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Software for NetworkBased Video Recording
„ Open IP software for visualization, recording and playback of up to 64
network cameras per server
„ Direct streaming of IP cameras to the RemoteView client
„ Compatible with Windows 7 (32-bit)
„ Support of Intel dual-core or quad-core processors to enhance system
„ Simple intuitive installation and operation of the video monitoring system
„ Playback of live and recorded video and audio streams from network
„ Client/server architecture for scalable video surveillance solutions from small
stand-alone systems to large distributed systems with multiple servers
„ Integration of network cameras from Siemens and many other
manufacturers, including Axis, Sony, Panasonic or Mobotix
„ Multi-monitor support for client and server (up to 4 monitors) with flexible
arrangement of the monitors
„ SISTORE MX 2.90 now supports larger HDDs, thus enabling capacities of up
to 16 TB in conjunction with NAS systems
Answers for infrastructure.
Software based on standard IT hardware and protocols – the performance of the system is determined by the underlying hardware
Integration into existing IT and network infrastructure
Direct streaming of IP camera directly to the RemoteView client for live image display via MPEG4 format
Full support of Windows 7 (32-bit operating system only)
Support of Intel dual-core or quad-core processors to enhance system performance
Support of network cameras as well as analogue cameras via video server
Various accessories are optionally available, e.g. remote keyboard/jog shuttle for control of PTZ/dome cameras, etc.
Support of various image resolutions from QCIF to megapixel
Simplified operation through hierarchical maps
Simultaneous display, recording and playback of live images (triplex operation)
Automatic notification in case of an alarm
User administration with individual user rights
Automatic archiving with signature
Import/export of configuration settings
Certification according to BGV (UVV – accident prevention regulations for banks)
Simultaneous search on several servers from the RemoteView (e.g. for logistics applications)
Zoom functionality within the live image using the mouse (particularly useful with megapixel cameras)
Support of virtual alarm contacts for motion detection and alarm inputs directly in the camera
Connection of cash dispensers and cash box systems
"Smart Search" for fast retrieval of recorded video sequences
Player software to play back exported video and audio files with signature
Fast integration of new camera models. Please contact our Customer Support Center:
System overview
SISTORE™ MX NVS is a software solution for network-based video monitoring systems. It allows the user to display, record and play
back live images and to access them via a network. SISTORE™ MX NVS is suitable for multiple applications, including office buildings,
retail stores or banks, for the surveillance of rooms, buildings, production workshops, critical public areas or any outdoor areas where
security is important.
„ Quick and easy installation and operation
The system is ready for operation after installation of the software and configuration of the network cameras. Owing to its modular
design it can be updated and tailored to specific requirements at any time. Most buttons are provided with easy-to-understand symbols
that are placed at suitable points within the window. This allows for intuitive operation of the program. Depending on the licence,
display and recording is possible with up to 64 network cameras at the same time.
„ RemoteView Client software
The RemoteView Client software allows the operation and administration of several servers from a central workstation. The images
stored on 10 servers can be displayed simultaneously. Through the integrated map function, the relevant camera pictures – live or
recorded – can be displayed by simply clicking on the camera icon in the map. Furthermore, the status of the connected cameras or
alarm inputs and outputs is displayed. The virtual guard function allows the time-controlled, automatic connection to various server
systems in a specific order and the display of the pre-defined cameras. It is possible to configure remote devices via the network.
„ Live monitoring
A simultaneous display of all cameras for live surveillance is possible at the same time as recording. The system is fully customizable
and allows a definition of all forms of alarm scenarios according to date, time, connected periphery, ambient conditions and
plausibility routines. The system supports PTZ camera control, using either a connected jog shuttle, a CKA4820 control unit, or the
graphic control elements on the software's user interface. The multi-user control function ensures that while a PTZ camera is being
controlled by a user it will be blocked for all other users.
„ Recording and playback
Basically the system allows two different operational recording modes which may also be combined with each other:
− Long-time recording analogous to the operation of a standard video recorder, possibly with reduced quality and frame rate in order
to save hard disk space.
− Event-triggered recording, e.g. with motion detection, is the recording of alarms with their pre-history using a ring buffer.
All the recorded camera images are displayed in a timeline, which enables the desired images to be found easily and quickly. It is
possible to simultaneously play back the images of several cameras which can be freely selected.
„ Motion detection and tamper protection
To optimize hard-disk storage, the pixel-based motion detection system allows the user to define areas of interest in a scene, and only
when motion occurs within this area will the images be recorded. The motion detection can be used to trigger an alarm and increase
the recording rate to ensure that all important information is stored.
SISTORE™ MX NVS is equipped with an integrated sabotage protection, recognising camera re-positioning, covering, spraying and defocussing. Verification of the correct camera position is easy using the reference image.
„ System requirements
NVS Server
RemoteView Client
Operating system
Windows 7 (32-bit) Professional
Windows 7 (32-bit) Professional
Windows XP SP2 (only 32-bit)
Windows XP SP2
Windows Vista Enterprise (only 32-bit)*
Windows Vista
Windows Server 2003 32-bit (project-specific*)
Windows Server 2008 32-bit (project-specific*)
Operating system language
Display resolution
Min. 1024 x 768 pixels
(depending on graphics card and monitor)
Min. 1024 x 768 pixels
(depending on graphics card and monitor)
Colour depth
16-bit high colour
16-bit high colour
Graphics card
Min. 2 DVI outputs, up to 4 DVI outputs
depending on the application,
Min. 512 MB graphics memory, or rather 1024
Min. 2 DVI outputs, up to 4 DVI outputs
depending on the application,
Min. 512 MB graphics memory, or rather 1024
Intel dual-core or higher (multi-core CPU
supported but not DUAL processor CPU, AMD
CPU not supported)*
Intel dual-core or quad-core
Min. 3,0 GHz
Min. 2.6 GHz
Main memory
Min. 1024 MB RAM
(recommended: 4096 MB RAM)
Min. 512 MB RAM
(recommended: 2048 MB RAM for XP, 4096
MB RAM for Vista)
File system
Gigabit Ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet
Free hard drive capacity
Min. 120 GB
Min. 60 GB
System partition C
Min. 10 GB
Min. 10 GB
Archive drive
Min. 1 archive drive (D: or further drives)
For banking mode with cash dispensers:
min. 2 archive drives
Max. archive drives:
5 TB for event recording*
16 TB at long-term*
„ Technical data
Cameras per NVS Server for recording Max. 64 depending on the licence; the appropriate dongle must be plugged in
and live image display
Video compression format
Recording: MJPEG
Transmission over the network between NVS Server and RemoteView Client: MPEG4
Direct streaming from the IP camera directly to the RemoteView client: MPEG4
Max. number of servers in the system 2000
Simultaneous connections from a
Max. 10 connections
RemoteView Client to different servers
Simultaneous access of several
RemoteView Clients to a server
Max. 16 clients
Performance of the NVS Server
Dependent on the hardware used*
Video and audio recording
Internal: on hard disk
External: on NAS (Network-Attached Storage)*
Simultaneous display of live images
NVS Server: 64
RemoteView Client: 36
Simultaneous and synchronous
playback of recorded sequences
Max. 4
Recording modes
Long-time recording, motion detection, alarm inputs, software trigger, cash box system
Event actions
Automatic notification (to the RemoteView Client), email, SMS, FTP transmission, alarm
outputs, acoustic signalling, moving to preset positions
Search for recorded images
Timeline, date and time, logbook, multi-server search
Network connection between NVS
Server and RemoteView Client
Network connections: LAN, WAN
Dial-in connections: ISDN, POTS
User management
Individual user administration with global (e.g. setup) and camera-related user rights (e.g. PTZ
Open interface for integration into
higher-order system
Support of VSS-SDK V2.5.1 and V1.4.2. The software is for instance integrated in Video
Management IVM, alarm system MM8000, access control systems SiPass Entro and SiPass
Languages supported by the software Czech, Danish, German, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Polish,
Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish
* Please contact our Technical Competence Center in case of extended configurations not mentioned here (e.g. higher hard disk capacity, other type of
processors. Email: Tel.: +49 89 9221 8000
„ Supported IP cameras
For an overview of the supported cameras please refer to the document "SISTORE MX IP Cameras"
(STEP No.: A6V10321167).
Scope of delivery
USB dongle for the software licence with 4, 9, 16, 32 or 64 network cameras (the software licence can be upgraded).
Supplement "Getting started“
CD with SISTORE™ MX NVS Software, Installation Instruction, Configuration Manual and User Manual.
− If no USB dongle is installed, the software runs in demo mode and only one network camera is supported.
− When using direct streaming, make sure that the RemoteView client is equipped at least with an Intel dual-core processor (or rather
a quad-core CPU) and a high-performance graphics card (e.g. 1024 MB graphics memory, using the latest graphics drivers).
− Audio recording from the network cameras takes place over IP.
− Only one microphone each can be connected to the server or the RemoteView client via the audio port on the PC.
„ Details for ordering
Order No.
Open IP software for 4 network cameras
Open IP software for 9 network cameras
Open IP software for 16 network cameras
Open IP software for 32 network cameras
Open IP software for 64 network cameras
„ Accessories
(not included in the delivery)
Order No.
MX Multi-Channel Box (CDM, POS, Data) S24245-F5092-A1
For connection of cash dispensers or cash-register
PTZ control unit + joystick
Further products and accessories can be found in the Internet: > Catalogue Downloads.
The information in this document contains general descriptions of technical options available, which do not
always have to be present in individual cases.
The required features should therefore be specified in each individual case at the time of closing the
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