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When cleaning, never unscrew the
boiler cap whilst the unit is
pressurised. Steam will shoot out
and burn you. Always switch off,
unplug and leave overnight before
commencing to clean the boiler.
Don’t get burnt by the iron’s steam,
hot water, soleplate or iron rest.
Keep children away from the steam
station. And make sure they can’t
grab the cords and pull the steam
station down.
Trailing cords are a hazard, keep
them out of the way to prevent
Never iron clothes being worn.
Never put the steam station, cord or
plug in liquid – you could get an
electric shock.
Always remove the water tank from
the steam station when filling from a
Don’t let the power and steam
supply cords touch hot parts.
Don’t let infirm people use the steam
station without supervision.
During ironing pauses and after use
always place the iron flat on the iron
rest of the steam station.
Never leave the steam station on
Never use a damaged steam station.
Get it checked or repaired: see
‘service and customer care’.
Only use this appliance for its
intended domestic use.
Don’t let children play with the steam
Don’t touch the appliance with wet
or damp hands.
Always switch off and unplug the
steam station before fitting or
removing the detachable iron.
Always unplug the steam station
when not in use and allow to cool
before moving or cleaning.
It is extremely dangerous to direct
the steam towards people or
Only use water with this appliance.
During use, the steam station must
be stable and used in a horizontal
Never attempt to attach any
unauthorised accessories to the
steam station. Outlet 19 should only
be used with the Delonghi Multicare
accessory kit.
Never let the iron touch or rest
against the water tank.
before using for the first time
1 Remove all packaging and any
stickers or labels.
2 Wind excess cord around the base
of the steam station.
3 Test the iron on an old cloth to make
sure the soleplate and water tank are
clean. We recommend that you
allow steam to disperse by pressing
the steam button in order to release
any residues that may have built up
during the manufacturing process.
● Repeat step 3 after prolonged
periods of storage.
before plugging in
Make sure your electricity supply is
the same as the one shown on the
underside of the steam station.
know your De’Longhi
steam station
using your steam station
1 Fit the detachable iron into it’s
socket: Lower the outlet cover, then
with the arrow on the connector
uppermost, push into the socket
until fully home. To remove, squeeze
the ribs on either side of the
connector and pull out . Never
remove the iron by pulling on the
2 Place the steam station on the
support of the ironing board or any
other stable surface nearby with the
iron sitting on the iron rest. Make sure
the steam station is unplugged and
that the power and steam supply
cords are unrolled and not kinked.
3 Fit the cord cactus into one of the
cord cactus locations. Place the
steam supply cord into one of the
grooves on the other end of the cord
cactus. This will keep the cord in an
upright position.
lock for continuous steam
steam button
temperature control with
indicator light
water tank cover
water tank
water tank guard rail
iron rest
cord cactus locations
power supply cord
cord storage
outlet for detachable iron
steam supply cord
boiler cap
variable steam control
low water indicator light
on/off button
ready to steam indicator light
outlet for Multicare accessory kit*
carry handle
cord cactus
detachable iron
PTFE soleplate not illustrated
(model IC800 series only)
* The Multicare accessory kit model
ICK01 and the PTFE soleplate model
ICSP01 are not included with model
IC700, but it may be able to be
purchased separately by contacting
the shop where you purchased the
steam station or by visiting
filling with water
1 Lift off the water tank cover and fill
with water. Replace the cover.
2 Remove the tank by lifting off. Lift off
the cover, then fill the tank under the
tap. Re-fit the cover. Replace the
tank into its original position by
gently pushing into place.
● Filtered water is best as it reduces
limescale, prolonging the life of your
steam station (water filters are widely
available). Alternatively use tap water.
● If you need to refill your steam
station during use, we recommend
the empty water tank is removed for
filling. If filled whilst fitted, always
unplug the steam station first.
2 Turn the temperature control to the
desired setting. For best results
when steaming we recommend that
the temperature control should be
set to
3 Wait until the green ready to steam
light glows indicating that the correct
pressure has been reached. This
takes about 3 minutes.
● During use you may hear a slight
humming coming from the iron. This
means that the pump is operating
and passing water from the tank to
the boiler where the steam is
generated for ironing. This will be
accompanied by the red low water
indicator light glowing.
4 Before starting to iron press the
steam button several times, this will
release any condensation droplets.
Each time the steam will be forced
through the openings on the iron
5 To produce steam whilst ironing
clothes press the steam button. For
continuous steam, press the steam
button and then press the lock for
continuous steam on the right hand
side of the iron. To stop continuous
steam, press the button on the left
hand side.
When using the steam function, the
green ready to steam indicator light
will go off.
● It is possible to vary the amount of
steam produced. Move the variable
steam control to the right for
maximum steam and to the left for
minimum steam.
6 The red low water indicator light will
glow continuously when the water
tank becomes empty. This will be
accompanied by a continuous
humming noise of the pump. Should
this occur we recommend you
switch off the steam station. Remove
the water tank and refill.
Note: For prolonged use always
ensure there is water in the water
choosing the right
Follow the clothes label advice.
Match the dots on the label to the
dots on the temperature control. If
there’s no label, here’s a guide on
which temperature to choose:
Start on clothes needing the lowest
temperature, then work upwards.
(This lowers the risk of burning
something because an iron switched
from ‘hot’ to ‘cool’ takes time to
cool down.)
For mixed fibres, eg cotton ●●● and
polyester ●, use the lowest suitable
temperature ●.
If in doubt, start with a low
temperature on a part that won’t be
seen (eg a shirt tail).
setting the temperature
Before switching on the steam
station, make sure that the lock for
continuous steam is in the off
position by firmly pressing the lock
on the left hand side of the iron. This
will ensure that the steam button is
1 Plug the steam station into the
power supply.
2 Switch on, the blue light will glow.
3 Turn the temperature control to the
temperature you want, the light
under the control will glow. When the
iron reaches the set temperature, the
light will go out. (During ironing, this
light will go on and off as your iron
maintains the right temperature.)
dry ironing
Follow the procedure above for
setting the temperature.
Care should be taken not to press
the steam button.
steam ironing
1 Make sure there is water in the tank.
Plug into the power supply and
switch on.
care and cleaning
Wool and velvet. Guide the iron 2 cm
above the fabric, depressing the steam
button. The power of steam smoothes
away creases and revitalises the fabric.
Do not pull the fabric.
Vertical ironing – suits, dresses and
curtains are smoothed, renewed and
put into shape again while they are
hanging (see below).
PTFE soleplate
(model IC800 only)
The Multicare accessory kit model
ICK01 and the PTFE soleplate model
ICSP01 are not included with model
IC700, but it may be able to be
purchased separately by contacting
the shop where you purchased the
steam station or by visiting
steaming the creases out of
curtains, hanging clothes,
wall hangings
Make sure there is water in the tank.
Turn the temperature control to
When the green ready to steam light
glows pull the material slightly with
one hand: hold the iron upright with
the other.
Tilt the iron forwards, then move it
down the material, pressing the
steam button.
Never steam clothes being worn.
Keep your hands away from the
steam and soleplate.
Always ensure that the iron is facing
away from the user and/or others
when vertical steaming.
For material other than linen or
cotton, keep the iron off the material
to avoid burning it.
Always switch off, unplug and allow
to cool overnight before cleaning or
Empty the water tank.
When carrying the unit, always use
the carry handle and make sure the
iron is secure before moving.
the outside
Don’t scratch the outside by ironing
anything hard eg zips.
To remove minor remains of material
stuck to the soleplate, rub
lengthways with a soft, damp, nonmetallic cleaning pad.
the inside
Every 2 to 3 months clean the boiler
making sure it has been allowed to
cool overnight first. Turn the steam
station upside down and pull back
the flap covering the boiler cap .
Unscrew the boiler cap using a coin
and empty out any water. Add one
cup of tap or filtered water and
shake the appliance then empty out
all the water. Repeat this operation
until the water from the boiler comes
out clear and clean.
When cleaning is finished pour
500ml fresh tap or filtered water into
the boiler and screw the boiler cap
back on again without using
excessive force. Replace the cover.
The unit is now ready to use.
Never use any chemical descaling
agents or vinegar as these may
damage your steam station.
important: Aways add 500ml
water direct to the boiler after
cleaning to prevent damaging the
steam station.
service and customer
If the cord is damaged it must, for
safety reasons, be replaced by
De'Longhi or an authorized
De'Longhi service representative
during the warranty period
In the unlikely event of a breakdown,
you will have access to professional
help from De'Longhi by simply
calling this number:
Wipe with a damp cloth.
Australia: 1 800 126 659
New Zealand: 0508 200 300
We undertake to repair or replace
this product, at our option, at no
charge, if found to be defective due
to a manufacturing fault during the
warranty period. This warranty
excludes damage caused by misuse,
neglect, shipping accident, incorrect
installation, no fault found with the
product or work carried out by
anyone other than an authorised
De'Longhi Service Representative.
Warranty Periods
* 1 year full warranty
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