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The Captioning Solutions Company
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The Captioning Solutions Company
EEG Enterprises, Inc
586 Main Street
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Phone: 516.293.7472
Fax: 516.293.7417
Take control of captioning.
EEG solutions put you in command of closed captioning.
Broadcast, post, streaming, VOD, and live venues are
evolving fast – keeping up can feel daunting. But EEG has
been captioning ahead of the curve for over 25 years,
constantly looking ahead to what’s next.
EEG is more than just industry-leading hardware and
software. Our people are what set us apart: from world-class
support to custom creations, our customers know they can
always get in touch.
When captioning is crucial to your content -- you need EEG.
The Center of it All
EEG’s HD490 Smart Encoder is the center of the smartest
broadcast captioning system available. It’s the most advanced
edition yet of our industry-standard digital closed captioning and
HD VANC encoding solution. And instant iCap plus ComCC
support are built right in.
Naturally it’s compatible with all HD480 applications. Better yet,
the HD490 also supports the most advanced modules for Web
streaming using live CC data captured into Timed Text files, or
real-time data delivery through TCP or HTTP POST.
HD490 is also available for the openGear frame.
Get to the heart of a very smart system – EEG’s HD490.
 Easy and Flexible Encoder Setup - Encoders are identified by unique,
configurable, net names that are easier to remember than modem
numbers, and can be moved between different locations or devices
as needed.
 Robust Administrative Features - iCap’s built�in administrative system
allows broadcasters and caption agency administrators to monitor,
manage and supervise the captioning process far more efficiently
than ever before.
 Comprehensive Monitoring - With iCap, broadcasters can monitor the
system using the iCap Admin website or iCap Broadcast Monitor
software from anywhere.
EEG’s iCap Secure Realtime IP Captioning System has transformed HD
closed captioning. Efficient, easy, and intuitive, iCap is essential to an
ever-growing number of broadcast plants nationwide.
Added power for iCap comes from the ComCC 1250 iCap Interface Card,
a flexible and advanced virtualized telco connection tool featuring iCap
account management. iCap and ComCC combine to form a unified and
100% redundant live encoding solution with higher density and lower
operating expenses than traditional dial�up systems.
iCap continues to open up a universe of possibilities for broadcasters.
This unparalleled system provides:
 Superior Quality Captioning With Lower Delay - iCap enables captioning
with higher accuracy and lower delay. It’s renowned for high quality
audio for improved word recognition, with audio latency frequently as
low as 200 milliseconds.
 Improved Cost Efficiency - with a standard broadband connection, iCap
eliminates the need for a pair of phone lines per channel (or even more
expensive satellite equipment) for both broadcasters and caption
service providers. Or, to save while preserving full dial�up redundancy,
ComCC virtualization enables access to multiple encoder channels
through a single POTS pair.
 Enhanced Security - iCap uses a server�based authentication, connection,
and encryption model with all encoders safely behind existing firewalls.
 Instant Caption Generation - For the most basic captioning
applications, the iCap VC software transmits basic real�time captions
created from any text source, including input from your keyboard,
voice control software, or a simple formatted text file.
As iCap’s user base constantly expands, so does its capabilities.
 iCap Video – low�latency proxy video feedback to captioners enables
intelligent caption positioning, essential for compliance with FCC
mandates that captioning must not obscure banners, scoreboards,
faces, or other essential action.
 iCap Advanced Audio Delivery – Specially equipped HD490 encoders
using iCap can now provide real-time caption service providers with
advanced program audio feedback. The result: perfect synchronization
between video content and real-time captioning transcriptions.
 Faster Turnaround on Near�Live Programming with FilePro Live – Need
rapid captioning turnaround on near-to-air file-based video assets?
FilePro Live connects MPEG or MXF assets from EEG’s CCPlay FilePro
post-production encoding suite to a network of hundreds of
professional caption writers. Real-time writing and 15x stitching mean
closed captioning can be written prior to air even on tight schedules,
improving caption quality and reducing production risks.
 iCap Archives – iCap also supports local or cloud-based archiving of
caption text and timing, for automatic compliance with new
record-keeping requirements for closed captioning data.
EEG’s CCRecord provides broadcasters and captioners with an easy-to-use,
highly integrated solution for capturing as-run recordings of caption data.
With CCRecord, creating complete as-run caption data files based on a
program initially captioned in real-time is now a seamless process.
Create files with CCRecord, then immediately import them into caption
editing software such as EEG’s CaptionTrack for Apple® Final Cut Pro®.
Modify the files for timing or to correct any transcription errors, then
re-encode them to the video content for future airings.
SCTE-104 Suite
Get ready for more SCTE�104.
EEG’s SCTE�104 insertion
package, available on the HD490
or A1452 frame card, provides
ease�of�use and maximum
flexibility for triggering
advertisements, localizations,
and streaming DRM systems.
Trigger messages through GPI,
LAN, or an expanded preset
editing system, and then ensure
delivery through the DE285
VANC monitor. The DE285
provides the most comprehensive
monitoring on the market for
packet presence and timing,
plus detailed parsing and
interpretation. Missed triggers
means missed revenue, but the
DE285 never misses a beat.
EEG’s CB515 DTV Caption Legalizer® is the next generation of the
popular CB512, with an updated CEA-708 compliance engine that
continues to preserve caption interoperability with an ever-changing
array of set-top boxes, transmission encoders, video servers, and other
devices. This award-winning compliance tool is nothing less than
essential to broadcasters: It can almost completely eliminate
broadcast engineers’ downtime from DTV captioning-related
difficulties, by ensuring a fully compliant CEA-608 and CEA-708 data
stream. The CB515 is also available in high-density multi-channel
configurations using the openGear frame.
Streamline! EEG’s DE285 VANC Monitor and Caption Decoder converges
program monitoring and analysis with a two-in-one combo. It features a
full resolution HD viewer displaying closed captioning, V-chip, AFD, and
embedded audio levels, plus a detailed browser-based VANC analysis
suite with the ability to pause, capture, view, and log every packet on
every frame. Customizable alarms both on-screen and through the web
complete this sleek and efficient must-have multi-tool for VANC data
troubleshooting. The DE285 is also available for the openGear frame.
 Native HD-SDI video burn-in
 Customizable onscreen data display
 Embedded audio level and phase monitoring for up to 8 channels
 HD caption monitoring
 AFD, XDS/V-Chip/CGMS-A, Audio Metadata
 Video error alarms
 Browser-based live caption monitoring from any LAN-connected PC
 Instantly troubleshoot with powerful Web-based tools
 Unprecedented level of analytical detail
 Sortable, filterable, live VANC data dump
 Able to capture, pause and view every VANC packet from every frame
 Customizable triggers to capture fast-moving data events
 Continuous logging of packet dropouts and video errors
Web Workflow: Get hands on with an extremely powerful web interface,
offering possibly the most complete toolset yet for sifting and capturing
live VANC data. The EEG 285 system sorts data by its line location in
VANC, by DID/SDID, or through decoding of known services. It also offers
a full data dump for all packets, which can be frozen in place at any time
for analysis.
See it All: The EEG DE285 provides simultaneous on-screen display of all
decoded data types, including captioning, SCTE�104, AFD (Active Format
Descriptors), XDS including V-chip and CGMS-A, Audio Metadata,
Broadcast Flag, and Embedded Audio levels. The built-in embedded audio
monitor displays levels with peak holds for up to eight embedded
channels, plus phase for stereo pairs.
Go Pro for Post – CCPlay FilePro
EEG leads the way in post with CCPlay FilePro, our professional
tool for file-based closed caption workflow.
Capable of performing high-res MPEG and MXF caption encoding
at rates of 10X real-time or more, CCPlay FilePro brings maximum
post closed captioning efficiency, accuracy, reliability and
intuitive operation to Windows workstations.
This highly streamlined solution now includes a new bundled
player, which decodes caption data accurately and completely in
MPEG Transport Streams, MXF OP-1A, MXF AS-02, QuickTime, and
more. Equipped with a simple caption offset preview, it ensures
perfect synchronization between captions and audio/video content.
CCPlay FilePro also now features a fast, efficient process for
insertion of Video Description Services (VDS) into MXF bundles,
without time-consuming re-compression of pre-existing video and
audio tracks.
FilePro Inspect r
Speed up with SpotFix, EEG’s
post-production fix-up and QC
editor for MXF AS02 bundles
with closed caption stitching
and powerful ancillary data
tools. SpotFix supports the
MXF and JPEG-2000
standards, replaces
tape-based operations and
enables local repairs to files
without re-doing QC of the
entire program.
When it comes to QC, nothing gets past FilePro Inspector. EEG’s
comprehensive new QC tool allows broadcasters and post production
facilities to run automated validation tests on MXF AS-02 bundles with
unprecedented speed and efficiency. It also includes manual follow-up
features, giving you intuitive and insightful views into bundle structure,
essence, and metadata with unique clarity and precision. And experience
the new “Normalizer” feature, which features automatic and rapid manual
correction of many common AS-02 bundles irregularities.
Editors appreciate EEG’s CaptionTrack, a professional closed caption
editing plug-in for Apple® Final Cut Pro®. Optimized for the Final Cut
environment, CaptionTrack gives editors and producers an easy-to-use
and cost-effective tool for authoring, caption rework, and simultaneous
timeline-based editing with video and audio tracks – all within Final Cut.
Features of FilePro Inspector include:
 Flexible profile creation to tailor inspection results to custom
contribution requirements
 Detects proper wrapping of each media essence component in
the bundle
 Detects mismatches between top-level metadata and bundle contents
 Detects common problems with closed captioning and ancillary data
 Decodes and displays JPEG 2000 video essence in all common
frame rates
Reach Every Fan
EEG’s solutions streamline mobile production and in-stadium
captioning. iCap, EEG’s Secure Realtime IP Captioning System,
makes it quick and easy to connect remote captioners to an
on-location truck: Since iCap does not require phone lines or a
fixed IP address, mobile production providers can simply
plug-and-play with any broadband connection. EEG’s HD490 Smart
Encoder comes bundled with iCap, creating a portable link to the
widest network of real time CC service providers.
For scoreboard displays, the HD490 and DE285 HD Caption
Decoder/VANC Monitor team up for a straightforward path to
transcribing announcements to scoreboards and in-house IPTV
channels, ensuring full text accessibility for everyone in
attendance. And iCap on the HD490 efficiently links venues to
local or remote service providers for realtime on-scoreboard
How great would it be to stream live in-stadium captioning straight
to fans' mobile devices? That’s iCap CaptionCast. A
browser-based mobile application, CaptionCast streams live
captioning to smart phones, PDA’s, and other hand-held devices.
Put public address captioning directly into the hands of those who
want and need it, all while seamlessly integrating your facility’s
caption authoring system.
Does your broadcast CC go multi‐screen?
CCRecord is optimal for VOD – it’s an easy-to-use, highly integrated
solution for capturing as-run recordings of caption data (see p. 6 for more
CCPlay FilePro is our professional tool for file�based closed caption
workflow, with powerful features for streaming video. Encode or extract
caption files in mp4, QuickTime, Transport Streams and more, using
popular web caption formats including Timed Text, DXFP, SRT, and SCC.
Live Streaming solutions - HD490 modules to uplink through Flash, HTTP
If you’re live streaming, you need EEG’s HD490. It supports the latest
modules for Web streaming using live CC data captured into Timed Text
files, or real-time data delivery through HTTP POST or Flash/RTMP.
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