HMI Moisture Indicator (PA

HMI Moisture Indicator (PA
Instruction Sheet
June 2013
HMI Moisture Liquid Indicator
HMI Moisture Liquid Indicator
General Information
Only one indicated element is required for all common
refrigerants. This element is highly sensitive to moisture
and will gradually change color in direct relation to an
increase or decrease in the moisture content of the system. The dry-caution-wet system operating conditions are
then easily determined by matching the element color with
the two colors displayed on the reference label. Colors
change as often as the system moisture content changes.
MWP - 680 psig
IMPORTANT: 12 hours is recommended after installation
of the Moisture Liquid Indicator before attempting to
determine the system moisture content.
Following installation of a Moisture Liquid Indicator or
an EK filter-drier, the system should be allowed to reach
equilibrium as previously noted. If a caution or wet system
condition is still indicated following this period, the filterdrier or the replaceable cores should be replaced. This
practice should be continued until the system has dried
and a safe condition is indicated.
Safety Instructions
Read all instructions thoroughly. Failure to comply
can result in valve failure, system damage, or
personal injury.
The indicator element will indicate an unsafe
condition before installation. This is normal and
simply reflects the room humidity condition.
The exclusive fused glass eyepiece in the Moisture
Liquid Indicator provides a clear, wide-angle view of
the liquid refrigerant flow so that bubbles or flash gas
are easily seen. This indicates an insufficient system
charge, low head pressure, insufficient liquid subcooling
or some form of restriction in the liquid line.
Installation Instructions
1. The Moisture Liquid Indicator may be installed
anywhere in the liquid line and in any position. It is
normally installed downstream from the filter-drier
and immediately ahead of the thermal expansion
2. Extended cooper connections with bar stock body
permits use of any soft solder or commonly used
brazing alloys. When soldering or brazing, direct the
flame away from the body. Wet rags or chill blocks
must be used when brazing to prevent damaging the
Moisture Liquid Indicator. See Figure 1.
Figure 1
CAUTION: This product is intended for use on all
CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants. Do not use on
any unlisted fluid media without prior approval of the
Emerson Climate Technologies Flow Controls Division
Applications Engineering Department.
Use on fluids not listed above could result in
deterioration of the moisture indicator element.
Not for use on refrigerants classified by ASHRAE
standard 34 as Class A1/A2, A2, A3, B2 and B3.
Technical Support: 1-866-625-8416
PA-00228 (06/13) Emerson is a trademark of Emerson Electric Co. ©2013 Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.
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