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Electric Water Kettle
Instruction Manual
Model: AWK-101
Water Kettle will surely become one of the
most versatile and practical appliances in your home and
Please read the following instructions carefully before your
first use.
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Aroma Housewares Co.
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Basic safety precautions should always be taken when using electrical
appliances, including the following:
1. Read all instructions before use.
2. Do not touch hot surfaces including the heating element of kettle.
3. Do not open the lid when the water kettle is turned on, or the boiling water may
splash and cause serious burns.
4. Never turn on the water kettle when it contains no water or it may burn the
product and cause permanent damage. Make sure water meets or exceeds the
5. Never fill water to exceed the MAX WATER MARK of the water kettle. If it is
overfilled it can eject boiling water.
6. To protect against electrical shock, do not immerse cord, plug and the product in
water or any liquid. Make sure all electrical connections are kept clean and dry.
7. Close supervision is necessary when the water kettle or any appliance is in use
by or near children.
8. Unplug the water kettle base from outlet when not in use and before cleaning.
9. Do not operate this appliance when the power cord or the plug is damaged, or if
it malfunctions, is dropped or has been damaged in any manner. Return the
appliance to an authorized service station for examination, repair, or electrical/
mechanical adjustment.
10. Do not use outdoors.
11. Do not let cord touch hot surfaces or hang over edge of table and counter.
12. Do not place water kettle on or near a gas or electrical burner, or heated oven.
13. Do not use the kettle other than for heating water.
14. Never hold or fix the ON/OFF switch in the “ON” position permanently or for any
length of time. This can damage the kettle or result in serious injury.
15. Water will remain hot for some time after boiling and present a scalding hazard.
16. Ensure that the kettle is properly secured on the base before switching it on.
17. Use the kettle only with the base supplied.
18. Remove the kettle from the base before filling or pouring.
19. Do not attempt to remove the kettle from the base until it is switched off, either
manually or automatically.
20. Make sure the kettle is always used on a flat surface.
HIGH ALTITUDE CAUTION (5,000 ft and higher):
This appliance may not shut-off properly when used at high altitudes. Use
EXTREME caution! If unit does not shut off after 10 seconds of boiling, manually
1. A short power-supply cord is provided to reduce risk resulting from
becoming entangled in or tripping over a longer cord.
2. Longer extension cords are available and may be used if care is exercised in
their use.
3. If a longer extension cord is used:
a. The marked electrical rating of the extension cord should be at least as
great as the electrical rating of the appliance.
b. The longer cord should be arranged so that it will not drape over the
counter top or tabletop where it can be pulled by children or tripped over
This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other); follow
the instructions below:
To reduce the risk of electric shock, this plug is intended to fit into a polarized
outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully into the outlet, reverse the plug.
If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to modify the
plug in any way.
This appliance is intended for Household Use Only.
Locking Lid
Snap-in Filter
Power Indicator
Water Level Indicator
On/Off Switch
Power Cord & Plug
Detachable Base
Before First Use:
1. Read all instructions and important safeguards.
2. Remove all packaging materials; make sure all items are received in good
condition. Tear up all plastic bags as they can pose a risk to children.
3. Fill kettle up to the MAX WATER MARK and bring to a boil. It is
recommended that you fill, boil, and empty the kettle at least 4 times to clear
the kettle of any tiny particles and to give the rubber seals a chance to settle.
4. Wipe body clean with a damp cloth.
To Operate Water Kettle:
1. Place the water kettle upright on a dry, sturdy and flat surface.
2. Open the lid and snap filter into place between the two grooves near the
spout at the front of the kettle. Fill the kettle with the desired level of water,
making sure that the water level meets the minimum and does not exceed
the maximum level in kettle. The kettle can be filled either by opening the lid
and or by filling through the spout. Please see figure 1.1 on page five.. If
you live in an area with hard water, it is recommended that you use purified
water to reduce the amount of scale build-up in the kettle.
3. Close the lid and place kettle securely onto the base. Plug into electrical
outlet and switch the kettle to the “On” position. The power indicator light
will illuminate, showing that the kettle is heating up. When the water has
boiled, the kettle will shut off automatically. You may also shut the kettle off
at any time by moving the “on/off” switch to the off position. After the kettle
has finished boiling, wait a few minutes for the kettle to cool before boiling
Do not plug in and turn on product when it does NOT contain water.
Never open the lid of kettle while it is in use.
Always turn off the kettle and unplug it from the electrical outlet
when not in use.
Do NOT leave an operating appliance unattended for long periods
of time.
Figure 1.1
To fill kettle, either open lid or fill through spout:
Always remove kettle from base before filling.
Do NOT fill kettle above the maximum water mark, 1.8 quarts, but
always make sure water is above the minimum water mark, 0.5
Follow the instructions below for cleaning:
1. Unplug unit from the electrical outlet.
2. Allow the kettle and base to cool completely before cleaning.
3. Clean the inside of the kettle with a soft, non-abrasive sponge or brush. Use
a damp cloth to clean the outside of the unit.
4. Wipe body dry with a soft dishcloth.
¾ Do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads.
¾ Do not immerse the kettle, base, cord or plug in water at any time.
Follow the Instructions below for descaling:
Lime scale build-up is a common problem, particularly in areas of hard water. In
order to extend the life and maintain maximum performance of the kettle, it is
important to descale it regularly.
1. Fill the kettle half way with water and boil.
2. After boiling, add about one cup of white vinegar to the boiled water. Let the
mixture soak in the kettle overnight or for at least six hours. You do NOT
need to boil the solution. Soaking should be sufficient.
3. Empty the kettle and rinse the inside thoroughly with clean water.
4. After rinsing, fill the kettle with clean water and bring to a boil.
5. Empty water and rinse with clean water.
6. If scale is still present in kettle, repeat this process.
7. To descale the filter, remove it from kettle and soak it in diluted vinegar for a
few hours. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Repeat if necessary.
You can also descale the kettle with a propriety descaling fluid.
Please follow all instructions on descaling products carefully.
NEVER immerse the kettle or base in water or any liquid.
Kettle, filter, and base are NOT dishwasher-safe.
Do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads.
Aroma Housewares Company warrants this product free from defects in
material and workmanship for one year from provable date of purchase in
continental United States.
Within this warranty period, Aroma Housewares Company will repair or
replace, at its option, defective parts at no charge, provided the product is
returned, freight prepaid with proof of purchase and U.S. $6.00 for
shipping and handling charges payable to Aroma Housewares Company.
Before returning an item, please call the toll free number below for
return authorization number. Allow 2-4 weeks for return shipping.
This warranty does not cover improper installation, misuse, abuse or
neglect on the part of the owner. Warranty is also invalid in any case that
the product is taken apart or serviced by an unauthorized service station.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights and which may vary from
state to state and does not cover areas outside the United States.
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