Windows XP to Windows 7 Upgrade Info
N2753A and N2754A
Windows XP to Windows 7 Upgrade Kits
For Infiniium 9000, 90000, and
90000 X-Series Oscilloscopes
All new Infiniium 9000, 90000, and 90000-X oscilloscopes
now ship standard with Microsoft Windows 7 operating
system. Any Infiniium 9000, 90000, and 90000-X
oscilloscopes that originally shipped with Windows XP can
be upgraded to Windows 7.
Upgrading Infiniium oscilloscopes from XP to W7 requires an
M890 motherboard. All new Infiniium scopes shipped since
November 2010 include the M890 motherboard.
Determine if your Infiniium has a M890 motherboard or an
older one. Click on Start then right click on My Computer
and select Properties.
Agilent Technologies
If it says “Schooner CPU”, it’s an M890
and the motherboard will support the
Windows 7 upgrade.
Schooner CPU 1.0.12611.3
Intel® CoreTM Duo CPU
E8400 @ 3.oo GHz
My Infiniium already has an M890 motherboard.
My Infiniium does not have an M890 motherboard.
M890s include both a blue VGA and white DVI video out
Earlier M880 and M885 motherboard versions exclusively
incorporate a blue VGA video out and have a reddish Centronix
Scopes with M890 motherboard will have serial numbers:
• > MY50410100 for Infiniium 9000.
• > MY49470100 for Infiniium 90000.
• All Infiniium 90000-X.
Order N2754A :
Order N2753A :
• N2753A Upgrade Kit: Window XP to Windows 7 OS for
Infiniium 9000, 90000, and 90000-X Series Oscilloscopes
• This operating system upgrade is for scopes that have
an existing M890 motherboard.
• The operating system upgrade can be done by the end
• Included in upgrade kit:
▪ USB flash drive (8G) with Windows 7 installation
▪ Windows 7 Certificate of Authenticity sticker to put
on rear of scope
▪ Instructions for installation
• N2754A Upgrade Kit - Infiniium Motherboard and Window 7
OS (for Infiniium 9000 and 90000 Series oscilloscopes that
have a previous generation motherboard).
▪ Option 001 – Windows 7 and M890 motherboard
upgrade for Infiniium 9000 series oscilloscopes
▪ Option 002 - Windows 7 and M890 motherboard
upgrade for Infiniium 90000 series oscilloscopes
• The upgrade is done by an Agilent service center
and service price will be quoted in addition to the
N2754A price.
• Included in upgrade kit:
▪ M890 motherboard
▪ USB flash drive (8G) imaged with Windows 7
installation bits.
▪ Windows 7 Certificate of Authenticity sticker to put
on rear of scope
▪ Instructions for installation for service center.
Upgrading previously purchased N2903A, N2745A,
N5474A/B removeable hard disk drives from
Window XP to Windows 7?
Purchasing additional removable hard disk drives
with Windows 7 image?
• Upgrade scope to Windows 7 and M890 motherboard.
• Order N2745B for Infiniium 9000 scopes with M890
• Order N2753A for each removable hard drive to be
upgraded to Windows 7.
• Order N5474C for Infiniium 90000 or 90000-X scopes
with M890 motherboard
Commonly asked questions and answers
▪ What version of Windows 7 do Infiniium scopes use?
A: Windows 7 Professional for Embedded Systems (WES7E)
▪ Will Agilent continue to introduce new XP-compatible software revisions?
A: Yes. Infiniium software releases will support scopes running both XP and W7 for a
limited period of time. At some future time, new software releases will be exclusively
supported on scopes running W7.
▪ Can I get a new scope with XP installed?
A: No All new scopes ship with W7. Agilent may have Infiniium CertiPrime re-furbished
units that can still be ordered with XP.
• Can I upgrade previous generations of discontinued Agilent scopes to Windows 7?
A: No.
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