it mydlink™ Home. It is smart home
technology at its most futuristic.
What’s in
this Section...
6 Smart Plug >>
The heart of D-Link’s smart home
technology systems, controllable via
smartphone or tablet.
9 Wi-Fi Motion Sensor >>
Plug in, set up, detect motion, trigger
action. The automated home becomes
reality, and much easier than you think.
10 Music Everywhere >>
Stream your music straight from your
smartphone, tablet or iPod Touch to any
speakers connected to Music Everywhere
anywhere in your home. No wires, no
hassles, just magic.
12 Monitors >>
Monitor your home, day or night, from
wherever you are, whenever you want.
You can stream your music wherever you want in your
home from computer, smartphone or tablet (wires
are dead!); you can detect motion, and have that
detection trigger an action with a few swipes and taps
on our customisable app; you can even monitor the
power usage of all your electrical appliances and turn
them on and off manually or automatically, whenever
and from wherever. And you can keep an eye on your
home using our home monitors, have them record
action based on certain criteria and even set them to
email you when they do so.
This is clever stuff implemented to make your
life easier, safer, with added peace of mind. It is
smart home technology at its most futuristic.
Available now...
No hidden charges. Seriously....
The mydlink™ Home
smartphone and tablet app
is the command centre for the
D-Link range of smart home
technology devices, enabling you
to set, control, monitor and automate.
What felt like science fiction not that long
ago is now very much science fact...
6 Smart Plug
Smart Plug
Automate Everything...
Imagine being able to turn your home’s electrical appliances on with a swipe and tap on your smartphone
or tablet... while on the train on the way home. Now imagine being able to turn them off after you’ve left the
house, because you forgot. Now imagine if that control could also be linked to a motion detector for even
more automation. OK, time to stop imagining. Say hello to the Smart Plug. It’s very, very clever...
You’re in control, automatically
It is with the mydlink™ Home app that you control everything in
your automated home. Set power usage thresholds (yes, you can be
notified when your son has used a month’s worth of PlayStation ‘power’
in four days!), schedule light timers, establish thermal overload thresholds
for high-current appliances... the list is almost endless.
mydlink™ Home Smart Plug
It doesn’t look much, does it? A small box with an electrical socket and a couple of
buttons and lights. Well, underneath that smooth exterior lies the greatest breakthrough
in home automation since curtain pull-cords were invented. The Smart Plug (DSP-W125)
is a multi-purpose, compact, and easy-to-use device that allows you to monitor and
control your home’s electrical devices from wherever you are,
even when you’re away from home.
Scheduling provides a helpful way to save power while
you’re at work or asleep, and the mydlink™ Home app
provides an easy way to do this as well as check
power usage, set up alerts, or turn a device on or
...maintaining total control
off. Most importantly, the Smart Plug will safeguard
over all the plug-in electrical
damage to your home and appliances
devices in your home, and
should you leave something
for monitoring
on, so it even comes with
their power usage too.
peace of mind built in. And naturally it works seamlessly
with the Motion Sensor (see overleaf) for total
automation. As we say, home is where the Smart is...
This Product
is Perfect For...
Product Highlights
• Control your electrical devices from
your tablet or smartphone. Switch
appliances on and off manually, or set
on/off schedules based on time or
power usage.
• Protect your home and appliances.
The Smart Plug has constant internal
temperature monitoring, so a thermal
sensor will automatically turn off
overheating appliances, if that
appliance’s internal electrics go wrong
and create excess heat in the plug pins.
• Monitor your home energy usage.
See your power usage at a glance and
receive handy push notifications,
keeping you informed whether you’re
home or away.
• Compact yet feature-packed. Smaller
than most traditional plug-in timers,
yet far, far more versatile.
• Easy one-button set-up. Compatible
with WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Set-up), so
you can have it synced to your home
wireless network in moments.
8 Smart Plug
Wi-Fi Motion Sensor
It seems this
Smart Plug can do
almost everything –
tell me more...
Detect Everything...
Walk into a room and the light comes on automatically,
your music starts to play and you haven’t even had to
lift a finger! With the mydlink™ Home Motion Sensor this,
and so much more, is entirely possible.
● It’s really easy to set-up. Simply
push the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected
Set-up) button on the Smart Plug
and on your WPS-compatible home
router to establish a secure
connection to your home network
in an instant. The Smart Plug will
automatically be added to your
list of devices on the mydlink™
Home app, allowing you to get
started right away.
● Protect Your home and
appliances. The Smart Plug
contains a built-in thermal sensor
that shuts off the power to the
connected appliance if the plug
overheats. This means that you
don’t have to worry about damage
to either the appliance or your
home as a result of appliance
failure, thus adding to your
peace of mind...
I already have a
wireless network
set up at home. Will
the Motion Sensor
work with that?
Absolutely. The Motion Sensor
works using industry-standard
protocols, such as Wireless N
(a specification for signal
data transfer rates), which
means it will integrate easily
with all wireless networks.
● Stay informed. The mydlink™
Home app will send you
customisable notifications
informing you when it switches a
device on or off, when you surpass
your pre-set power consumption
limit, or if a device has been
automatically deactivated due
to the plug overheating.
● Power consumption? How does
that work? By plugging your
appliances into a Smart Plug, you
are able to monitor and manage
your home’s power usage. The
statistics page on the mydlink™
Home app will provide detailed
information about how much
power the device plugged in to
a Smart Plug is using, so you can
make informed decisions about
how best to schedule each device
to save money.
Picture the scene...
mydlink™ Home Wi-Fi Motion Sensor
Pop one of these compact little devices into a conveniently located power socket and, when
combined with a mydlink™ Home Smart Plug, you can auto-control your connected home
devices wirelessly. Yes, it’s now that simple to automate your home! This amazing little Wi-Fi
Motion Sensor (DCH-S150), not much bigger than a standard plug (but still small enough that
it doesn’t block the second of a two-gang socket) is the detection point for your automated
home, the all-seeing eye that detects movement and then talks, via your router, to one of our
amazing mydlink™ Home Smart Plugs, thereby turning on, or off, whatever appliance you have
paired it with. Naturally, you can set the sensitivity of detection so that, for example, if your cat
walks past, ‘detection’ does not take place. How? With the free mydlink™ Home smartphone/
tablet app, which is the control centre for all your Smart Home Technology devices. What’s
more, you can set to receive notifications of detection, all with a couple of taps and swipes on
your smartphone or tablet.
Scene #1
Scene #2
Scene #3
• It’s late on a mid-winter night
and you’re on the way home.
You’re cold, tired and all you
want to do is curl up in a nice
warm bed; only the bed will be
freezing cold. Ah-ha, but it
doesn’t have to be! Take out
your smartphone, tap into the
mydlink™ Home app, and
switch on your electric blanket.
That’s it, simple as that. A warm,
cosy bed waiting for you when
you get home. How cool is that?
• You’re on the way to the
• You’ve been held up at work,
airport for that long-awaited
holiday. Passports? Check.
Tickets? Check. Kids in the
back? Check. All set. And then
the niggling doubt sets in that
maybe you didn’t set the lights
on timers. No worries. Take
out your smartphone, tap into
the mydlink™ Home app and
select each light in turn, then
schedule on/off times to the
exact minute you want, for
every day you’re away. Not just
lights, of course, but the radio
too, if you like. Then relax,
knowing that the mydlink™
Smart Home Technology
devices have got you covered.
and you’re not going to be
home in time to greet the kids
when they get back from
school. It’s dark outside, and
you know they’ll be letting
themselves into a dark house.
No problem. Because you’ve
already set up a mydlink™
Home Wi-Fi Motion Sensor in
the hallway, linked to the table
lamp through a Smart Plug.
So as soon as they walk in, the
room is flooded with light.
And you get an automatic
notification on your phone
that they are safely home.
That’s D-Link technology at
work for you.
The ways you can use this are many and varied, and each
device can be configured exactly as you want. You might have
one in the hallway which simply notifies you when the kids
get home from school (you’ll know what time to expect them
in, but you could use the Monitor HD or Monitor 360 to
confirm it is them...). Or you could have a Wi-Fi Motion Sensor
set to switch on your bedroom light when you walk into the
room (when used with a Smart Plug, of course). Or to play
music. Or turn on the TV. Or... well, you get the idea.
Product Highlights
• Automate your home. Use motion detection, combined with
a Smart Plug, to automatically turn on or off appliances.
• Easy set-up for convenience. Support for Wi-Fi Protected
Set-up (WPS) means connecting the sensor to your wireless
network is only a button push away.
• Stay notified no matter where you are. Instantly receive
push notifications on your mobile device whenever the
motion detection sensor is triggered.
Set it and forget it...
Use your Motion Sensor and mydlink™ Home
app to create ‘Actions’ which will be carried
out according to your wishes. You can even
edit those actions away from home.
10 Music Everywhere
Music Everywhere
Set your Music Free...
Here is a revolutionary device that will transform the way you
listen to music, breathe new life into your old hi-fi speakers,
while simultaneously acting as a Wi-Fi range extender. We call
it Music Everywhere. You’ll call it magic...
mydlink™ Home Music Everywhere
Music Everywhere allows you to play music from your smartphone, tablet, iPod Touch
or computer wirelessly to your speakers. Not just music, though. Maybe the soundtrack
of the latest blockbuster you’re watching on your iPad or the backing track of your
favourite game you’re playing on your iPhone. Simply connect Music Everywhere to
your speakers with a standard 3.5mm speaker jack cable, then add it to your Wi-Fi
network, sit back and enjoy your room filling with sound. With support for both
AirPlay and DLNA (so it works nicely with iOS and Android, Macs and PCs), you’ll be
able to stream audio to speakers connected to Music Everywhere within your
wireless network. What’s more, Music Everywhere also has a Wi-Fi
extender built-in to help you eliminate any Wi-Fi deadspots in
your home.
Setting up the Music Everywhere (DCH-M225) device is
simple; you can use one-touch configuration by pushing
the WPS push-button on the Music Everywhere box
and on a WPS-compatible router or access point.
Alternatively, you can simply plug the device in,
connect to it wirelessly with a PC or mobile device, and
follow the steps in the built-in Set-up Wizard to configure
it. Seriously, your old speakers never sounded so good!
This Product
is Perfect For...
...streaming your music
wirelessly to old (or new)
speakers, anywhere in
your home, while also
extending the range of
your Wi-Fi network.
Product Highlights
Set-up couldn’t be any easier...
Press, Plug, Play. It
really is that easy to
have your music
streaming wherever
you want. No tech
wizardry required.
• Stream audio with DLNA or AirPlay. Conveniently and easily
stream your audio to connected speakers within your wireless
network using DLNA-capable devices or AirPlay for iOS devices.
• Extend your home broadband connection. Acts as a Wi-Fi
range extender so you can enjoy your high-speed wireless
Internet connection at speeds of up to 300 Mbps.
• Portable and easy to use. Simply plug it into a power outlet
and you’ll be up and running in no time.
/ 11
12 Monitors
Monitor Everything...
You might have really good locks on all your doors, security locks on all your windows and
infrared detection on outside lighting, but when you are not home there is always that
nagging back-of-the-mind worry that your home is still vulnerable. Now, with the mydlink™
Home range of monitors, you can add an extra layer of security and peace of mind.
mydlink™ Home Monitor HD
This high-definition camera delivers high-quality video for remote viewing on the tablet or
smartphone you already own. And through clever electronic trickery, you’ll also get clear
images in complete darkness, thereby providing you with the ideal 24-hour monitoring
solution. Integrated sound/motion-sensing technology detects changes within the
camera’s field of view, triggering instant email alerts with still-image snapshots or video clips,
and round-the-clock notification delivers an additional layer of security and confidence.
It’s the intelligence of the hardware and software working in complete harmony that
really brings the mydlink™ Home Monitor HD to life. The intuitive mydlink™
Home app interface allows you to quickly customise the device’s
settings, so you have full control over how and when you are
alerted. You can easily set up volume thresholds and watchzones so you can be instantly notified should your camera
This Product
detect excessive noise levels or strange activity out of
Perfect For...
normal hours. Going on holiday? Tap into the mydlink™
Home app on your smartphone or tablet and update the
...monitoring what’s going
settings, so you have total peace of mind, wherever you
on in your home, day or
are. And of course, while you are away, you can log-in at
night, and for alerting you
any time to keep an eye on things back home, because
if sound or motion
the Monitor HD (DCS-935L) is always on, always ready.
is detected.
Product Highlights
• Wireless connectivity. Connect the
Monitor HD to your Wireless home
network, easily and conveniently,
using one-button setup.
• Easy monitoring of your home, 24/7.
Access live video feeds of your home
from any Internet-connected computer,
smartphone or tablet, the latter two
using the mydlink™ Home app.
• Sound and motion detection. Never
miss an important moment, with the
ability to be alerted by either sound or
motion detection.
• Crystal-clear night vision. Infrared
illuminators provide exceptional lowlight and night-time vision, enabling
the monitor to see up to five metres
in complete darkness.
/ 13
14 Monitors
/ 15
mydlink™ Home Monitor 360
Monitoring what’s going on in your home, day or night, from wherever you are in the
world has never been so easy. Now, peace of mind and simplicity of set-up and use have
come together in perfect harmony. The mydlink ™ Home Monitor 360 (DCS-5010L) adds
mechanical pan/tilt and digital zoom to its security repertoire, making it perfect for larger
rooms or more open spaces.
With built-in wireless capability, there is no need for extra wires (though an Ethernet
connection is available if you want it), and since it can act as a wireless network extender
it helps to eliminate deadspots in your home’s wireless network as well. The beauty of
D-Link’s video surveillance hardware and smartphone/tablet apps is that once set up you
can ‘forget’ about them, safe in the knowledge that they are permanently active, always
ready for any time you want to check in, and will kick in and do their job automatically if
you have set them to do so. That’s where motion detection comes in. So if the Monitor 360
detects motion in the dead of night, it can be set to automatically alert you.
Can I add more
than one camera
to my home
surveillance set-up?
Every place has a name...
Product Highlights
• mydlink™ Home app-enabled. Use the
free mydlink™ Home app to view what
your Monitor 360 sees, using your
tablet or smartphone to control it
wherever you are in the world.
• Wireless connectivity. The latest in
Wireless technology gives you
increased speed, range and reliability,
allowing for placement anywhere in
The mydlink™ Home app for smartphones and tablets
makes it as easy and intuitive as possible to set up your
Home Monitors. Naturally, therefore, you can give each one
a meaningful name, and even allocate a still image to the
‘My Places’ screen so that access and control is fast and fussfree. So you might have a Monitor HD focussed purely on
your hall way, which you might call ‘Hall’, and a Monitor 360,
with its pan, tilt and digital zoom facility for the wider
expanse of your garage, which you naturally call... ‘Garage’.
your home where you have wireless
• Motion detection with night vision.
Never miss a thing with the ability to be
notified when motion is detected, and
night vision ensures clear images even
in low-light conditions, so you can
always see what the Monitor 360 sees.
This Product
is Perfect For...
...creating a home
surveillance system
that gives you real
flexibility and total
peace of mind.
Absolutely, you can have multiple
cameras in your network, and
set-up is really simple, especially if
you have a D-Link router with WPS,
which stands for Wi-Fi Protected
Set-up. It means, essentially, that
you press a button on each of the
devices and the connection takes
place automatically. You can
then use our smartphone
app to customise
your settings.
For further information
Home is where the SMART is
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