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Product Type
Image Data
• Type: Digital Still AF camera with LCD monitor
• Max. Resolution: 4.84 Mega Pixels Output
with HyPicT™ Technology
• CCD:
- 1/1.8 inch Colour CCD
- Total number of pixels: 3.34 Mega Pixels
- Number of effective pixels: 3.24 Mega Pixels
• Zoom:
- Optical 3x zoom
- Seamless Digital 2x zoom
• LCD Monitor: Built-in 1.8inch, Color TFT
(110,000 pixels)
• Memory:
- Type 1 16MB CompactFlash Memory Card
- Maximum tested memory size: 240 MB
• Record Data Type: TIFF and JPEG (16 million
colours, 24bit)
• JPEG Image Resolution/Quality Modes:
- 2544 x 1904pixels (HyPicT™ mode)
- 2048 x 1536pixels (Super Fine mode)
- 1600 x 1200pixels (Fine mode)
- 640 x 480 pixels (Standard mode)
• TIFF Image Characteristics: Uncompressed
2544 x 1904 pixels HyPicT™ mode
• Printing Embedded Formats:
PRINT Image Matching™ and DPOF formats
for printing services
Camera Features
• Lens: F=7.0–21.0mm. f=2.0(Wide)–2.5(Tele)
(Equivalent to 34–102mm lens on a 35mm
• Aperture: f2.0/f2.3/f2.8/f4.0/f5.6/f8.0
• Sensitivity: Equivalent to ISO 100/200/400
• Focus: Auto Focus/Manual Focus
• Working Range:
- 0.5m (Normal mode)
- 0.2m - 0.5m (Macro Tele side)
- 0.06m (Macro Wide side)
• Shutter: 8 – 1/1000 sec.
• Exposure Control – Program Modes:
- Macro
- Portrait
- Landscape
- Sports
• Exposure Compensation:
- Manual adjustment (-2.0 to +2.0 EV,
21 steps)
- Program adjustment (-2.0 to +2.0 EV,
9 steps)
• Exposure Metering:
- Divided brightness (256 segment)
- Spot
• White Balance:
- TTL Automatic
- Fixed (5200ºK)/User defined
• Optical Viewfinder: Optical real image
viewfinder (View range: 83%)
• Flash Range: 0.5–4.2m(Wide), 0.5–3.4m(Tele)
• Flash Modes:
- Auto flash (Automatic flash in low light)
- Fill-in flash (Forced flash), flash off
- Leading or trailing slow synch flash
- Red-eye reduction
• Hot Shoe: For external flash connection.
An external flash, sold separately, can be
• Lens Adapter Ring: 49mm for compatible
additional optical lens and filters
Shooting Modes
• Self-Timer: Electronic self-timer with 10 sec.
• Macro: Working range : 0.2 – 0.5m
*Wide side only
• Monochrome: Monochrome imaging
• Digital Zoom: Seamless Digital Zoom up to 2x
• Stitching Mode: Overlapped image preview for
panoramic image creation
• Continuous Shooting:
- *2 shots/sec. Approx. 47 shots (640x480)
- **1.5 shots/sec. Approx. 13 shots (1600x1200)
- ***1 shot/sec Approx. 7 shots (1984x1488)
(Standard Compression Mode)
• Time Lapse: From 10 seconds up to 24 hours
Multimedia Functions
• Video Clip: Up to 35 sec. QuickTime 320 x 240
video file recording (25 sec with sound)
• Image Sound Annotation: Up 10 sec. sound
recording in WAV file format.
Also available in view mode.
Other Functions
• Image Capacity (PAL model):
- 16MB CompactFlash Memory Card
Standard/Low compression:
- HyPicT™ mode: 12 pictures (Average)
- Standard mode: 199/122 pictures (Average)
- Fine mode: 56/29 pictures (Average)
- Super-fine mode: 29/15 pictures (Average)
• Average Battery Life – With provided AA
Alkaline batteries:
- 4000 shots with optical view finder
(continuous capture)
- 155 shots with LCD (30 sec power save)
- 3.5 hours in Play back mode
(with no power saving)
Package Content
• Application Software:
- EPSON Photo!4
- EPSON File Converter
- PhotoQuicker
- QuickTime 4
- Adobe® Acrobat® Reader
- Panorama Boutique (see software panel)
- PhotoSuite
• Camera Accessories:
- Case
- Lens cap
- Strap
- 49 mm lens adapter ring
• Cables: USB, AV
• Other:
- 4 x AA Alkaline batteries
- 16MB Compact Flash card memory
- Paper user manual
Interface(External Connectors)
• Video Out: NTSC or PAL
• DC Input Terminal: AC adapter (7.0V)
• Computer Communication: USB interface
with exclusive USB cable
Power Supply
• 4 x AA Alkaline batteries
• Optional AC adapter (DC 7.0V)
• 4 x optional rechargeable batteries 1500 mA
Dimensions and Weight
• W x D x H: 108mm x 65mm x 89mm
• Weight: 358g (Without batteries, Strap
and CompactFlash memory card)
• 240V AC adapter
• 220V (Z-AN) AC adapter
• Power Pack (Ni-MH Rechargeable
battery and charger)
• 4 x 1500 mA Ni-MH batteries
• EPSON Image Authentication System
Environmental Conditions (Operating)
• Temperature: 5 to 35oC
• Humidity: 30 to 80%
• Standard: 1 year
System Requirements†
• PC: Microsoft® Windows® 98/ME/2000
• Macintosh®: Macintosh® System 8.5.1 – 9.1
† EPSON warrants compatibility only with notified operating system. For higher operating system compatibility,
please contact you local dealer.
Printed on chlorine free
recycled paper
As an international ENERGY STAR
Partner, EPSON has determined
that this meets the international
ENERGY STAR Program for energy
Campus 100, Maylands Avenue,
Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP2 7TJ
Telephone: +44 (0) 1442 261144
Fax: +44 (0) 1442 227227
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All other product names and other company names
used herein are for identification purpose only and
may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of
their respective owners.
EPSON disclaims any and all rights in those marks.
Print samples shown herein are simulations.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
High performance digital camera
• 3.34 MegaPixel optical output, 4.8 MegaPixel output with EPSON HyPicT™
• Includes EPSON PRINT Image Matching™ Technology
• 6 x seamless optical-digital zoom
• Automatic, Program and full Manual operation
*Lightfastness test criteria (indoor display condition)
Light Source:
Glass Mount:
Fade criteria:
Display-life calculation:
Fluorescent light
70,000 lux
60% RH
2mm, soda lime
Pure YMC 30% loss at OD=1
Total illuminance (500lux x
10 hours x 365 days = 1 year)
• USB interfaces for PC and Mac compatibility
• Video Clip function for capturing motion pictures and sound
PhotoPC 3100Z.UK.11.5.01
10:52 am
Page 3
Creating the Complete
Photo Studio
PhotoPC 3100Z Digital Camera
The perfect combination of professional quality
results, high speed and amazing digital flexibility
Not just stills – movies too!
The EPSON PhotoPC 3100Z takes digital photography to the next level. In addition
to image resolution up to 4.8 MegaPixels, high speed processing and unique digital
capabilities such as sound and video recording, the camera is packed with
next-generation features designed to ensure that you achieve the best possible
printed results. In fact, with EPSON’s new PRINT Image Matching™ Technology,
your camera will automatically ensure the optimum printer settings for the type
of photograph taken and can create superb results.
Unlike any traditional camera,
the EPSON PhotoPC 3100Z can
capture up to 25 seconds of
mini-movies with sound – just
like a camcorder. This can then
be played back on your computer, TV, VCR
or multimedia projector, an invaluable tool
when scouting locations.
Mode dial
Key Features:
Zoom function T/W
Hotshoe facilitating use
with external Flash guns
Matching™ Technology
Internal Flash
Developed in association
with leading digital camera
manufacturers, EPSON PRINT Image
Matching™ Technology is a major advance
in photo printing technology, creating a
perfect match between digital camera
and printer.
• 4.8 MegaPixels output with enhanced
• EPSON PRINT Image Matching™ Technology
• 6 x seamless optical-digital zoom
• Compact, fully featured
• Automatic, Program and comprehensive
Manual control
• 1.8" TFT LCD monitor
• 25 seconds motion picture and voice
card slot
• Spot and divided brightness metering
• Manual exposure compensation
• White balance adjustment
• 49mm lens adapter for additional lenses
and filters
• 16MB CompactFlash memory card
Secured behind
rubber cover
• Windows and Mac compatible
• USB interface
• Output to Jpeg or Tiff file formats
Conventional 3 MegaPixel Image
• Hot shoe for external flash gun and
lighting systems
Print/DPOF button
• Built-in Photo Stitching Assistant
• Bundled software - see opposite for details
Unbeatable EPSON quality
The EPSON PhotoPC 3100Z has a CCD
resolution of 3.3 MegaPixels, which is
enhanced to amazing 4.8 MegaPixel quality
with EPSON HyPicT™ (Hyper Picture
Technology). This highly efficient process
enables improved quality and detail in
larger prints up to A3 whilst maintaining
smaller file sizes compared with other
interpolation techniques.
Ease of use LCD and menu buttons
Optical viewfinder and focus adjust
PhotoPC 3100Z HyPicT™ Image
Fully Auto, Manual or Program control
divided brightness metering, exposure
compensation and white balance
adjustment. Combinations of settings
can then be saved to the Fixed
Settings Mode and recalled later.
The EPSON PhotoPC 3100Z can be as
complex as you want it to be. For truly
professional operation, you can take full
manual control of all photo and priority
settings including focus, shutter, aperture,
macro, ISO film equivalents, spot or
However, for even simpler operation, a
range of Program settings is available to
suit standard conditions, or if you really
want to let your camera do all the work,
you can switch to fully automatic mode.
Close-up or panorama, night or day
To seamlessly take you as close to the
action as you need, the EPSON Photo PC
3100Z has 6 x seamless optical-digital zoom
capabilities (3 x optical and 2 x digital)
which is equivalent to 34 – 102mm on a
conventional camera, and Macro settings
are included for really close-up subjects.
And to suit any light conditions, there is
an internal multi-function flash – with
automatic, red-eye reduction, forced, off
and leading or trailing slow synchro settings
– or a hot-shoe for external flash gun.
When a photograph is taken, the camera
stores the picture settings. By using an
EPSON PRINT Image Matching™ enabled
camera and printer, the printer driver is
able to exactly recreate these original image
settings. It is therefore able to maintain
the wide range of colours captured by the
camera that are often lost during normal
image processing.
Prior to shooting, simply select the required
image type from options including
Portrait, Landscape, Macro, and Sports.
The image will then be digitally ‘tagged’
as it is taken, which means you don’t need
to use a computer when printing, because
the appropriate settings will be sent
directly to a PRINT Image Matching™
enabled EPSON Stylus printer such as the
EPSON Stylus Photo 895.
System (IAS)
For applications where image integrity and
security are paramount, this tamper-proof
system gives your images a unique ‘digital
fingerprint’ at the point of capture. It uses
the standard JPEG file format and enables
photos to be encrypted, watermarked or
saved as Write-Once Read-Only CD files.
The system is invisible until the advanced
IAS software is activated, ensuring strict,
traceable control of image authenticity.
Simple lens switching
The EPSON PhotoPC 3100Z is ready to go
straight out of the box, but for extra
flexibility, the standard 49mm lens adapter
ring enables additional telephoto or
wide-angle lenses and filters to be used.
Unbeatable power and control
In addition to the optical viewfinder, the
built-in 1.8" TFT colour LCD provides clear,
sophisticated photo management facilities,
including photo preview and review at up
to 3 x magnification in 0.1 increments.
The standard 16MB CompactFlash card
stores up to 197 standard photos (640 x
240) or 12 HyPicT™ images (2544 x 1904),
with unlimited optional capacity available
from the latest Type 1 CompactFlash Cards.
In addition the PhotoPC 3100Z acts as a
driver, ensuring a quick and easy route to
all images and movies. The PhotoPC 3100Z
uses newly developed ASIC technology
that enables low power consumptions enabling longer battery life.
EPSON offers total digital imaging solutions which
bring the entire professional photo process into your
studio. Through a combination of EPSON’s awardwinning Micro Piezo™ and PRINT Image Matching™
technologies, there’s no better solution. From
remarkable value home printing to professional, large
format proofing, the levels of quality provided by
EPSON’s PhotoPC digital cameras, Stylus inkjets and
genuine consumables are quite simply unbeatable.
Lightfastness in excess of 20 years*
A breakthrough in image longevity
EPSON photo prints offer
unprecedented lightfastness and
overall durability. The ultimate
combination of the EPSON PhotoPC
3100Z digital camera, EPSON's
Stylus Photo 895 inkjet printer
and EPSON's large range of media
offers photographers and photo
enthusiasts a complete photographic solution.
Sophisticated photo management
The PhotoPC 3100Z offers a range of
versatile image management and
manipulation software that provides
you with full control of your
Image management:
• EPSON Photo! 4
• EPSON AutoDownloader
• EPSON CardMonitor
• EPSON Image Authentication
Software (optional)
Image manipulation:
• EPSON PhotoQuicker 3
• Panorama Stitcher Light EP
The EPSON PhotoPC 3100Z also
conforms to the Digital Print Order
Format system, which stores
information in the memory card for
specification of image size, index, title,
date and other information which can
be recalled even if printing is taking
place away from your computer.
3x Optical zoom providing
crisp, clear results
Printing Mode: “Quality”
Mode (PRINT Image
Matching™ is not checked)
Printing Mode: “Quality”
Mode (PRINT Image
Matching™ is checked)
The ultimate professional photo
studio – EPSON PhotoPC 3100Z
and the PRINT Image Matching™
enabled EPSON Stylus Photo 895