Product Facts
Sentinel FrostCheck Test Kit
For Installation Validation Checks and Ongoing Monitoring
The Sentinel FrostCheck Test Kit is designed
for use during both installation and maintenance
of Ground Source or Air Source Heat Pump
systems using glycol-based heat transfer
(thermal) fluid. After installation the test kit will
allow you to confirm the level of antifreeze
present in the thermal fluid. During routine
service visits it is important to continue to monitor
the condition of the antifreeze/thermal fluid for
Progressive degradation will occur after several
years in the system and the fluid will eventually
need replacing. The test kit allows you to
determine exactly when the replacement is
The kit also allows the performance of the
system to be measured. A FrostCheck Survey
Sheet is available on the Sentinel web site
allowing you to record relevant information during
ongoing maintenance. A copy of the completed
report form can then be left with your customer.
The FrostCheck Test Kit is supplied in a
compact, durable plastic case and contains the
following items:
Pack of pH papers (Range 6.0 – 10.0)
Mini Infra Red (IR) Thermometer
Sample bottle
Plastic dropper
The test kit is also supplied with a CD that
contains full user instructions.
Method of Use
At system installation, the refractometer is
used to confirm that the correct level of antifreeze
is present in the thermal fluid.
During ongoing maintenance, the performance
of the system can be measured by taking
temperatures from the heat pump using the Mini
Infra Red Thermometer.
A sample of thermal fluid is taken and the
appearance noted, the pH measured using the
supplied pH papers and the level of antifreeze in
the thermal fluid measured using the
refractometer. After a number of years the
thermal fluid is likely to need replacing and by
comparing the results from the assessment of the
sample with the guideline figures provided in the
kit instructions and on the FrostCheck Survey
Sheet, a reliable decision can be made as to
whether thermal fluid needs to be replaced.
System Treatment
If the thermal fluid needs of replacing then
Sentinel recommend Sentinel R500 for Ground
Source and Sentinel R600 for Air Source
systems. These products provide satisfactory
levels of antifreeze, excellent corrosion inhibition,
resistance to degradation and an extended
lifespan in the system.
Sentinel Performance Solutions Ltd, The Heath Business & Technical Park
Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 4QX T: +44 (0) 1928 588330 F: +44 (0) 01928 588368
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