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Thank you for purchasing a
product. This manual describes the
functions and operation of PA12-BMW and PA12-BMWdsp iPod interface to
BMW radios. Please read this manual before installing the interface adaptor
in your vehicle.
It is strongly recommended that the adaptor is installed in an easily accessible location.
You may need to access for future upgrades, resets, dip switch settings, etc...
Eject ALL CDs from the built-in CD player or CD changer before installation
or removing the radio from the dash board.
distributes products through authorized dealers so customers will receive
proper services and information from the dealers.
reserve the right to
offer technical or warranty service only on products purchased through authorized
SAFETY NOTE: You should always give full attention to driving. Do NOT operate
the feature or function of PA12-BMW or PA12-BMWdsp in such a way that
distracts you while driving.
KEEP MANUAL in vehicle. Place it with the owner’s manual for the car. You may need
to refer to it or if vehicle is sold, the next owner can enjoy it and know how to use it.
1-1 Introduction
a) This interface connects an iPod, iTouch or iPhone directly to your BMW car audio
system for optimal playback sound quality.
PA12-BMW model is for radios that take analog audio input signal.
PA12-BMWdsp model is for radios that take digital audio input signal. Radios
that have DSP buttons must use digital audio signal input.
b) This interface does not allow iPod to co-exist with CD changer and satellite receiver.
When connecting this iPod interface to your radio, the CD changer and satellite
receiver must be disconnected. This interface is not compatible with BMW
navigation system.
c) PA12-BMW and PA12-BMWdsp’s on board software translates commands from
your CD changer controls into commands that the iPod understands.
You can either use the CD changer controls on radio or steering wheel controls
to work with iPod, iTouch or iPhone.
d) This interface charges iPod while it is playing and charging stops automatically
half hour after iPod is paused.
1-2 Text Display of Song Information
a) Artist name and song title can be displayed on some of the BMW BUSINESS
CD RADIO models by configuring the PA12-BMW or PA12-BMWdsp to work
with radio’s XM band.
b) On most of BMW radios, only DISC number and track number are displayed
on radio ( Disc number = Playlist number ).
1-3 Package Content
PA12-BMW contains one PA12-BMW interface adaptor and one each of the
following cables: CB-PA85, CDL-BMW.
PA12-BMWdsp contains one PA12-BMWdsp interface adaptor and one each
of the following cables: CB-PA85, CDL-BMW and CDL-BMD.
1-4 Compatibility
Future iPod and iTune software updates may affect the features and functions
described in this owner’s manual and on websiste.
1-5 Applications
3 Series
5 Series
7 Series
X3 / X5
Z3 / Z4
Note (1): Radios with DSP buttons must use PA12-BMWdsp model.
verified the published radio and vehicle application to the best of our
ability. Due to uncontorllable factors,
can not 100% guarantee every
pubilshed applications. These factors include variables such as, anomalies with
-in a factory radio, factory radio heretofore unknown to
and partial
model year changes.
SECTION 2. Direct Mode, Playlist Mode and AUX
PA12-BMW and PA12-BMWdsp provide two ways to control your iPod through car
radio, namely Playlist Mode and Direct Mode.
2-1 Direct Mode (control on iPod directly)
Search and select music on iPod just as you would in portable use. Use the track
up/down on radio and steering wheel to control.
Among the 6 DISCs of radio’s CD changer mode, one DISC is dedicated to
Direct Mode. See section 3-2 of this manual for detail.
In Direct Mode, screen and keypad on iPod is unlocked and functional. You have
control and access to everything on your iPod in Direct Mode. You also have
Track Up/Down controls from the radio. No text will be displayed on the raidio
in Direct Mode.
Application Tip
Direct Mode allows the playing of streaming music such as
and SIRIUS XM Online from your iPhone or iTouch to car stereo.
2-2 Playlist Mode
Operates and controls the iPod like it is a CD changer. This mode allows you to access
Playlists and Songs on iPod from radio. iPod screen always displays “OK to disconnect
” or “Attached to accessory” and iPod’s keypad is locked and not functional. See
section 3-1 of this manual for more information.
Use the MODE button on radio to access iPod.
If your iPod has more than 4 Playlists, see Playlist Naming in Section 5 of this
2-4 AUX Input Option
In addition to the iPod, PA12-BMW and PA12-BMWdsp also can connect a second
audio source to car radio. Connect the second audio source to the RCA jack labeled
AUX INPUT. AUX input is enabled by setting the DIP switch #1 to OFF position at
the side of the interface adaptor. DIP switch #1 is only for the AUX INPUT and it is
independent of other DIP switches on the PA12-BMW and PA12-BMWdsp adaptor.
DIP Switch # 1 Setting:
DIP # 1 = OFF RCA AUX Input is Enabled
DIP # 1 = ON
RCA AUX Input is Disabled
SECTION 3. Mode Setting and Function Control
3-1 Playlist Mode + Direct Mode Configuration
3-1-1 Set DIP switches as follow:
DIP # 2
DIP # 3
DIP # 4
Note: DIP switch #1 is only related to RCA AUX option setting and it is independent
of these DIP switches. See section 2-4 for DIP #1 setting instruction.)
3-1-2 Functions and Radio Buttons
Press MODE button on radio to access iPod.
Press preset buttons on radio to access Playlists, Direct Mode and RCA AUX as
Radio Plays
Disc 1
Playlist # 1
Disc 2
Playlist # 2
Disc 3
Playlist # 3
Disc 4
Disc 5
Disc 6
Playlist # 4
IF DIP #1 = ON
All Songs
All Songs
IF DIP #1 = ON
Direct Mode IF DIP #1 = OFF
Direct Mode
IF DIP #1 = ON
Track up and down from steering wheel controls is supported.
A BUSINESS CD radio that has a rectangular shape faceplate, a function button
on radio may need to be pressed twice consecutively to active and complete a task.
Examples are:
Examples 1: press button 3 twice to access Playlist # 3.
Examples 2: press button m twice to active the fast forward or fast
rewind function of radio.
Note: By setting DIP # 3 to OFF position, radio button will be back to
single-press operation mode but text display feature will be disabled.
3-1-3 iPod Connecting and Playing
When iPod is connected to interface adaptor and CD button is pressed, iPod will
automatically begin at DISC # 4 ( if DIP #1 = OFF ) or DISC # 5 ( if DIP # 1 =
ON ). And, the iPod will continue to play the track in the Folder which was played
prior to the iPod being connected to the PA12-BMW or PA12-BMWdsp. When
the last track of the Folder is played, iPod will go to the first track of the All Songs
If your iPod has more than 4 Playlists, see Playlist Naming in Section 5 of this
3-2 Always Direct Mode + Direct Mode Only Configuration
If you prefer the interface to be always in Direct Mode, simply set the DIP switches
as follow. Then, access and control everything on your iPod directly from iPod
keypad. Steering wheel control and track up and down buttons on radio will also work.
DIP # 2
DIP # 3
DIP # 4
SECTION 4. CABLE CONNECTION (Reference Fig. 1 & Fig. 2)
Step 1- Set DIP switches according to instructions in Section 3.
Step 2- Must remove or eject all CDs from radio.
Step 3- Locate the factory CD changer cable in your vehicle. (See appendix A for
cable location references).
Step 4- Unplug the cables from the CD changer and / or satellite receiver if such
options are installed in your car.
Step 5- Verify the BROWN wire position on the factory CD changer cable as follow:
Note: If a 3-pin connector without a brown wire on it is plugged to this
iPod interface, sever electrical power short circuit will happen!!!!!
Make sure the plug’s #3 wire is BROWN
top view of the male plug female pin at the vehicle’s
pre-wired CD changer location.
pin / wire #
White or white / yellow
Red / white
Step 6- Connect the 3-pin connector on factory CD changer cable to the 3-pin
female connector on
CDL-BMW cable.
Step 7- For PA12-BMW model: connect the 6-pin male connector on factory
CD changer cable to the 6-pin female connector
CDL-BMW cable.
For PA12-BMWdsp model: connect the factory digital audio cable to
CDL-BMD cable.
* See chart on pg. 7 for location
* See chart on pg. 7 for location
* Please note: PA12-BMW / PA12-BMWdsp do not plug into the radio directly.
SECTION 5. Playlist Naming
5-1 When the iPod is connected to PA12-BMW or PA12-BMWdsp, the adaptor scans all
available Playlists on your iPod and will automatically assign the first 4 Playlists in
alphabetical order on your iPod to radio’s DISC 1 to 4. If you want the radio to access
Playlists which are not the first 4 Playlists ( by alphabetical order ), you need to name
your 4 favorite Playlists on iTune as follow:
Playlist # 1 ( DISC 1 ):
Playlist # 2 ( DISC 2 ):
Playlist # 3 ( DISC 3 ):
Playlist # 4 ( DISC 4 ):
The word BMW must be in capital letters and there can be no spaces between the
word BMW and numbers.
You may append text to the designated BMW Playlist names. Example: BMW1-jazz,
BMW3_Favorite3, BMW4 podcast, etc.
5-2 If less than 4 designated BMW Playlists are created, PA12-BMW or PA12-BMWdsp
will automatically fill up the rest of Playlist numbers beginning with the first available
Playlist on iPod ( in alphabetical order ). Example: if only 3 designated BMW1,
BMW3 and BMW5 Playlists are created, the Playlist # will be:
Playlist # 1 ( DISC 1 ): BMW1....
Playlist # 2 ( DISC 2 ): ( the 1 st available Playlist on iPod )
Playlist # 3 ( DISC 3 ): BMW3....
Playlist # 4 ( DISC 4 ): ( the 2 nd available Playlist on iPod )
Factory Pre-wired Cable Location for Most BMW Vehicles
Car Model
Cable Location
3 Series Left rear trunk, quarter panel area. Except 96 318Ti.
Right rear trunk, quarter panel area.
Rear compartment between rear speakers.
5 Series Left rear trunk, quarter panel area.
7 Series Left rear trunk, quarter panel area.
Left rear trunk, quarter panel area or center consol.
Left rear trunk, quarter panel area.
Right rear trunk, quarter panel area.
PA12-BMW and PA12-BMWdsp designs are subject to change without notice.
XM is registered trademark of SIRIUS XM Radio Inc.
iPod, iPhone, iTouch, iTunes are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
BMW is registered trademark of BMW of North America, LLC.
Your iPod through BMW Car Stereo System!
This adaptor connects an iPod, iPhone, or iTouch to your BMW audio system
with the following benefits:
• Connects iPod s audio output directly to BMW Audio system for optimal
sound quality playback.
• Displays text information on most CD Business radios.
• Offers two ways to access the music on iPod: Direct Mode & Playlist Mode.
• Charges iPod (both Firewire and USB charging types are supported) while playing.
Charging stops automatically 30 minutes after iPod is paused to prevent car battery drain.
• Connects Satellite radio, DVD player, or other audio source to the car audio system
through the AUX Audio Input jack.
** The chart and diagram below are for general references only. For detailed application and
compatibility please consult or call 626-336-3836.
3 Series
5 Series
7 Series
X3/ X5
Z3 /Z4
96 - 05
98 - 03
99 - 01
02 - 06
99 - 07
99 - 07
* P12-BMW is not compatible with navigation radios.
* Satellite radio & external CD changer must be disconnected.
* Radios with DSP buttons must use the PA12-BMWdsp model.
verified the published radio and vehicle application to the best of our ability. Due to uncontrollble
can not 100% guarantee every published application. These factors include variables such as,
anomalies within a factory radio, factory radio heretofore unknown to
and partail model year changes.
24254 02021
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