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1. Introduction
2. Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents
3. Steps to Avoid a Slip and Fall Accident
4. Proper Spillage Clean Up
5. What to Do in Case of a Slip and Fall Accident
6. Personal Safety Practices
Slip and Fall Prevention Inspection Form
Slip and Fall Prevention Incident Form
Certification Exam
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Section 1.
Slips and falls are accidents that can be prevented.
Making floor safety a priority is extremely important. A
thorough and well-communicated Slip and Fall Prevention
Program significantly reduces the chance of accidents.
With a good Slip and Fall Prevention program, there will be
fewer incidents of injury, fewer lawsuits, fewer fines, lower
insurance premiums and no negative press.
You play an important role in a good Slip and Fall Prevention program. By learning and practicing the proper
procedures, staying alert, always carrying out “caution”
and “common sense” you become vital in the safety and
well being of the people around you.
This training module, which is one in the Betco Resource &
Process Management™, or RPM Library series, focuses on
the “reasonable” and prudent procedures and practices
for slip and fall prevention. The purpose of this overview
is to provide basic knowledge on what to look for regarding floor safety. It is important to remember that with
employees, customers or guests in your facility, everyone
must strive for a hazard free environment to avoid accidents and injury.
This module will cover:
Common Causes of Slip/Fall Accidents
Steps to Avoid a Slip/Fall Accident
Proper Spillage Cleanup
What To Do In Case of a Slip or Fall
Personal Safety Practices
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Section 2.
Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents
Slip and fall claims annually result in the loss of millions of
dollars due to hospital costs, insurance claims, law suits
and lost work hours. Many do not pay attention to the
issue of slip and fall until after the incident, and unfortunately that is too late. An ounce of prevention can help
you better protect customers, co-workers, students or
whomever walks into your building.
The following is a list of the five most common causes of
slip and fall accidents:
1. Floors that are not maintained properly. Embedded
dirt or other contaminants create slippery conditions.
2. Water and other foreign substances such as oily dust
mop treatments, food, liquid spills or aerosol product
3. Worn away floor finish or defects in the floor or surface
such as missing tiles, broken concrete and potholes in
parking lots.
4. Foreign materials on people’s shoes prior to stepping
on a floor.
5. Improper footwear like high heels, platform shoes or
Many of these causes can be controlled by your knowledge about slip fall prevention.
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Section 3.
Steps to Avoid a Slip and Fall Accident
An incident involving someone slipping and falling can
occur virtually anywhere in or outside of your building.
Eliminating falls can never totally be achieved. However,
by implementing a slip fall prevention program that includes worker awareness, good work practices and
routine monitoring, it can increase safety, while reducing
accidents and costly claims.
The following ten steps can assist you in avoiding a slip
and fall accident in your facility:
1. Choose your floor care supplier carefully.
There are hundreds of companies formulating floor
care products, but the quality of expertise and enduser support varies widely. Betco is a leader in floor
care innovation. Betco offers training, a nationally
recognized expert witness program and innovative
floor care products that meet or exceed ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) Standard for slip
resistance. Betco is one of the few floor care manufacturers owning a James Machine, the only approved
device that that can measure slip resistance.
2. Establish and document a slip and fall program
within your facility. A written program demonstrates
concern and the foresight to establish a program that
provides safe, slip resistant floors at all times. If your
facility has the unfortunate experience of facing a
lawsuit regarding a slip and fall, then a well-documented program will work in your favor.
3. Practice good housekeeping by creating and
maintaining good housekeeping procedures. A
clean facility not only provides a safe environment, but
it also makes a favorable impression on the people
who utilize it. This plays an important factor in influencing a lawsuit claim.
4. Establish and follow an effective floor care maintenance program and keep written record of the
maintenance procedures. Train individuals on
Betco’s Life Cycle of Floor Care or Life Cycle of Carpet
Care to ensure that the people responsible for your
floors truly understand the proper procedures and
techniques to floor care maintenance.
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Section 3.
Steps to Avoid a Slip and Fall Accident (con’t)
5. Clean up spills, food, drinks or standing water
immediately upon discovery. Post “CAUTION” or
“WET FLOOR” signs warning them of hazardous floor
conditions. Completely clean up the spill and dry the
floor as thoroughly as possible.
6. Use walk off mats where appropriate. Stop rain,
snow and ice before it is tracked onto the floor. Check
them routinely to be sure they are clean and lay flat.
7. Keep floors dust free and use only slip resistant or
water-based products when dusting. Be sure that
aerosol type products are used carefully to avoid over
spray on the floor, which could cause the floors to
become a slip hazard.
8. Make routine safety inspections and record them.
This is especially important in facilities that have a
great deal of public traffic. Depending on your facility,
climate and floor type will influence the frequency of
your inspections. Retail environments will demand
several inspections a day, while hospitals or educational environments may only needed an inspection
once a day or weekly. A Betco RPM Consultant can
help you create a routine that best accommodates your
When conducting inspections a supervisor or designated
employee should walk through high traffic areas looking for
possible slip and fall hazards. Slip tests can be done by simply
placing a piece of paper beneath your foot and sliding it across
the floor. You should be able to get a good feel for floors that
may be a possible slip risk. Other things to look for include,
climate hazards such as snow and rain, damaged floors and
crooked or flipped mats. If problems are identified, immediately
post a caution sign or tape off the area. Address the situation as
soon as possible.
These efforts should be documented on inspection form such as
the one provided with this training. A routine checklist will assist
with this as well. This practice helps discover and take action
sooner. Documenting your practices demonstrates that a
consistent effort is being made to keep floors slip resistant.
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Section 4.
Proper Spillage Clean Up
Once a spill has been observed or reported, it is very
important to attend to the situation immediately to prevent
an accident. Be careful to use the following clean up
procedures to ensure the area becomes secure:
1. Cordon off the area to restrict foot traffic.
2. Determine the correct equipment needed to clean the
3. Wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment or
PPE to protect yourself from exposure to cleaning
chemicals. Gloves and a mask, or goggles will prevent chemical splashes from coming into contact with
your skin and eyes.
4. Practice Universal Precautions when cleaning any
blood or body fluid spills, or soiled materials that
could contain these or other potentially infectious
substances. Refer to OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen
standards for more information. Betco provides a
Bloodborne Pathogen training module within the RPM
Training Library series.
5. If the spill is “Dry”, sweep with a broom and collect in
a dustpan. Be sure to place the material in the appropriate container.
6. Using a clean dust mop with a Betco Water-Based
Dust Mop Treatment (#03523), go over the spilled area
to remove any additional particulates that remain.
7. If the spill is “Wet”, follow the “3 C’s”
Cordon off the area
Contain the spill
Cleanup the spill
8. Contain large spills with an absorbent.
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9. Obtain a mop bucket, which contains a fresh cleaner
solution such as Betco pH7 Neutral All Purpose
Cleaner or Top Flite™. It is important to note that the
type of cleaner is dependent upon the type of spill. If
the spill is greasy or oil based, use a degrease solution such as Citrus Chisel.
10. Sweep all solid debris into a dustpan or shovel and
place it in a suitable container.
11. When dealing with glass or sharp materials, always
handle with care. It is best not to use your hands,
even with gloves on. Use a dustpan or shovel and
broom to pick up the sharp objects.
12. Mop the remaining liquid, ringing the mop frequently.
Make sure to ring the mop tightly to avoid excess
moisture on the floor.
13. Allow the area to dry completely before removing any
posted signs and opening the area for traffic. Slide
your foot over the area to determine that the floor is no
longer slippery. If in doubt, contact your supervisor. If
needed, repeat the proceeding steps with fresh cleaner.
14. Once the floor is acceptable, remove the barriers and
15. Properly dispose of any debris and empty the mop
bucket in the appropriate area.
Perform the proper equipment cleanup; rinse the mop and
bucket. Place all equipment and supplies in there proper
locations for the next spill or cleanup.
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Section 5.
What to Do in Case of a Slip and Fall Accident
Knowing how to handle a slip or fall makes you a tremendous asset to your facility and to the person involved. By
using the right techniques to address the situation, you
become vital in helping the victim as well as the company.
The following list of steps will ensure that you provide the
best service in a slip and fall incident:
1. First and foremost, attend to the needs of the fallen
person expressing verbal concern for their well-being.
2. Call a supervisor for assistance in notifying the appropriate authorities. If needed, notify a trained employee
of the accident and have them go to the site of the
fallen person immediately.
3. Make sure someone stays with the victim until medical
personnel arrive.
4. Notice all body movements of the victim noting if the
movements support their pain complaints.
5. Find out the cause of the accident.
6. Observe the scene and write down the information on
an incident or accident report. It is also a good idea
to take a picture of where the accident occurred as
well as the surroundings.
7. Have the area cleaned following the established
Time is critical in resolving incidents. If the accident can
be related to floor care products, notify your chemical
manufacturer immediately. Betco has experts on staff that
can assist you with slip and fall accidents.
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Section 6.
Personal Safety Practices
Sometimes we get so conscious of keeping others from
possible slip and fall accidents that we forget that we are
vulnerable to mishap ourselves. Use common sense
practices while on the job. Continually try to remind
yourself of the following:
Don’t run or jump on stairs, hallways or docks.
Don’t climb on boxes, chairs, or other objects that may
topple over or break.
Don’t carry items that are too heavy or that you cannot
see over.
Don’t leave spills dry or wet in work areas.
Do wear appropriate footwear that is comfortable and
slip resistant.
Do use approved ladders and step stools.
Do report any unsafe working condition to your supervisor
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Know and understand the slip fall prevention program for
your facility.
Practice “caution” and “common sense” in your everyday
routine. Stay alert to potential hazards and report them to
the appropriate authorities.
Know the correct procedures to cleanup all types of spills to
protect yourself and others around you.
Learn the proper way to help someone who has fallen by
assuring a trained employee is notified and that the victim’s
needs are met.
Remember that you can be a victim of slip and fall accidents just as easily as someone else, so remember to work
Not all accidents can be prevented, but with a quality slip
and fall prevention plan and proper training, slip fall
accidents you can greatly reduce the chances of someone
getting seriously hurt from a slip or fall within your facility.
The job that you do is very important to the image of your
facility and to the well-being of the people who come
through the doors everyday. Be proud of the skills you are
developing and know that you truly make a difference in
creating a safe, clean and healthy environment.
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Slip and Fall Prevention Inspection Form
Inspection Date: ____________________________________________________________________________
Customer: _________________________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________________
City: _____________________________________ State: __________________
Zip: _________________
Maintenance Company: _____________________________________________________________________
General Floor Appearance: __________________________________________________________________
Floor Slip Test:
Condition of Equipment: _____________________________________________________________________
Comments, Suggestions, Recommendations: _________________________________________________
Store Manager
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Slip and Fall Prevention Incident Form
Name of individual in accident: _______________________________________________________________
Date of accident: ____________________________
Time of accident: ____________________________
Location of accident (Be specific, including aisle, draw diagram on back if necessary): _______________________
Location of signs (Be specific, including aisle, draw diagram on back if necessary): __________________________
Describe injuries: ___________________________________________________________________________
Did individual receive any medical attention: __________________________________________________
Description of the accident: _________________________________________________________________
Accident reported to:
(Supervisor) _________________________________________________________
(Corporate) __________________________________________________________
Was an incident report completed (Attach copy or photographs for reference):
Exact products being used:
Floor Finish ___________________________________________________
Cleaner _______________________________________________________
Maintainer ____________________________________________________
Additional Comments: ______________________________________________________________________
Report Completed By:
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Certification Exam
The following exam will certify you as an official Slip and Fall Prevention Specialist.
Please take the time to complete the exam. Fax or mail completed exam to:
Betco Corporation
P.O. Box 3127
Toledo, OH 43607
Fax # 419-321-1954
Attn: Marketing
Exams that are returned to Betco with a grade of 80% or better will receive a certificate of
completion. Exams can also be taken online at
To earn .20 Continuing Education Units (CEU), please mark the box on the information form.
Exams will then be forwarded to IEHA for accreditation. IEHA will send certificates directly
to the contact.
Please fill out the following information and return it with your completed exams:
Your Name: __________________________________________________________________
Company Name: ______________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
City ____________________________
State ___________
Zip Code _______________
Phone: _______________________________________________________________________
E-mail address: _______________________________________________________________
Signature: x _________________________________________________________________________
Please forward my exam scores to IEHA for Continuing Education Units.
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Certification Exam
Slip and Fall Prevention IEHA Course Number: 010911x Credit Hours: .20 CEU’s
A good slip and fall program can:
Enhance the life of hard wood floors
Lower insurance premiums and result in fewer lawsuits
Increase the number of incidents related to slip and fall injuries
Which was not covered in this slip and fall training?
Common causes of slip and fall accidents
Proper spillage clean up
Handling a slip and fall lawsuit
Which is the most common cause of slip and fall
Improper footwear
Floors that are not maintained properly
The ASTM (American Society for Testing and
Creates slip and fall prevention programs
Sets standards for slip resistance for floor surfaces
Establishes safety standards for cleaning
What should every facility have to ensure that
they are demonstrating a concern for slip and fall
An expert witness on site
A written and well-documented slip and fall program
James Machine
Which is not one of the ten steps recommended to
avoid a slip and fall accident in a facility?
Place and extra coat of floor finish on high traffic areas
Choose a floor care supplier carefully
Practice good housekeeping
When cleaning up spills, food, drinks or standing
water you should?
Post caution signs
Clean them up immediately
All of the above
Oil-based treatments are best for dust mops.
When making routine safety inspections it is very
important to:
Schedule them every fifteen minutes throughout the day
Record and document them
Bring a witness to prove that you did them
All of the above
10. When doing slip and fall inspections be on the watch
Turned over mats
Climate hazards
Damaged floors
All of the above
11. Which is not an example of personal protective
12. When using cleaning chemicals always wear the
proper personal protective equipment.
13. Which is not a one of the 3 “C”’s for cleaning wet
Cordon off the area
Contain the spill
Close all entrance ways
Clean up the spill
14. When cleaning a greasy or oily spill, which product
should be utilized?
All purpose cleaner
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Certification Exam
Slip and Fall Prevention (con’t) IEHA Course Number: 010911x Credit Hours: .20 CEU’s
15. Universal Precautions refers to the method for:
Picking up glass and other sharp objects
Handling blood and bodily fluid clean up
Properly swinging a mop
16. Understanding how to handle a slip and fall accident:
You become vital in helping the victim and the company
Makes you more productive
Guarantees that your facility will not be sued
17. Which is the first step to follow if a slip and fall
accident occurs?
Call a supervisor for assistance
Clean up the spillage
Attend to the needs of the victim
18. If a slip and fall accident occurs, it is a good idea to
take a picture of the accident site.
19. Which is not a personal safety practice?
Don’t use a step stool or ladder to reach high objects
Don’t carry items that are too heavy
Don’t leave wet or dry spills in work areas
20. After learning more about the slip and fall prevention
you should be:
More knowledgeable
Helpful in creating a safe and healthy work environment
All of the above
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