remote amino guide

Power/Master Power
Device Keys
On Screen Displays
Device Specific Keys
Volume/Channel +/Mute / Last Channel
Video Record/Playback
Number Entry
PIP controls
Closed Caption/SAP
Used to put the remote into a setup mode.
See Setup instructions.
Turns selected Device on/off.
Select device to control. Remote is set for
volume/mute passthrough, so no matter
the device selected, the volume/mute keys
control the TV device.
Device control of On Screen Displays
Guide / Menu / Info / Exit.
Navigation of OSD controls.
See specific device manual for controls.
Usually 4 color buttons.
Control Volume or Channel.
Mute Volume or jump to last ch.
If a recording device, control
recording,pause,play, rewind. Normal
symbols apply. See device for details.
Direct channel entry.
If device supports Picture-in-Picture, use
these controls to manipulate.
Use to select device input selections if
STB only control of CC/Secondary
Quick Remote Setup
1. Refer to your Amino Installation Guide
2. Follow the directions on Page 16
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