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Zebra® RW™ Series
Wireless Printers Add Versatility to
Printing Tasks on the Open Road
Rough and Ready Durability for
Reliable Printing
Designed for the Road Warrior,
the Zebra RW series of mobile
printers is ideal for printing
delivery receipts and invoices
on the go. The modular design
allows users to choose among
wireless options, card readers,
and integral accessories such
as vehicle mounts for simplified
route printing. Easy-access vehicle
mounting cradles and charging
options as well as user-intuitive
interfaces and angled displays
enhance the convenience and
simplicity of mobile printing.
Uniquely designed for harsh
outdoor environments, RW series
mobile printers endure extreme
temperatures and weather
conditions. Bounce it in the truck,
carry it in the rain, drop it to the
pavement, and expect the same
performance day in and day out.
Zebra RW Series Data Sheet
Ideal for These Applications
Direct Store Delivery & Route
Accounting / Invoices, Delivery
Receipts, Sales Orders, Inventory
Management, DEX*
Field Service / Service Estimates
Public Safety & Law Enforcement /
Retail / Mobile Point-of-Sale
Transportation / Ticketing and
Passenger Information
* U.S. only
The RW series: rugged enough for the Road Warrior with the
most feature-rich offering of any mobile printer in the market.
Rugged and Easy-to-Use Printer
Smart and Sophisticated Operation
• IP54-certified for resistance to windblown water and
• Damage-resistant to multiple drops of up to 6 feet
to concrete
• Weight of 1 1/2 to 2 pounds for effortless mobility
• Resistant to extreme hot and cold temperatures
• Print using the same commands as your Zebra
tabletop or desktop printers with common language
• Choose the wireless connectivity module that suits
your needs: 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0, dual radio
support—for using Bluetooth® and WLAN in the
same printer (RW 420 only)
• Quickly and easily print complex labels,
symbologies and graphics thanks to the RW series’
fast processor and large memory.
Ergonomically Designed to Fit Comfortably on the Hip
• Single push-button media access for simple re-loading
• Angled LCD for easy viewing of printer status
comes standard
RW 220™
RW 420™
The user-friendly 2-inch RW 220 simplifies printing tasks for the
mobile workforce with intuitive interfaces, rugged construction,
and reliable printing.
Neither wind, nor rain, nor harsh temperatures can keep the
RW 420 from delivering high-quality 4-inch receipts and tickets.
Maximum Print Area
•Width: 2.20”/56 mm
•Length: Continuous
Maximum Print Area
•Width: 4.09”/104 mm
•Length: Continuous
•203 dpi/8 dots per mm
•203 dpi/8 dots per mm
Maximum Print Speed
•3”/76.2 mm per second maximum
Maximum Print Speed
•3”/76.2 mm per second maximum
Media Specifications
•Media Width: 1”/25 mm to 2.37”/60 mm
Media Specifications
•Media Width: 2”/52 mm to 4.12”/105 mm standard
Physical Characteristics
Base Version
•Width: 4.4”/112 mm
•Depth: 2.9”/74 mm
•Height: 6.8”/173 mm
•Weight: 1.45 lbs./658 g
Card Reader Version
•Width: 4.4”/112 mm
•Depth: 3.2”/81.2 mm
•Height: 6.8”/173 mm
•Weight: 1.55 lbs./703 g
Base Version
•Width: 6.3”/160 mm
•Depth: 3.0”/76 mm
•Height: 6.9”/175 mm
•Weight: 2.00 lbs./ 907 g
Card Reader Version
•Width: 6.3”/160 mm
•Depth: 3.1”/79 mm
•Height: 6.9”/175 mm
•Weight: 2.15 lbs./ 975 g
Zebra RW Series Data Sheet
Delivery Verification Slips
Use an RW series printer at the point of transaction to print
a delivery receipt that confirms the actual quantities that
transferred possession.
Take days off your billing cycle! Using mobile computers and
printers to issue invoices at the time of delivery accelerates the
payment process, eliminating the need for manual data entry
and billing in the office.
Mobile Point-of-Sale/Queue Busting
Watch sales and satisfaction improve when you offer mobile
point-of-sale service for line- or queue-busting, featuring Zebra
printers with integrated card readers and wireless network
Ticketing/Passenger Information
Print tickets or passenger information aboard buses, trains,
or boats for an efficient way of reducing lines and increasing
customer satisfaction.
Service Estimates
Offer customers documented information regarding the
estimate that was quoted. This estimate is entered into the
system in real time and can be easily accessed when the
customer calls in using the contact information and estimate
number that is indicated on the printout.
Zebra RW Series Data Sheet
Improve safety, enforceability, and efficiency with electronic
citation systems that are easy to use and tough to beat.
From Accessories to Supplies to ZebraCare™ Plans
Vehicle Cradles
RW 420 Cradle
Intuitive, push-button
release cradle for
convenient storage and
charging of the printer
while in a vehicle. Fanfold
media can be fed through
the base of the cradle
to extend the media
capacity of the printer.
Designed to meet the SAE J1113-11 International
Automotive Standards.
RW 220 Cradle
Grab your printer and
go! Store your compact
printer conveniently in
the vehicle and release
it instantly to take to
the customer with a
push of a lever. Flexible
Ram Mounting kits are
also available for mounting the cradles in convenient
RW 420 Print Station
The RW 420 Print Station is
a compact, lightweight and
rugged mobile workforce
tool designed with a builtin, easy-to-use RW 420
mobile printer and support
for your choice of Motorola® MC70, MC75, MC55 or
MC65 removable mobile computer. Both the printer
and mobile computer can charge simultaneously via a
single source, saving time, space and money.
RJ-45 Cable
For wired communications, Zebra recommends
using a serial RJ-45 cable for connection with your
RW printer’s RS-232C serial port. A USB to RJ-45
cable is also available for USB cabled file transfers.
The RW series USB port is intended for setup and
maintenance of the printer only.
RW 420 4-Bay Power Station
Add dust and rain protection to your RW series mobile
printer with an environmental case. By adding an extra
layer of protection, your printer will be well prepared
for the harshest conditions.
RW 420 Route Palette
RW 420 Route Palette
provides a single,
convenient carrier for
Zebra’s rugged RW 420
mobile printer and your
choice of Motorola’s
MC909X-Short Version,
MC9590/ MC9596/
MC9598, MC9060/ MC9094/ MC9097, MC75 or MC70
mobile computer. Designed to meet the SAE J1113-11
International Automotive Standards.
Zebra RW Series Data Sheet
Ideal for users who prefer to “dock and go.” At the end
of your shift, simply slide up to four RW 420 printers
into this power station for simultaneous charging.
Lithium-Ion Chargers
Fast Charger
Charges a single Zebra Li-Ion battery at a time in
approximately 2–5 hours.
Quad Charger
Charges up to four Zebra Li-Ion batteries at a time in
approximately 2–5 hours.
DC/DC Vehicle Charger with Cigarette Lighter
Plug the printer into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter
adapter for convenient charging on the go.
RW 420 Battery Eliminator
Mobile Media
If you keep and use your printer in the cab—fixedmounted and powered by your vehicle’s power
system instead of the printer’s battery—look to the
RW 420 Battery Eliminator to reduce your cost of
owning the RW 420 printer.
Ensure high-quality, crisp images and text, and that
your receipts and documents remain readable and
intact for their entire life, by choosing genuine Zebra™
supplies. Zebra offers materials that have been tested
and approved by Zebra Supplies R&D to meet the
durability, image quality, and archival requirements of
your application and budget. We can also pre-print
your company logo, instructions, terms and conditions
and other information, allowing you to maximize the
functionality of your receipts and documents.
Lithium-Ion Batteries
Considerations When Selecting the Best Material
for Your Mobile Application
Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) cells represent the latest in mobile
battery technology. They offer higher power-to-volume
and power-to-weight than their nickel metal hydride
and nickel cadmium counterparts. Order spare Li-Ion
batteries for your RW series printer to guarantee you’ll
always be charged up and ready to go!
ZebraCare™ Depot Service Agreements
A ZebraCare Depot service agreement is a costeffective means of planning and budgeting your
annual maintenance expenditures. This back-to-factory
service ensures that trained and certified Zebra
technicians will bring your printer back to factory
specifications every time. Zebra offers four plans to
meet your specific needs.
Since direct thermal materials are heat sensitive,
exposure to extreme heat will cause the chemicals in
the material to react, turning the document black and
unreadable. To avoid this problem, choose our heatresistant 8000D High Temp 3.2 mil Receipt material,
which withstands temperatures up to 194º F (90º C).
Most paper materials on the market have limited
durability against moisture and degrade once
subjected to it. Zebra’s PolyPro™ 4000D 3.8 mil
Receipt synthetic material offers a waterproof and
tear-proof solution.
Thicker materials tend to be more durable and are
perceived as higher quality. However, the thicker the
material, the less paper per roll, resulting in fewer
documents that can be printed before the roll needs
to be changed.
To reach published archival duration specifications,
documents need to be stored with compatible
materials in a dark place with relative humidity
between 45 and 65 percent, and temperatures below
77º F (25º C).
One of the biggest differences between thermal papers
is their coatings, which are unseen by the naked eye.
All thermal papers have a basecoat and a thermal coat,
but not all of them have a topcoat. A topcoat provides
an extra layer of protection for the image.
Zebra RW Series Data Sheet
Printer Name
Networking and Connectivity
Options and Accessories
RW 220
RW 420
• Bluetooth® v. 2.0
• 802.11b/g Zebra Performance Radio
• Native wireless security support: VPN, WPA/
• RW 420 can be configured with dual radios
(Bluetooth and WLAN)
• Magnetic stripe reader and EMV-certified smart
card reader
• Lithium Ion Fast AC Charger
• Lithium Ion Quad Charger
• Cigarette lighter charger (for in-vehicle charging)
• Vehicle cradle for docking and charging
• RW 420 4-Bay Power Station
• Ram Mount Kit
• Route Palette (RW 420 only)
• Shoulder Strap/Hand Strap
• Environmental Soft Case
• Fanfold media support (RW 420 only)
• Linerless label support (RW 420 only)
• XML Support Applications and Documentation
utility CD
Print Characteristics
• Print method: Direct thermal
• Resolution: 203 dpi/8 dots per mm
• Maximum print speed: 3”/76.2 mm per second
• 8 MB Flash, 16 MB RAM
Standard Features
• Rugged design
• 4-button angled LCD (standard)
• Standard serial and USB interfaces
• Advanced 32-bit architecture for high-speed
• Enhanced battery management
Operating Characteristics
• Meets IP54 certification
• Operating Temp.: -4º F/-20º C to 131º F/55º C
• Storage/Environ.: -22º F/-30º C to 149º F/65º C
• Operating Humidity: 10-90% non-condensing
• Storage Humidity: 10-90% non-condensing
• Standard 4.0 Ah, 7.4V battery (RW 420)
• Standard 2.0 Ah, 7.4V battery (RW 220)
• External charging options (vehicle and AC)
• Shock-mounted internal components
• Selectable baud rate: 9600 to 115.2 Kbps
• Xon/Xoff or hardware flow control (RTS/CTS)
• USB 2.0 full speed support, 12 Mbits/second
(for setup and configuration)
• RS-232C serial port (RJ-45 connector) for cabled
FCC Part 15 Class B, VCCI Class B, NOM/NYCE CE
compliance (Class B), C-Tick, CSA
ZebraLink™ Solutions
• ZebraDesigner™ Pro
• Zebra Mobile SDK
• ZebraNet™ Bridge Enterprise
• Zebra Universal Driver
• Label Vista
• Auto-detect firmware load
• Battery management (monitors battery for
longer life and performance)
Corporate Headquarters
+1 800 423 0442
• Wavelink Avalanche®
• Motorola® MSP
• Native CPCL with ZPL® and XML support
Media Characteristics
• Max. Roll Size (O.D.): 2.25”/57 mm
• Max. Media Width (RW 420): 4.12”/105 mm
• Max. Media Width (RW 220): 2.37”/60 mm
• I.D. core: .75”/19 mm or 1.38”/ 34.9 mm
• Thickness: .002”/.05 mm to .0063”/.16 mm
• Media Types: direct thermal tags or receipt
paper, synthetic media, UV coated media,
limited label support
For optimal printing quality and proper printer
performance across our product line, Zebra
strongly recommends the use of genuine Zebra™
supplies as part of the total solution.
Fonts and Character Sets
• Standard fonts*: 25 bitmapped, 1 smooth,
scalable (CG Triumvirate™ Bold Condensed)
• Optional fonts: downloadable bitmapped and
scalable fonts
• International character sets (optional): Chinese
16 x 16 (trad), 16 x 16 (simplified), 24 x 24
(simplified); Japanese 16 x 16, 24 x 24, Hebrew/
Graphic Features
Supports user-defined fonts and graphics—
including custom logos
Barcode Symbologies
• Linear Barcodes: Code 39, Code 93, UCC/EAN128, EAN-14, Code 128, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8,
EAN-13, EAN-14, UPC and EAN 2-of-5 digital
extensions, Plessey, FIM Postnet, Interleaved
2-of-5, MSI, Codabar
• 2-Dimensional: Aztec, Data Matrix, GS1
DataBar™ (RSS) family (12 barcodes), MaxiCode,
PDF417, QR Code
*Contains UFST from Monotype Imaging, Inc.
Asia-Pacific Headquarters
+65 6858 0722
EMEA Headquarters
+44 (0)1628 556000
Latin America Headquarters
+1 847 955 2283
Other Locations / USA: California, Georgia, Illinois, Rhode Island, Texas, Wisconsin Europe: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey,
United Kingdom Asia Pacific: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Florida (LA Headquarters in USA), Mexico Africa/Middle East: Dubai, South Africa
*Specifications subject to change without notice.
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