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User Guide
Heavy Duty CFM-CMM Thermo-Anemometer
With built-in non-contact IR Thermometer and Laser Pointer
Model HD300
Congratulations on your purchase of the Extech HD300 CFM Thermo-Anemometer. This
handheld meter measures and displays air velocity, air flow (volume), temperature of air, and
surface temperature (using the built-in non-contact IR thermometer). This meter is shipped fully
tested and calibrated and, with proper use, will provide years of reliable service.
CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer with built-in non-contact IR Thermometer measures remote
surfaces to 932°F (500°C) with a 30:1 distance to spot ratio and Laser pointer.
Simultaneous display of Air Flow or Air Velocity plus ambient temperature.
Eight (8) memory locations permit the user to store multiple air duct AREA values for fast and
easy recall.
Twenty (20) reading average for Air Flow or Air Velocity.
Large backlit LCD display.
3% velocity accuracy via low friction 2.83” (72mm) ball-bearing vane wheel on a 3.9‟ (120cm)
Data Hold and Max/Min/Avg.
Auto Power OFF (can be disengaged).
 Use extreme caution when the laser pointer beam is on
 Do not point the beam toward anyone's eye or allow the beam to strike
the eye from a reflective surface
 Do not use the laser near explosive gases or in other potentially
explosive areas
HD300-EN-V2.2 07/13
Meter Description
LED display for Air Velocity, Air Flow, Probe
Temperature, and remote surface temperature. Units
of measurement and user alerts are also displayed on
the LCD.
Vane Sensor. Hold the sensor in the flow of air to take
a reading.
IR sensor: Non-contact temperature measurement for
remote surfaces.
Laser Pointer: Helps the user aim the IR sensor.
Battery access: Cover on rear panel
PC interface jack: Use the supplied cable to connect
meter to a PC
Upper Keypad (brief descriptions below):
IRT: Press and hold to measure remote surface temperature. Release to hold the
temperature value on the display.
MAX/MIN (for air temperature measurements): Used to record and store the highest
and lowest readings for temperature measurements made by the vane probe.
AVG: Used to obtain Average for multi-point measurements in either FLOW or
VELOCITY modes. Up to twenty (20) points can be averaged.
(for air temperature measurements): Press to freeze the displayed
temperature reading measured by the probe. Press again to unlock the display. Press
and hold for 2 seconds to activate the LCD backlight. Press and hold again for 2
seconds to turn the backlight off.
Lower Keypad
On/Off button
(for air velocity and air flow): Press to record and store the highest,
lowest and continuous moving average readings for single point measurements. This
button also functions as the decimal positioning tool in the AREA mode.
C-F UNITS : Press to select the mode of operation and unit of measure. In FLOW
mode, the meter displays air volume. In VELOCITY mode, the meter displays air speed.
This button also functions as the UP arrow button in AREA mode.
AREA / NEXT: Press and hold to enter the AREA mode. The NEXT function allows the
user to save AREA values to any of eight memory locations. This button is also used to
clear stored readings in the MAX/MIN/AVG modes.
: Press to turn the meter ON or OFF
(for air velocity and air flow measurements) Backlight: Press to freeze the
displayed air velocity or air flow reading. Press again to unlock display. This button also
functions as the right arrow button in the AREA mode.
NOTE: Battery Compartment and Tripod Mount are located on the reverse side of the meter
HD300-EN-V2.2 07/13
Air Velocity Measurements
Side view of Vane
Connect the sensor to the sensor input jack on top of the
Turn ON the meter using the on-off
Select the VELOCITY function using the UNITS button.
Press the button repeatedly until the LCD displays VEL.
Press and hold the UNITS button for 2 seconds (until two
tones are heard) to change the temperature units from °C
to °F or from °F to °C. The LCD will reflect the selection.
Select the desired air velocity units using the UNITS
button. The LCD will reflect the selection.
Place the sensor in the air current to be measured with the
arrow on the inlet side of the vane (see diagram).
View the air velocity and temperature readings on the LCD
Air Flow (Volume) Measurements (CFM / CMM)
Connect the sensor to the sensor input jack on top of the meter.
Turn on the meter using the on-off
Select the FLOW mode using the UNITS button. Press the button repeatedly until the LCD
displays FLOW CFM (cubic feet per minute) or FLOW CMM (cubic meters per minute) as
Measure the dimensions of the duct or vent in question and calculate the area in square feet or
square meters
Note: If the dimensional measurements are made in inches (or cm), convert them feet (or meters)
before calculating the square area.
To begin entering the area in m2 or ft2 press and hold the AREA button for approx. 2 seconds
(until two tones are heard).
Momentarily press the NEXT button to select the desired memory location to store the area
value (there are eight locations).
Use the
button to change the value of the flashing digit, use the
another digit, and use the
button to move the decimal point.
Press and hold the AREA button for approx. 2 seconds (until two tones are heard) to save the
area value in memory.
Place the sensor in the air current to be measured with the symbol on the inlet side of the
button to select
10. View the air flow and temperature readings on the LCD Display.
If the CFM or CMM reading exceeds 9999, the display will show the X10 or X100 multiplier in
the lower right hand corner of the LCD indicating that the displayed value must be multiplied by
10 or 100 to arrive at the correct flow measurement value.
HD300-EN-V2.2 07/13
Non-contact IR Surface Temperature Measurements
The built-in IR sensor can remotely measure the temperature of just about any surface. The Laser
pointer allows the user to aim accurately when taking remote measurements.
Turn ON the meter using the on-off
The IR sensor is located at the top of the meter.
Point the sensor toward the surface to be measured.
Press and hold the IRT button to begin measuring the surface
temperature of a desired target. IR TEMP and
will appear on
the display. The laser pointer will switch on to help aim the meter.
The measured IR surface temperature will appear on the LCD.
The temperature displayed is the temperature of the area within
the spot.
When the IRT button is released, the laser pointer will switch off
and the reading will freeze (data hold) on the display for
approximately 7 seconds.
After the 7 second hold time the meter returns to the Air
Velocity/Flow and Air Temperature mode.
WARNING: Do not directly view or direct the laser pointer at an eye. Low power visible lasers
do not normally present a hazard, but may present some potential for hazard if viewed directly for
extended periods of time.
Data Hold
The HOLD button in the upper keypad area freezes the displayed vane temperature reading.
Press again to unlock the display.
The HOLD button in the lower keypad area freezes the displayed air velocity or air flow
measurements. Press again to unlock the display.
The HOLD indicator will appear on the LCD when the display is in Data Hold mode.
HD300-EN-V2.2 07/13
MIN-MAX-AVG Recording Modes
The HD300 has several MIN-MAX-AVG modes described separately below. MIN-MAX-AVG
functions are available for all measurements made with the vane sensor (air velocity, air flow, and
air temperature).
Continuous Moving Average
In the Continuous Moving Average mode the meter displays the continuous average of the
measured readings for up to a 10 hour period.
1. Turn the meter ON.
2. Place the sensor in the air stream.
3. Press the MAX-MIN button in the lower keypad area for air velocity / flow.
4. Press the MAX-MIN button in the upper keypad area for air temperature.
5. The meter will begin averaging readings once per second.
Single Point Min-Max-Avg
In the Single Point Average Mode the meter takes a reading once per second and stores the
highest, lowest, and average readings.
1. Turn the meter ON.
2. Place the sensor in the air stream.
3. Press the MAX-MIN button (lower keypad area for air velocity/flow; upper keypad
area for air temperature) to enter the REC mode and display only the highest reading
(display will show REC MAX).
4. Press again to view the MIN value (display will show REC MIN). Now the display will
show only the lowest reading.
5. Press again to view the AVG value (display will show REC AVG).
6. To return to normal operation mode, press and hold the MAX-MIN button until two
tones are heard.
Multi-point Average
In the Multi-Point Average Mode the meter averages up to 20 Air Velocity readings.
1. Turn the meter ON.
2. Press and hold the AVG button for 2 seconds (until two beeps are heard). A „0‟ will
display in the upper right hand corner of the LCD and „AVG‟ will appear on the
bottom of the LCD.
3. Place the sensor in the air stream under test.
4. Press the AVG button momentarily to capture the reading (a single tone will be
heard) and the HOLD and AVG icons will appear on the bottom of the LCD. The „0‟
that was displayed previously will increment to „1‟. This number will increment with
each successive press of the AVG button.
5. Take more readings (up to a maximum of 20) in the same fashion as described in
step 4.
6. The LCD will display the average of all the readings taken since the multi-point mode
was accessed in step 2.
7. To return to normal operation, press and hold the AVG button for 2 seconds (until
two tones are heard).
8. To clear the stored readings after exiting the Multi-point Average mode, press the
AREA button once.
HD300-EN-V2.2 07/13
Battery Replacement
When the battery icon appears on the LCD, the 9V battery must be replaced.
The battery compartment is located on the rear of the meter.
Press in and down on the arrow located above the tilt stand hinge.
Replace the 9V battery and the battery cover
Follow the valid legal stipulations in respect of the disposal of the device at the end of its lifecycle
Auto Power OFF override
The HD300 is programmed to turn off automatically after idling for 15 minutes. This is designed to
save battery life in the event the meter is left ON inadvertently. (Note: When the meter is in the
“CFF/CMM” or “Average” mode, Auto Power Off is disabled.)
To over-ride this feature:
Turn the meter OFF
Turn the meter ON while holding down the IRT
Release the button when
The meter will now remain ON until the user manually turns if OFF.
The next time the meter is turned OFF the Auto Power OFF function will be re-activated.
appears in the display.
USB PC Interface and Software
The HD300 is equipped with a communication jack on its upper left side. The supplied
communications cable connects to this jack and to a USB port on a PC. The supplied software
allows the user to view and save readings to the PC. Instructions for use and features are detailed
in the supplied software HELP utility.
HD300-EN-V2.2 07/13
IR Theory
IR thermometers measure the surface temperature of an object. The meter‟s optics sense emitted,
reflected, & transmitted energy that is collected and focused onto the meter‟s detector. The meter‟s
circuitry translates this information into an LCD reading.
InfraRed Measurement Considerations
When taking IR measurements the meter automatically compensates for ambient temperature
changes. Note that it may take up to 30 minutes to adjust to extremely wide ambient changes.
Low temperature measurements quickly followed by high temperature measurements may
require several minutes to stabilize as a result of the IR sensor cooling process.
If the surface of the object under test is covered with frost, oil, grime, etc., clean before taking
If an object's surface is highly reflective apply masking tape or flat black paint before measuring.
Steam, dust, smoke, etc. can obstruct measurements.
To find a hot spot, aim the meter outside the area of interest then scan across (in an up and
down motion) until the hot spot is located.
IR measurements cannot be made through glass.
IR Field of View
Ensure that the desired target is larger than the spot size. As the distance from an object increases,
the spot size of the area measured by the meter becomes larger. The meter‟s field of view ratio is
30:1, meaning that if the meter is 30 inches (cm) from the target, the diameter (spot) of the object
under test must be at least 1 inch (cm). Refer below to the field of view diagram.
Most organic materials and painted or oxidized surfaces have an emissivity of 0.95. Inaccurate
readings will result when measuring shiny or polished surfaces. To compensate, cover the surface
under test with masking tape or flat black paint. Allow time for the tape to reach the same
temperature as the material underneath then measure the temperature of the tape or the painted
HD300-EN-V2.2 07/13
Thermal Emissivity Table for Common Materials
0.90 to 0.98
Cloth (black)
Human skin
0.75 to 0.80
Charcoal (powder)
0.92 to 0.96
0.80 to 0.95
Lacquer (matt)
0.96 to 0.98
Rubber (black)
0.85 to 0.95
0.85 to 1.00
0.90 to 0.94
0.70 to 0.94
Chromium oxides
0.80 to 0.90
Copper Oxides
0.89 to 0.91
Iron Oxides
0.78 to 0.82
0.93 to 0.96
HD300-EN-V2.2 07/13
Useful Equations and Conversions
AREA equation for rectangular or square ducts
Height (H)
Area (A) = Width (W) x Height (H)
Width (W)
Area equation for circular ducts
Area (A) =
 x r2
Where = 3.14 and r2 = radius x radius
Cubic equations
CFM (ft3/min) = Air Velocity (ft/min) x Area (ft2)
CMM (m3/min) = Air Velocity (m/sec) x Area (m 2) x 60
NOTE: Measurements made in inches
must be converted to feet or meters before using the above formulae.
Unit of Measure Conversion Table
1 ft/min
1 knot
1 km/h
1 m/s
HD300-EN-V2.2 07/13
General Specifications
Dual Display Multi-function LCD with 9999 counts
Air Velocity: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mph;
Air Flow: CMM (m3/min) and CFM (ft3/min);
Air Temperature (through vane) and Surface Temperature (using the IR
thermometer function): °C and °F
Data Hold
Freezes displayed reading
Sampling rate
1 reading per second
Air velocity/Air flow sensor: Conventional angled vane arms with lowfriction ball bearing. Air temperature sensor: Precision thermistor (built
into the vane assembly); Surface temperature via non-contact IR
IR Distance to Spot ratio
IR Spectral response
6 to 14µm
IR Emissivity
0.95 fixed
Record and Recall lowest, highest, and average readings
Auto Power OFF
Automatic shut off after 15 minutes (can be disengaged)
PC Interface
USB PC Communication with supplied software and cable for data
Over range indication
Dashes appears on the LCD
Low battery indication
Battery symbol appears on the LCD
Power supply
9V Battery
Operating conditions
Meter: 32 to 122oF (0 to 50oC); 80% RH max.
Sensor: 32 to 140oF (0 to 60oC)
Dimensions / Weight
Main instrument: 8.0 x 3.0 x1.9" (203 x 75 x 50mm)
Sensor head: 2.8” (72mm) diameter
9.8 oz. (280g)
HD300-EN-V2.2 07/13
Range Specifications
Air Velocity Measurements
Accuracy (%rdg)
m/s (meters per second)
0.40 – 30.00 m/s
0.01 m/s
± (3% + 0.20m/s)
km/h (kilometers per hour)
1.4 – 108.0 km/h
0.1 km/h
± (3% + 0.8km/h)
ft/min (feet per minute)
80 – 5900 ft/min
1 ft/min
± (3% + 40ft/min)
mph (miles per hour)
0.9 – 67.0 mph
0.1 mph
± (3% + 0.4m/h)
0.8 to 58.0 knots
0.1 knots
± (3% + 0.4knots)
CMM (cubic meters per minute)
0-999,900 m3/min
0 to 999.9m2
CFM (cubic feet per minute)
0-999,900 ft3/min
0 to 999.9ft2
knots (nautical miles per hour)
Air Flow Measurements
Air Temperature (vane)
14 to 140 F (-10 to
0.1 C/F
±4oF (2oC)
Surface Temperature (IR)
-58 to -4oF (-50 to 20oC)
0.1o C/F
± 9oF (5oC)
-4 to 932oF (-20 to
0.1o C/F
±2% or ±4oF (2oC)
HD300-EN-V2.2 07/13
FLIR Systems, Inc. warrants this Extech Instruments brand device to be free of defects in parts and workmanship for three
years from date of shipment (a six month limited warranty applies to sensors and cables). If it should become necessary to
return the instrument for service during or beyond the warranty period, contact the Customer Service Department for
authorization. Visit the website www.extech.com for contact information. A Return Authorization (RA) number must be issued
before any product is returned. The sender is responsible for shipping charges, freight, insurance and proper packaging to
prevent damage in transit. This warranty does not apply to defects resulting from action of the user such as misuse, improper
wiring, operation outside of specification, improper maintenance or repair, or unauthorized modification. FLIR Systems, Inc.
specifically disclaims any implied warranties or merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose and will not be liable for any
direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages. FLIR’s total liability is limited to repair or replacement of the product. The
warranty set forth above is inclusive and no other warranty, whether written or oral, is expressed or implied.
Calibration, Repair, and Customer Care Services
FLIR Systems, Inc. offers repair and calibration services for the Extech Instruments products we
sell. NIST certification for most products is also provided. Call the Customer Service Department for
information on calibration services available for this product. Annual calibrations should be
performed to verify meter performance and accuracy. Technical support and general customer
service is also provided, refer to the contact information provided below.
Support Lines: U.S. (877) 439-8324; International: +1 (603) 324-7800
Technical Support: Option 3; E-mail: support@extech.com
Repair & Returns: Option 4; E-mail: repair@extech.com
Product specifications are subject to change without notice
Please visit our website for the most up-to-date information
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trois ans à partir de la date d’envoi (une garantie limitée de six mois s’applique aux capteurs et aux câbles). Si le renvoi de
l’appareil pour réparation devient nécessaire durant ou après la période de garantie, contactez le service client pour
autorisation. Pour obtenir les coordonnées, visitez le site Web suivant : www.extech.com. Un numéro d’autorisation de retour
(AR) doit être délivré avant tout retour de produit. L’expéditeur prend à sa charge les frais d’expédition, le fret, l’assurance et
l’emballage correct de l’appareil afin de prévenir toute détérioration durant le transport. Cette garantie ne s’applique pas aux
dommages imputables à l’utilisateur, tels que l’usage impropre ou abusif, un mauvais câblage, une utilisation non conforme aux
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Calibrage, réparation et services après-vente
FLIR Systems, Inc. offre des services de calibrage et de réparation pour les produits Extech
Instruments que nous commercialisons. Nous fournissons également une certification NIST pour la
plupart des produits. Contactez notre service client pour toute information sur les services de
calibrage disponibles pour ce produit. Un calibrage doit être effectué chaque année pour vérifier
les performances et la précision du mètre. Nous offrons également une assistance technique et un
service à la clientèle. Veuillez vous reporter aux coordonnées fournies ci-dessous.
Lignes d’assistance: États-Unis (877) 439-8324; international: +1 (603) 324-7800
Service d’assistance technique : Option 3 ; E-mail : support@extech.com
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HD300-EN-V2.2 07/13
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durante tres años a partir de la fecha de embarque (se aplica una garantía limitada de seis meses para cables y sensores). Si
fuera necesario regresar el instrumento para servicio durante o después del periodo de garantía, llame al Departamento de
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Servicios de calibración, reparación y atención a clientes
FLIR Systems, Inc., ofrece servicios de reparación y calibración para los productos que vendemos
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Llame al Departamento de Servicio al Cliente para solicitar información de calibración para este
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Reparación / Devoluciones: Opción 4; correo electrónico: repair@extech.com
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