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Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender
For your safety and continued enjoyment of this product, always read the instruction book carefully before using.
Important Safeguards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Features and Benefits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Before You Begin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Assembly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Operation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Charging & Battery Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Storage Stand / Wall Brackets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Disposal / Recycling of Batteries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Warranty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
7.Avoid contact with moving parts. Keep hands, hair,
clothing, as well as spatulas and other utensils away from
attachments and mixing container during operation to
reduce risk of injury to persons, and/or damage to the
appliance. A spatula may be used, but must be used only
when the unit is not operating.
8.Remove detachable shaft from the blender before washing
the blades or shaft.
9.Blades are SHARP. Handle carefully when removing,
inserting or cleaning the blending shaft and chopper
10.When mixing liquids, use a tall container or make small
quantities at a time to reduce spillage and possibility of
Template for Wall Mount Storage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
11.Charger handle should be plugged into an electrical outlet
away from sink or hot surfaces.
Important Safeguards
12.Do not use an extension cord. Plug charger handle directly
into an electrical outlet.
When using an electrical appliance, basic safety precautions
should always be followed, including the following:
13.Do not attempt to use this charger handle with any other
product. Also, do not attempt to charge the batteries with
any other charger.
2.To protect against electrical shock, do not put the charger
handle or motor body of this hand blender in water or other
liquid. The drive shaft of this appliance, where blades are
interchanged, has been designed for submersion in water
or other liquids. Never submerge any other portion of this
unit. If hand blender falls into liquid, remove immediately.
Carefully remove, clean and dry unit thoroughly before
3.This appliance should not be used by children. To avoid
possible accidental injury, close supervision is necessary
when any appliance is used by or near children.
4.Do not operate in the presence of explosive and/or
flammable fumes.
5.To avoid possibility of personal injury, always detach the
charger handle from the motor body before attaching or
removing blades and/or attachments.
6. U
nplug charger handle from outlet when not in use, before
putting on or taking off parts and before cleaning.
14. Do not use appliance for other than intended use.
15.Do not charge batteries with handle charger plugged into
an outdoor outlet.
16.Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or
plug, or after the appliance has malfunctioned or has been
dropped or damaged in any way, or is not operating
properly. Return the appliance to the nearest Cuisinart
Repair Center for examination, repair, or mechanical or
electrical adjustment.
17.The use of attachments or accessories not recommended
by Cuisinart may cause fire, electrical shock or risk of
18.Make sure the appliance is OFF and the motor has stopped
completely before putting on or taking off attachments,
and before cleaning.
19.This appliance is intended for household use only and not
for commercial or industrial use.
20.Do not use this hand blender for other than intended use
of preparing foods and beverages.
21.Use care when stirring hot liquids, to avoid splattering.
22.To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not operate
any heating appliance beneath the mounted charging
handle unit.
23.Do not mount the storage bracket/unit over or near any
portion of a heating or cooking appliance, or a sink
or wash basin.
24.Unplug the charger handle from the outlet before
attempting any routine cleaning of the charger handle.
25.Do not operate a damaged charger. Have damaged
charger replaced immediately.
26.Do not incinerate the hand blender, even if it is severely
damaged. The batteries can explode in a fire.
27.This product contains nickel cadmium batteries which
must be recycled at the end of the life of the hand blender
and disposed of properly. (See Disposal / Recycling of
Batteries, page 12.) Do not incinerate or compost batteries,
as they will explode at high temperatures.
28.Leaks from battery cells can occur under extreme
conditions. If the liquid, which is a 20-35% solution of
potassium hydroxide, gets on the skin, (1) wash quickly
with soap and water or (2) neutralize with a mild acid such
as lemon juice or vinegar. If the liquid gets into eyes, flush
them immediately with clean water for a minimum of 10
minutes. Seek medical attention.
29.To reduce the risk of injury, never place chopper/grinder
attachment cutting blade on base without first putting prep
bowl properly in place.
30.Be certain the chopper/grinder attachment cover is securely
locked in place before operating appliance. Do not attempt
to remove cover until blade has stopped rotating.
31.Check prep bowl for presence of foreign objects before
1.Cordless Operation
No cord! Operates on battery power.
2.Three Stages Snap Together Easily
Disassemble for compact storage, either separately or
together in storage stand.
a. C
harger Handle
Batteries are in the handle. Release button allows
this combination handle and charger to detach from
main motor body. Plug extends from handle to plug
charger into wall socket.
b. M
otor Body
Contains powerful DC motor.
c. D
etachable Shaft
Release button allows shaft to detach from motor
body for easy cleaning in dishwasher or under running water from faucet.
Charging Light
On/Off (Power)
Handle Release
Motor Body
21 oz.
Work Bowl
Stainless Steel
Shaft Release
Fixed Mount
Stainless Blade
Runs up to 20 minutes
under normal use
(depending on specific uses)
and regains over half of full
power within 3 hours. Full
charge in 12 to 24 hours.
Normal time required for a
blending task is 10 seconds
to 2 minutes.
4.Maximum Comfort Handle
The hand blender handle and power button are designed
around the way you actually hold a stirring utensil. The
shape of this handle gives you comfortable control and easy
access to the power button. Rubberized handle gives better
grip, especially when your hands are wet.
5.One Step ON/OFF (Power) Button
Press and hold the rubberized power
button to operate blender. Release button to stop motor.
6.Plug-In Charger with Charging Light
Plugs into wall outlet to recharge the
batteries. Charging light is on to let
you know the outlet is in operation and batteries are
recharging. Light remains on when charging is completed.
Detach charger handle from motor body with release button, slide wall plug out of housing, and plug directly into
wall outlet. No cords necessary.
7.Detachable Shaft
Easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. Detach from
motor body by pressing release button.
8. B
lending Attachment with Stainless Steel Blade and
Blade Guard
This attachment easily snaps into the motor body housing.
The stainless blade is partially covered by a stainless
housing that keeps splashing to a minimum.
9. W
Whisk attachment
snaps into the motor
body housing. This
attachment is great
for whipping cream,
egg whites and other
delectable treats.
10. C
Chop, mince and grind with the Cuisinart®
Chopper/Grinder attachment. Chopper/
Grinder attaches to the blender motor
body in place of the blender shaft or
whisk attachment.
Remove all support materials from the box and replace the
upper insert. Save packaging for possible repacking of the unit.
11.Long Running Time
The Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender runs for 10 to 20
minutes during normal use with a full charge. Maximum
usage time for most applications is only 1 to 2 minutes!
12.Convenient Storage
Storage stand is made of two pieces. One side holds the
detachable shaft. The other holds the motor body, either
with or without the charger handle attached. The 2 storage
pieces snap together for compact countertop storage of
the motor body and shaft. Detach and mount one section
to the wall and hang the entire appliance from the wall as
shown. The appliance can also be hung from the wall with
charger handle detached. Use anchor and screws included
with this appliance.
13. E
asy To Clean
The Cuisinart® Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender has a
smooth surface that wipes clean instantly and easily.
14.Mixing/Measuring Beaker
See-through mixing beaker is marked in
liters and cups for convenient measuring.
Use for drinks, shakes, salad dressings,
etc. Designed for easy gripping and
drip-free pouring.
15.Detachable Blending Blade
Blade can be detached from shaft for cleaning. Blade
can also be cleaned without detaching.
Place the package containing the Cuisinart® Cordless
Rechargeable Hand Blender on a sturdy surface. Unpack the
hand blender from its box by removing the upper protective
insert. Carefully remove each piece from the box.
Note: The blending blade is extremely sharp. Use caution
when removing and unpacking the storage stand. The
blending blade is stored in the storage stand.
Before using the Cuisinart® Cordless Rechargeable Hand
Blender for the first time, we recommend that you wipe the
unit with a clean, damp cloth to remove any dirt or dust.
Dry it thoroughly with a soft, absorbent cloth. Handle carefully.
Wash the blending blade, whipping disc, mixing beaker and
detachable shaft by hand or in the dishwasher (upper rack only).
Dry thoroughly before use. Read all instructions completely for
detailed operating procedures.
The batteries in your Cuisinart® Cordless Rechargeable
Hand Blender have not been charged. Before the first use
of this appliance, the batteries must be charged for 24
hours! See Charging and Battery Life on page 10.
Note: To avoid possibility of personal injury, always detach
the charger handle from the motor body before attaching or
removing attachments.
1.Attach/detach blender shaft to
motor body.
a.Align blender shaft with motor
body as shown in illustration.
Push together until you feel
and hear a click.
b.To detach: Press the release
button and pull the shaft away
from the body. Do not grasp
shaft around the blade or
whipping disc.
2.Attach/Detach charger handle
to motor body.
a.After batteries are fully
charged, remove charger
handle from wall socket. Push
down on thumb grip and slide
the plug to the retracted
position inside the housing.
b.Press the release button.
Align two slots on bottom
of charger with two tabs on
top of motor body. Press
together until you hear a
click and the two sections
fit together without gaps.
grip In
Reversible Blade
button to
or attach
c.To detach: Hold motor body
firmly in one hand. Detach
charger handle by pressing
release button located at top
of motor body, then pull charger handle away from motor
body by lifting up with other
Note: D
etach the changer handle from the motor body
after each use.
Chopper/Grinder Attachment
A. Chopper/Grinder Prep Bowl
B. Cover Slots (3) for Attaching Cover
C. Metal Blade Assembly Shaft
D. Rubber Feet
E. Blade Assembly
F. Blade Ring
G. Plastic Blade Sheath
H. Chopper/Grinder Cover
I. Lift Tabs
J. Chopper/Grinder Spline
The Cuisinart® Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender chopper/
grinder attachment is equipped with a reversible blade. This
blade is sharp on one side and blunt on the other. The blade is
attached to a plastic ring which slides over the blade assembly
shaft, remove the blade to reverse edges, so it can be easily
turned over to select the appropriate blade. To remove this
blade twist in a counterclockwise motion. A guide for proper
blade selection follows in the section, Frequent Uses
for Chopper/Grinder (page 9.)
Before you process any food, assemble the parts.
1.Place the prep bowl on a flat, dry, stable surface.
2.The metal blade assembly shaft is attached to the bottom
of the prep bowl. If not already in
place, slide the fully assembled
blade assembly over the top of the
blade assembly shaft.
To put together the blade assembly: Connect the blade ring (F) to the
plastic blade sheath (G). Line up the
blade ring opening with the plastic
sheath. Let the blade ring slide to the
bottom of the plastic sheath. HOLD
Note these important features of the blade ring. The blade
ring can be placed over the plastic blade sheath in two different ways:
If you hold it as in figure A, you will see the word “Sharp”
on the blade. Assemble the blade this side up to use the
sharp edge. (See the section on processing food, page 9,
for information about when to use the sharp edge.)
If you hold it as in figure B, you will see no writing on the
blade. Assemble the blade this side up to use the blunt
See the section on processing food, page 9, for information
about when to use the blunt edge.
There are notches (C) on opposite sides of the interior of the
hub. These fit over ridges on the sides of the plastic blade
Sharp side
Blunt side up
sheath. The lower blade should
almost touch the bottom of the
prep bowl.
Lift the prep bowl, holding it
firmly from the bottom. Pick up
the blade ring by its hub holding ribs (grips) and turn it very
slightly clockwise. This locks it
in place on the plastic blade
sheath and prevents it from
sliding up during processing.
3.Connect the hand blender
motor body to the top of the
chopper/grinder attachment
cover. Align the spline in the
chopper/grinder cover’s drive
shaft with the ribbed opening
on the underside of the motor
body. When aligned properly,
slide the two pieces together
until they mate. You will feel
and hear a slight click. It may
be helpful to press the rubber
release button when sliding
these pieces together.
bottom –
top view
cover –
top view
4.With the hand blender in place,
locate the chopper/grinder
cover and place it on top of the
prep bowl.
Pick up the blade ring by its hub holding ribs (grips) and
line up the notches in the interior of the blade ring hub with
the ridges on the sides of the plastic blade sheath. Let the
blade ring slide down to the bottom of the plastic blade
a.Be sure that the 3 ridges at
the top of the blade assembly line up with the 3-arm
propeller gear in the underside of the chopper/grinder
cover, and that the cover is
seated all around the top of
the prep bowl.
b.To properly seat the cover,
you must line up the three
molded pins from the cover
with the 3 slots at the top of
the prep bowl.
Rotate cover
to secure it to the
prep bowl. Rotate
the cover until the
pins are in the far
left position in the
5.Place one hand on
the cover of the
attachment, while
gripping the hand
blender motor body
handle with the other.
Press the On/Off
button with your
fingers to start the
motor and run the
Inside view
of chopper/
grinder cover
Turning Cordless Rechargeable Hand
Blender ON/OFF
Keep hands, hair, clothing and other utensils away from
blending blade.
Inside view
of prep
Press and hold rubberized On/Off button on top of handle to
turn motor On. The On/Off button is marked PRESS. The hand
blender will continue to run as long as the switch is pressed in.
To turn hand blender off, release On/Off button and the motor
will stop.
To turn the unit off,
remove your fingers
from the On/Off
remove the motor body from the chopper/grinder cover,
and remove the cover from the prep bowl.
Whisk attachment
1.Align the end of the whisk with the small
opening of the whisk gearbox.
2.Push end into opening until it locks into
3.Align the motor body with the assembled
whisk attachment and slide the pieces
together until you hear and feel the pieces
click together. It may be helpful to press
the release button when assembling.
Blending & Mixing
The specially designed blade is for mixing and stirring all kinds
of foods, including salad dressings, powdered drink products,
and sauces. It is ideal for combining dry ingredients, and can
be used to emulsify mayonnaise, too.
This blade mixes and stirs while adding only a minimum of air
to your mixture. A gentle up-and-down motion is all you need
to make the most flavorful, full-bodied liquid recipes. Be careful
never to remove the hand blender from the liquid while in
1.Insert the whisk attachment into the motor body. (See,
page 8.)
frequent USES for chopper grinder
Baby foods (always consult
pediatrician or family physician
for appropriate food recommendations)
Place small amounts of cooked foods into chopper/
grinder bowl. Add small amount of appropriate liquid.
Use pulse action to chop, then continuous-hold action
to blend.
Bread crumbs – fresh or dry
(day old)
1 cup; Pulse to chop, then process until desired consistency is reached.
Hard cheese (Asiago, Locatelli,
Parmesan, Romano, etc.)
(Not recommended for softer
cheeses unless making dip or
Cut into ¼-inch pieces. Pulse to chop, then process
until desired consistency is reached, no more than 1
ounce at a time.
Cut into ½-inch pieces; may chill in freezer for 3
minutes before chopping. Pulse to chop, then process,
no more than 1 ounce at a time, until desired texture
is reached.
Creamy Dressings/Dips
Place ingredients in chopper grinder bowl; do not
cover or spill on stem. Pulse to chop, then process as
needed to desired consistency.
4.Press the On/Off button on the hand blender.
Peel cloves, up to 6 cloves. Pulse to chop.
5.Do not operate the chopper/grinder attachment for longer
than 15 seconds at a time.
Gingerroot (fresh)
Peel, cut into ½-inch pieces. Pulse to chop, ½ ounce
(1-inch) at a time.
Herbs, fresh
½ cup; must be clean and dry. Pulse to chop.
Shelled, toast first for best flavor. Pulse to chop, then
process up to ½ cup at a time, until desired chop is
reached from coarse to fine. May be processed to
nut-butter stage.
7.WHEN THE BLADE STOPS MOVING, remove the hand
blender motor body from the chopper/grinder cover, and
remove the cover from the chopper/grinder.
Peel, cut into ½-inch pieces. Pulse to chop, up to ½
cup at a time (about 1 small onion), until desired chop
is reached.
8.Carefully remove the blade assembly, holding it by the gripping ridges on the plastic sheath. NEVER TOUCH THE
Vegetables (cooked)
Cut into ½-inch pieces and cook until fork tender.
Pulse to chop, up to ½ cup at a time. May need to add
cooking liquid, stock or milk to process to a vegetable
purée. Not recommended for mashed potatoes.
Vegetables (uncooked)
Peel as needed, cut into ½-inch pieces. Peel celery
with vegetable peeler to remove tough strings. Pulse
to chop ½ cup at a time.
Meat (Beef, Pork - Cold)
2.5 oz or 75g, cut into ½-inch pieces.
2. Place the whisk into mixture that will be blended.
3.Press and hold the On/Off button. The hand blender will
continue to run as long as the switch is pressed in. To turn
hand blender off, release the On/Off button and the motor
will stop.
Chopping and Grinding
Processing Food
1.Place the prep bowl firmly on a flat sturdy surface like a
countertop. Be sure the blade is assembled to use the
blade edge that is appropriate for the food to be processed.
2.Place food in the prep bowl. Be sure the food is cut into
small pieces, and the bowl is not overloaded.
3.Place the chopper/grinder cover on top of the prep bowl.
Be sure the cover is properly seated.
Note: Due to the powerful motor provided with this unit,
Cuisinart recommends using one hand to support the
chopper/grinder during operation.
6.When you have finished processing the food, stop the
machine by taking your fingers off the On/Off button.
9.Remove food with a spatula.
Note: Do not operate the chopper/grinder attachment
without food contents in the prep bowl.
Thumb Grip
Your Cuisinart Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender is
equipped with nickel cadmium batteries. We have selected
these batteries to give you maximum life and long running
times, as well as rapid recharging times.
If you run your batteries down completely, it will take between
12 and 24 hours to completely recharge them. They will be over
50% charged after only 3 hours. Normally, you will not run them
down completely. The normal running time with a full charge
varies depending on what you are blending, but you can expect
up to 20 minutes. The maximum time for most mixing tasks is
up to 2 minutes.
Push thumb
grip out
When brand new, the Cuisinart® Cordless Rechargeable Hand
Blender is not fully charged. Plug the charger handle into the
electrical socket and leave it plugged in for 24 hours to insure
maximum operating capability. For best performance, fully
discharge and recharge the battery 3 times before first use.
To Charge
Detach charger handle from motor body. Turn charger handle
upside down. Using the thumb grip on the underside of the
charger handle, push down slightly and slide the plug as far as
it will go until it is fully exposed and extending from the handle
housing (see illustration). Plug the prongs into a wall outlet. The
batteries will begin charging. The charging light will be
Continuous Charging
The unit is designed so that the batteries may remain on
continuous charge. It is recommended that the Cuisinart®
Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender charger be kept plugged
into a wall socket to charge, so that it will always be ready to
use. Leaving the unit on continuous charge is very inexpensive
in terms of the amount of electricity being used.
Holding the Charge
The batteries will keep most of their charge even when not
plugged in. The batteries will lose approximately 20% of their
total charge per month, if they are not plugged in and charging.
Short Run Times
If after repeated use the run time seems to get shorter and the
hand blender has less power, it may not be the result of a faulty
unit. This condition can be remedied by allowing the Cuisinart®
Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender to run until it stops. Then
recharge the unit for 24 hours for a new charge. This procedure
improves the batteries’ capacity. You may need to repeat this a
few times for the best results.
Charging Light
The charging light on the tip of the handle glows when the unit
is charging. This light will be illuminated even when the batteries
are fully charged. If the unit does not function, make sure that
the charger handle is securely plugged into the outlet, and
check to see if the outlet is controlled by a wall switch. Also,
check for a blown house fuse. Note that if this light is on, the
charger is operating.
The Cuisinart® Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender
includes a two-part storage stand that can be
assembled into a single piece for countertop use.
You can also separate the stand into two pieces, and
mount one of the pieces to your wall to use as a wall
storage bracket.
Storage stand kit consists of six (6) pieces: two
anchor bolts, two plastic wall anchors, and two
storage pieces that can fit together for countertop,
or be separated for wall mount.
Countertop Option
The two storage pieces fit together. (See diagram below.)
Align the two pieces back to back on a flat surface, with the
ring-shaped reservoirs facing right and left. The raised walls
should be in the middle. Lift up the right piece; align the two
tabs in the back with the two slots of the left piece. Gently slide
the tabs into the slots until both pieces are resting flat on the
To store the hand blender, detach the shaft and place the
bottom part (blade guard) into one of the reservoirs. Place the
motor body (right side up) into the other reservoir. You should
be able to read the Cuisinart® logo when the motor body is in
the stand.
The charger handle can be attached to the motor body when
you store the unit. This is especially helpful when you want the
hand blender close at hand during a period of heavy use. Plug
the charger handle into the electrical socket to keep the battery
charged during other times. The counter storage unit can also
be placed in a cupboard or on a shelf.
Wall Mount Option
Separate the two plastic storage stand pieces. You will need
only one for wall mount. (See diagram on left.)
When selecting a mounting location, be sure to leave enough
room above the storage stand for your hand to remove the
Cuisinart® Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender. Also be sure
to leave enough room below the stand to allow the appliance to
hang freely.
You will need to drill two holes 22/3" apart from each other,
measured from the center of each hole. To assist in proper
location of holes for the mounting screws, remove the wall
mount template from this instruction book (page 13). Place the
template over the back of the wall unit, aligning the outline of
the template with the wall bracket. When
you have done this, place the template and
wall bracket against the wall in the desired
location. Remove the wall bracket, leaving
the template in place. Mark the wall with a
pencil in the locations indicated for screw
holes by the template. Remove the
With a drill, make a 3/16" starter hole for
each screw. Place the plastic anchor in
each hole. Push
completely into the
hole with fingers, or
tap in gently with a
hammer. Screw a
mounting screw into
each hole, leaving 1/8"
to ¼" of the head
and screw exposed.
Position the two mounting holes of the wall bracket over the
screw heads, and slide wall bracket down the wall until the
bracket is resting against the screw head, and will not slide any
further. If the wall bracket feels too loose against the wall,
remove bracket, put screws further into wall, and replace
Place the assembled hand blender into the wall bracket. The
unit will hang from the bracket, held in place by the motor body
The charger handle can be attached to the motor body when
you store the unit. This is especially helpful when you want the
hand blender close at hand during a period of heavy use. At
other times, keep the charger handle plugged into the electrical
socket to assure the battery is always 100% charged.
Always clean the hand blender thoroughly after using.
Hand Blender
Detach the charger handle from the motor body before
cleaning. Remove the shaft with the blade from the motor body.
The shaft with the blade can be cleaned by hand in hot water
with a mild detergent. It is not necessary to remove the blade
from the shaft. Do not use abrasive cleansers which could
scratch the surface.
Clean the motor body and the charger handle with a sponge or
damp cloth only. Do not use abrasive cleansers which could
scratch the surface.
The mixing/measuring beaker can be cleaned in the dishwasher
(upper rack) or by hand in hot water with a mild detergent.
Never immerse the motor body or charger handle in water.
Chopper/Grinder Attachment
To simplify cleaning, rinse the prep bowl, cover and blade
immediately after use, so that food won’t dry onto them. Wash
blade ring, plastic sheath, and prep bowl in warm soapy water.
Rinse and dry. Wipe the underside of the chopper/grinder cover
with a sponge or damp cloth to remove any food. Do not
submerge the cover in water or place in the dishwasher.
Wash the blade carefully. Avoid leaving it in soapy water where
it may disappear from sight.
If you have a dishwasher, you can wash the prep bowl and
blade assembly on the upper shelf. Insert the prep bowl upside
down. Put the blade in the cutlery basket. Unload the
dishwasher carefully to avoid contact with the sharp blade.
Wipe the top cover with a damp sponge or cloth. Dry it
The chopper/grinder attachment is intended for HOUSEHOLD
USE ONLY. Any service, other than cleaning and normal user
maintenance, should be performed by an authorized Cuisinart
Service Representative.
Whisk attachment
To clean your whisk attachment, simply release the attachment
from the motor body housing. Once the whisk is removed,
detach the metal whisk from the gearbox by pulling pieces
apart. To clean the gearbox, simply wipe with a damp cloth. To
clean the metal whisk, wash with warm, soapy water or place in
the dishwasher. Do not submerge the gearbox in water or any
other liquid.
This product uses four nickel-cadmium rechargeable and
recyclable batteries. At the end of the batteries’ useful life, they
should be recycled. These batteries must not be incinerated or
Nickel-cadmium batteries should not be put in municipal waste
systems. Contact your local waste collection agency for proper
recycling and disposal information for your area.
Please do not attempt to dismantle the charger handle to
replace these batteries on your own. Damage could result to
the unit.
When it is time to replace and/or recycle the batteries, or to
receive additional instructions for disposing of old batteries, call
toll-free 1-800-726-0190 to order a new charger handle which
will include the four new batteries. Or send the charger handle
to Cuisinart, 150 Milford Road, E. Windsor, NJ 08520.
Rechargeable Hand Blender
This warranty is available to consumers only. You are a consumer if you
own a Cuisinart® Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender that was purchased
at retail for personal, family or household use. Except as otherwise required
under applicable law, this warranty is not available to retailers or other
commercial purchasers or owners.
We warrant that your Cuisinart® Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender will
be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal home use for
3 years from the date of original purchase.
We suggest you complete and return the enclosed product registration card
promptly to facilitate verification of the date of original purchase. However,
return of the product registration card does not eliminate the need for the
consumer to maintain the original proof of purchase in order to obtain the
warranty benefits. In the event that you do not have proof of purchase date,
the purchase date for purposes of this warranty will be the date of
If your Cuisinart® Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender should prove to
be defective within the warranty period, we will repair it, or if we think
necessary, replace it. To obtain warranty service, simply call our toll-free
number 1-800-726-0190 for additional information from our Customer
Service Representatives, or send the defective product to Customer Service
at Cuisinart, 150 Milford Road, East Windsor, NJ 08520.
To facilitate the speed and accuracy of your return, please enclose $10.00
for shipping and handling of the product.
Please pay by check or money order (California residents need only supply
proof of purchase and should call 1-800-726-0190 for shipping instructions).
NOTE: For added protection and secure handling of any Cuisinart® product
that is being returned, we recommend you use a traceable, insured delivery
service. Cuisinart cannot be held responsible for in-transit damage or for
packages that are not delivered to us. Lost and/or damaged products are
not covered under warranty. Please be sure to include your return
address, daytime phone number, description of the product defect,
product model number (located on bottom of product), original date of
purchase, and any other information pertinent to the product’s return.
Your Cuisinart® Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender has been
manufactured to the strictest specifications and has been designed
for use with the authorized accessories and replacement parts.
This warranty expressly excludes any defects or damages caused by
accessories, replacement parts, or repair service other than those that
have been authorized by Cuisinart.
This warranty does not cover any damage caused by accident, misuse,
shipment or other ordinary household use.
This warranty excludes all incidental or consequential damages. Some states
do not allow the exclusion or limitation of these damages, so they may not
apply to you.
California law provides that for In-Warranty Service, California residents have
the option of returning a nonconforming product (A) to the store where it was
purchased or (B) to another retail store which sells Cuisinart products of the
same type.
The retail store shall then, at its discretion, either repair the product, refer the
consumer to an independent repair facility, replace the product, or refund the
purchase price less the amount directly attributable to the consumer’s prior
usage of the product. If the above two options do not result in the
appropriate relief to the consumer, the consumer may then take the product
to an independent repair facility if service or repair can be economically
accomplished. Cuisinart and not the consumer will be responsible for the
reasonable cost of such service, repair, replacement, or refund for
nonconforming products under warranty.
California residents may also, according to their preference, return
nonconforming products directly to Cuisinart for repair, or if necessary,
replacement, by calling our Consumer Service Center toll-free at 1-800-7260190.
Cuisinart will be responsible for the cost of the repair, replacement, and
shipping and handling for such products under warranty.
Before returning your cuisinart® product
If you are experiencing problems with your Cuisinart® product, we suggest
that you call our Cuisinart® Service Center at 1-800-726-0190 before returning
the product serviced. If servicing is needed, a Representative can confirm
whether the product is under warranty and direct you to the nearest service
Important: If the nonconforming product is to be serviced by someone other
than Cuisinart’s Authorized Service Center, please remind the servicer to call
our Consumer Service Center at 1-800-726-0190 to ensure that the problem
is properly diagnosed, the product is serviced with the correct parts, and the
product is still under warranty.
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