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Guntermann & Drunck is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of digital and analogue KVM products for control rooms
in air traffic control centers, broadcast, automation, marine and
other sectors such as telecommunications and finances.
With a broad portfolio of powerful products to extend, switch
and distribute keyboard, video and mouse signals and many
years of experience when it comes to installing systems in
towers, air traffic control rooms, baggage handling or general
control centers at airports, G&D provides users from all applications with maximum customer benefits and real added value.
G&D is considered a top performer regarding:
Failure safety, redundancies and preventive monitoring
Reliable 24/7 operation for air traffic controllers
Highest quality requirements regarding long operating times and life of products for air traffic control applications
Broad range of helpful functions that provide even more
flexibility and usability
G&D offers the largest KVM product portfolio at the market.
All G&D products as well as their variants are compatible with
each other and can be combined even in largest applications.
2 / / Broadcast
Air Traffic
G&D KVM solutions optimise your IT equipment and increase
productivity for man and machine – both can therefore work
under best possible conditions.
If you need the best possible KVM equipment for your specific
application and a completely worry-free solution, then ask for
G&D – from professionals to professionals.
Intelligent solutions
KVM Extenders
KVM Switches
KVM Matrixswitches
Monitoring & SNMP
• DL-Vision
• FIBREVision
• DVIVision
• DisplayPortMUX
• ControlCenter-Digital
• DVICenter
• CATCenter
• Preventive Monitoring
• SNMP trap & agent
• DevCon-Center
Channel grouping
Stacking function
Screen-Freeze function
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KVM products for Air Traffic Control
K VM in the control tower ► Improving the controllers’ concentration
The mission-critical applications of the control tower require
air traffic controllers’ absolute and constant concentration.
That’s why it is so important to provide the very best possible
working conditions with no diversions or disturbances. In the
limited space of the tower, the noise and heat generated by
the powerful processors of the computer system creates an
unwanted disturbance. However, thanks to KVM products such
as KVM extenders and KVM matrix switches, the computers
can be moved out of the tower to another location a good distance away.
This solution not only saves space in the tower but reduces
the costs of air conditioning and climate control. In a dedicated
server room, computer maintenance is made easier too, with
no unwanted distractions from maintenance personnel. KVM extenders transmit computer signals
in real-time over long distances with no loss in quality. Controllers can set about their tasks without
even realizing they are operating their computers
remotely. With KVM matrix switches, the operation of multiple computers can be decentralized via
multiple consoles.
How KVM works in the tower
KVM products are an essential part in towers.
Once the computers had been removed to a
central equipment room, they were connected
to a KVM matrix switch, e.g. ControlCenterDigital 288. The extender feature of said matrix
switches established connections to offices,
the test room and finally up to the flight station with all working positions. All workstations
can access any computers that are connected
through KVM technology.
Even in the crisis room, users can access and
view all computers. The computer signals are
even further extended to the safety-sensitive
flight station. In a separate testing room, employees inspect any IT equipment thoroughly.
And even from here, technicians with specially
assigned user rights can access and maintain
the computers.
4 / / flight station - supervisor
flight station - desk 1
test room
entry hall
equipment room
K VM in Air Traffic Control Centres ► Preventive monitoring, Redundancy and Fallback
Coordinating departures and arrivals and controlling overflying
traffic requires the maximum reliability of all IT components.
Air Traffic Control Centres are sensitive security areas that can
enjoy major benefits through deploying a KVM extender such
as DL-Vision. This allows computers to be removed from the
control centre, improving working conditions and enabling preventative monitoring and event reporting.
Regulatory safety demands can be met by integrating the DevCon-Center. This provides centralized proactive monitoring and
configuration of network-capable G&D devices. Depending on
results or predefined thresholds, the DevCon-Center triggers
and sends a message to the system administrator, allowing
them to react before any failures occur.
Redundant and fallback systems are essential for
the controller´s work. To prevent a total breakdown,
three independent systems (primary, redundant, and
fallback) are applied to the controller’s desk. Each system consists of a computer and a KVM extender line.
By pressing a button at a KVM switch installed next to
the desk, switching between systems is made easy.
Customer benefits using KVM - Full safety thanks to redundancy and fallback
The unlikely event of a system breakdown despite preventive monitoring requires a concept that allows controllers
to continue their work safely and intuitively in their familiar environment.
This requires a redundant system that is safeguarded by
another fallback system. Now two functional lines are still
available even if the primary connection fails.
1 KVM transmitter
2 KVM receiver
3 Centralized monitoring DevCon-Center
4 KVM switch DL-MUX4-MC2
5 Screen-Freeze function + SNMP monitoring
Three independent but identical systems per controller
desk serve for a primary, a redundant and a fallback system. Each of these three systems consists of a computer
and a KVM extender line. The controller only needs to
switch between the three systems by simply pressing a
button on the KVM switch, e.g. DL-MUX4.
Screen freeze function “freezes” the image last displayed
on the monitor. Users are provided with the information
last received before switching to a redundant system.
Control room | Tower
IT Admin
Technical Equipment Room
per system:
2 x dual-link DVI,
keyboard/mouse, audio,
A Primary system
B Redundant system
C Fallback system
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KVM products for Air Traffic Control
Baggage Handling ► Increasing efficiency and remote access to all connected computers
Screening, unloading, sorting, storing, transporting, uploading – a baggage handling system runs in a continuous cycle.
That’s why efficiency and reliability are so crucial.
The baggage handling control room continuously monitors and
controls all the processes involved in the task cycle. Inside this
room, operators are working with multiple computers, 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week. As a result, the environment can become
a very hot and noisy place. However, by implementing a KVM
matrix switch such as the DVICenter DB64, the computers can
be removed from the room and the operators access multiple
computers from different user consoles.
The matrix switch and the computer modules are
placed in the server rack from where infrastructure
cables bridge the distance to the controller‘s desk.
Here, keyboard, monitor and mouse are directly
connected to the user modules (DVI-CON). Additional special computer modules enable the implementation of VGA and DisplayPort computers into
the matrix switch.
How KVM improves Baggage Handling?
Control Desk 1
Control Desk 2
CAT-x cable
6 / / KVM-Matrix (master) DVICenter
KVM-Matrix (slave) DVICenter
KVM user module DVI-CON
KVM-Extender, Dual-Link DVI video, DL-Vision transmitter
KVM-Extender, Dual-Link DVI video, DL-Vision receiver
KVM-Extender, DVI video, DVIVision transmitter
KVM-Extender, DVI video, DVIVision receiver
KM-Switch, TradeSwitch8
Server Room
In the baggage handling section all computers were removed from the control centre
and stored into a separate equipment room.
Here, they were placed in clearly arranged
server racks and connected to a KVM matrix switch DVICenter. Now several users
are able to access a large variety of computers remotely. After the matrix switches
had been grouped, they were connected
to a master switch, which enables users
to configure and operate all connected devices. Some computers, however, could
not be connected to the matrix switch,
because they were assigned to particular
employees. In such cases, KVM extender
systems extend computer signals directly
to the corresponding desks.
By applying G&D’s KVM products, computers can be maintained directly in the equipment room, thus helping employees remain
focused on their work instead of being distracted by maintenance workers
General Control Centres at Airports ► Reducing noise level and heat emissions
Supervising important processes on the ground and in the
air, General Control Centres ensure the prompt departure of
all airplanes. To maintain and manage these complex traffic
processes requires multiple employees working with powerful
computers combined with multi-monitor user consoles as well
as multi-screen-walls.
In order to make the working conditions for the staff most efficiently, all the computers are removed from the control room and
connected to a KVM matrix switch in a separate technical area.
Without the associated heat and noise, operators can continuously access their computer and switch between different
computers – in real time and without any latency.
With the intuitive CrossDisplay-Switching users
can switch seamlessly between computers by
using the mouse. The mouse acts as if it’s on a “virtual desktop” moving across all connected displays.
Discover the new
How KVM works in General Control Centres at Airports?
Projection Walls
To make working in mission-critical environments more efficient and ergonomic, computers are separated from users and stored
in central server rooms, where they are airconditioned, safe and easy to maintain.
C AT-x
c a b le
The Push/Get feature of the matrix switch
even lets users push the screen content
from one monitor to another or to a video
screen. It is also possible to get the screen
content from there to edit it at another monitor. This solution does not only require fewer
Now that employees can share their tasks,
it also improves the communication, flexibility and general work-flow within the team.
Control Desk 1
1 KVM matrix switch
2 KVM user module
With the installed KVM products, users can
still operate their computers in real time. A
KVM matrix switch enables the access to
multiple computers that users can operate
from different desks.
Control Desk 2
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Leading the way in digital KVM
The Products
8 / / KVM Extenders
KVM Switches
DVI and VGA KVM extenders enable you to operate your computers over distances up to 10,000 m whilst maintaining real-time
performance. The systems consist of a transmitter and a receiver
module. A full local console at the transmitter module placed in the
server room makes it easy for the IT staff to maintain the system.
KVM extenders transmit the following computer signals:
DVI, VGA and DisplayPort KVM switches are designed to operate
2 to 64 computers via one console consisting of keyboard, monitor and mouse. Our DVI switches also transmit VGA video signals
and enable users to work in mixed mode. The stand-alone devices
switch the following computer signals:
• DVI (single-link & dual-link) or VGA video
• Keyboard/mouse (PS/2 & USB)
• USB 1.1, USB 2.0 transparent
• Audio & RS232
• Remote power switching sequences
• Single- and dual-link DVI, DisplayPort 1.1. and VGA
• Keyboard/mouse PS/2 and USB
• Transparent USB 2.0
• Audio
• Distances up to10,000 m
• Real-time performance
• Up to four video channals
• Predictive maintenance via SNMP und Monitoring
• Mixed operation of DVI/VGA on input and output side
• DisplayPort 1.1. also switchable
• Available as variants transmitting 1, 2, 3, or 4 video channels
• Work in a user-friendly and ergonomic environment and have less peripherals at your desk
KVM Matrix Switches
KVM Add-Ons
With KVM matrix switches you can access multiple computers
over multiple user consoles simultaneously. They consist of computer modules, central modules and user modules. G&D products
allow flexible operation of large, distributed IT installations even
with multiple user consoles connected. Depending on the requirements, we offer KVM matrix switches with modular or compact
design. Our KVM matrix switches transmit the following signals:
Add-on products increase the productivity and efficiency of computer applications. G&D provides the following add-on products:
• Single-link DVI & VGA
• DisplayPort 1.1. (on the input side)
• Keyboard/mouse PS/2 and USB
• Audio
• RS232 and transparent USB 2.0
• Transmission range up to 10,000 m by fiber optics
• Available as variants transmitting multi-channel video
• Example DP64: Up to 4,738 computers when operated
by 6 consoles
• Remote access (local and over IP)
• Flexible control of large and distributed IT installations
• Push-Get function to show screen contents on other
monitors or large screen projections
• CrossDisplay-Switching enables users to switch between channels by moving the mouse
• TFT RackConsoles for single-link DVI and VGA; 17“ display requires only 1 U
• Programmable input devices for optimised device control
• 3G-SDI-DVI-Converter transforms SD, HD-SDI and 3G
signals to single-link DVI signals
• Rack mounting solutions for horizontal or vertical
rack or under-desk mounting enable tidy and space saving installations
• Appliances for central, proactive monitoring and central
configuration for network-capable G&D devices
• External devices for switching a G&D switch by
pressing a button (OperatorPanel)
/ / 9
KVM products for Air Traffic Control
KVM Extenders for CAT cables or fibre optics
Digital dual link video via fibre optics
► Range up to 10,000 m, with USB option up to 2,000 m
► Resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 @ 60 Hz
including 2k-resolution (2048 x 2048 @ 60 Hz)
► DL-Vision-MC2 also supports 4k-resolution
► For up to 4 video channels
► Comprehensive proactive diagnostics by
SNMP Monitoring
► 300 MHz pixel rate and 24 bits colour depth for
crystal clear images
► Redundant power supply
► 2 network ports
► Screen freeze function with timer
► E-DDC support
► Ident-LED for locating device in large installations
The DL-Vision (M/S) system extends the signals:
►► Keyboard/mouse
►► Dual-link DVI video
►► Audio
►► RS232
►► USB 2.0
up to
chan r video
Digital single link video via fibre optics
► Range up to 10,000 m, with USB option up to 2,000 m
► Resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
► For up to 4 video channels
► E-DDC support
► Remote power switching
► Redundant power supply
► Screen freeze function
The FIBREVision system extends the signals:
►► Keyboard/mouse
►► Single-link DVI video
►► Audio
►► RS232
►► USB 1.1 & USB 2.0
Digital single link video via CAT cable
► Transmissions up to 140 meters
► Resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
► For up to 4 video channels
► E-DDC support
► Supports DVI-FiberLink (for bridging horizontal
fiber optics cabling)
► Remote power switching
► Redundant power supply
► Screen freeze function
10 / / The DVIVision system extends the signals:
►► Keyboard/mouse
►► Single-link DVI video
►► Audio
►► RS232
►► USB 1.1 or USB 2.0
KVM Switches to operate multiple computers via one console
The DL-MUX switches the following signals:
►► Keyboard/mouse
►► Dual-link DVI & VGA video
►► Audio
►► USB 2.0
Operator Panel:
►► Switching by pressing a button
►► Simplifies the operation of KVM Switches
►► Switching up to 8 channels by RS232
command with active response
►► „Enable“ key prevents accidental switching
The TradeSwitch switches the following signals:
►► Keyboard/mouse (USB & PS/2)
►► Audio
►► USB 2.0
The DisplayPortMUX switches the following signals:
►► Keyboard/mouse
►► DisplayPort 1.1.
►► Audio
►► USB 2.0 transparent
. Cr
Sw sDisp
ing ay-
For up to 4 computers via one console
►Resolutions DVI up to 2560 x 1600 @ 60 Hz
VGA up to 1920 x 1440 @ 75 Hz
including 2k resolution ( 2048 x 2048 @ 60 Hz)
►For up to 4 video channels
►2 network ports
► Including SNMP Monitoring and reporting function
► Channel switching via hotkey, SNMP, buttons,
external serial device or Control-API
►Web interface to configure and display monitoring
values remotely
►Supports communication with the central appliance DevCon-Center for monitoring and configuration
►Ident-LED to locate devices in large installations
For operating up to 8 computers over only one set
of keyboard/mouse
►Accesses only standard keyboard, mouse and
audio interfaces
►Bypasses video signals
►Channel switching via hotkey, device button or via CrossDisplay-Switching
►CrossDisplay-Switching function is available for
the following switches: TradeSwitch2-USB &
►Highlights active channel using LEDs
For up to 4 computers with single video
►Mixed operation of DisplayPort and DVI on
output side
►Colour mode DisplayPort up to 48bit
►Colour mode DVI up to 24 bit
►Data transfer rate up to 10.8 Gbit
►Switching via push button, keyboard hotkeys or
serial device
/ / 11
KVM products for Air Traffic Control
Modular KVM Matrix Switches to operate multiple computers via multiple consoles
Modular Matrix Switch to operate multiple
computers via multiple consoles
► Modular setup: Controller and switch card,
I/O CAT- & I/O Fibre cards, fan boards and the power
supplies are modular and can be replaced
► Modularity: the system can be adapted or
expanded during operation
► Supports CAT cable and fiber optics (even combined)
► System control logic on a separate controller card and can be easily replaced / switch card can be replaced as well
► More flexibility with DynamicPort technology:
288 dynamic ports that can be freely configured for
either user or computer connection
► Resolutions for a brilliant video quality:
Single-Link DVI up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
(incl. 1920 x 1080 Full-HD)
► Integration of VGA & DisplayPort video sources
► Full implementation of USB2.0 transmission/switching
► Automatic device detection
► Multi monitor workstations incl.
► Innovative CrossDisplay-Switching enables users
to switch between channels by using the mouse
► Expansion of switchable signals either through
channel grouping or stacking
► Cascadable to up to 3 levels
► DVICenter can be fully integrated into the
system as a slave
► Compatible with all DVICenter devices
► Operation and configuration via web interface
and OSD
► Monitoring & SNMP
►Two network interfaces (web interface, updates)
► Three redundant power packs that can be changed during operation
► Maximum flexibility (number of ports, transmission media, supported signals and high usability)
► Expansion stages for largest applications
► Text-based media control over TCP/IP
e.g. AMX, Crestron, VSM and KSC Commander
► Operation via touchscreen possible
The ControlCenter-Digital switches the following signals:
►► Keyboard/mouse (USB & PS/2)
►► Single-Link DVI video
►► Audio bidirectional
►► USB 2.0 transparent
►► RS232
Application scheme
12 / /
Compact KVM Matrix Switches to operate multiple computers via multiple consoles
Operating multiple computers via multiple
simultaneous consoles
The DVICenter system switches the following signals:
►► Keyboard/mouse
►► Single-link DVI video
►► Audio bidirectional
►► RS232 & USB 2.0 transparent
►Up to 560 m system range via CAT cable when cascaded
►16, 32 or 64 dynamic ports, which can be freely configured for either user or computer connection
►Crystal clear images
►Resolution up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz and
1280 x 1024 @ 85 Hz
►Integration of VGA and DisplayPort video sources
►Operation and configuration via web interface
and OSD
►Monitoring function, SNMP support
►Text-based media control over TCP/IP e.g. AMX
Crestron, VSM and KSC Commander
►Redundant power supply
►Up to 10,000 m using fibre optics (DVI-FibreLink)
Use all ls in one
video s switch
m rix
DVICenter Components
Even more possibilities
D V I- CP U -M
D V I- D P-C
C 2- UC
►DVI-DP-CPU: Computer module for integration of
DisplayPort into the DVICenter
►DVI-CPU-MC2: integrates multi-channel video
computer into the matrix
►DVI-CPU-MC2-UC: dual module for connecting
multi-channel computer to two DVICenter clusters
D V I- C O N -M
►DVI-CON-MC2 & DVI-CON-MC4: Multi-channel user
modules for integration of multi-monitor consoles
►DVI-VGA-CPU integrates VGA video sources into
the matrix switch
The CATCenter NEO system switches the following signals:
►► VGA video
►► Keyboard/mouse
►► Audio
Analogue video via CAT cable
►Transmissions up to 300 meters
►Resolutions up to 1920 x 1440 @ 75 Hz
►Operation and configuration via OSD, web interface and IP-client
►System range up to 10,000 m via fiber optics
►Offers module to access computers over IP
►Monitoring function, SNMP support
►Redundant power supply
►Integration of DVI computers possible
/ / 13
KVM products for Air Traffic Control
KVM Add-ons: Configuration & Status Monitoring
Preventive device monitoring
High operational safety and reliability are essential
for G&D devices. In order to enhance these wellestablished attributes, our latest products are provided
with two network ports which offer the following
► Device configuration
► Query of system status
► Transmit these information via SNMP and as Syslog message
You can adjust these settings either in the web
interface of each device or monitor and configure the
devices centrally in the DevCon-Center. The DevConCenter permanently contacts the connected devices
and receives their status information.
Web interface of DL-Vision with monitoring values
► Monitoring, reporting and requesting
► Compatible with G&D network devices
► Independent reporting or query of web interface
► Supports SNMP (Trap + Agent) and Syslog
► Redundant power supply
► Two network ports
► Critical operating conditions can be recognised in
advance and the administrator can react accordingly
► Runs with every SNMP Management Software e.g. HP OpenView, Tivoli etc.
Network settings for the SNMP agent
D e v C on -C
e n te r
SNMP trap & agent
Monitoring function for the predictive maintenance
► Defined conditions and exceeded thresholds are stored in the web interface and can be viewed
► SNMP management software receives automati cally any status event sent by G&D devices
► Integrated SNMP-GET function enables you to query, for example, the device temperature and to provide statistics on top values as well as to recognise
critical values in advance
► SNMP-SET has active impact on a G&D product (for example when changing channels at a KVM Switch)
14 / / Following products provide
the monitoring function:
CompactCenter X2
KVM Add-ons: Variety and Functionality
Your special advantages:
►► Easy switching by using the mouse, in addition to
switching between channels using hotkeys or the OSD
►► Fast and seamless operation across the connected displays
►► Special LED indicates active monitor
With the innovative CrossDisplay-Switching as part of
the TS function (DVICenter and ControlCenter-Digital),
users can use the mouse to easily switch between
The mouse acts as if on a “virtual desktop” and can
be moved seamlessly across the connected displays.
Moving the cursor from the active to another display,
the keyboard-mouse focus automatically switches to
the connected computer. Now users can create a multimonitor console and need only one keyboard and one
mouse to operate all computers. The mouse becomes
the ultimate intuitive switching tool.
Channel grouping
Channel grouping and multi-monitor workstations
The ControlCenter-Digital and the DVICenter also support multi-monitor workstations for computers with several video outputs. Here,
multiple channels can easily be combined as channel groups.
Illustration of the channel-grouping function for multi-monitor
As always, you can administrate all functions in the in
the web interface of your ControlCenter-Digital or DVICenter. In addition to multiple screens, you can include other
signals in these groups. The system also transmits and
switches transparent USB2.0 signals as well as RS232.
Stacking function.
The stacking function enhances the system’s flexibility
even further. The feature increases the number of ports by
combining up to ten DVICenter or ControlCenter-Digital via
bus port. The ports of the stacked switches are switched
parallel to the master system. Now you can create multimonitor workstations and assign consoles with USB or
RS232 channels.
Screen-Freeze Function
If the display loses the video signal due to a broken
connection or a problem with the computer‘s graphics
card, the Screen-Freeze function „freezes“ the image
last displayed on the monitor. Controllers are provided
with the information last received before switching to
a redundant system. KVM extenders of the DL-Vision,
FIBREVision and DVIVision series provide the screenfreeze function.
FIBREVison-CON and WACOM® display with active SCREEN FREEZE
In case of an interruption of the video signal it is essential that the controller‘s screen does not turn blank,
but displays the last frame until all interferences are
solved. This status is highlighted by a red semi-transparent frame. Meanwhile, and the downtime of the
video signal is displayed (DL-Vision).
/ / 15
Leading the way in digital KVM
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