Ricoh | AP3800C | High-speed Multi-functional Colour

High-speed Multi-functional Colour
The All-in-one Colour Solution
Colour is on the rise in today’s office environment. Whereas formerly colour was
mainly used for client presentations, it is now included in a wide array of dayto-day business graphics, reports and in-house sales and marketing collateral.
A logical evolution, taking into account that colour documents not only look
more appealing and professional but are also easier to read and have higher
retention. In short: colour provides effective communication.
Designed with this in mind, Ricoh’s new Aficio™AP3800C MF is a digital
full-colour all-in-one system, ready to fulfil your workgroup’s B/W and colour
needs. Multi-functional in the true sense of the word, this colour solution offers
cost-effective print, copy, fax and scan capabilities in a space-saving modular
design. The benefits of the Aficio™AP3800C MF are manifold: while saving time
and space, you reduce costs and optimise your productivity. There’s more: this
all-round solution offers precise image quality at high speed: an astonishing
28 ppm in full colour and 38 ppm in B/W. At the same time, the Aficio™AP3800C MF
is extremely easy to use and comes with strong network support and document
management software.
Top-benefit Digital Modularity
The Aficio™AP3800C MF is the ideal all-inone colour partner: print, copy, fax and scan
capabilities in one compact device. Its combined functionalities allow you to save time
and simultaneously cut costs. Equipped with
the latest digital technology, this colour
solution stands for reliable, versatile and
user-friendly document handling.
First-class Quality
You just received a fax, need a copy for a
colleague and a few minutes ago you printed
a financial report that has to be distributed.
Instead of running from the fax via the copier
to the colour printer and back to the copier,
you can now take care of all these tasks
from one single place and benefit from
the Aficio™AP3800C MF’s high speeds. As this
system efficiently merges print, copy, fax and
scan functionalities, wasting time and energy
is history.
With the Aficio™AP3800C MF miscopies,
damaged originals and reduced image quality
all belong to the past. Thanks to sophisticated
digital technology, your B/W and colour
originals are scanned only once and stored
into memory from where they are copied as
full sets – including sets of colour copies.
As all originals can be taken away after only
one scan, damage from recirculative feeding
is eliminated. This “Scan Once, Copy Many”
principle not only guarantees optimum image
quality from the first to the last set but also
reduces wear and tear on the scanner.
All-in-one Solution
Convinced multi-functional colour solutions
still come with a high price tag?
The Aficio™AP3800C MF provides proof to
the contrary. Instead of investing in a separate
colour printer, copier, fax and scanner, you can
have them all in one affordable system.
Renowned Ease of Use
Next to offering top functionalities, the
Aficio™AP3800C MF is very easy to operate.
The time you previously spent on complicated
office equipment you can now use to follow up
on important issues. From colour printing to
copying and faxing: with its easy job programming procedures, the large LCD panel guides
you intuitively through all jobs, both simplex
and duplex.
Thanks to the Aficio™AP3800C MF’s “Scan Once,
Copy Many” principle, high image quality is guaranteed from the first to the last set.
Equipped with a large LCD panel, the
Aficio™AP3800C MF makes operation
as straightforward as possible.
Professional High-performance
B/W and Colour
In recent years, general office productivity
has been drastically increased by the
introduction of digital B/W multi-functional
products. Today, however, office environments are shifting more and more from B/W
to colour. Ricoh’s new Aficio™AP3800C MF
offers the same functionality as B/W
multi-functional products but adds colour
capabilities to fulfil all your workgroup’s
B/W and colour needs.
Document Handling
For professional document creation,
this system is equipped with an
optional 2,500-sheet finisher offering
stapling, punching, duplex printing
and collation for print as well as
copy output.
Electronic Sorting
The Aficio™AP3800C MF supports Electronic
Sorting for B/W as well as full-colour documents.
This function facilitates easy handling and
allows you to receive your output in easyto-remove batches.
Fast Document Feeding
For large jobs, documents up to A3 and
double-sided originals you can use the
exceptionally fast 80-sheet ARDF, capable
of scanning multi-page documents and ideal
for heavy fax traffic.
B/W and Colour
at High Speed
High-speed Faxing
To boost the speed and accuracy of the
Aficio™AP3800C MF’s fax module, you can
upgrade it with a G4 modem: ideal for heavy
fax users. Via the optional ScanRouter™
software, faxes can also be automatically
re-routed to any PC.
For the Aficio™AP3800C MF deadlines are
no problem whatsoever. Inside the system
four separate drums guarantee high speed
(28 ppm in colour, 38 ppm in B/W) and
minimal waiting time.
Colour Scanning
Easy Distribution
When scanning and faxing books, magazines or
other non-standard originals there is no need to
copy them first as they can be scanned directly
from the platen glass. For optimal efficiency,
scanned documents can even be sent as
e-mail attachments.
With the Aficio™AP3800C MF’s optional
multi-bin tray, print, copy and fax output
can be sorted to different bins for easy
Practical Operation
Whether you are programming a copy job,
scanning a document or sending a fax,
operating the Aficio™AP3800C MF is extremely
easy thanks to its large, self-explanatory LCD
touch screen.
Tray-less Auto Duplex
While duplexing is just as fast as printing on
one side of the page, the Aficio™AP3800C MF’s
tray-less auto duplex function also makes
sure double-sided copying does not take
up any paper stock capacity.
Sophisticated Document
To store and manage the variety of information
that comes to you daily in different formats,
the Aficio™AP3800C MF comes with versatile
document management software such as
ScanRouter™ V2 and DeskTopBinder™ V2.
Efficient Device
Via the system’s SmartNetMonitor™ software
you can easily track the status and functions
of any network printer from your desktop.
The image on the combined
pages 4 and 5 is not a real
photograph and slight differences in detail might appear.
Maximising your
Office Workflow
When it comes to business tactics, you
demand speed, efficiency and versatility.
These criteria also apply to your office
equipment. Even when deadlines are tight,
the Aficio™AP3800C MF lives up to your
expectations and offers highly productivity,
straightforward printing and professional
workgroup faxing.
Secure and
Trouble-free Printing
Fast output is a necessity, whether it concerns
prints, copies or fax messages.
The Aficio™AP3800C MF’s performance is
astonishing: it sprints at 28 ppm in colour
while maintaining a highly productive 38 ppm
in B/W – both for simplex and duplex. A short
warm-up time and fast first copy speed
(B/W: 8 seconds, colour: 10 seconds) further
reduce waiting time. And your fax traffic is
dealt with swiftly too thanks to the system’s
impressive G3 modem speed of 33.6 Kbps
and fast 3-second transmission.
To guarantee the confidentiality of your
documents, the Aficio™AP3800C MF supports
Ricoh’s Locked Print™ system. Through password protection this high-security function
makes sure all sensitive information is handled
securely. The system’s Sample Print™ function,
on the other hand, helps you avoid misprints
and save on paper and consumables at the
same time. When producing multiple sets, you
can print the first set, verify print results and
make any necessary changes before printing
the remaining sets.
Printing Made Easy
Smooth Office
Printing with the Aficio™AP3800C MF has
never been easier. Not only does Ricoh’s new
printing language RPCS™ speed up the entire
printing process, it also reduces your workload.
As the interface of RPCS™ is icon-based, you
can save different printer settings for a variety
of print jobs and store them under your own
icon. Starting a print job only requires one
click saving you valuable time. Managing the
Aficio™AP3800C MF is also straightforward:
via Ricoh’s SmartNetMonitor™ software users
and administrators can customise the display
of status information, set user privileges and
obtain job statistics. In addition, codes can be
assigned to users to manage the number of
prints/copies/faxes they make and the functions
they use: an excellent way to allocate costs
and reduce unnecessary expenses.
The Aficio™AP3800C MF is designed to
streamline your office communications.
Instead of walking to the machine, you can
now transmit faxes directly from your own
computer or any other networked PC thanks to
the system’s LAN-fax software. This saves you
time and paper and guarantees better output
quality at the receiving end. Via the optional
ScanRouter™ Pro software, incoming faxes
can also be redirected automatically to any
PC in the network while scanned documents
can be sent as e-mail attachments.
Additionally, selecting recipients is done in
seconds using the Aficio™AP3800C MF’s
1,200 Quick Dial numbers. During peak times
you can even send faxes and receive incoming
ones simultaneously with the system’s optional
second fax line.
With RPCS™ you can even adjust the print
quality of a specific job on your PC screen.
Thanks to Ricoh’s awarded RPCS™ you can
save your own print setting under a special icon.
With the Aficio™AP3800C MF’s Locked Print™ function all sensitive information is handled securely.
The Complete Document
Management Solution
E-mails, faxes, information in paper or digital
format: a variety of data comes to you daily.
Thanks to the Aficio™AP3800C MF, obtaining
an organised document workflow is ever
so easy. With Ricoh’s Document Server
(40 GB HDD required), this system becomes
a sophisticated document manager.
Optimal B/W and
Colour Scanning
With the Aficio™AP3800C MF scanning is
a very straightforward and user-friendly
process. By using the bundled ScanRouter™
V2 Lite software, you can scan documents to
your PC via the ScanRouter™ delivery server.
These scanned documents can then be merged
with the bundled DeskTopBinder™ software.
You can also use the bundled Twain driver for
more professional scanning. Scan to e-mail is
possible via the optional ScanRouter™ V2 Pro
software. Scanning originals such as books
and magazines is as easy as digitising regular
documents. Using the system’s ARDF, scanning
is fast at 30 scans per minute for B/W and
20 scans per minute for full-colour documents.
Additionally, the system boasts an excellent
maximum resolution of 600 dpi for professional colour image quality while scanning
at 256 greyscales allows for crystal-clear
image processing.
Thanks to its excellent maximum resolution of
600 dpi, scanning with the Aficio™AP3800C MF
means obtaining professional colour image quality.
Via DeskTopBinder™ you can view the data stored
in the Document Server and search for documents
on user name, file name and time created.
For enhanced efficiency, you can combine
documents created in different applications on your
PC and print them as one file for easy distribution.
The same applies to originals scanned on the ARDF
and platen glass.
Optimised Data Storage
Set to streamline your entire document flow,
the Aficio™AP3800C MF serves as a central
document management device harbouring
digitised information. Documents originating
from copy, fax and scanner data, including
colour files, can be stored in the system’s
optional Document Server which acts as a
central document storage centre. With the
bundled DeskTopBinder™ software, you can
view thumbnails and print all the stored information on the Document Server. You can also
search for documents by user name, file name
or time created.
Efficient Merging and
Distribution Options
To optimise your office’s efficiency, you can
combine documents with different settings
created in a variety of applications via the
system’s bundled DeskTopBinder™ software.
You can also merge originals scanned on the
ARDF and platen glass.
Print/copy speed:
B/W / full colour:
38/28 ppm/cpm
Multiple copy:
Up to 99
First copy speed:
B/W / full colour:
8/10 seconds
Warm-up time:
Less than 120 seconds
Dimensions (W x D x H): 730 x 770 x 1,100 mm
127 kg
Power source:
220/240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:
Maximum 1.44 kW
RM7000A 300 MHz
192 MB
384 MB
Hard Disk Drive (optional):
40 GB
Printer languages/resolution:
600 x 600 dpi
Adobe® PostScript® 3™/RPCS™:
600 x 600 dpi/1,200 x 600 dpi
1,200 x 1,200 dpi
Drivers: Windows® 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP1
Macintosh 7.6.1 or later
35 Intelli fonts
10 True Type fonts
1 Bitmap font
Adobe® PostScript® 3™:
136 Adobe® Type 1, 2, 14 fonts
Network protocols:
NetBEUI, AppleTalk
Supported networks: Novell® NetWare® 3.11
or later, 4.1 or later, 5.0, 5.1
Windows® 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000/XP1
UNIX Solaris 2.5.1, 2.6, 7, 8,
HPUX 8.x/9.x/10.x, 11.0
Red Hat Linux 6.x, 7
SCO Open Server 5.x
AIX 4.3, 5L (version 5.1)
Bi-directional IEEE1284 ECP
Ethernet 10 base-T/100 base-TX
IEEE 13942
Network utilities:
DeskTopBinder™ and ScanRouter™
Paper handling
Paper input capacity:
2 x 500-sheet paper tray
100-sheet bypass tray
3,100 sheets
Paper output capacity:
600 sheets
3,100 sheets
Paper size:
Paper tray:
A3 - A5
Bypass tray:
305 x 458 mm
Paper weight:
Paper tray:
60 - 105 g/m2
Bypass tray:
60 - 163 g/m2
Other options
Internal options:
40 GB Hard Disk Drive
IEEE 1394 interface2
External options: 1/2 x 500-sheet paper trays
2,000-sheet large capacity tray
Platen cover
Auto Reverse Document Feeder
2,500-sheet finisher
Duplex unit
Multi-bin tray
RPCS™ does not support “Fast User Switching”
For availability please check with your local
Ricoh supplier.
A4 with 5% coverage
20,000 sheets3
C, M, Y:
10,000 sheets3
The Aficio™AP3800C MF ships with
a starter kit.
ISO9001 Certified
Fax (option)
PSTN, PBX, ISDN (option)
additional Super G3 (option), G4 (option)
200 x 100/200 dpi
400 x 400 dpi
Compression method:
MH, MR, MMR, JBIG (option)
Scanning speed: Approximately 0.7 seconds
Modem speed:
Max. 33.6 Kbps
(64 Kbps with G4 option)
Memory capacity:
2 MB/26 MB (option)
Memory backup:
1 hour
QS Accreditation
Ricoh has determined that this product meets
the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.
Ricoh believes in conserving the earth’s precious natural
All brand and/or product names are trademarks of their
respective owners.
Specifications and external appearance are subject to change
without notice. The colour of the actual product may vary
from the colour shown in the brochure.
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