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Epson EB-G5450WU
Brilliant, full HD, WUXGA resolution
and precision control.
The Epson EB-G5450WU offers the ultimate projection solution for any auditorium or boardroom, even
in ambient light. It ensures amazing image quality with 4000 lumens colour and white light output,1 full
HD WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution and C2Fine™ technology. Engineered to integrate with both IP and
RS-232, the G5450WU works with industry-leading devices, offers easy remote monitoring and control
functionality using Epson’s Easy Management® software and is compatible with Crestron’s RoomView. The
G5450WU features DICOM simulation mode, ideal for use in medical education environments.
Bright, full HD performance — crystal-clear images with WUXGA resolution and C2Fine
technology, plus 4000 lumens colour and white light output1
Complete networkability — wired and wireless (optional) Crestron RoomView compatible
network connection, content over IP and message broadcasting
Enhanced connectivity — HDMI, DVI-D, VGA and multiple video and audio inputs
Multi-screen options — project two side-by-side images from different inputs, or up to
four images from network users
Five lens options — interchangeable bayonet lens options, including short-throw,
long-throw and rear-projection; plus horizontal/vertical lens shift for flexible setup configurations
Epson EB-G5450WU
The best-selling projectors in the world.
Epson understands business and education and has a solution no matter what your situation.
Built with image quality and reliability in mind, Epson projectors enhance communication and
inspire collaboration, while offering a low total cost of ownership. From long-throw projectors to
ultra-short-throw and all-in-one solutions, Epson has the model made for you.
Brilliant image quality
3LCD technology — for quality and
colour that’s beyond amazing
Amazing colour light output
Rich colour and detail are critical for
• 3 chips for full-time, vibrant colour
presentations — that’s why it’s important
• 25% less electricity required per lumen of brightness
when compared to 1-chip DLP projectors2
to understand that colour light output is an
• Over 20 years of road-tested reliability
built into every projector
performance. The G5450WU delivers
essential ingredient in achieving optimum
4000 lumens of colour light output and
4000 lumens of white light output1 for bright,
Dichroic mirror
C2Fine technology delivers a higher
contrast ratio
vibrant colourful images.
C2Fine offers smooth, uniform images with exceptional contrast
Dichroic mirror
3LCD chips
for better image quality. Based on this new phase-compensation
technology, light leakage is eliminated, and, when combined with
auto iris, it allows for contrast ratios of up to 1000:1.
3LCD technology
Advanced sharpness
Another feature Epson has transferred over from its industry
With C2Fine
Without C2Fine
leading home cinema projectors — advanced sharpness for
video. Depending on the content, users can adjust any of the
following attributes of the image depending on the content:
thin line enhancement, thick line enhancement, vertical line
enhancement or horizontal line enhancement.
Enhanced connectivity
The Epson G5450WU is equipped with:
• Full digital connectivity with HDMI and DVI-D ports
• 5 BNC, 2 video/audio, 1 x VGA and RS-232 for additional
Eco Features
For more information on Epson’s environmental
programs, go to
• Energy-efficient 3LCD light engine
• Designed to be recycled3
Full-featured performance
DICOM simulation mode
Improved video with 3:2 and 2:2 pull-down options
DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) is a
3-2 pull-down creates 60 frames per second and 2-2 pull-down
standard for handling, storing, printing and transmitting medical
creates 48 frames per second from 24 frames, as shown in the
imaging information. The projector’s DICOM Simulation Mode
enables users to reproduce images with an advanced grayscale
3-2 pull-down: The image is smoother.
level that simulates DICOM Part 14. This mode is ideal for viewing
2-2 pull-down: One frame length is the same as film. It is ideal for
grayscale medical images, such as X-rays, for training and
educational purposes.
Test patterns
The G5450WU also features four test patterns for precise
setup, including detecting distortion, checking linearity, colour
reproduction and bleeding, and DICOM simulation mode.
Normal Mode
DICOM Simulation Mode
6-axis colour adjustment
Colour Bars
For special projection material such as high-quality photographs
or artwork, users can adjust the hue, saturation and brightness for
six colours, RGBCMY (Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow).
Advanced control, monitoring and communication
Epson’s EasyMP® monitor tool
Full networkability
If you are searching for a solution that gives you control over your
Epson networked projectors can also be accessed from your
time, Epson network projectors with Easy Management capabilities
browser via an internal web page. Whether you assign a static IP
can help. Epson networked projectors provide built-in remote
address or enable DHCP, the projector becomes accessible once
access, with no licensing fees, to Epson monitor software. These
it’s integrated in your network. The internal web page lets you
features give you added control, with the ability to troubleshoot and
control items such as network configuration, projector settings and
monitor all Epson networkable projectors from any computer, over
e-mail alerts.
a wired or wireless Ethernet network.
Additional features to assist administrators/Help Desk
• Remote access and control through the network
• Remote monitoring of up to 1024 Epson networked projectors
• Simultaneously view status, including input sources, power
on/off, lamp life hours and more
• Preventative maintenance features, including temperature levels
and error alerts
• Schedule filter and lamp time settings
• E-mail notification (SMTP) to send alerts to your handheld device
Message broadcasting
• Enterprise SNMP plug-in available
This innovative feature enables you to broadcast customized
images/alerts over the network for announcements or instructions.
Messages can be sent to up to 1024 projectors simultaneously
and will overwrite the current screen content if the projector is
being used, unless this function is disabled by the presenter. If the
projector is off, message broadcasting will turn the projector on
and then display the message.
Network projection — content over IP
You can use EasyMP Network Projection to project your computer
content through the projector, via a network, for effective meetings,
presentations and digital signage applications. You can use either
wired or high-security wireless LAN connections and project the
same or up to four different images on up to four projectors, or
display a panoramic image.
Powerful content management
Split Screen
Multi-PC projection
Split Screen allows you to display content from two inputs
Epson Multi-PC Collaboration utility allows you to display four
simultaneously, side by side, on a single screen with the following
individual PC screens simultaneously over the network with another
12 users connected to the same projector on Standby mode.
• Three layout options, as shown below
You can drag and drop participants into or out of one of the four
• Video and presentation materials displayed simultaneously
quadrants. This feature is a great tool for meetings or classroom
• The ability to run video on both screens
projects where multiple users want to present and compare their
screens. You can also connect up to four remote projectors at
the same time and show the same multi-screen image — another
great tool for remote meeting setups.
Easy and flexible installations
Centered lens design
The G5450WU makes installation easy to plan with lens-to-screen
alignment. Installers can position the ceiling mount, screen and
projector independently of one another, knowing that the center of
the screen will align with the lens at the center of the projector.
Epson lens shift technology
In addition to added reliability and amazing colour performance,
Epson’s industry-leading 3LCD technology enables this projector
to achieve a wide range of lens shift capabilities, allowing you to
install around obstacles. This lens shift technology enables an
incredible range of ±58 percent on the vertical axis and ±9 percent
Five lens options
on the horizontal axis.
Remarkable placement flexibility with a 1.8x standard lens
(included). For even greater flexibility, Epson offers a total of five
lenses with varying ranges, including a rear-throw lens. This allows
users to choose the lens most suited for their environment. A
quick release lever allows for a quick, easy lens exchange.
Off-axis, flexible installation
The G5450WU also features a ±30-degree tilt operation for off-axis
positioning flexibility. As a result, it can be used for a wide range
of applications, such as projecting on angled surfaces. Epson
technology keeps the projector running without compromising
performance or causing overheating.
Quick Corner®
This innovative feature allows you
to move any of the four corners of an
image independently at setup, using the
remote control,for a perfectly rectangular picture.
Keystone correction
Adjusts up to ±30 degrees vertically and ±20 degrees
horizontally to easily achieve a perfect square image.
Low cost of ownership
Long-life lamp that’s easy to replace
Built-in 7 W speaker
This high-efficiency lamp lasts up to 2000 hours in Normal
• For multimedia applications — convenient built-in speaker
Mode and up to 3000 hours in ECO Mode. It can be replaced
quickly and easily, without having to uninstall the projector
from the ceiling.
Long-life electrostatic air filter
This innovative filter was designed to protect the optical engine,
lamp and electronics from small dust particles that can enter
any projector. It has a recommended 3000-hour filter cleaning
schedule7 and can capture particles as small as three microns,
due in part to its pleated, expanded design.
Monitor Out
Audio Out
Control Panel
Epson EB-G5450WU
Multimedia Projector
Product Name
EB- G5450WU
Product Code
Audio3 Audio1
(BNC) (Computer1)
AC Inlet
Computer 1
Video I/O
Other Features
Accessory Part Numbers
Projection System
High-aperture Epson 3LCD, 3-chip technology
Projection Method
Front/rear/ceiling mount
Driving Method
Epson Poly-silicon TFT Active Matrix
Pixel Number
2,304,000 pixel x 3 LCDs (1920 x 1200)
Native Resolution
1920 x 1200 (WUXGA)
640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1280 x 1024,
1400 x 1050, 1920 x 1080, 1920 x 1200
Aspect Ratio
Supports 4:3, 16:9, 16:10
Pixel Arrangement
Cross stripe
Colour Light Output1
4000 lumens
White Light Output1
4000 lumens (ISO 21118 standard)
Contrast Ratio (High Brightness,
Dynamic Mode)
Brightness Uniformity (typical)
Colour Reproduction
16.7 million colours
Size (projected distance)
30" – 300"
Lens Shift
Vertical: ±58 degrees
Horizontal: ±9 degrees
Keystone Correction
Vertical: ±30 degrees
Horizontal: ±20 degrees
Lamp Type
275 W UHE
Lamp Life6
2000 hours (Normal Mode)
3000 hours (ECO Mode)
Display Performance
NTSC: 560 line
PAL: 560 line
(depends on observation of the
multi-burst pattern)
Input Signal
Pixel works: video chip
3D Y/C separation, noise reduction
motion compensated
Interlace-Progressive conversion
(2 – 2, 3 – 2 film detection)
HDMI x 1
DVI-D x 1
Computer: D-sub 15 pin x 1
Video-1: 5-BNC x 1
Video-2: RCA x 1
Composite video: BNC x 1
S-Video x 1
Audio-in: Mini stereo x 3
Audio-in: RCA (L&R) x 1
Network: RJ-45 x 1, 100 Mbps
USB Type-A x 1
Serial: RS-232c
Hardwire remote jack x 1
Monitor-Out: D-sub 15 pin x 1
Operating Temperature
0 ˚ to 40 ˚C
Power Supply Voltage
100 – 240 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz AC
Power Consumption
393 W (Normal Mode)
330 W (ECO Mode)
11 W Standby (Communication on)
0.47 W Standby (Communication off)
Fan Noise
35 dB (Normal Mode)
30 dB (ECO Mode)
Security cable hole, lens lock,
Kensington® lock provision
Genuine Epson lamp
Replacement air filter
Wireless LAN 802 11 module
Standard lens
Long throw zoom
Middle throw 1 zoom
Middle throw 2 zoom
Rear projectior wide-fixed
Replacement remote control
Epson Ceiling mount
Extension pole 668 to 918mm
Extension pole 918 to 1168mm
Projection Lens
Manual focus/zoom
1.65 – 2.55
Focal Length
21.28 mm – 37.94 mm
Zoom Ratio
Optical zoom 1.0 – 1.8
Throw Ratio Range
1.30 – 2.36
Effective Scanning
Frequency Range
Pixel Clock
13.5 MHz – 162 MHz (up to UXGA 60 Hz)
15 kHz – 92 kHz
50 Hz – 85 Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Including Feet (with standard lens)
470 x 312 x 135mm
Excluding Feet, Lens
470 x 312 x 151mm
Weight 6.8kg
Remote Control
Power, source search selection, computer, video,
A/V mute, freeze, user ID, auto, aspect, color mode,
num, page up and down, E-zoom, volume, help,
menu, enter, esc and pointer functions
Operating Angle
Front: ± 60 degrees
Rear: ± 30 degrees
Front: ± 20 degrees
Rear: +10 to +45 degrees
Operating Distance
Service Programs
Three-year limited warranty
What’s In The Box
EB-G5450WU projector, power cable,
computer cable (VGA), projector remote control with
batteries, user manual CD, EasyMP software CD,
Quick Setup Sheet, password protection sticker and
lens lock screw
1 White and colour light output will vary depending on mode selected. White light output measured using ISO 21118 standard.
2 Data source: Jan 2010. Average of 910 shipping models for which the manufacturers provided lumens and total power data, all resolutions and brightness levels.
3 See our website for convenient and reasonable recycling options at
4 This projector does not meet the DICOM standard Part 14 and should not be used as a medical diagnostic device.
5 Lamp life will vary depending upon mode selected, environmental conditions and usage. Lamp brightness decreases over time.
6 Recommended based on normal room conditions. Cleaning requirements may vary depending on use, environment and other conditions. Cleaning intervals may be adjusted to accommodate
the environment in which the projector is used.
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